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The Life Aquatic Studio Sessions
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Product Description

While The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou movie got mixed reviews, the soundtrack was universally hailed as excellent. The standout was Jorge, who not only had a role as an actor but also played a handful of Bowie songs solo with acoustic guitar, singing them in Portuguese - it was a perfect combination of beautiful songs laid bare with a bit of exotic Brazilian spice to add fresh flavor. This collection features the whole of that Bowie session, which means Jorge's six songs from the soundtrack, seven other Bowie tunes and one playful Jorge original entitled "Team Zissou." Even though 2005 saw the release of his domestic debut Cru (which mostly featured his own songs and a band), Jorge found himself touring the U.S. in front of large crowds of 20-somethings who patiently waited for those Bowie songs. This album obviously gives the people what they want, and the good news is that the other versions are just as good as the ones that are on the original soundtrack. - --Tad Hendrickson

Customer Reviews:

  • No Space Oddity, NO STARS
    I am sorry to make this album only have a bonus song via itunes is the worst thing ever....more info
  • Rock solid
    Listen: When Bowie recorded these songs, they were alive with the sly, sensuous and wry wit of an impish young star - full of himself, and leading a raucous life through his guileful, wanton desires. They crackle with energy and freshness and candor, with the brash audacity of careless, reckless youth.

    Bowie's originals are lively and cheeky, full of winks. But Seu truly gives these melodies life, infusing a rare and precious breath of soul into these sacred songs. He uncovers an almost solemn maturity that Bowie never even hinted at. It's nearly as if they were his all along. His approach to these covers is so sober and respectful, he is obviously wise beyond his years. I have nearly 5 gigs of Bowie on this computer, but can't stop hearing this CD. Well worth the price of admission....more info
  • if ever there was a 5 star cd, this is it
    this cd has phenomenal songs, is incredibly unique, and the musicianship is superb. i still can not believe that knockout ned, from the great movie 'city of god' is the one behind this. what a talent. i love this cd and listen to it all the time. its perfect for when you want to crank your stereo... or when you want something nice playing softly in the background... or for when friends come over and you want to put on something cool that pleases everyone and maybe even gets them saying 'wow, what is that? i dig it.' probably not for everyone... but for those who get it, this will surely be a prized cd in their collection....more info
  • buy it / steal it / do whatever you have to do to listen to this
    this record is absolute bliss - i highly recommend it if you are a lover of David Bowie and are looking to expand your musical mind and pallet to different styles - in this case, Brazilian music - so again, buy it / steal it / do whatever you have to do to listen to this...more info
  • Seu Jorge
    I like this CD. The songs sound really cool with the classical guitar and the portuguese lyrics and his voice. I try to cover the songs but I haven't got a nylong string guitar and of course I'm singing Bowie's lyrics (but his versions are easier to learn, you know, one guitar so...). Just nice to listen to....more info
  • Amazing
    I originally bought this CD half as a joke but I was certainly surprised how good it really was. Seu Jorge is a vocal magician who made my bob my head on every song. If you enjoy foreign music, or if you are just a fan of David Bowie this album is a great addition to your collection....more info
  • Seu Jorge
    Seu Jorge's complete set of David Bowie covers for the Life Aquatic Soundtrack is a decent cd. It covers fourteen songs; the soundtrack only has five.

    Those five were probably the best of the bunch and were chosen for a reason to be in the movie. The remaining nine "bonus" songs you get on this CD are nice if you're a big fan of Seu's.

