Garmin Edge 305HR+ GPS Navigator and Bicycle Computer with Heart Rate Monitor and Cadence Sensor
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Garmin Edge 305HR+Speed/Cadence Sensor GPS Enabled Computer for Cyclists
Take your ride to the next level with the Edge 305 - Garmin's GPS-enabled, personal trainer and cycle computer. From competitive road racing to mountain biking, the cyclist-friendly, lightweight Edge will help you achieve your personal best. With the easy-to-use Edge 305 on your bike, you'll always know where you're going and howfar you've gone.
* For advancedcyclists, the Edge 305 comes packaged with a heart rate monitor and/or wireless speed/pedaling cadence sensor to provide valuable feedback. In addition, the Edge 305 incorporates a barometric altimeter for extremely accurate elevation and vertical profile data.
* Easy-to-installno calibration required. Just snap it in the included bike mount and go
* High-sensitivity GPS receiverknows your position even in tree cover and canyons, making it extremely reliable for navigation
* Highly efficient ANT wireless protocol provides superior battery life and reliablytransfers your performance data to the Edge 305
* Customizable cycle computershows up to eight different data fields for continuous feedback
* Virtual Partnerlets you"race" a virtual competitor, making training fun
Courseslets you"race" against a recorded course to try to match previously set speeds at every point along the way
* Auto Pausepauses the training timer when you slow down below a specified speed and resumes when you speed up again so you can focus on your ride
* Auto Lap automatically triggers a lap every time you pass a specified location or travel a preset distance
* Training Center softwaregives you the ability to create workouts, manage and download courses, and create a detailed post-ride analysis that charts your performance
Box Contents:
Edge 305 with heart rate monitor and/or speed cadence sensor
Bike mount
Garmin Training Center CD
A/C charger

  • High-sensitivity GPS receiver
  • Heart rate monitor and speed/cadence sensor
  • Automatically records up to 1000 laps. Download to your PC
  • Look up and navigate to stored locations
  • Virtual Partner lets you "race" a virtual competitor, making training fun
Customer Reviews:
  • It's not where you are ... It's where you're going....
    GARMIN 010-00447-30 Edge 305 GPS Bundle
    Great cycling accessory! The Heart Rate monitor let's you know exactly at what point in your ride your heart was about to explode. The eccentricities of GPS create erratic graphic charts postmortem, due to the inaccuracies built-in to the satellite-based system, but if you can ignore the inherit wigglies, the info presented is useful, and does a far better job of archiving your workouts than manual entry.

    I ride a recumbent, and the display is hard to read at times; when in shadow, or with reflected sun glare. The built in backlight doesn't help with the shadows. The 705 color screen might work better in this application, if you are willing to pay the difference. The 705 also would be an easier "get Home' device" if you wander blindly when you ride, or if you need to find the nearest 7-Eleven, or if you also want to use it in your car.... If not, the 305 is lighter, smaller, easier on battery, much cheaper, and offers the same cycling data. ...more info
  • A Lot Of Stuff In One Bundle
    I was a little shy about buying all of this stuff in one bundle because when just one thing goes out than your stuck short of stuff. I became brave enough when I was convinced that GARMIN was big enough to warrant the product good enough.

    I was quite surprised when I seen all of the stats on the software page after downloading and even configured all of the graphs in any color or order that I wanted. Being a stat nut I was delighted and it only takes seconds to download from the unit to the computer via USB port.

    The unit itself can be configured with your choice of (63) stats in as many as (1) to (8) windows per viewing page and with a touch of a button another page pops up with as many as (8) more. I don't have time or room here to name them but one that I'm not used to seeing in other units is the average cadence which for me is a tremendous training tool.

    I really like being able to see the time, H/R, speed,distance,cadence,etc including the average for all of them all at once. It sounds complicated but it really is easy to understand and it is so big you will not be bored playing with it.

    The downside is that sometimes it is hard to view the screen when sunlight conditions are low and I have to tip my sunglasses to see better.
    Another problem is that the battery life is a bit short for all day riders (over 10 hours) however I rarely ride for over (7) hours. That sounds good for most peaple but keep in mind that the battery will lose juice just being stored for awhile so always make sure it is fully charged just before long rides.

    Also you must make a concious effort to remember to turn the thing off when youre through else it keeps going till it's dead. After (15) years of automatic shutoff units I sometimes forget however that's not that big a dill because it charges up on the wall charger in a couple of houre like a cell phone. When you turn it back on you can download it's history in your desk computer and the info is stored in a calender for easy access.

    If you want an easier to read screen and in color with longer battery life along with a few more bells and whistles than you have to spend hundreds more for the edge 705 however I'm sure that this will be all I'll ever need until the price comes down.
    ...more info
  • Garmin Edge 305GPS w/heart rate & cadence
    Great product.
    Almost too much information.
    Very easy setup.
    I highly recommend this product....more info
  • Good idea - Poor reliability - terrible support
    The concept behind this product is novel and could be a great training aid. Unfortunately, Garmin has not made a reliable product. And to make things worse they have terrible support. I train with a significant group of cyclists who, like me, want to use this tool and each one of them has had some sort of problem with this product. Most of the problems were recoverable - sometimes requiring several days before the unit could be used again since it can lock up and won't reset. This product is a great concept - too bad Garmin has such poor quality contol and support. I have sent requests to their support line and never received a response back. What's up with that?...more info
  • Fantastic Cycling Computer / GPS !!!
    It's difficult for me to find the words to describe how much I love this thing. I'll put it this way: I initially hesitated at the cost - but after using the 305 for almost a year and having logged > 3000 miles on it - I am not hesitating upgrading and spending twice as much to get the 705 for the additional features it provides.

    Hats off to the Garmin folks for creating such a great unit.

    I highly recommend this GPS.

    About me: I'm a casual rider. I ride about 400 miles per month and use the Garmin to track my rides (I visually load my rides onto MapMyRide and into Google Earth), track my progress, track data associated with my rides.

    I also have been using the unit to help me navigate long, unfamiliar rides. In this case, I load a course (.crs) file on the GPS from any number of mapping utilities.

    Note that the 305 does not support built in maps and is not a turn-by-turn navigator, but with a course file loaded in, you can display a very simple visual course which you can follow while riding. I go long distances just by glancing at the map I've loaded. Of course you have to stick to the course you loaded and can't change it along the way - but it's still super helpful.

    Some of PROS:

    - Weather-proof - you wouldn't swim with it, but I've ridden in rain with it quite a bit
    - Sturdy, solid construction - It's survived a few drops
    - Screen - Legible, precise, looks great
    - Backlight - Very good illumination
    - Accurate GPS - works well in almost all parts of Manhattan, for example
    - Customizable screens - chose the data points you'd to show across 2 customizable screens
    - Visual course display - create or load courses from any number of utilities or web sites to use with the device
    - Heart rate sensor - has worked flawlessly for me
    - Barometric altimeter - great to have - love knowing how much I've climbed (even as an estimate) and the % grade is neat
    - Support for workouts - intervals, etc and riding against your previous performance
    - Battery - I think I get about 10 hours on a charge.

    Some of the CONS (the PROS greatly outweigh any of these cons):

    - Calorie count is not accurate (based on distance - does not take into account climbs or heart rate) - but then again, I didn't buy this unit to count calories.
    - Packaged Software - It's not great, it's not bad - it does the trick. I use MapMyRide and I load data into Excel. I look forward to GarminConnect once it's up and running and includes all features. There are also other websites (including MotionBased) that you can use to import data into.

    Enjoy!...more info
  • nice addition to the cycling computer world
    I have a review on the forerunner 305, so this will be brief. the 305 for the bike does everything the fr 305 does except work with a foot pod.

    the 305 for the bike is excellent at distance and HR measurements. you can take the unit off the bike and use it as a distance calculator for other activities, but you have to ensure the unit can see the sky at all time, which isn't easy unless it is strapped to your backpack (on the outside) however, since it is designed to be for the bike, I gave it 4 full stars for it.

    the only thing really missing on this GPS unit is power meter aggregation.

    that being said, the speed and cadence sensor is flimsy and breaks very easily. I have had 5, and evidently haven't learned my lesson on how to take care of it. I have had 3 on my road bike, and 2 on my tri bike. it is seemingly impossible to get both speed and cadence working simultaneously, and have broken the swing arm off 4 of 5 times. without having crashed.

    all in all the unit gets 5 stars, it does anything you need except power for a biker in training. the speed/cadence sensor gets 1 star....more info
  • Gizmophobia
    I searched and researched all the bike computers with hrm and cadence, there aren't that many. I reasoned there must be something out there that costs less than a Garmin Edge 305GARMIN 010-00447-30 Edge 305 GPS Bundle and provides the necessary data without the gadgets and gizmos, i.e, GPS, mapping, yada yada yada.

    NOT!! I couldn't find anything.

    Here's the kicker. This thing is so cool it inspires me to ride more,130 miles up the Blue Ridge Parkway and back, just so I can scope the cool graphics on the Training Center PC program.

    Customer service is surreal. I asked one question and got my own personal Garmin dude. He inquires regularly about my situation and status. Sweet as...

    Oh, I am an Electronics Technician, I work with electronics all day and don't care to troubleshoot my consumer electronics, so far the Edge 305 rocks and when not, Garmin dude is there.

    And, Christian VandeVelde is, "DA MAN!"

    ...more info
  • Garmin 305 edge
    Easy setup, interesting tools, want to find database tools to get more info from device. Great price and received 2 days after I ordered it!...more info
  • Bike Somewhere ELSE!
    These guys are not honest. Ordered another this item. Did not arrive. (For over a MONTH!) Several phone calls to full VM box. Did not reply to emails. Submitted claim to Amazon then, BikeSomeShere canceled my order so that I could not leave well deserved negative feedback. These guys cannot be trusted. Go to their storefront and see how many similar complaints. Buy this from someone else....more info
  • Very good!
    Really nice product! It is a complete training device that will help you improve your performance! Easy navigation, lots of different data to check for your physical conditioning and training. The only problem is that we can not add maps, but the software included is good to edit and visualize your recorded tracks....more info
  • Info made easy
    The Garmin Edge 305HR is a great product. Easy to set up (it did take me some time to get the cadence equipment adjusted so it registered - but I am hopeless with things like this) it gives you a clear display of your heart rate, cadence, speed, distance, time of day - almost anything you want. It uploads to your computer in a snap. It has many other functions which I have not explored yet....more info
  • Garmin 305
    This is my first computer with heart rate and cadence and I love it. The software that comes with it is just ok. Installation and use are very simple....more info
  • Top Notch Gadget
    I purchased this gadget as the Forerunner 201 I was using was not giving me the info I wanted for the biking I was now doing. I wanted a cadence reading and better reading on hill grades and elevation. The Garmin Edge does this very well.
    Other positives on this unit: two pages of up to 8 readings each page. Each page can be customized for any of the many readings (even a compass heading for those directionally challanged.) and in any order desired. It also picks up the satellites very quickly. No undue waiting around as with other units. Battery life is also good. I did a century ride last weekend and it held a charge for the whole ride (over 10 hours).
    It syncs well to my computer so I can look at maps and data later.
    The only negative I have seen so far is that with 8 parameters displayed on a page, the numbers are small and difficult to read if I am not wering my reading glasses.
    I like this Garmin a lot and would recommend it to anyone who loves to look at their bike ride numbers while riding and after the ride. ...more info
  • The Edge 305 is a great workout motivation tool
    I had used an older Polar HRM and liked being able to analyze my workouts after exercising. The Edge 305 adds so much more to that. While you are exercising you can set it up to display a variety of data. After your workout hook up to your USB port and download the data to your computer using Garmin Training Center or other software products. I download the data to a Mac and purchased the Ascent software for the Mac OS to use in addition to the Garmin Training Center. Being able to see the route you've ridden and see the effect of the terrain on your heart rate, speed, and cadence gives you the ability to measure your training progress.

    One great feature is being able to design your workouts and upload them to the 305. Once you've used it a few times you learn by the sounds it emits where you are in your workout and whether you are in the range you programmed for that workout. I am sure I have not explored all of it's features but have been very happy with my purchase. I have had no problems with interference or loss of heart rate signals mentioned in a few reviews I read elsewhere when trying to decide to purchase the Garmin....more info
    Dear Amazon.

