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The Simpsons - The Complete Seventh Season
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Product Description

The entire seventh season of the animated television show, The Simpsons.
Genre: Television
Rating: NR
Release Date: 13-DEC-2005
Media Type: DVD

One of the hallmark seasons of The Simpsons, season 7 features some of the strongest episodes produced during the show's run. Considering that this is The Simpsons we're talking about here, that's saying a lot, but this collection deserves the accolades.

Broadcast in 1995, season seven features several signature episodes, including Part II of "Who Shot Mr. Burns," "Bart Sells His Soul," and "Two Bad Neighbors" where former President George Herbert Walker Bush moves into the neighborhood (an episode gamely playing on the former President's open dislike for the show). One of The Simpsons's most definitive episodes, "Treehouse of Horror VI" famously broke the third wall by using the then-groundbreaking CGI technology to render Homer first in a 3-D world, then in real life, (despite the evolution in his form, he naturally ends up in an erotic cake shop). As the producers openly note on the commentary, it was a big deal at the time, and super expensive, which is why they could only do a few minutes of footage in CGI (some fans will particularly enjoy the revealing commentary on this one, as the producers explain the many visual puns and math jokes appearing in the background of the 3-D world). It's a great example of how The Simpsons continued to play with its visual style and take creative risks years into its run. In fact, one of the best episodes on this collection, "The Simpsons 138th Episode Spectacular" proves just how far the look and style of the show really came during that time. Hosted by actor Troy McClure (voiced by the late comic great Phil Hartman), it presents never-before-seen outtakes and original footage from the show's debut days on The Tracey Ullman Show, while taking a few self-referential digs at show creators Matt Groening, James Brooks, and Sam Simon. Other gems include "Homerpalooza" where Homer thanks guests The Smashing Pumpkins for their gloomy music because it has made his kids "stop wishing for a future I can't possibly provide," and "Bart the Fink" where Bart inadvertently gets Krusty the Klown busted for tax "avoision."

Along with the 25 episodes there are extensive commentaries, featurettes, and deleted scenes all of which add immense value to the set and will give die-hard fans another excuse to spend more hours in front of the TV. It's another benchmark collection from a show that, up to this point, doesn't seem to know its own limits. --Dan Vancini

Customer Reviews:

  • "The Goggles they do nothing" -Radio Active Man
    I think each season of the Simpsons got better and then peeked with season 7. When you think of classic episodes most of them are here in this season. Some episodes include Who Shot Mr. Burns (part 2), the Radio Active Man movie,the episode where President Bush moves in across the street (Two Bad Neighbors), Bart Sells his Soul, and my personal favorite: King-Size Homer. Homer wearing a moo-moo for the entire episode was hilarious.

    If you buy only one season of the Simpsons, this is the one to get.

    ...more info
  • makes a good gift
    The simpsons are in the greatest t.v shows of all-time but the packaging they get isnt.if you want to buy this season as many will,i reccomend you buy this package because the box set is better.the marge and homer packagings are cool but they are just attach with tape and i heard the discs could get damaged.if you want to protect your c.d this box set is better than the head package and more safe.

    the simpsons 7th season was aired between 1995-96.4 discs are included,bonus features,comentaries.the simpson s 7th season was a great season contains some of the best episodes like;summer of 41,homer the rocker,king-sized homer to name a few.we get to see `who shot mr.burns part2`i know some wants to get the set just for this episode.some poeple say its a bad season or you see a detoriation of the show,well i dont think so but i respect them anyway.i saw all of this season its better than what they say.

    this seasonthere are many guest (famous)like paul and linda mcCartney,the smashing pumpkins,george bush,peter frampton.they always made something funny with the guests but never as funny as when homer fights george bush.a good season in terms of guests too.

    there is an amazing list of episodes;who shot mr.burns part 2,radioactive man,bart sells his soul(bart sells his soul to milhouse conviced that souls doesnt exist),lisa the vegatarian(lisa become vegatarian and mets paul mccartney),king sized homer(he gets to fat to work at home),summer of 41(when lisa gets friends).many great episodes a funny season.

