Lx Wall Mount LCD Arm, Black
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Product Description

Change the way you view the world. More comfortable, more ergonomic viewing of your LCD Monitor or TV has never been easier. The Ergotron LX Wall Mount Arm with Constant Force lift-and-pivot motion technology reduces eye, back and neck strain.Reposition your LCD Monitor or TV with just a touch. Up. Down. Forward. Back. The LX Wall Mount Arm provides an unparalleled range of motion. You can even rotate from a portrait to a landscape view.PRODUCT FEATURES:Upgrade LCD Monitors or TVs with improved ergonomic adjustment; increase viewing comfort while reducing eye, back and neck strain;Constant Force (CF) Proprietary lift-and-pivot motion technology provides premium ease-of-use display adjustment;Arm extends/retracts LCD up to 24" - push it back out of the way when not in use;Wall mount installation;Compact design frees up space. Cable management feature routes cables under the arm, out of the way;13" (33 cm) vertical range ergonomically meets the seated 5% female to the 95% male eye height; more than nine out of ten adults.

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Customer Reviews:

  • Extremely well made monitor arm
    The LX wall mount feels extremely solid. It comes with tools to adjust the tension of most joints to fit your needs or monitor weight. The cable tracks are somewhat cheaply made though, thus the four stars....more info
  • Happy customer
    This thing works great. It adjusts up and down and folds up easily. I mounted it directly to the wall. Don't buy the mounting bracket....more info
  • too heavy and unwieldy
    The picture looked light and flexible , but when I actually received it - it turned out to be real heavy and very hard to bend and flex. The entire mount is solid and made from real heavy steel. I was expecting a mount thats light - similar to ones found on desklamps...more info
  • Wall Mounts
    These are helping our physician's office come into the 'New Age'. We will be better suited to help our patients with the new computer screens we are placing on these wall mounts. Thanks. ...more info
  • good value
    works great. Using it to hold touch screens for electronic records at frye chiropractic (www.fryechiropractic.com)...more info
  • good value
    works great. Using it to hold touch screens for electronic records at frye chiropractic (www.fryechiropractic.com)...more info
  • Simply Outstanding
    The Ergotron LX Wall Mount LCD Arm is sturdy, well-built, and well-designed. By far, it is the best LCD monitor-arm I have personally encountered. It does everything I want in a monitor-arm, and is positioned very easily. If you install the wall-mount arm yourself, be aware that you MUST screw into wall-studs as a large monitor at full extension can place a lot of torque on the mount. I had no problems locating a stud in my home's wall to bolt into, and the installation works flawlessly!...more info
  • great product
    Got this for a mac mini my son bought me. I'm a PC guy(was a PC guy). I made a very small desk to hold the computer. I usually end up with my feet up in another chair, the wireless mouse actually works on the arm rest of the office chair and the extra long cable lets me set the keyboard on my lap. With this wonderfull mount for my monitor I can pull it up to that sweet spot in my aging vision and have the most comfortable computing experice I've ever had.

    I have a Samsung 22.6 monitor mounted to it and it is heaven. Going to get more of these mounts for my other monitor/desk configurations. I am spoiled. ...more info
  • Well Worth the Money!
    While this product may seem a trifle expensive compared to some other monitor arms that are available, I find it quite worth the money. I first bought this arm for my monitor at work. When I received it, I was quite impressed with the quality and have subsequently bought one for my computer at home. It is very sturdy, easy to assemble and easy to position. I am 100% satisfied with my purchase, the product is great and the delivery was excellent. ...more info
  • need mounting screws
    this was great for the monitor. but trying to find screws the color of the arm was very difficult. we ended up using just chrome colored screws where black would have been so much better....more info
  • Five stars Ergotron!
    Brillant design, coupled with top quality parts with a very attractive price tag. I'm still trying to figure out how they could do it. Anyway, I'm totally satisfied, it's doing more than I hoped for and it really looks like it's going to last.
    Congratulation Ergotron! Some people somewhere really did work hard!...more info
  • Additional Hardware Required
    A really great product. However the product details neglect to mention mounting hardware is not included.

    The wall attachment is designed to mount on additional Ergotron hardware:

    Wall Mount Bracket Kit ($40.00)
    Wall Track Mounting Kit ($30.00)/Ergotron Wall Track ($40.00)...more info
  • Best Articulated TV Mounting Arm On Earth
    This design is well thought-out. Gives great control of angles and positions. I got mine because I live in an RV and need to put my 15" LCD TV out of the way when I'm not watching it. I wanted to extend the TV out and aim it toward the kitchen so I can watch while I'm cooking. This arm allows me to do that. Very high quality and choices of mounting hardware to suit my situation where the walls needed the extra wide track mount to make it secure.

    This is a good company that makes a huge variety of products like this....more info