    I'm really sactisfied with my purchase. Well done on time, budget and spec.

    Regards...more info
  • Works as advertised
    If you're looking to train for events or just want to know your progress, this is a nice piece of gear. Easy to install (all pickups are bluetooth wireless and "pair up" without any effort). I have a fairly high heart rate for a guy over 60 (MAX 190), so my biking buddies aren't much help when trying to determine "zones". I had a VO2 and lactate performance "test" and it resulted in exactly the same conclusion I found using the Garmin (166 is my sustainable climbing MAX).

    You can setup training routes, a virtual training "partner", etc.

    If I had it to do over, I'd do the same thing....more info
  • Great speedometer, HR monitor and data collector
    Very easy to install and configure. The bike mount is a little bit flimsy but it works. It is easy to transfer between bikes (not the cadence meter though). GPS reception is fantastic - on out-and-back courses I can clearly see which side of the road I was riding on. So far it has proven to be waterproof and I have not had issues with the battery life (I haven't ridden with it for more than 4 hours though). While riding there is a whole slew of info to look at but I tend to look at speed, time , distance and HR zone. All the rest is icing on the cake. After the ride, the data collected by the 305 becomes the cornerstone of a digital training diary - I can compare speeds, grade and HR on various portions of my favorite routes, plot elevation profiles, view the data in google earth, etc. It is a data analysts dream.
    ...more info
  • Nice unit but software is poorly designed as are the mounting brackets
    The brackets are poorly desinged or designed with the purposeful intention of breaking such that you have to buy new ones. Mine broke and a car ran over my GPS. Nice work Garmin.
    The software provided by Garmin is also poorly desinged and my unit alway had a hard time connectiong to my computer....more info
  • Round One
    I had a bad experience with the first mountain biking ride. The Edge 305 shut off repeatedly with every bump.

    Garmin sent a postage paid return label and will send a new unit. Stay tuned for "Round Two"...more info
  • Great product
    So far so good. I have had numerous cycling computers and this one is the best by far. Collects all of the data I need. Wireless is, so far, flawless. Garmin Training Center software is intuitive and easy to navigate. Would definitely recommend this product. ...more info
  • Edge 305 Outstanding Training GPS
    When I purchased the Edge 305 I had certain requirements in mind and the Edge 305 met all of them. It has worked flawlessly since I installed it. I have not had any problems other than one user error. Setup was easy and it finds a signal even under the trees. I highly recommend this as a training aid and all round bike computer....more info
  • Finally, a bike computer worth the price
    I have used all of the latest and greatest bike computers for ten years and this is the first one I would say is worth the price. With the big caveat of not being a power meter, this computer has everything you could want in one package with a great pc download and interface.

    What I find especially enjoyable is that this computer can functions well at any level of interaction. You can do intervals and monitor your cadence or you can just go out and spin and not think about it. Either way, the computer is recording all of the data for your log when you want to look at it....more info
  • Edge 305
    The edge 305 HR has potential. It has all the functions that one would need, HR, Elev., Ability to save courses and routes ran etc..

    The problem comes with their mapping. The Training center for the computer has a base map that only shows major roads. Thus you need to go thru a 3rd party mapping site to create or mark your course. (or buy another map from garmin at $100+)

    The battery might last 6 hours - cross your fingers.

    I turned off my garmin once mid ride to save battery. When I turned it back on the ride totals were all messed up. It did not save.

    As far as support, so far I have found out how to do things by looking through other forums then going through garmin. Garmin has yet to come up with correct solutions.

    It has potential. Id just hate to spend $650 on the 605/705 to see if things got better....more info
  • Garmin Edge 305
    I like the product and its features. What I don't like is the average MPH is not correct. I have compared the results to other riders and a second bike computer on my bike and it is always off. This makes training difficult and now I have to still carry a bike computer. I have contacted Garmin and their web site does not even acknowledge that the email was sent and there is not email acknowledgement that it was received. ...more info
  • Think of it as a grownup HRM
    I went looking for a heart rate monitor that would record my entire session and found this instead. Why pay premium for a HRM that will download to your computer when all it records is your heart rate? Why not see where on the road your heart rate peaked at and all the other features a GPS unit can offer?

    GPS, cadence, speed, elevation, slope grade, heart rate, HR zone, compass heading, cyclometer functions as well as a bunch of stuff I'm leaving out; I mean, it seems like a no-brainer to get this rather than a nice HRM. This IS a nice HRM, but with extra stuff.

    Now, mind you, the software that comes with the Garmin looks like crap and doesn't offer a lot to the mix, but that can easily be rectified by Googling "SportTracks", downloading that software and using it instead.

    Some cons to the unit: the aforementioned yucky Garmin software that comes with it, the mount for the cadence/speed sensor has trouble being mounted on other than roundish chain stays (diamond shaped is not good, but it did work), and it the display can be a little hard to see if you're a umm ... more seasoned ... cyclist who needs reading glasses. I also wonder about the longevity of the little rubber protective cover thingy that goes over the USB port.

    On the other hand, the unit looks and acts like it was designed by cyclists for cyclists. I really like the Garmin; with the SportTracks software, it adds a another dimension to your riding/training that can up your game. It's easy to mount onto your bike and is just fun to use.

    Oh yeah: and you can replace the battery in the chest strap....more info
  • Triathlete
    I really like the Garmin 305. It is easy to set up. It has lots of display options and it works everytime. I also like the software that comes with it in that you can graph all kinds of parameters like heart rate versus ascent. The only drawbacks are that it is a little bit big, it takes some time to find the satellites when you first turn it on and you have to be careful to charge it after each use. Other than those things, I would highly recommend this product if your looking for a great training tool....more info
  • A must have
    I just love my Garmin 305 Edge w/HR & Cadence. This is the ultimate in HRM's in my opinion. I purchased it before the 705 came out with it's color monitor but this does not make any real drawback for me. I never use the mapping function.
    Keeps great information that is down loadable to the PC. I was even fortunate enough to be able to show my doctor that I had a problem with my heart. Caught atrial fibrillation so that I got an EKG. I'm a serious recreational rider that puts in over 3k miles a year. I can keep track of all my rides, rate them and compare stats with repeats.
    If I had a power meter I would look at the 705 with it's additional capabilities....more info
  • Fun Gadget
    I purchased the Garmin after getting a road bike. I love the GPS and elevation features. The software is great and I use it to chart my rides and keep track of my training.

    Since it is a GPS, the distance is not measured by wheel revolutions, so I think it is more accurate. It tracks a ton of stats, so I like fiddling with it when I get bored on rides. This has led to few near-wrecks ;-)

    It will run out of juice on long rides, anything over 6 hours. And it has locked up on my a couple of times, but each time it came back to life after I followed the reset instructions.

    All-in-all, a great product for that active gadget freak....more info
  • Wow, the hill really is that steep.
    This is the coolest bike gadget I own. Didn't want to pony up the $600-$700 for the 705, and at $250 this one seemed like a bargain with the Cadence sensor and HR monitor.

    The system is relatively easy to set up if you're technologically savvy at all. The display has been easy to read in many different lighting conditions and you can adjust the contrast to your likings. It's about the size and weight of a typical cell phone, so you are adding a few ounces to your bike compared to most cyclocomputers (honestly I haven't noticed that my bike is heavier).

    Several people have commented about poor battery life. I have easily been getting 10-12 hours (conservative estimate) of ride time on a charge. The other day we put in about 5 hours and the charge indicator had only dropped one bar.

    Some reviews complained about the mounting system slipping on the bar. Haven't had that trouble either. Just had to make sure the cable ties were as tight as possible and the unit seems very stable.

    Had a little trouble mounting the cadence/speed sensor. The rear triangle on my bike is an oddly shaped carbon fiber contraption that is supposed to help dampen road vibration while increasing stiffness for climbing. Whatever, bottom line means I don't have an ideal surface to really tighten the sensor down firmly. I've had it move enough that it stops picking up one magnet or the other. This is certainly not a fault of the device, I'm just saying watch out if your tubes aren't tubes in the back.

    On the very first ride, I questioned the accuracy of the HR monitor compared to my Polar. It was all over the place, but it may have just been a fluke because I've done about 20 more rides wearing it and it does seem to be pretty reliable.

    Probably my favorite feature is knowing the grade of the hill you are on. You feel a different sense of accomplishment saying that last mile was at a 15% grade rather than saying that last mile felt pretty steep.

    The software isn't bad, but it does take some getting used to. It's interesting to see how some of the variables correlate on any given ride. I typically just ride to ride. I think my riding is a little more efficient already, simply because I pay better attention to "how" I hit certain portions of a ride.

    There are sights you can go to, like, and easily download courses on to the unit. It won't give you turn by turn directions, but it is very quick to let you know when you are off course. A buddy of mine has the same device and he download several mountain bike trails that made their trip to Moab way more fun since they weren't concerned about not finding their way back if they took off on long rides.

    After all the rambling, I would highly recommend the Edge 305. The price has come down on this model to a very reasonable level. I think I paid about $60 for my last cyclocomputer that didn't offer near as much information. For the added functions of GPS and HR, it seems like it is well worth the investment. Train smarter, not harder.

    ...more info
  • Garmin Edge 205
    This unit is great! Very reliable and I have had no battery issues. I like the amount of data from the unit and the software is easy to use. I recommend this unit to anyone who is interested....more info
  • Too many bugs for the price
    For the price of one of these units, you should expect much better performance. The HR monitor and Cadence sensor have connectivity issues and the HR readings consistently spike to 220 beats per minute during the first 10 minutes of every ride.

    In addition, the basic software and graphs in the PC based Garmin Training Center (where your data is uploaded) are remedial at best.

    In summary I would list the following three points that you should consider when reviewing this unit:
    1. Overpriced
    2. Functionality flaws
    3. Grade school software

    ...more info
  • Good device, poor software and customer service
    The actual hardware and functionality of the device is excellent and met all expectations, but the software is poorly designed.
    Garmin Training Center (GTC) doesn't start unless you have a unit attached to it. This makes no sense - I just want to review the ride, and I don't need the unit for that.
    GTC CD contained older buggy software, and upgrading it from the help menu didn't work. I had to go to garmin's website to do it.
    Inability to see how many calories you burnts unless you pay a fee and join another service is ridiculous penny pinching.
    When communicated these issues to customer service, received no help.
    Unfortunately there isn't another competitive product on the market, so garmin can get away with the substandard product....more info
  • Indespensible equipment
    I got this Garmin Edge 305 a couple of months after my former cycling computer pooped out. I use it every day. I highly recommend this product. It is indespensible to riding knowing where you're going, where you've been, and everything in between. This unit gives me more information than any monitor I've ever used. I don't really care about the ability to store my workouts on my PC; but it's a nice feature to have if you're interested in going back and looking at what you've done on the bicycle. All in all, I give this unit a very high rating. ...more info
  • No reliability
    You will love your Garmin (features and sw are excellent) until it starts shutting off by itself. I returned one after about 6 months and got a replacement from Garmin (no questions asked) so they obviously know there is a problem. My second unit worked fine for about 3 months before it also shuts off on the slightest bumps (clearly a problem with a BIKE COMPUTER). I'm riding on the road not mountain roads. Now it will shut off if I tap it on the top of the unit.

    I have a couple of friends who have had similar problems. Amazing that this is still such a top selling item. Imagine if a $300 cellphone worked great except it would randomly shut itself off.

    Don't buy this computer. You will get hooked on the cool features and keep looking at your bike computer to turn it back on during your rides instead of paying attention to the road!...more info
  • love the edge 305
    I read as many reviews as I could find on this device and several others. Fortunately none of the negative issues a few others found were a problem with mine. I find it easy to use and setup and would recommend it to anyone. I also found the price and shipping through Amazon to be excellent, as usual....more info
  • Great Bike Computer
    easy to use bike computer once you have figured out what data you want/need. after setting up the data fields its just great to have all the info you want at a glance. and reviewing your ride in google earth for example is really nice. the training software is nice too, but even if you dont like it you can import the data in allmost every other training software available. if you want a bike computer with gps functionality rather than a navigation device the edge 305hr+ is what you want.
    also the installation is pure fun. no cables, its done in minutes, no problem at all. and you can use it on 2 bikes. ...more info
  • Garmin Bike Computer is terrific
    I am NOT technically proficient, yet I found the Garmin easy to set-up and loaded with features that I'm still discovering. Having all this feedback when on training rides help to make the rides more interesting - particularly when on the indoor trainer.