    i love this season its great buy this if you are a fanb you will enjoy discovering or re-discovering.i saw about all the episodes and i can tell you this season rocks maybe not the best but certasinly would make a great gift.and this box set makes it least more safe....more info
  • There will always be a way
    Copy Protection ,dont make me laugh, as long as there is people that come up with the coding for copy protection there will always be someone who can crack it and make copies.
    I haven't found a copy protected DVD that I couldnt make a backup of yet. There's always a way. By the way I love the simpsons ,as long as FOX keeps putting out these DVD sets I'll be buying and backing them up if I need to....more info
  • Why they use crap packaging is beyond me...
    I own all of the series and love the show. Why does FOX and others continue to use crappy packaging? The head idea is pure stupidity. However, the "digipak" is close behind. Paper is ridiculous medium for DVDs or CDs. It is not durable whatsover. I will not buy CDs that are not in a jewel box. I put up with DVDs in paper, because I watch them at home. Why don't they put the Simpsons in the standard plastic snap case with multiple disc trays? The DVDs are protected and the outside is durable and its, surprise...cheaper!!! FOX does this other countries for the Simpsons. I don't get it....more info
  • Great Stuff
    About the copy protection rant..."first they only let you have one, then they won't let you have it at all". Why would they not sell an incredibly popular DVD? And why would you want to watch this on any other format besides DVD? Say what you want about the packaging, but why complain about the media?

    Before you go maligning the corporation for putting copy protection on its DVDs, remember that it's the corporation that put the show on the air in the first place. For free (to the viewer, anyway). I don't like posting this kind of thing on a review thread, but crap like your rant just has to be answered.

    I'm buying this DVD set as soon as I can, before they decide not to sell it to me....more info
  • great
    theyre putting them back in the original packaging, You know they should re-release the sixth season in original packaging too so the whole collection can look the same...more info
  • The Simpsons - The Complete Seventh Season
    This is another really awesome season of the Simpsons. I can't believe that they have released it so fast because it usually takes one year to release the next season but, this time it took a few months. I really like this season because they're really funny episodes and the graphics are becoming a little better. Hopefully The Simpsons can release the rest of the seasons fast so I'm not 40 before they finish them!

    1. "Who Shot Mr. Burns" - May 17, 1995
    2. "Radioactive Man" - September 24, 1995
    3. "Bart Sells His Soul" - October 8, 1995
    4. "Home Sweet Homediddly-Dum-Doodily" - October 1, 1995
    5. "Lisa The Vegetarian" - October 15, 1995
    6. "Treehouse Of Horror VI" - October 30, 1995
    7. "King-Size Homer" - November 5, 1995
    8. "Mother Simpson" - November 19, 1995
    9. "Sideshow Bob's Last Gleaming" - November 26, 1995
    10. "The Simpsons 138th Episode Spectacular" - December 3, 1995
    11. "Marge Be Not Proud" - December 17, 1995
    12. "Team Homer" - January 6, 1996
    13. "Two Bad Neighbors" - January 14, 1996
    14. "Scenes From the Class Struggle in Springfield" - February 4, 1996
    15. "Bart The Fink" - Febraury 11, 1996
    16. "Lisa the Iconoclast" - Febraury 18, 1996
    17. "Homer The Smithers" - February 25, 1996
    18. "A Fish Called Selma" - March 24, 1996
    19. "The Day The Violence Died" - March 17, 1996
    20. "Bart On The Road" - May 31, 1996
    21. "22 Short Films About Springfield" - April 14, 1996
    22. "Raging Abe Simpson and His Grumbling Grandson in 'The Curse of the Flying Hellfish'" - April 28, 1996
    23. "Much Apu About Nothing" - May 5, 1996
    24. "Homerpalooza" - May 19, 1996
    25. "Summer of 4 ft. 2" - May 19, 1996