    Otherwise, I would say stick to the soundtrack only. Seu + solo guitar for this many tracks kind of gets repetitive after awhile. However, it's still nice, cool, mellow music. ...more info
  • Rebel, Rebel
    Seu Jorge may very well have been the best part of Team Zissou with his inspired take on David Bowie songs. It is nice to see the session released in its entirety, however one has to wonder if Jorge will ever be able to live these covers down, although it seems his latest album, Cru, is doing pretty well. It may not be everyone's cup of tea, but Bowie did give this album his endorsement. ...more info
  • From a Bowie fan
    I want to start by saying that i am a big fan of Bowies early stuff, which all of these songs are from. That said, i dont think that that limits this music to only Bowie fans, though it doesnt hurt. These acoustic versions of these Bowie classics are great because he has stripped it down to the bare melody, and it being in Portuguese brings the music to a different level, which makes it impossible to even compare to the originals.
    I originally bought the Life Aquatic soundtrack specifically for these songs, but was disappointed to find that not all the songs from the movie were on it. The rest of the soundtrack is good, but these were, to me, one of the most beautiful aspects of the movie. So i recommend this to anybody, because i personally am very happy with it. But i can understand how it wouldnt be some peoples thing....more info
  • Amazing
    I personally am not a big David Bowie fan. I am not a fan of any late seventies/ 80's music at all. But when these electronic melodies are put to acoustic guitar and translated to Jorge's native Portugese, they are some of my favorite songs of all time....more info
  • David Bowie ala Seu
    Glad another reviewer pointed out "Seu" is the equivolent to "Mr.", and here I was thinking it was a pretty cool first name. DOH!

    Overall, the "Studio Sessions" album a very pleasant breath of fresh air. It shares a similar tone to Nick Drake's "Pink Moon", which is also another outstanding acoustic album. Like many, I was enchanted by the Jorge scenes in "Life Aquatic", which compelled me to check out the soundtrack. Was very glad to see he has a seperate album.

    "Changes" and "Quicksand" (never knew it was a Bowie song, as I thought it was a Dinosaur Jr. original the whole time) are my fave tracks, or well, of the ones not already on the original movie score. Jorge's version of "Rebel Rebel" is so sultry...dream-like, it makes me salivate every time I hear it. Perfect tune for nice, soft pillow conversation, if ya know what I mean :)

    Only beef I have: Why is "Space Oddity" not on this album? (favorite Bowie song btw). During the movie, I remember jumping out of my seat at in excitement (like YES!) as "Knock-Out Ned" AKA Jorge was sitting, singing and strumming that countdown (5-4-3-2-1), as the Pinoy Pirates made their way to the unsuspecting Belafante. The movie teases, the CD don't deliver and I say DAMN! Man am I salty, esp since a photo of that exact scene is on the back of the jewl case.

    Why soundtrack coordinator peoples, why?!?

    Like how "Fool on the Hill" and "Light My Fire" were taken and stripped from it's original roots, force fed through a bossa-nova food processor and back to ears of the obsequious, "The Life Aquatic Studio Sessions Featuring Seu Jorge" tribute to David Bowie is like the movie: Blue, Beanies with balls and Charming till the very end. All in that "quirky" Bill Murray sort of way.

    If that quirky scores you points on a "quicky", then well well:

    Get it. The album that is.