    I am using the ability to download and transmit the daily training data to be very useful, as I have an offsite training coach who is using these data to assess my progress and adjust my training plan based upon the live data.

    The product is a lot of fun, as well as, a useful source of information. Adding a temperature feature would be my only addition at this point....more info
  • Great device
    I've used the Garmin 305 on three rides now, 2 training and 1 long one, and I've been super impressed. Installation was a little bit of a hassle on my bike because my chain stays are very close to my rear wheel, but it works great. The amount of data this thing collects is incredible and the training features are really great for keeping you on track and on schedule....more info
  • Garmin 305 Edge (ROCKS!)
    Great and easy product to use.
    The information this little guy spits out onto your computer is amazing!
    It will change the way you ride / train and race.
    ...more info
  • Breakdown
    Buy this product if you don't mind
    - sending it back to Garmin for repairs every 4 months
    - paying for shipping costs
    - paying for repairs taking place a year (or beyond) from purchase
    - paying for repairs 90 days after the previous defect was repaired
    - waiting 20 minutes on the phone to talk to a representative to get the aforementioned good news

    When it works, it's OK...the Motion Based Software is fun
    It is very easy to set.... but it will breakdown....more info
  • Too many bugs for the price.
    The features and price make it seem to be a value on paper. But when you try to use it, the design flaws are readily evident. One of the major ones is with the heart rate monitor. I was getting ridiculous readings on a relatively flat ride. I was getting readings in high zone 4 and 5 all ride. It read my resting heart rate at almost 120. The garmin website says the static electricity from synthetic clothing can cause faulty readings. Since almost all cycling clothing is synthetic, this is a major design flaw. It doesn't sound like they are planning on fixing the problem either. Their brilliant suggestion; buy cotton clothing. Cotton is not a good material for a base layer(for any sport). Instead of purchasing this unit, buy a decent heart rate monitor from another manufacturer, and a basic sigma or cat eye cycling computer. Garmin should stick to GPS....more info
  • A mixed review ( the good, the bad and the ugly )
    1) Many features ( read product description )
    2) Generally usable by people who have photosensitive epilepsy and who do NOT tolerate blinking or flashing or scrolling displays. HOWEVER!
    a) Satellite icons on GPS page blink on and off and this page cannot be removed from page display sequence. ( as can be done with Garmin trail units )
    b) Cadence and heart rate icons blink. ( you have to tape over the top margin of the LCD display )
    c) Reset is very nice as it does a non-seizure producing countdown to reset display ( the Sigma units blink and blink and blink )
    d) Garmin is three quarters the way to accessibility unlike Sigma computers which are horrible
    3) Wireless cadence and speed sensor is relatively easy to set up. ( You push the reset button on the sensor and each time the crank arm or the spoke magnet passes the sensor and triggers it; a correspondingly colored LED blinks ONCE )

    1) Installing the cadence magnet on the crank arm is a total pain in the neck. The magnet MUST be within 5mm or so of the sensor. I finally gave up on the Garmin hardware and used the much larger Sigma crank arm magnet ( which extends 3/4" out from the crank arm ). This worked immediately. Garmin is cheap, cheap, cheap in this respect. If you want to save a lot of time and trouble, buy a Sigma unit with cadence just for the crank arm magnet.
    2) Limited battery life. Batteries are NOT replacable and Garmin makes no provision for connected an external battery throw the USB port.( the battery life is about the norm for GPS units; this is a comment, not a criticism). If you do long day rides you are going to have a dead battery. You really have to have two bicycle computers. One is a more standard bicycle computer without GPS so you can get statistics for the entire day.
    3) Too many features and too many data fields and not enough user configurable pages ( there are only two general purpose pages ) to display it all. There should be, say, ten user configurable pages ( you should be able to select how many you want ). You should be able to configure each of them as you desire (ie: display speed and distance and slope on one page; display heart rate and cadence and speed on another; etc. )and to name them as you wish (ie Cycling, Performance, Trip Totals, etc. ). You should be able to group them into named sets such as Cycling, Training, Summary, etc and you should be able to select which pages are associated with each set.

    If it were not for the impossible to install cadence crank arm magnet; the inability to disable pages ( GPS information ); partial inaccessibility for people with photosensitive epilepsy; insufficient number of configurable pages; this unit would get an A- or so.

    1) Sigma wireless units are totally unusable for people with photosensitive epilepsy or who are bothered ( or worse ) by blinking displays; they just blink and blink and blink. ( I threw away my Sigma 1606L DTS - this is where I got the nice crank arm magnet. I placed one of these abominations on a friends bicycle. As soon as you turn it out it blinks and blinks and blinks ( because the bicycle is not yet moving. this is trash design )
    2) The manual for the Garmin Edge 705 is now available on the Garmin website. Having read the manual, I would not purchase the unit.
    a) If you need GPS roads, buy a real GPS unit such as a Garmin 60CSX with on-the-ride replaceable batteries, pages that can be enabled or disabled and a larger display.
    b) It still only has two fully configurable pages. ( the Garmin 205/305 and 605/705 have a lot of useful data and there are probably 15 fields that you would want to display )
    ...more info
  • Not for LWB Recumbents
    I purchased the Garmin Edge 305 to go on my Burley Canto. Unfortunately, due to the requirements for aligning the GSC 10 Sensor with the pedal and spoke magnets, I can't use it on my bike. According to the instructions, "Both magnets must be aligned with their respective indication line and be within 5mm of the GSC 10 for the Edge to receive data." This just isn't possible with a LWB recumbent. I understand there is a way to take the sensor apart and rewire it so it works with recumbents, but I'm not comfortable doing that. Garmin really missed on this one. Fortunatly, Amazon is great about accepting returns. Am I disappointed??? Yep....more info
  • Would be perfect but.....
    I've used my Garmin Edge 305 nearly every day since purchasing in early Dec. It has everything I need in a gps/cycling computer, the heartrate monitor works well, the wireless speed/cadence feature works great and I love downloading each workout for review on [...]. I didn't realize my addiction until oneday, about two weeks ago, when unplugging it from my computer that it suddenly just stopped working! I went into mini shock hoping it would miracoulously turn back on. Of course it did not. I called Garmin and they acted like they had never heard of one breaking before but they did give me an RA# for return. I sent it back and once they received it they gladly overnighted a new unit my way. I would easily give this product 5 stars had it not died in the first six weeks of its short life. I have heard of other unit failing but I thought I would take my chances. Still, I give this unit four stars because it is great for what it does and because Garmin sent me a replacement in timely fashion. Just be aware that you may encounter a few problems if you purchase this item. ...more info
  • Great gadget, but fairly limited training software
    Must say that the unit works very well, really enjoying it, my only disappointment is the software, I have a polar heart rate monitor as well, and that software is far superior to the Garmin software. The analysis of your training information is not all that good, you cant look at the graph on longer rides as it is too small and you cannot zoom in and many others.

    But all in all a great device!...more info
  • great value for money - excellent training tool.
    I just got this today and I am already very pleased with it. It took me less than 10 minutes to attach the computer mount and the cadence/speed sensor to my bike and after an initial 3 hour charge I was off on the trails - synch with the sensor and HR monitor was automatic and worked first time. Everything worked perfectly.
    I bought this unit so I can train over the winter using a road bike and an indoor trainer, tracking my speed/cadence based on a training plan my coach put together using a power tap and hub. This way I can download data and send it to him so he can track my progress. Much cheaper than a power tap and very effective. I really like the display - prior to this I had been using a wireless bike computer and a Garmin Foreruner- worked well (and the Forerunner is still a great tool for my running) but the 305 Edge is perfect. I have ordered additional cadence sensors and mounts so I can switch between my other bikes once the riding season starts. I am very happy - let's hope the software/hardware grelins don't visit me!...more info
  • Excellent product
    Very pleased with the product, gives me all the information I want. Can customize screens to my needs, I did have trouble making the cadence function work... so I took it into a bike shop and had them figure it out. ...more info
  • Garmen Edge
    This item was a gift, I ordered it shortly before Christmas, and it was shipped immediately and arrived in time-incredible service. My husband-an avid mountain biker, is very impressed with the product and the numerous functions it performs. The price and service could not be beat!...more info
  • Garmin Edge 305 Review
    This is a great product. I have been using it for about a month now and have very little, if any, negative to say about the product. Basically it says what it does and it does what it says.

    The display system is clean, easy to read, highly adjustable and very informative displaying information in a very clear and consise way that is easy to understand.

    If there was a negative side to the unit it would be 2 very small issues. 1) There is a definate learning curve to the product, but this is minor considering the support system and the high number of users for this product all my questions were answered with little problems. 2) The software that comes with it is good, but is difficult to understand the data after it is sync'd to your computer. It would help if that was cleaned up so it is more user friendly. I have heard the motion based website is better at analyzing the data, but I have not tried it.

    Garmin - Edge 305 HR+Speed/Cadence Sensor GPS Receiver, Personal Trainer and Cycle Computer...more info
  • Satisfied with my Edge 305
    Yes I am very satisfied with my Garmin 305. Delivered on time, as described in the site, without damages...working perfectly. I would rate as 5 stars.

    However after my first ride I got a big storm and the buttons Start/Stop and Reset/New Lap are not working as they were. I don't know if this was because of the storm (I suppose Garmin is waterprof) or because of the ride itself. I don't think so because I just got a single track and I am using just for XC purpose, the device didn't fall. The problem now is that I have to press the buttons stronger than before in order to make them work. That is way I rated as 3 starts....

    Regarding the baterries so far I don't face any issues. The satelite cover is working fine, cadence and speed sensor and Heart Rate as well.

    Please if anybody faced the same issue let me know.

    Best Regards.
    ...more info
  • Unreliable
    I loved everything about the 305, except for its proclivity for ceasing to function and short battery life. I went through three of them in a year. The first one went back to the store where I bought it, the second one was returned to Garmin, the final one was exchanged for a Suunto T6 which I have been very happy with (i.e. it works.)
    Garmin has released several firmware updates that did address the early problems I was having with the unit, but after the third one simply turned off several times on a commute home I gave up. The low (MUCH lower than the advertised) battery life per charge was frustrating as well. I could have lived with that if the unit had been reliable, but as is, I could not recommend this product. Hopefully the new version will work better.
    ...more info
  • Bike Computer
    I love my Garmin Edge. This computer works perfect. I installed it myself and am really new to biking. It has been great for my weekly rides and it challenges me each time to get better when I ride by myself. The signal and data are extremely accurate and I have had no problems with this device. I highly recommend checking out the stats on [...] and also using it with Google Earth. ...more info
  • Nice and worth the money
    no problem so far. I already used it for 5K since I bought in June07. No battery replaced yet and no weak signal for cadence, Heart Monitor and GPS. Very accurate for distance and speed. I compared with the car odometer and didn't get a huge variation. At maximum for 200km rode by car, i got 2Km the delta to Garmin. The speed was very close to the car odometer. I recommend this even the Garmin already launched the EDGE 705 (color screen and SD card with GPS maps - for me this extra features is not usefull for my training and competition)...more info
  • Great Training Tool!
    I received the Garmin Edge 305 just in time for some late fall riding. I was impressed with its ease of initial use and was out the door within 30 minutes. The ability to customize your displays is a very nice feature and there are plenty of data to choose from. As opposed to normal cyclo computers, I no longer have to flip several time between screens to see the data I want as it is all on the same screen.

    The included software is PC only, and the Garmin Motion Based software requires a special plug in for Safari only (will not work in Firefox). However, Ascent software for Mac is a nice replacement and although it costs a nominal fee, is well worth the extra expense for a Mac only piece of software. I do find some of the data points do not come out the same between the Ascent software and MB (most notably calories and total elevation), but that could be how they are both interpreting the data. If you are a Mac user, definitely get Ascent!

    I have not experienced any of the problems other users seem to have experienced. The Garmin always works, never cuts out, never gives me errant HR readings, and just plain works. I have only used it for 13 hours thus far, so further riding will tell just how well it holds up.