    Get this season now! You surely will never regret ever getting a season of The Simpsons! It won't disappont!...more info
  • Simpsons getting better
    WIth this the seventh season of the hit tv show, The Simpsons are getting better with age. Some of the best episodes of The Simpsons are on this dvd, e.g. Home Sweet Homediddly-dum-doodly, Mother Simpson, Homer the Smithers and 22 short films about Springfield. The only criticism I have of the Simpsons dvds is that we the loyal viewers have to wait so long between each release of every season. D'oh!
    This dvd is an absolute essential for Simpson buffs and fans alike. Here's to more seasons becoming available more quickly!...more info
  • Simpsons is still amazing!
    This is for fans that are building a collection of the series! The 7th season rocks! ...more info
  • Prime Simpsons
    Seasons four through eight of the Simpsons was the top of the mountain- almost every episode is a classic. Even the Troy-McClure hosted clip show is a gem, as it was the first clip show, so it had alot of Tracy Ullman era stories. Also features Mumu Homer, Pin Pals, The Church Choir in a 17 minute I. Ron. Butterfly psalm, A toast to the host who can boast the most roast, and Homerpalooza (I'm gonna buy myself a walk-in humidor!". A few duds (the feud with Bush Sr officially went too far here), but the majority of the episodes are must-haves....more info
  • Still the best show on network television
    I have to admit that the last few episodes of the current season of The Simpsons have been sub-par. But here's the thing: a bad episode of The Simpsons is still better than most of the other schlock you see on television these days.

    But that's now. Season 7 has NO bad episodes. It's a no-brainer. Buy this CD collection....more info
  • The Simpsons Season 7
    This show is going on as long as South Park.South Park is on it's 9th season. The Simpsons is on their 13th Season. I was in ,what? 9th Grade when The Simpsons began,Now, I'm just 32 years old and quit watching the Simpsons. Maybe I should stop watching Cops on Sundays on Court TV and watch The Simpsons. ...more info
    I love this season. I love the theme of these dvds. And I love the shows they threw into it. It's just great! I highly recommend buying it, if you don't have it!!...more info
  • Good episodes, DVD's are dissapointment
    For some reason this particular season is set up in such a way that when viewed with our new Memorex DVD player, we cannot turn off the subtitles on many of the episodes! Very annoying! We do not have this problem with any other seasons we own of The Simpsons. Nor any other DVD we own. We tried numerous ways of trying to get those subtitles off and none of them worked....more info
  • Simpsons Season 7, more for my addiction
    This is the complete season 7 set of dvd's. A very good set, complete with nice features and extra's.

    This set features all the season 7 episodes and much, much more.

    A must for all those Simpson fan's out there,

    S order today to get your fix of Doh!...more info
  • The Simpsons are HILARIOUS!!
    The Simpsons is one of the funniest TV shows ever made!! I'm an avid fan and have seen every single episode. When the Simpson's seventh season came out I bought it instantly. It is one of the best seasons by far. My favorite episode in this season is "Two Bad Neighbors." In this episode, former President Bush moves in next door to the Simpsons, and he gets into a feud with Homer. The famous "Who Shot Mr. Burns Part 2" is also on this set (Part 1 is in season 6). This is a great show and a great box set, so I hope you enjoy it as much as i do!! :-D ...more info
  • Another GREAT collection
    Seasons 2-10 are simply gold...This collection is no exception. All my favorite episodes are on this collection, "King Homer", "Homerpalooza" and the numerous ones with Phil Hartmen are all great.