    ...more info
  • I <3 Bowie
    Today I purchased an album and I have not done this in months if not years. As a result of my love for David Bowie, covers, and Life Aquatic I purchased The Life Aquatic Studio Sessions by Seu Jorge. As Bowie puts it in the liner notes - thanks to Jorge he now knows how "beautiful" his songs are. Sung in Portugese a new melodious (nearly a lullaby feel) version of Bowie's classics are available. It has made my week....more info
  • Excellent
    I must say, I think this soundtrack is nicer than his own CD as it has most of the well known versions (like the David Bowie ones). His voice is very mellow and it is a great choice for background music during parties....more info
  • Bowie fan
    A must for any true Bowie fan. If you love Bowie, you will love this. The only thing better would be for David to do it himself....more info
  • Sue Jorge
    Good CD, not enough tracks, I end up listening to it over and over and over again (half on purpose and half on accident) ...more info
  • You've Knocked Us Out Again, Ned!
    The movie was fun, even beautiful at moments: at least the first half, but not enough to want to buy it on DVD.... That's to say it was a great movie until it went and got so sappy/sentimental same thing that irked me about "Royal Tennenbaums".... Somehow it just started to cloy when the tears started.... However, I admit I was very tempted to get it just for the Seu Jorge songs. Was I annoyed at the original soundtrack not having all of them on there? You bet, you bet, buddy. I don't need any Devo I can get easy anywhere else, or dinkly doodly keyboard Mark Mothersbaugh musique.... --Or for that matter Mr. David Bowie. But this here "Studio Sessions" is not an "oddity" just for DB fans. Personally, I've never been a fan of David Bowie, -- for instance, there's a bar next door my house whose jukebox people always got to play "Ch-ch-ch-changes" on, and that song is about the most un-drinking-est song I can imagine by my own standards, maybe not your own, but point is Seu Jorge's take on it gets me up dancing like I'd never heard it before. Same with "Queen Bitch", same with, well, all of the rest -- wonderful, wonderful versions. --And "Space Oddity", O, hm, well, looks like it's not on here either, which leaves me annoyed again, -- apparently you have to get the soundtrack through iTunes to have it complete. Ay, me! I mean, um, gosh darn, why can't they just serve it up right, no gaps? I don't know, I just don't know folks, but it's why I detract a star from this otherwise stellar 5-star album. ...more info
  • Excellent for Bowie fans
    If you are a Bowie fan, this is a real treat. Beatiful music. Hearing old favorites sung in Portuguese really gives them a new kick. If you aren't a Bowie fan, I don't know what to tell you....more info
  • I love this CD
    I'm a Bowie fan, so when I first saw the movie Life Aquatic, I was left wondering about the music of Seu Jorge. I was very glad when I found this CD of his Bowie songs. I love to slip it in the CD on a drive with friends just to see how long it takes before they figure out what is going on, everyone who knows Bowie's music finds it very funny and then a good CD for Seu's ability to pull off these covers. ...more info
  • "Repeat All"
    Great CD! Bought both the soundtrack (David Bowie fan) and this. Found the porteguese versions of Bowies songs beautiful. Very melodic! This is a CD you want to put on repeat all and listen to for any occassion!...more info
  • Brillance, Love and Portuguese Bowie
    Even after a year "The Life Aquatic" was released, Seu Jorge's Protuguese versions of David Bowie songs still remain soft and genuine with Jorge's guitar and compelling voice. Half the reason for buying the original "The Life Aquatic" Soundtrack was listening to Seu Jorge. Then, half the reason for buying the special edition DVD was listening to Seu Jorge yet again!
    With the release of "Studio Sessions," Jorge proves again that his versions of Bowie's songs are original songs, with a slight hint of Bowie sprinkled here and there. The standouts here are "Ziggy Stardust," "When I Live My Dream" and well everything else. The original five tracks on "The Life Aquatic" soundtrack are rerecorded (Starman, Rebel Rebel, Five Years, Life of Mars and Rock'n'Roll Suicide) but do not carry as much life as they did in their first release. However, that's not to say that are not great songs, but the other nine songs are more powerful.
    While one reviewer suggests that this release is "bad" because one song, "Space Oddity" is not on the cd but as a download via iTunes, that does not give anyone the right to give this one star. Go ahead and spend one dollar (One dollar) on "Space Oddity" but it will not kill you. Seu Jorge's "Studio Sessions" deserves more credit for its originality and loving sound....more info
  • Ziggy Stardust in Sao Paulo
    Seu Jorge's "Life Aquatic Studio Sessions" is a landmark soundtrack. It's the first time David Bowie's songs were covered as acoustic Brazilian bossa nova. It's flamboyant glam rock transformed into a soulful samba. Seu Jorge turns Ziggy Stardust,with all his sequins,into a Carnival dancer. The Studio Sessions are organic,as rich and deep as Brazilian coffee.

    "Rebel Rebel",the opening,is quietly defiant. "Ziggy Stardust" is a cosmic lullaby. There's a sense of wonderment. It's like looking at a sky full of stars on a clear night. "Changes" is a melancholy reflection on times past. "Oh! You Pretty Things" comes across as affectionate and paternal. "Suffragette City" is dancelike and seductive. "Five Years" and "When I live my dream" are pensive. "Queen B**ch" is energetic&electric (in fact,it was David Bowie's ode to Velvet Underground) The closing,"Team Zissou",has the joyous refrain of "I love you."