    If you are thinking of getting one, do it, you will not be disappointed. I initially was concerned over the large size, but once I saw what it could do, no longer was worried about it....more info
  • Receiver shuts off by itself
    The forerunner 305 receiver occasionally shuts off by itself without warning. This is really annoying and affects your data at the end of your workout. I have seen this complaint in other forums as well. Shouldn't there be a recall or fix for this?! Some forum claims that this happens when you coast at the end of the lap or when in traffic or at a stop light. I hope there's a place in the receiver to adjust this auto shut-off annoyance. ...more info
  • Useful training tool
    Instruction manual is very useful and explains all possible tricks and mounting instructions, like what to do if the units locks up.
    Mounting onto the bike is easy. Use the wedge, if it has to be mounted on the stem. This will improve readibility even behind polarizing sun glasses.
    The software delivered with the product on CD did not work. I downloaded the latest version from the Garmin's web site. It works great, beside the annoying instruction to load Garmin's topowest CD into the drive.
    Use: It is great to have HR, speed, cadence and elevation in one tools whtout wires. If you use it on the same trail it will show you very well your progress. It is good for hiking, running as well.
    I did not dive into the training software to deap to create virtual partners or to race against myself. For me it is more important to improve paddle stroke at this time, where cadence and HR is useful to check. The stats from the software are good for training logs.
    It runs for more hours than I can bike - big improvement to from the first version I tested two years ago....more info
  • A great find
    What a great tool. Not only does it make running/biking more interesting but it also makes training more effective. Although it is designed for biking, the unit is small enough where you can run with it in your hand without it being difficult. It really is helpful to be able to watch all of this information as it's happening.

    The only thing I wish it had was background maps for the display unit (GPS). The GPS acquires quickly and stays locked on, even in dense areas. Highly recommended!...more info
  • Excellent Product
    Other than the difficulty to navigate through some of the menus it's overall an amazing product. Rightly priced and amazing functionality at very low weight....more info
  • Best Bike Computer Ever.
    If you been looking for a bike computer that can do cadence and heart rate monitor, look no more. Incredible flexibility and ease of use. Track your progress, race again your virtual partner and more. I have tried Polar, Cateye and was never quite satisfy with the product, their use or functionality. The Garmin Edge 305 hits the spot. I even consider the new suunto but they don't offer cadence. I have the unit speed/cadence sensor installed in my road bike but also have use it without the sensor in my mountain bike and several rentals over the last 30 days with great results. I greatly recommend it....more info
  • Exceeded my expectations in every way.
    Works surprisingly well. I've had every combination of cycling computer/heart rate monitor and the Garmin 305 out performs them all (even Polar). Because of everything this thing can do I just expected it would be complicated to set up and use. But it worked great right out of the box (even the battery in the cadence/speed sensor was good). I was using the majority of the features the first week and the configuration is intuitive and as simple as possible given the depth of functionality.

    I've heard some people have complained about the computer software but I felt it worked great. As with any software it takes a little bit of time to get used to the logic but once you do it's quite powerful and easy to use. After I ride I just hook it up to my PC and my workouts are uploaded just like that. I actually upload them to web as well using MotionBased and AllSportGPS. Very cool and easy to do. If you're not as neurotic as myself you can wait to upload your rides as the 305 will store up to two years of rides before deleting. The software really makes it easy to keep a detailed log of your rides too. I finally have my riding log.

    If I had to complain about anything it would be that the information on the unit is a bit small and sometimes difficult to read if you're descending. But you can change it so it displays less information and as a result the font will be larger.

    I'm really happy with it and Amazon had a smoking deal.
    ...more info
  • Garmin Edge 305. Will change the way you bike.
    REAL SIMPLE. You CANT live without this if your serious about riding. I race road bikes every month or two doing anywhere from 50 to centurys. And do about 30 a day.

    NOBODY does it better than Garmin. It provides feed-back you cant go without. Tells you what your bike is doing and what your body is doing.
    Easy to use. ZERO complaints. And I own over 10 GPS units from aircraft to boats to cars. And have been a Garmin customer since 1992.

    It ROCKS!!

    Ps. I learned more on the first time using it on a 70 ride, then I knew about myself and bike after over a year of riding. PLUS, I take my bike all over the US weekly and ride unfamilure places. The navigation that is offers from just the GPS part, is great for finding your way back home. It just does NOT GET EASIER....more info
  • Garmin Edge
    Excellent product.
    Very recommendable, very practice with the heart rate monitor and cadence.
    The tracks is exportable to Google Earth across the Trace Maker....more info
  • Solid
    I got the 305 HR+ to consolidate a basic cyclometer and Suunto altimeter/HR monitor. The installation is very clean with one sensor on the chain stay and no wires. The display is easily configurable and easy enough to read. It's a huge step up from the way I cobbled info together before and priced cheaper than the sum of the other devices I was using.

    - Records a comprehensive set of training info. I find it especially useful for rides involving a lot of climbing.

    - Friendly and helpful tech support.

    - Adequate but mediocre Mac software.

    - Battery life: I hate wearing out built-in batteries with frequent deep discharges so for any ride longer than a couple hours I use an Eveready Energi w/ mini USB (from Circuit CIty - cheaper than Amazon). I checked with Garmin customer support first and they assured me the Energi and 305 were compatible. With this battery pack, I can get well over 12 hrs without running down the internal battery.

    - Occasional glitch: The 305 hung up right at the start of the Markleeville Death Ride and was frustrating brick for the entire event. If only I had known the simple two-button reset that clears the unit without erasing anything....more info
  • Garmin Edge 305
    This is an excellent product for those cyclist who like data on rides and training. However, for serious competitive athletes they would probably be better off with a product that measures power as well. I have been using the Garmin for the past month now and have found it very easy to use, enjoyable and easy to download data even with a MAC computer. My only complaint would be the measure of calories burned. The Garmin only takes into account your age, weight, and heart rate. This compared to the Polar models lacks your input on activity level. This leads to calorie output discrepencys of over 5oo calories on an average one hour ride. There have been time when I haven't used the heart rate monitor strap and the Garmin still counts calories burned without heart rate data. This leads me to believe that this feature is not completely accurate. However, this is a minor detail compared to all that this little black beauty can do. I highly recommend the Garmin for those who love data and like to see their riding accomplishments displayed for them in an easy to read manner....more info
  • Wish for a longer battery life
    this thing rocks it helps me stay motivated to try to go farther and faster little expensive but well worth it for me ...more info
  • Wonderful tool, so much potential, lousy software
    Ok, I really love this gadget. It's great to have heartrate, speed, distance, cadence, grade, and averages all on one unit. After a ride, you can review, graphically, the entire data for the ride. Also great to have your entire history of rides on your computer. But it takes a fair amount of effort to keep that history. The software just randomly loses your history from time to time--so you have to back up frequently. This is not just me--check out the forums on Garmin's sites, and you'll see that everyone seems to experience these glitches from time to time. Calorie calculation is, well, bizarre---I don't really need exact calorie counting (though the forums at Garmin's site certainly suggest that others do), but I'd like it to at least serve for comparison purposes. Not so--the same exact ride, with very similar speed, can show up with dramatically different calories burned. Another glitch has even earned its own acronym of JFS--jersey flap syndrome, when certain synthetic jerseys, at high speed, interfere with the heart rate monitor sensor, causing impossibly high heart rate readings (no, my heart rate did not actually go to 265 on that downhill section).
    The unit also interfaces with Garmin's web-based program, Motion Based--- a very interesting concept that lets you look at your own and other people's rides, and search for them using key words. You can then download these rides to your unit and follow them on your bike using the course map. That's a really cool idea---essentially a community created trail guide, but it could be better. The ability to comment on these rides would be nice---much like this Amazon review system, users could choose or modify routes that are posted according to their own purposes if comments were permitted. It would also be nice to search for rides by GPS coordinates (this is Garmin, after all) but right now that doesn't appear possible.
    If you back up frequently, it is nice to compare one ride (say a favorite route early in the season) with another (same route later in the season). You can watch your heartrate lower as you train from ride to ride. But as I mentioned above, you will lose this ability if you don't back up often. You also have to occasionally reset the device, or it will begin to misbehave both in interfacing with your computer and on the bike. Recently, my unit has developed an irritating habit of shutting off mid-ride--though turning it back on keeps the mileage count going , the elapsed time after restart is mysteriously, almost randomly, altered--completely messing up average pace. You get some, but not all of this data back when you upload to motionbased (as opposed to using the training center software), but it's still no longer accurate once it shuts down. Again, reading the forums, this shutting off appears to be a common problem.
    Transferring non-Garmin GPS routes to the unit, for use as a course, should be a lot easier. There are free third party programs out there on the Web that are useable, but it's difficult and hit and miss. One would hope that future upgrades will allow for easy transformation of the relatively few GPS coordinate files out there (e.g. .tcx) to Garmin's .crs format. Following a course (once it's successfully loaded) is really cool--zoom in and out on the map, and race the person who initially rode the course virtually. It's easy to convert a course you've ridden to a stored course to ride again, a little more involved, but not difficult, to use someone else's ride from the Motion Based website--it would just be nice to download a course from the several other GPS sites and use it as a cue sheet for a new ride.
    Honestly, I've had my Edge for 3 months and I've enjoyed it tremendously. I will continue to use it, and really wouldn't want to do any significant ride without one. (I believe I could send it back to Garmin to resolve the shutting-off mid-ride issue, but I'm waiting until the weather isn't so nice for riding before giving it up for a few days--I'd really miss it). But its software is finicky, and you have to use the user forums on Motion Based from time to time to figure out how to get the thing unstuck or on or reset or backed up. The Motion Based Trail Network idea is absolutely killer, but I fear that with Garmin's apparent weakness in the software area it will be a long time before they start to really exploit its potential. And it's not the only source of GPS routes out there, but the only source that is readily useable with the unit (though a bit of tinkering around on line helps thios a bit). Let's hope they hire some good software developers and make this thing really fly.

    ...more info
  • GREAT cyclometer in a small package
    I received my 305 from Amazon (at a greatly discounted rate) just last week, and have since had the time to log 3 seperate rides. Overall, I am very pleased w/ the unit - it's a small, very lightweight unit and convenient to monitor onboard - I have had no problem reading the data in daylight or at dusk. This thing does a lot more that I need it to - I bought it for the HR and basic distance/time/speed info, and it's great to be able to plug it into the PC and instantly download the raw data - though I do wish it used a cradle (like the Forerunners), the USB plug on the back of the unit is a little awkard (and its the only way to charge it - I've forgotten to plug it into/keep it plugged into the computer a few times and when I'm headed out for a ride, find it dead - it doesn't quick charge and the rebound is slow, so I've had to leave it at home a few times... bummer. The cadence sensor and speed sensor magnet (I suppose for stationary training, since the Garmin uses GPS to calculate speed) are okay - I had trouble getting them to align on my Klein frame - they wanted the sensors w/in 5mm of each other (cadencce on the crank arm and magnets on the spoke), but they're not that close on my bike w/o haning off the frame dramatically. I finagled w/ it and got it to work, but the magnet is designed for cross spokes and doesn't work w/ ,my single spoke Campy's - no big ddeal, I think I've subsequently removed the cadence thing altogether - that info is not a concern for me. I'm just a recreational rider, and was more interested in heartrate, speed, distance, etc. and here the Garmin is flawless. The software is fun to review after a long ride, here's some data from a ride this weekend:

    Distance: 50.03
    Total Time: 3.04.00
    Average Pace: 3.41mins/mile
    Average speed: 16.3mph
    Max speed: 34.8mph
    Total Calories: 3,586 (who know how accurate this is?)
    Average HR 160 bpm
    Max Heart Rate: 214 - probably not true, it takes a second for the monitor to start working - needs some moisture (sweat) between it and your chest. Actual is probably closer to 185
    Average Cadence: 255 (not working anymore since I took it off)
    Total Accent: 1,832
    Total Descent: 2,032 - I stopped in the Valley w/ a few problems and drove it to the boke shop, otherwise Accent/Descent would be the same.

    Under Heart Rate it shows time/distance in each zone:
    For example, I spent 1.56 hrs and 33.3 miles in zone 4 = 150-167 bpm

    The above information is plotted on a graph, showing zones/intervals over time/distance. Neat. Also shows an overhead map of the course - though not impeccably detailed, you can zoom in and it services a basic purpose, etc.

    As for the accuracy of the GPS unit itself, it seems pretty spot on - I played w/ it in the car one night and it seems to be w/in a few 1/10's mph and w/in a few feet as far as location - that was the extent of my scientific testing. Overall, I am pleased w/ the unit - I'll use it on every ride from now on....more info
  • bikers take heed...
    This was a replacement for the one I is the only cyclometer I will gives me everything I need to document my trainings and rides.. ...more info
  • Disapointed
    Updated 10/18/08: still have, still wish I didn't and still looking for a replacement. Rode with a guy yesterday who was using one and he said he also has the erroneous heart rate readings and beginning and ending elevation discrepancies I experience. I am now also experiencing the unit shutting off mid ride. Thought it was associated to road bumps, but have looked down to see no data on smooth flat roads. And I MUST make sure to recharge the battery after every ride or it will have a low/no charge.

    Added 8/4/7: If I could, I would lower the rating to 2 stars. Customer Service is nice but it doesn't make up for a weak product.

    I bought this unit to be able to record my rides to computer and have one unit that does it all. I ride 4/5 times a week for about 125 miles. Previously I used a Vetta 55 odo/cadence unit, a Sunotto heart rate monitor and Garmin 60csx GPS and recorded everything in Excel. I have been using the 305 for several months now and his unit has it's problems:
    1 - Usually the heartrate readings are inaccurate when going fast (downhill) and/or into a strong wind. By inaccurate, I mean readings of over 225! This is caused, according to Garmin customer service, by the pressure of a "flapping" jersey which gives a stronger reading than your heartbeat. Garmin does not have a fix, they suggest wearing a very tight jersey or none at all. I find if you cross your arm over the chest strap to stop the wind, it sometimes corrects after a several seconds. Bummer to have to ride this way. The other bummer is that these miss readings are transferred to the computer program and distort the workout totals (ie average heartrate) and graphs.
    2 - The altimeter is often inaccurate with the starting altitude. When I review my ride on the computer, I see the the starting altitude is lower than the finish. I know this is not right because I start and end in the same place! I don't use the altitude during my ride but I like to know the overall assent/descent for the ride and I have to subtract the beginning from the ending to make an adjustment.
    3 - I had a real problem trying to install the cadence meter. In fact, I gave up and use the old wired Vetta that I previously installed. The Garmin is bulky and interferes with the spokes. Vetta works great but I do not have the cadence data to download to the computer.
    4 - The computer program is nice but has it's limitations. You cannot get an overall view of all your rides as it is organized by week and day without the ability to rename a ride. If you do many different ride routes, you have to switch to the map tab (vs the stats tab or note tab) to see which is which. Seeing only one tab at a time makes it pain to compare rides. You have the ability to break a ride into "laps" (sections) during the ride but the program will not allow for comparison of laps of different rides. My favorite ride starts with a 4 mile flat and then 3 mile climb. I would like to compare the climb between different days but no can do. I still load everything into Excel and use that, with adjustments to the data to compensate for the altitude and heartrate problems, to give me an overall ride review.
    5. The battery is rechargeable and gives over 6 3/4 hours use, my longest continuous ride. I have had it quit during a ride, however, when I forgot to recharge it after the last use. I now make it a habit to download the data after each ride and leave it plugged into the USB port. It does recharge rather quickly.

    On the plus side, and why I gave it a 3 and not 2 rating, is Customer Service is good. Minimal hold time and the reps seemed knowable of the products: they admitted the heartrate problem and they replaced my other product (the GPS) quickly when it died. The GPS function matches the other GPS and I don't now carry that bulky unit.
    There are also "workout" and "course" functions but I usually don't ride the same route often so I don't use this.
    If I knew then what I know now, I would not buy this again - at least not until Garmin fixed the HR function.

    ...more info
  • Great tool - when it works!!
    I really like my Edge 305 - I mainly use it to keep an eye on my cadence and heart rate when on the bike and like to keep a track of rides on the computer for cumulative distance, average cadence, etc.

    But... I am now on my third unit and this has died this evening. On a ride today the altimeter started saying I was at 62,000 feet. At home it wouldn't stay on from startup - it switches off if I press any other button once I switched it on... so I guess it will have to go back to the dealer in the morning....more info
  • Garmin 305
    When it works it's features are fun and interactive. Technically, it is very weak. It has a lot of quirks when exchanging information between the device and computer. When downloading from the device to the computer the device will beep appropriately and give a report confirming data transfer. However, the computer side will report that it cannot communicate with the device. After several blind repeats the computer side will generally "spontaneously" eventually accept the data. The bad news is that repeating the transfer process risks "frying" the device and making it inoperable. Very frustrating....more info
  • Garmin Edge 305
    Great product!! Only negative is the cover for the computer/USB connector. Good value for price....more info
  • Edge Exceeds Expectationa
    After using a HAC4 for several years I made the jump to the Garmin Edge. It has exceeded all expectations. Works as advertised and measures things no human would ever need to know, but is interesting anyway. Can easily be switched from bike to bike without worrying about pickup magnets, wheel sizes, and other nonsense. The first time I used it was on a tour in New Hampshire and Maine, and it worked perfectly out of the box. Highly recommended....more info
  • Stats geeks rejoice!
    This is a beautiful thing. If your standard cycling computer isn't doing the trick, get one of these suckers. If you have several bikes, you can help justifying the price by getting several mounts and just trading it between bikes.

    I love the overload of data it provides. HRM, cadence (on my non-recumbent bike), altitude, maps, etc. Two things you'll want immediately after getting this: Google Earth (upgrade to Google Earth Plus to interact directly with the GPS), and also get a login at That also talks directly to the Edge, meaning you can blog your ride minutes after getting home, if you're so inclined....more info
  • Great Product
    My cycling monitoring with the EDGE 305 has been easy and comprehensive, it is a great product. ...more info
  • Very hard to beat. Well worth it if you ride regularly.
    I bought the Garmin unit because I was tired of riding the same exact route and getting pretty large differences in distance readings with other computers. (Power lines, etc interfere and mess up the readings.) With the Garmin unit on the same courses, the readings are consistently within a few hundredths of a mile over 25-35 miles. (The difference is probably just how I am taking the curves.)

    Also, I really like being able to look at the heart rate and elevation trends on the computer after a ride. It makes me feel better about courses that I thought were flat but actually were not. Also, it's really good for seeing exactly how high/hard different hills are. Finally, for competition routes, it helps finding where the hitting-the-wall points are. i.e. I felt like I was riding consistently through the ride, but the heart-rate fell off by 5-10 bpm... That helps me in determining when to take a power gel pack or when to conserve/expend energy along the course.

    I've read about the battery life issue, but personally, I am not doing 5-7 hour rides. 3-4 hours / 60-80 miles is the high-end for me. On longer century rides, I am more interested in time anyway so a simple stopwatch is more than enough.

    I do however wish that the unit had an auto-off feature if no movement was detected in 10-15 minutes. (My girls have found it, pushed the button, and left it on before.... I only discover this when I go out the next day to ride.)

    The altimeter is very accurate. I keep a "total ascent" field on my primary display to give me an idea of the climbs done. This is a cumulative count... i.e. If you climb 10 feet, fall 10 feet, climb 10 feet, and fall 10 more feet, the field reads 20 feet -- even though your actual altitude did not change. That's exactly what I wanted. I use this information on a route to let me know how much climbing effort is remaining. i.e. If I know a route has 2200' of climbs, I am riding fast/hard, feel fine, am past half-way but see on only 500' of climbs have been done, I know to back-off and pace myself to finish strong.

    I have had some minor communications issues with the software. However, I just wiggle the cable and retry and 99% of the time the unit works fine. On that rare 1% exception, rebooting fixes the problem.

    The heart rate monitor is very accurate. I've used high end Polar monitors -- and this one is every bit as accurate as those.

    Installation is a snap. The ergonomics of how it fits on my stem (90 mm) is perfect. It looks like it was made for the bike.

    As far as the issues others have had, I really don't know what to say. I did upgrade the firmware. Other than that, I've done nothing different. There's clearly issues since so many people have bad things to say. I simply did not experience those issues. I would suggest buying from some place like Amazon, using it a lot upon reciept, and sending it back for credit if you have problems.

    All in all, I would highly recommend it even with the minor issues mentioned above. ...more info
  • When it works, it is great.!
    You need a bit of techno-knowledge to really appreciate this device. Just takes awhile to learn it's possibilities. Out of the box it seemed to work flawlessly, however, as I began to use it, it started to show some quirks. Contacted Garmin via email and received a quick response to the problems. The solution was to download a newer chipset. The unit worked again for a few days and then failed. Still looking for a solution. Installing the various pieces on your bike will take some time. Not wanting to fool with the installation, I took it to my bike dealer and they installed the unit the correct way. Worth the extra bucks. Now I just want it to work. Still waiting for a new solution....more info
  • Goodbye Garmin - Buyer beware!
    I'm posting this for those who are considering purchasing one or those who keep telling themselves the lie that this is a good product. It's not. Here's my opnion why.

    I'm on my third unit which died yesterday after updating to the latest 3.2 software. Dead - no amount of reset button combinations, plugging into AC and other tricks will work. After updating the Sw, the screen went blank. So now I'm faced with forever hold times to talk to someone at Garmin who is going to tell me that it's out of warranty and I can send it in to be fixed & returned within 4 weeks for a charge of $X.

    The first unit did not read heart rate. Took over a month to get it replaced. The replacement unit didn't either. Finally the third unit reads my heart rate "most" of the time. It has nowhere near the reliability nor accuracy of my Polar HRM. I've used 3 different types of HRM cream, spit, etc.

    I fully recognize that there can be defects in any product and maybe this was just bad luck but I think the problems with this device go much further. There have been constant firmware & software updates over the past year to fix things that should have been correct in the first place. Remember when the alarm volume was so low you couldn't hear it while riding? Or how about the lap issues & altitude issues and average grade issues. All things that should have been right from day one. Instead, it appears they rushed this product out the door and used us as beta testers. This isn't a small step up from a simple cateye - this is for people who take biking seriously and really want to rely on the data to improve and enjoy and understand their cycling more.

    After using this product for a while I feel they got the user interface wrong. The screen should be horizontal not vertical in my opinion. The map data and metric data would fit much better and be easier to read while riding. I own one of their handhelds for hiking and to me it looks like they just adopted the hiker approach for the biking world. The interface doesn't translate 1-to1 like that. Biking is completely different. The way I interface with the product going 25mph down a road is much different than the way I use a GPS on a hike.

    This product needs to be dependable and based on my experience and reading post after post on the [...] forum of people who are experiencing major problems it's not.

    What would happen if Garmin released a product this unreliable in their aviation division? They couldn't. If they can do it right for planes, why can't they do it right for bikes? I would have gladly accepted a product that had less features but was rock solid.