    "The Life Aquatic Studio Sessions" are a musical original. Glam rock is turned into soothing acoustic guitar. Seu Jorge's musical alchemy is electrifying. It's a Velvet Goldmine in the depths of Brazil. They're studio sessions that soothe the soul....more info
  • Great CD, but why no lyrics?
    This music is great. I don't really know Bowie, but I may give hime a listen after this. My only complaint is the lack of lyrics (one of the reasons to by a physical CD is for the little booklet with lyrics, n?o ¨¦?) I'd like to sing along, but my portuguese isn't what it used to be. In fact, my portuguese was never what it used to be :-)
    Even without Space Oddity or lyrics, it's still 5 stars....more info
  • Ziggy Stardust Returns as The Boy from Ipanema.
    Imagine glam-rocker Ziggy Stardust coming out of retirement twenty-five years later as The Boy from Ipanema, or as an black samba singer named Seu Jorge, singing his biggest hits unplugged and in Portuguese, and you'd have The Life Aquatic Studio Sessions. Seu Jorge is perhaps best known for his role as Pel¨¦ Dos Santos in Wes Anderson's 2004 film, The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou, a Portuguese aquatic safety expert who entertains the rest of the crew with his David Bowie covers. The Life Aquatic Studio Sessions is a collection of Bowie songs Jorge recorded for the film soundtrack. Five of his Bowie covers were included in the original film, and seven others are available only on this album. This album will appeal to anyone who likes Bowie or bossa nova in the tradition of Tanto Tempo or Getz/Gilberto. Trust me. This is neither a novelty album nor Starbucks background music. Play Seu Jorge at your next social gathering and everyone will be asking you the same question, "Who is that?" Tracks include:

    1. Rebel Rebel
    2. Life On Mars?
    3. Starman
    4. Ziggy Stardust
    5. Lady Stardust
    6. Changes
    7. Oh! You Pretty Things
    8. Rock N' Roll Suicide
    9. Suffragette City
    10. Five Years
    11. Queen Bitch
    12. When I Live My Dream
    13. Quicksand
    14. Team Zissou
    15. Untitled Track

    G. Merritt
    ...more info
  • a little miffed....
    I recently purchased this CD SOLELY because it was my understanding it had a "hidden" track, noted on this page by "15. Untitled Track", SUPPOSED to be Space Oddity, one of my all-time favorite songs & again, the SOLE reason I wanted the CD in the first place... well, its not there. Did I miss something?!!!...more info
  • The Zen of Bowie
    Accompanied only by an acoustic guitar, Seu George uncovers the inner cool--the Zen of Bowie. It's great to hear my favorite songs in a new way, and also to get to know some classic Bowie tunes for the first time....more info
  • Late night sessions
    Just the type of record to pop in your player on those long, hazy, lazy days. The very naked acoustic guitar and the very real voice of Seu Jorge....highly recommended. ...more info
  • Not the first time, though...
    These transliterations of classic Bowie tunes into a Portuguese/Brazilian context are pretty charming and funny (...I kinda wish he'd done some with a full band though!)

    A few things are worth pointing out: 1) These aren't really "bossa nova" versions of Bowie's work -- it's actually straightforward acoustic rock, which is a rarity in Brazilian music... But the main adaptation is in the lyrics, not in the style. 2) This isn't the first time this has been done. A few Brazilian artists have covered Bowie before, notably the pop band Nenhum De Nos, who had a hit in the 1980s with a Portuguese-language cover of "Starman." I suspect Bowie was really big in Brazil in the '70s and '80s... why wouldn't he be??... which would explain why he was covered so often :-) and 3) Although Seu Jorge's performances are woefully under-utilized in the film itself, you can see the full takes of many of his acoustic sessions on the "extras" reel on the 2-disc Criterion Collection DVD. Fun stuff!...more info