    The whole experience has not been worth it. If someone is reading this considering buying this product I'd look elsewhere. I'm a geek and really wanted to like this product. But I spent all last summer lying to myself that this was a good product. Now that a simple software upgrade has completely wiped out my unit, I'm finished with Garmin....more info
  • Garmin 305
    Great product. Does everything pretty well and Motion Based web site is pretty cool. I have two minor complaints: having to remember to charge it and the autostart/stop function. I am used to a cycle computer and having to put batteries in it every 5 years, it is hard to get used to charging it. I also use a shimano fligth deck - and I also miss using the hoods to change the screens. Also a couple of time I stopped and the unit never re-started the timer. The reception is awesome though, it even works in my house and tracks me moving around and up the stairs. Display is a little smaller than what you think from seeing the pictures of it but still pretty good. Overall it is pretty cool - especially because of the web link and analysis....more info
  • Almost complete!
    This unit is great. Bundled software could be better..... Where is my odometer....more info
  • Edge 305 w Cad/Hr
    Works well so far. Earlier models seemed to have several software issues, but those seemed to have been pretty well worked out now by Garmin. Fairly user friendly. Takes a little time to learn how to use it, but worth the effort. ...more info
  • Great Bike Accessory
    The Edge 305HR+ is a great add on to keep track of your bike training. Keep in mind this unit is not a "TOMTOM". It's geared more towards storing data of what you've riden as opposed to telling you where to go. I use it for mostly mountain biking and keeping track of my weekly progress as well as using Garmin's Motion Based website to create maps of the trails I ride. I'm still getting to know how some of the features work, but for the most part was very simple to setup and use right away....more info
  • Exceeded my expectations
    The Edge has proved to be a great purchase so far. It's more accurate that I expected and I am really enjoying all the information it provides. The battery seems to last plenty long enough. I rode a 7.5 hour century this past week and had a couple bars left on the battery indicator when I got home. The chest strap for the heart rate monitor is so comfortable that I don't even notice I'm wearing it. The only complaints I could make would be regarding the mount and the wheel magnet. I must have bent the clip on the first mount when I installed it because the clip broke off mid ride last week, resulting in the Edge falling off the bike. No damage! The wheel magent lasted one ride and then on the next I felt something wack me in the leg while I was riding. I found the magnet stuck to my chainring but the plastic part is screws into is long gone. Thankfully I'm satisfied with using the GPS for speed and distance so I'm not too worried about not having the magnet. Overall I have to recommend this product highly. I love getting home after a long ride and checking out a map of where I've been....more info
  • Not Accurate - Do Not Buy
    Purchased this as a training aid, and found this was a training issue. This is a neat idea and when it is fully functional and can provide accurate data for heart rate and cadence, this will be a amazing tool. I have read from other sources that the calorie calculator is inaccurate as well. I could not seem to keep all of the sensors functioning at the same time. The constant fiddling caused my riding partners to tease me about my super computer that ruined my rides. The data I got was unusable. One example was 17 miles into a ride I lost my wife and went to see if she was O.K. (stress) so 156 rpm on the pedals, 28.6 mph the heart rate sensor read 45. No Way.... I loaded firmware to the unit, mounted and remounted sensors, bought conductive jelly to try to get this thing to work. Even if you get it to work the GPS takes up to 90 sec to locate satellites from the same position that you were in when the unit was turned off. This does not seem like a long time until you have to catch back up with the pack. The GPS works great, however I ride set routs and this feature became more of a novelty with out the data to support what was happening at the geographical position. The windows soft ware is passable however the mac version is unusable. The maps in the software are not update-able as far a I could figure and the use of Motion Base is almost mandatory for plotting and accurate maps. Very happy with amazon they took it back for a refund no issues. ...more info
  • Garmin Edge 305HR+ Bicycle Monitor and GPS (Heart Rate Monitor and Cadence)
    I am very happy with my purchase, the Garmin 305 is accurate and reliable. Recently did the MS150 and it lasted both days with out a problem.
    I would highly recommend this product to assist cyclists in their training....more info
  • Great cyclometer and great support
    I've had this device for a little over a year. I was an early adopter. I must say, I really enjoy this thing. This with the services provided by [...] make for a really nice setup. I did have issues with the HRM, but garmin send me a new one, no questions asked, by email request (no hold time!). The battery life issue should be noted, it only lasts about 5 hours. Garmin has been great about addressing defects; when the product was first released there was a defect in which the device wouldn't shut off when plugged into a USB port, but it was quickly fixed. All in all, a great product with great support....more info
  • Best bicycle computer so far
    If you are looking to get more out of your biking make sure to try Garmin Edge 305 bicycle computer. Despite the hefty price tag it delivers a lot of value and make rides more enjoyable.

    Edge 305 provides the following high level features:

    * typical bike data (speed, distance, cadence and ect)
    * heart rate monitor (heart rate zones)
    * map (rudimentary)
    * altitude graph
    * virtual partner

    Stuff I like about device:

    Very easy to install. Not need to know tire radius, the device would use GPS data to calculate all required information (and in most cases would use GPS to calculate your route anyway)

    Automatic heart rate zone calculation based on your Max heart rate.

    Ability to upload all info about route (map and data) into the computer or web site to see how you did and where exactly you biked. You can sign up (free account) into [...] and upload data and see other peoples routes. (I only wish this site used Flash/Flex technology instead of html/ajax to make it more interactive and usable).

    The only somewhat bad comment I have - battery life. For most cases as long as you remember to charge it's not a problem. But it's somewhat different from my previous bike computer that didn't require any charging at all.

    Overall, if you like to bicycle (road or mountain) and somewhat geeky, Garmin Edge 305 would give you more data then you even need.

    [...]...more info
  • Great Product
    I love this product. I purchased the Edge 305 to go on a new bike, it was easy to install, with decent instructions. It was easy to get started using it. It gives all the information you could possibly want about your ride, and its simple to download. Some people might think its too much information, but you can tailor the data fields that are displayed to see as little or as much info as you want. The data (milage, elevation) appears to be very accurate.

    On the down side, the display can be hard to read in the sunlight. I've played around with the contrast tool, but still have problems. I also think the use instructions could be clearer, on my first ride, I couldn't figure out why I wasn't getting milage, and later realized you have to turn it on! I'm used to bike computers that start automatically. Changing the data fields being displayed is a bit of a pain, I want a timer showing when I'm on the indoor trainer, and % grade when I'm on the road, and its a pain to constantly switch the fields. Also, if a data field is not being displayed because you don't need to see it constantly, (average speed comes to mind) you have to change the data fields being displayed to view the info, and then change back if you are not at the end of your ride. I am fortunate because several people in my bike club have the Edge 305 and they could answer questions so I didn't have to constantly thumb through the instruction manual. The software that comes with the Edge is very basic, but I have no complaints about it.

    All the issues I mentioned above are annoyances rather than problems and I feel this is a great product and I recommend it to anyone who is not intimidated by all the features. ...more info
  • The best in Cyclometer, GPS and Training Unit all in one!!
    Wow! What a great product!! I use this on both my road and mountain bikes. Excellent GPS unit that provides may fields of info necessary to build a training diary. Excellent capability to upload into Garmins proprietary Training Center software which gives graphical representations of rides and includes terrain maps. This unit is well worth the money!! Very nice ability ro race yourself with saved routes from prior rides. Great way to see if you're improving. You can even complete pre-loaded workouts! The GPS unit fits nicely on the stem with a great viewing angle. The bottons can be a bit tricky if you're wearing full finger gloves, however. You can inadvertantly hit a button you do not want to press, but that happens inoften. The unit has an auto start/ stop function which makes for 90% hands-free operation. The button that changes the view is large and easily accessible. GPS will even show elevation changes upcoming. Very nice field change function to show you just what functions you wish to see. The Cadence and hear rate functions work flawlessly, with an occaisional need to reset the Cadence trigger. Great battery life too. You do have to keep it charged when not in use. Interaction between the unit and Training Center software is easy. Initial set up so that the profiles match was tricky, but instructions are easy to figure out.
    Overall, this is the ULTIMATE cycle computer!! ...more info
  • Great tool for training.
    This is a great tool for training. I have used it both on and off road and it has worked great every time. I have not had any trouble with the heart rate strap like others have noted. The strap is not as comfortable as the Polar (725) but it still works well. I wish the Edge would show GPS coordinates this would be a big plus (SAR). All and all this is a great computer and has a lot of data to offer. ...more info
  • Great little device
    I bought this device because I wanted to see my rides on Google Earth. That said, this device does not disappoint. With Sport Track software - forget Training Center - your workout appears on the screen as soon as you finish uploading. No more wondering where I rode last month. With the GPS tracks it is easy to visualize where you rode.
    ...more info
  • Battery Issue
    For those concerned with the battery life, a travel battery charger with mini-usb (that I use for my cell phone) works great for recharging the Garmin Edge 305 (and my husbands 205). So I simply throw it into my pouch for those 75 mile rides (i.e. the MS 150). I give the 305 only 4 stars though because I do not like the HR monitor as well as the Polar HR monitor....more info
  • Almost the perfect cycle computer
    I have the 305/Cadence/HRM bundle. With a few exceptions, I believe this is a very good cycle computer for tech junkies or for people who like to keep very detailed training stats. In addition to the normal speed (current/average/max), distance and time data from a standard cycle computer, you get point in time data throughout your ride. The included training center software allows you to review this information and get a very detailed analysis of your training--probably more than most of us need. Nonetheless, it's fun to go back and look at your speed, cadence and heart rate during that killer hill--even if you're not training at an elite level.

    You can compare your performance on the same course over time and see if you're improving and also see the areas that are causing problems. For a more detailed analysis with better maps, you can use the Motion Based web service. Although it is subscription for the advanced features, you can review your last ten rides in detail for free. Motion Based is also a good source of previously recorded courses uploaded by other users if you are looking for new routes.

    A workout feature allows you to define a workout and the 305 will alert you at predetermined times to change your effort to meet the plan. Simple workouts can be programmed directly into the unit. More complicated workout structures can be created using the included software and downloaded to the unit for use. I haven't tried the `virtual partner' feature that simulates riding against another person by showing how far ahead or behind you are at any given time.

    Other nice features:
    - User configurable data fields for the main screens allow you to arrange the layout the way that makes sense for the way you train and ride.
    - Auto pause can be set for a dead stop or for a user-defined speed. When paused, time and distance `paused' is recorded providing both riding time and total time for any workout without the need to use a stopwatch.
    - Good backlight for night/low light use.
    - Can be configured to display heart rate as beats per minute or per cent of max.
    - The speed/cadence sensor backs up the GPS for speed computation when there is no satellite signal (such as indoors on the trainer). Since it uses the GPS to establish speed and distance, there is no need to configure the wheel size--even for the magnetic sensor. When the GPS is working, it auto calibrates the wheel size so it is set when the GPS signal drops.
    - Auto lap on distance or when passing a specified point on the route.

    Things that could be better:
    - The included software does not provide for creating courses (routes) from scratch, and its ability to edit a previously recorded course is limited.
    - No persistent odometer.
    - Although it is possible to program up to 8 data fields on each of the two `bike' data screens, once you go above four fields the field sizes shrink making them more difficult to read.
    - [Update] No indicator of whether the current speed (on the speed display) is ahead or behind the average pace--a common feature on most cycle computers.

    - Built-in battery is not user replaceable, and may not last long enough for endurance rides.
    - The GPS `map' is simply a track of your route--no actual map is provided. If you get off course, it's better than nothing, but not by much.
    - I agree with other reviewers that the calories burned estimation algorithm is not the best.

    Conclusion-A very good training tool with a star off for the limitations of the software and the minor imperfections in the feature set.

    Several people have commented on battery life being significantly less than the 12 hours advertised. I recently did a five hour ride and noted that the battery indicator was showing 50% at the end. This would translate to roughly 10 hours using both the cadence sensor and the heart rate monitor. Though less than the advertised max, I find it acceptable as I would only expect to get maximum battery life under ideal conditions. Ten hours is more than enough to last me through a century. I have updated to the most recent software version(3.10) and that may make a difference. I plan to do a double century this summer and purchased the Lenmar PPU1700B (other similar devices are available from various manufacturers) as an auxiliary power source to extend the battery life for the duration longer endurance rides.

    UPDATE (6 months in)- I have had only one significant annoyance with the 305--the battery life on the cadence sensor is too short--it's as if the unit never turns off and drains the batteries in no time. Other than that, the unit works flawlessly and the actual battery life of the unit itself is reasonable for all but the longest rides. The Lenmar PPU1700B works great as an auxiliary power source (I put it in the a small handlebar bag and route the cable back behind the handlebar to the 305). Despite the issue with the cadence sensor, I continue to recommend this product....more info
  • Mac OS X software works OK
    Since I'm a Mac user I waited until the "Garmin Training Center" software was available for Mac OS X before unboxing my 305. Setup of the speed/cadence sensor on the chainstay was straightforward but a little cramped on my mountain bike. Automatic determination of wheel size is a pretty cool feature.

    The software is rudimentary and works; I haven't tried the Windows version so I don't know how they compare. No crashes in 30 minutes of use, and communicates just fine with the 305 over USB.

    Features I'd like to see in the Mac software: click in the route to jump to that point in the performance graph, view more than one graph at a time, export to Excel format (XML is a pain to work with), allow simple setting of waypoints.

    Features I'd like to see in the 305 firmware: basic navigation! Really pretty unbelievable that Garmin didn't include waypoints and a "goto" feature in a unit this pricey. The "map" is really just a track view, like the Geko: you can't scroll it, there are no streets or other mapping items....more info
  • Garmin Edge 305
    Excellent features and characteristics. Heart strap came with a dead battery. Battery life of computer only about 10 hours - a bit shorter than Garmin says (12)....more info
  • Awesome Cycling Tool
    The Edge 305 provides a wealth of knowledge, is easy to install, as well as use. I would love to have given it 5 stars (it deserves them), but one thing that does not work correctly, and really bugs me is the calories expended. It couldn't be more inaccurate if they tried to make it that way. The first day that I installed it, I took it for a quick 1 mile test ride. IT indicated that in that mile I burned 100+ calories. Wish it were true, but it is not. Unfortunetly the next day I was going to take it out on a 100 mile ride, but crashed as I started out and have not riden since (3 days). I wore the chest strap in the office today to test the calories burned further. After 2 hours it read 0 were burned. I just took it for a car ride of 7 miles. In those 7 miles DRIVEN IN A CAR, it indicates I burned nearly 600 calories, again I wish, but no way.

    Other than that flaw, whioh I hope they fix with a software update, I highly recommend this product, it all other ways it is great....more info
  • If you would only apply yourself, little Edgey...
    This product has the potential to be a great cycling computer. In reality I paid almost $400 for the functionality of a $30 computer. Part of this is because I use Mac, but in a press release in Jan 2006 Garmin said it would have a Mac version of it's Training Center software. As of Jan 2007, I'm still waiting. Supposedly it's finished and going to be released at MacWorld, but I'll see it when I believe it.

    As far as mounting, the unit itself is fairly straightforward, but unless it's two inches from you face you're going to have a hard time seeing the display. Typical of large companies, they assume every bike is a cookie-cutter diamond frame, so the cadence/speed sensor does not work on my recumbent. The heart rate monitor works 80% of the time.

    Overall, I'd say save your money. Even with the Training Center software there's no way to preload routes and the map function is so rudimentary it's worthless. There are plenty of better, and cheaper, computers on the market....more info
  • Garmin Edge 305
    This is a great bicycle tool. I mountain bike and this tool lets me see how I am doing during a ride and stores all the info so it can be looked at after the ride.
    The ride data can be uploaded to the Garmin motionbased web site and from there you can see where you rode on Google Earth very cool....more info
  • Wow! And it gives you someone to ride with, too!
    This is a revision of a previous review. I continue to use this amazing little instrument to stay on top of my training. Began using the Edge 305 in May '06 and have used it regularly since--ride 3-4k miles per year.

    Here's what I discovered that is SO COOL! That is, COURSES and VIRTUAL PARTNER. I finally experimented with this and I am hooked. You record a ride or download someone elses, set it up as a COURSE and then ride that course. But, when no one is riding with you, you can ride with your previous self. If you like Sci-Fi, this has some elements of that. You activate the VIRTUAL PARTNER and ride against yourself. I did an organized three-quarter century in April '08, one that I had ridden and had a track for from the year before, using these features. It was way cool to compare my performance against the previous year and work during the ride to improve it. I beat my time by 20 minutes (this year, it was 10 degrees cooler than last but with a head wind for 50 miles).

    As for Garmin support, I have had a mixed bag but I was impressed when I crashed in Dec 2007, with the Edge taking a shock hit on the handlebar. The display blinked out. Went thru the repair return process easily and, for $100, got it repaired, quickly--I recall about two weeks.

    Strengths: Compact size, wireless works great for cadence, speed and heartrate; easy installation unlike what I read by others, the instructions help; during the short days--I use a night rider HID that does not interfere with the signal--something that my wireless Flight Deck had trouble with; software updates for the unit and the PC s/w work well and Garmin has corrected numerous problems/bugs with the software; download is easy making for great logging of activity--some cons see below; love the altimeter for mountain riding; the custom display is easy to use--you can put what you want on the screen and it really manages it quite well for as small as it is;

    Weaknesses: the battery life is not as advertised but I think Garmin may be modifying the firmware (and you can adjust contrast, backlighting to reduce battery drain) to lengthen battery life--could just be my imagination though. So far, I haven't run out of juice on a century but it is looking pretty slim by the end. A long time ago I wrote tech support about it they did not reply (hmmm). Advertised at 15 hours, would be nice if it could. The unit does not have an auto-off function like a Flight Deck does so if you forget to turn it off after a ride, the battery will be exhausted the next day you use it--very frustrating; unlike Polar HRMs the Edge cannot calc an accurate calorie burn to save your life--approx +50% too high--seems like Garmin could tweak the algorithm to fix this; you cannot edit the history on your PC--Garmin has made this inaccessible to you unless you are a db s/w guru so if it blinks out on you on a ride--your history is hosed, you'll have to add an activity to account for the deficit.

    My conclusion about this product is that the engineers do not actually ride and it could benefit from more focus on its functionality from cyclists. It is an early generation so there's hope but it is expensive so I'd expect to use it for a while. I wonder how the new Edge 705 has been designed. I would probably still buy the 305 for the logging and history functionality, the riding display and that it comes with HRM and cadence....more info
  • Edge305 is mostly a bike computer, not really a GPS
    I have been quite disappointed in this product. I have had it for 5 months now, so have really given it a chance. I compare it to my previous GPS, a Garmin GPSIIIpilot and my previous bike computer/HR monitor, a Polar 710. I was so excited about the Edge combining these two functions into one and reducing the clutter on my handlebars. It seemed ideal, on paper.

    As a GPS, it does record your position for downloading to a computer. But, I have yet to discover anyway to get information into it so that you can use the GPS to tell where you are or guide you on your journey. ISN"T THAT THE POINT OF A GPS? And, be sure to plan several minutes ahead of your departure to turn on the unit. Once moving, it has great difficulty acquiring satellite lock. I lost about 10 miles of a ride one time.

    Most of the bike computer functions work fine. But, be aware that it bases most everything on the GPS calculations, so even though it has a spoke mounted sensor, it won't record distance or speed from that - though it might display. You can only overcome this by turning off the GPS. And, above when the GPS didn't lock, it did not automatically switch over to use the speed sensor.

    I have had problems with the Cadence sensor. Many times it doesn't "connect" with the main unit. Be prepared to spend time debugging this from time to time. Maybe this is just how wireless works (or doesn't). I also had my battery go dead twice in a very short time, so maybe I got a bad one and haven't debugged it yet.

    I find the menus in the Edge to be very difficult. I have trouble finding options, even after having set them many times. It takes many button presses to get to simple options that you might want to change while riding. Over time, I have just trained myself to forget about using all the functions because it is too dangerous to operate while riding. My old GPSIII was so logical that I thought Garmin "got it", but maybe those people have left.

    Now my biggest complaint - the Heart Rate Monitor. For me, it just doesn't work reliably. That means, effectively, it just doesn't work. It does connect pretty reliably to the Edge - meaning Edge shows it present. But, it doesn't seem to send updates. I have tried wetting the contacts, moving it up and down on my chest. Tightening and loosening it, but I get intermittent operation at best. Sometimes it will show my HR at 60-80 bpm when I am running and actual rate is 150-170 bpm. Or, it might show the right HR, but then peg there and not update for several minutes. I just cannot rely upon it to guide a workout. As a novelty, it is still poor.

    Then there are bugs. For instance, the "autostart timer" function turned off the timer yesterday, but never restarted it. It has shut off all by itself several times while riding. It claims startup in 1-2 minutes, but many times it seems to take over 5 minutes. There's more.

    And, a year ago Garmin promised Mac compatibility and SW, but has yet to deliver on that promise....more info
  • Awesome hardware
    I love my Edge 305. I have the Cadence and HR model.

    They loose a star for the software though, at this price the unit should come with a full set of maps. Considering you can't ride a bike on major roads and highways, why is that the only thing shown on the maps? All my rides end up in the middle of nowhere on the included mapset. So count on spending another $100 to add maps if you want to plan out your bike trips.

    Another beef is that it is possible to accidently hit the release button and have the device fall off your bike. Again, at this price point, there's no excuse. It should be IMPOSSIBLE for the device to fall off unintentionally. Some form of a double lock is called for here.

    In the end, it falls short of perfection, but not by much. I'd buy it again and I can't imagine riding without mine. if I were a mountain biker it'd be even more of a neccesity. I love it.

    To the people complaining about battery life. Get an Energizer USB phone emergency battery available at any Walgreens or Publix. The GPS runs fine on any USB power source. The down side is duct taping the external battery to your handle bars. ...more info
  • wish i had one 30 years ago!
    overall i am very pleased with the 305 and all its functions.

    high quality gps construction and fairly easy to use.

    i use it for both biking and running. have had no problems with battery
    life but i simply recharge it after every three 30 - 60 minute workouts.

    i do wish there was a wrist strap available as i have to hold it in my hand while running.

    initially thought it was broke when it would not turn on but eventually found the tiny notes on how to reset it.

    the cadence function quit working after 8 months. i replaced the dead battery in the cadence sensor (which i assumed was the problem) but it still did not work even though the light on the sensor blinked and everything was aligned per the instructions. eventually got it to work
    again after doing an accessory restart scan.

    ...more info
  • Clip on and go!
    Tells me everythng I need and moves easily among my 3 bikes - great unit....more info
  • Caveats!
    Pros: 1. Accurate mileage if you stay in the open. 2. Basic GPS information with maps.

    Cons: 1. You will lose the signal sporadically in the woods. 2. Cadence needs constant adjustment. 3. Calorie count grossly inaccurate. This past summer I rode 100 miles on the Blue Ridge Parkway and calories were barely counted on the ascents. On the flats, calorie numbers are about about 40 percent inflated. 4. Software doesn't work with Macs. 5. Expensive.

    Recommendation: Until Garmin does a software fix, avoid this item. If you're going to spend the money, go with a Suunto T6....more info
  • As good as it gets - for now
    Works great right of the box. I haven't had the battery issues yet as the other reviewers mention. Easy to read instruction booklet and screens. Cadence and heart rate monitors seem accurate. You can design your own custom screen with up to eight functions at a time which is cool. The Edge 305 Cadence / HRM bike bundle will give you a wealth of information about your rides and workouts.
    On the downside:
    -Calling customer support will cost you a half hour - at least.
    -The spoke sensor mount doesn't fit well on flat spokes (Mavic Ksyrium SSC) I had to use the mount from my old Cateye computer.
    - NO ODO! Bummer! Garmin tech support says they're working on it and hopefully will be available as a software update soon. Add a star when that happens......more info
  • Not for Directional GPS Use
    Unlike other GPS products, such as Garmin eMap GPS, I was abit disappointed to learn that the Garmin Edge 305 GPS does NOT come with features used for displaying a map on the main screen, or have info on Turn by Turn Routing, Turn by Turn Route Prompting, 3D Perspective Map View, Text-to-Speech Voice Prompts, nor does it allow uploading of GPS Maps from a computer or have internal or additional memory. The waypoints are stored in the unit and are downloadable to view the map on a home computer. I was hoping that I could find a GPS unit that would allow me to upload maps of bike routes throughout Southern California and provide directional information. Hopefully the next generation of Garmin Bike GPS products will intergrate these features....more info
  • Edge 305 - Good For Day Trips, But Not For Tours
    The Edge 305 has all of the bells and whistles that you would want in a bicycle computer. Each of the functions is relatively easy to use, providing great infomation concerning speed, cadence, heart rate, elevation, ascent, grade, etc. The only draw back is that the battery does not last more than a few hours. This is a negative if you are out on a tour. Two weeks ago I did GRABRAAWR in Wisconsin. This seven day ride covering 430 miles was great, but every night I needed to find an outlet so that I could recharge the battery. This is the only fault that I can find in the Edge 305....more info
  • Better than expected
    I read a bunch of reviews before buying my Edge. I was prepared for it to not be perfect but went ahead. My impressions are:-

    Surprised (for good)
    - Following a pre-loaded course is a really useful navigation feature. I recently did a 60 mile loop on unknown roads without stopping once to look at a map (I downloaded the route from and converted it to a CRS using some software I found on the motionbased forum).
    - Heart-rate monitor suffers from far less interference than my Polar did. Particularly I found the Polar got thrown by bus power cables overhead and other things. Haven't had an issue with the Edge losing the signal like this.
    - I really like the ability to customize the screen to show as little or as much data as you like. Also to have multiple setups you can switch between.
    - I was impressed by just how small the unit is.

    Bad side
    - Software is nowhere near as good as the Polar software for recording training activities. Particularly I could find no way to correct bad data points without going in and editing the XML files from the device. Also the Polar software gives week by week graphs showing aggregate training time in different zones, etc which is not so clear with the Garmin software and non-existent in motionbased (as far as I've found).
    - The calorie calculator seems pretty dubious based on feedback I've read elsewhere. I've ignored it.
    - Creating new courses / routes is a pain. It's fine if you want to ride a course you've ridden before, using exactly the same directions. For new courses though I had to create a route on GoogleEarth Plus and then convert it to a GPX (using freeware) and then convert it to CRS (using more freeware). The end result was excellent but it took a lot of fiddling. There is also a CRS creator out there but it didn't seem easy to edit / save courses mid-creation with that.

    On a side note, make sure you use the speed/cadence sensor. Before I mounted it I tried using just the Edge unit for speed. It's fine until you ride through an area with tall buildings and your speed drops to 0 mph.

    All in all I'm impressed....more info
  • All-in-one cycling information system [almost]
    I admit to being a bit of a tech-junkie and have previously purchased a several HRM and GPS-enabled bicycle computer systems. The Edge 305, which I have owned for three months, is the first one that I felt was worth the investment. It strengths are: user configurable displays, high contrast screen with backlight (last several hours for night riding), user-friendly downloads with fast USB communication/charging, very lightweight (~ 3oz), with secure mount/dismount, very straightforward button/menu system, waterproof (haven't tested this yet).

    The 'Training Center' software is excellent, with a full set of graphs and maps, much easier to navigate than e.g. Ciclosport or Cambietta software. Ride histories are downloaded automatically as soon as the USB cable is plugged in. Even better, there's a website ( that one can upload rides and get complete reports, including overlaid Google maps, weather, and lots of statistical information about the ride (HR, speed, grade etc). Note that charges a monthly user fee (currently $8/month). The ride history storage is quite good - in the 'smart' recording mode, a data word is recorded every 10 seconds. There are 13,000 storable points, so it should be possible to record about 36 hours of ride data before a download. This would be handy for multi-day trips when a computer isn't available.

    Nothing is perfect in life. Here are the issues I have found so far with the Edge.

    1. The battery life is close to 9 hours, definitely not the advertised 12 hours. I completed a 200K brevet last weekend, which took 9:10 with stops (the Edge was left on). About 20 minutes before the end I got a 'low battery' warning' but it kept running to the end. Note that I don't have a cadence unit, which probably decreases the battery life. The Edge was fully charged before the ride.

    2. The 'grade' display is useless. It bounces around +/- 5% on hills. I think the unit is sampling too fast - Garmin will likely fix this in a firmware update soon.

    3. The map display is simply a track history, and does not display actual map information (roads, towns, etc). It's handy for out-and-back rides, since you can see approaching turns on the return trip, but it would be terrific if one could load map data. (Note that positions are recorded and the route is displayed on a 'real' map after download to the 'Training center' or software.)

    4. Although there are two bike mounts included, they are at different orientations (90 degs apart) so if you have 2 bikes with the same setup, you'll have to buy another mount ($15).

    ...more info
  • Another Winner from Garmin
    Basically, you can read the review written by Torv Carlsen and you'll have my opinion of this new Garmin toy. The complaint about battery life, for my use (old, fat, diabetic) that simply doesn't much apply. I don't think I COULD ride to the end of the battery. (G)

    However, the data this machine returns has helped me improve my condition fairly dramatically in an amazingly short time. I had been using my Garmin RINO and a spreadsheet prior to acquiring this new toy. The data storage and processing in this unit, plus, for my simple needs, the "race against yourself" feature are fantastic tools that have helped me make measurable gains in health and conditioning.

    Granted, the unit price is a bit on the steep side, but given the data return, it's well worth it to me. It's also VASTLY cheaper than a heart attack, which was my "other option."

    I have long been a "fan" of Garmin, but have been sorely disappointed by their attitude toward Mac. To date, is has caused me to have to set up a Windows machine as my dedicated GPS computer. Their change of heart toward Apple is very welcome. ...more info
  • Probably the coolest bicycle computer ever mounted on a bike
    I have owned this unit for a few weeks now and my comments are:
    **Extremely accurate display of speed (My Cateye Double Wireless is also on my bike) Easy to read.
    **Stem mounting is rugged. I was a bit concerned that this would be awkward but I like it better than units that mount on the handle bars. Also, the angle of my stem at least makes for easy, solid button manipulation and viewing.
    **No magnets or other sensor mounting required. The unit comes with two mounts, so you can easily switch between two bikes. Because of the GPS, you are not required to mount a wheel sensor. I think this is a real plus. I bought the HR and wheel/cadence sensor 305 unit but have yet to use them. Looking back, I probably would have purchased the 205 instead of the 305 because of the simplicity and clean mounting, I'd imagine this would be great for mountain bikes as well, where mud can be an issue.
    **The software interface is quite impressive. You can view your route plotted against the map. Haven't explored all the options, but software was easy to install and GPS unit data was easy to upload via USB.
    **Battery life When it comes to battery life, it's kind of like a cell phone. They say 12 hours, continuous use but I have yet to experience. All I know, is that I have to remember to charge it the night before I go out to avoid a nasty surprise. On the plus side, it will seem to continue to function on low battery for quite some time. I have yet to lose data because of battery failure.
    ...more info
  • Great Training Tool
    Simply a great training tool. A little buggy in some areas, but with firmware updates any little problem can be easily fixed. Team this up with a subscription to Motionbase and you'll spend as much time analyzing your workout as you actually spend working out.

    The product literature shows mounting the unit on the stem, but I found that too distracting to try and view it while riding. So I moved mine to the handlebars and can see everything great.

    Did have one snafu of finding that the battery to the cadence unit was installed at the factory backwards. Once I figured that out, it worked fine.

    All my buddies are envious. One just ordered his after he saw all of the data it collected on our workout....more info
  • Beyond expectations
    Thought I might be paying to much for a cycling computer but this one is worth it. Easy to install cadence/distance unit. Easy to follow instructions. Easy to set up computer for your personal readouts to follow during your ride. Incredible data and software to analyze it following your ride. If you are a mountain biker, this would be incredible because it will show you exactly where you are in relationship to where you started. Fantastic for any level of rider. Very highly recommended. I spent a lot of time researching the market and I think the Garmin Edge 305 with the Heart Rate and Cadence bundle is the top system on the market today in this price range....more info
  • Excellent Device/Tool... a little expensive
    I just bought the Edge 305, but have used it on my trainer and walking around my local office buildings. I have had both the 201 and 301 and am VERY impressed with the 305's GPS reception.

    Fit and finish is excellent and the hardware sync'd quickly.

    I'll follow up with a long-term assesment.

    ...more info
  • The Neatest Cyclometer Out There!
    The 305 is a neat item, and very clean to install. Satellite reception is excellent, even in dense forrests and far superior to my Garmin GPSMAP 60CS. The stem mount is very clean with rubberized mountings, with a supplied wedge for proper viewing angles.

    The cadence and speed pickups are neatly packaged in one sensor on the rear tire, and the cadence magnet is unobtrunsive. Installation documentation is very clear and accurate.

    The software for downloading rides is very good, although it lacks some functionality that is available in Garmin's other products (waypoint and route management), and you cannot erase the unit from your PC. No big deal there. Seeing your actual ride or hike track on a map is pretty cool.

    It has multiple (3) bike profiles, so more than one bike use is possible. If using this only on one bike, then bike 2 can be used as a secondary information screen for trip data, like average speed, average cadence, average heart rate, etc., things that you won't want on your primary biking screen.

    The one item that is missing, and I was surprised about is that the 305 does not have a persistant odometer. It does have a ride trip meter, and there is no separate data field that keeps track of your total mileage. You can do this in the PC based software though. I prefer a built in odometer function for routine maintenance on my bike, when I hit 500, 1000, 2000, 3000 mile cycles per year. I'm working with Garmin tech-support and they admit they sort of, kind of, missed it. That's the primary reason why I gave this item four stars.

    Battery life is another concern, especially when the unit is searching to pair up with the heart rate and cadence sensors. If you turn off those features, it consumes less power. For most one day rides, the unit is fine. It would be great if Garmin put a solar cell on the front of the unit where all the black is.

    If you really like GPS and capturing as much data as possible about your ride, heart rate, cadence, timings, grades, maps ... this is the unit for you! Enjoy!


    Battery life is a serious issue with the Edge 305! I am getting no more than five hours out of an overnight charge and that is with just the cadence sensor. I have asked Garmin Tech Support about this three times, and the answers are disappointing. If you ride long, I cannot recommend that you go with the Edge 305 until they correct the battery life issue. I'll update you with Garmin's responses!...more info
  • The Best & Most Complete Bicycle Computer Ever!
    Simply put, I love this product. It's kind of like the Swiss Army Knife of bike computers, employing every metric the serious cyclist needs to tailor and hone their workouts. The only piece of data missing is wattage (you reading this Garmin!) which would be great, but probably very costly to integrate.

    I love the customization and the complete wirelessness of the computer. It basically makes all other bicycle computers obsolete by comparison. Installation is a breeze without any of the pain in the ass calibration required from virtually every other bike computer on the market. It just works right out of the box.

    The Edge 305 has a Virtual Training partner that will make you a stronger, faster rider. It also includes interval training and which is a blast to use and for the real tweaks, an advanced training feature where you can set up your own grueling workouts -- a real bonus for the masochists among us!

    One thing to note is that there are mounts for two bicycles in the box, so there is no need to order an additional bike mount if you intend to make the Edge 305 a duel use computer for your road and mountain bike. This kind of mitigates the relatively high price the computer goes for in that you can have one computer for two different bikes.

    I haven't experienced any of the battery issues mentioned in some of the other reviews, which I suppose is a testament to my wussy 4 -5 hour rides, so that shouldn't be an issue for most people.

    And finally, after years of ignoring a huge market, Garmin wised up and is implementing Macintosh OSX support which while not included in the box, will be available on-line within the next couple of months (Thank you Garmin!!)....more info
  • Great cycling computer
    I've only used it a couple times since receiving it 3 or 4 days ago. So far, it is great. The best computer I've purchased, with all the bells and whistles, the easiest to use also. I was using a Polar s720i and it is nice also but not as user friendly either on the road or at home. The Edge also will allow for battery changes on the heart strap, cadence/speed sensor and the main unit is rechargeable. Can't say that for the Polar.

    The Edge is self-calibrating for wheel size so you literally put on the speed/cadence sensor, 5 minutes to install, strap on the heart monitor, get on the bike and go. There are lots of ways to set up the screen for the items you like to view while riding, speed, cadence, almost anything you can think of is viewable.

    I especially like the "virtual partner", it is great to "race" against yourself on a course you made. Sometimes you don't have a riding partner, now I always do.

    While I have not had the battery life problems others have had, I also haven't been on any long rides yet, just got it, so really can't give my opinion on that. The only drawback I have had so far is that you can't upload maps to it from Garmin's other products. Although, your tracks are viewable through Garmin mapping software used on other products, I have an eTrex Vista C also.

    Overall, pricy but feature loaded, I love it so far and all in all, it's not much more than Polar's 720. ...more info
  • Great Device...but battery life is a real problem
    Took it out for my first real ride that was 5 hours total and 4 hours riding time. By the end, I had 1 bar left on the battery meter. This is a real ;problem if your into long rides like Centuries and Double Centuries. There is no way you can take this device on a 12-18 hour without it shutting off on you.

    I would rate it a 5 out of 5 as a bike computer. Love the fact you can populate the fields with whichever element you choose; heart rate, speed, etc. The heart rate monitor was good as well.

    It weight less than the Ciclosport HAC4 for those weight weenies who might imagine this device as a boat anchor.

    The lousy battery life relegates this a toy for me however, as I really want need this device to stay on for the 12 hour+ rides. ...more info
  • Don't ride too far from the charger...
    Great little device but the battery dies after about 7 hours without even using the heart rate or cadence monitors - not anywhere near the 12 hour life as advertised. Probably OK if you don't ride much but it's a pain for me. The screen is very small making it difficult to view data while riding. Nitpicks aside - viewing ride stats on and google earth pretty much make up for any shortcomings but the battery life is a real downer. ...more info