    It's still the best show on television.......more info
  • the last great season
    the seventh season was the last great season of the simpsons, before it began it's rapid decline into the awful state it's in today. season 8 has a few decent episodes, but you can stop your collection there....more info
  • "Remember Alf? He's Pog form!"
    The seventh season of the Simpsons saw Matt Groening's prime time, brilliantly hilarious animated series not missing a single step. As this season opens, we learn who shot Mr. Burns (and honestly, who didn't see it coming?), and everything from that point forward is nothing but memorable, whimsical, and often insane humor that only the Simpsons could bring. Also in this season, Hollywood comes to Springfield to film a Radioactive Man movie, and Millhouse ends up getting cast as sidekick Fallout Boy ("Radioactive Man"), Homer and Marge get accused of being negligent parents and Bart, Lisa, and Maggie get sent to live with the Flanders' ("Home Sweet Home-Dum-Diddly Doodly"), Bart sells his soul for five dollars ("Bart Sells His Soul"), Lisa becomes a vegetarian after attending a petting zoo ("Lisa the Vegetarian", which also features Paul and the late Linda McCartney as themselves), Homer becomes morbidly obese so he doesn't have to go to work ("King-Size Homer"), Homer is re-united with his long lost mother (voiced by Glenn Close in "Mother Simpson"), Sideshow Bob returns with a vendetta against television ("Sideshow Bob's Last Gleaming"), former President George Bush moves next door (the hilarious and unpredictable "Two Bad Neighbors"), Bart meets the real creator of Itchy & Scratchy (voiced by Kirk Douglas in "The Day the Violence Died"), Pulp Fiction gets hilariously spoofed ("22 Short Films About Springfield"), and Homer becomes a sideshow freak after going to Lolapalooza ("Homerpalooza", which also features the Smashing Pumpkins, Cypress Hill, and Peter Frampton). The "Treehouse of Horror" special this season was also a memorable smash, climaxing with Homer's unforgettable journey into the 3-D world. "The Simpsons 138th Show Spectacular" is a real gem, hosted by Troy McClure (voiced by the late, great Phil Hartman) as we the viewer are treated to rarely seen early takes of the characters, alternate endings, and deleted scenes that never saw the light of day, as well as some hidden messages and trivia as well. All in all, just like all the early seasons of the Simpsons, you can't go wrong with the seventh season, and it's pure animated lunacy at it's very best. Let's just hope that the packaging is much better than the incredibly poorly designed Homer head shaped package that contained season six....more info
  • As always -good entertainment from Springfield
    I,like many others, am a big fan of the Simpsons. Beeing unable to whatch the series on national TV I have to buy the episodes as they are released on DVD. I have all the compilations so far. The seventh season are not unlike the previous six. A nice pacage of all the episodes, interresting commentaries and some (not too much) extras. If you liked the previous six compilations, this one will not let you down. As expected, houres of fun and thought, and as always; lots of BIG stars playing as themselves in various episodes. Amusing....more info
  • These are some terrific Simpsons classics.
    Full episode lists are available in several reviews here already, so I'll just say that The Simpsons was at its peak of creativity around this time (Season's 6 and 8 are also terrific) and there are some very fine, hilarious, and joke-dense episodes on this set. Treehouse Of Horror VI, King Size Homer, The Simpson's 138th Show Spectacular, Team Homer, Bart Sells His Soul, and 22 Short Films About Springfield are just some of the 25 terrific episodes on this set. Extra features, including the commentary, have been funny and informative on recent sets and add new dimensions of appreciation to the humor in these shows. All Simpsons fans will want to own this set. By the way, Fox Video, some of us would like a FULL SET of the shorts from the Tracy Ullman show on one of these sets....more info
  • Simpsons still going strong !
    Hmmm what to say beside all the classics, THEY ARE PERFECT AS ALWAYS CANT WAIT FOR THE EIGHT SEASON !!!

    ...more info
  • The quality continues.
    I have been a fan of the show for nineteen years now, albeit reluctantly at first. But it wasn't until I started collecting the seasons on DVD that I started to put the episodes I remembered from childhood into their proper order. Season seven features, among others, the conclusion to Who Shot Mr. Burns? The Treehouse of Horror episode isn't one of my favorites but it's not horrible either. I'd have to say my favorite sketch is where Homer finds a portal to and becomes trapped in a strange 3-dimensional plain. We also have Two Bad Neighbors, where former president George H. W. Bush moves in across the street and becomes embroiled in a prank war with Homer. My absolute favorite episode of the season though would have to be Bart VS. Australia, not the least because of the catchy, digeridoo-rich rendition of the end credits theme. And of course we have a fun audio commentary track for each episode as well, so this season should keep you occupied for quite a while. I definitely feel it's one of the must-haves for anyone wanting to collect. Seasons one through twelve are where I still feel the series had it going. After that though, it seemed they started to rely too much on guest characters for the laughs. Season seven is still one of the best though....more info
  • It's The Simpsons, need I say more?
    Having been a fan of this trans-generational, psychology experiment come T.V icon since it first appeared all those years ago, my comments may be somewhat skewed but hey, you can turn back now, or continue at your own misguided peril! This season, as with all the others, is another hit! The DVD comes packed full of special features and some neat Easter Eggs, which I'll leave you to find for yourself you slack reader you.. I won't go into episodic detail, needless to say that they are all what we have come to expect from this satirical, slapstick, supremely funny and sickening realistic family as well as the usual cameos from the Springfieldians who add to what will go down in history as a show that pioneered mainstream mature animated t.v.

    I try to warn you.. Hahahaha...more info
  • The episodes just kept getting better and better!
    Season 7 was part of the Pinnacle of great simpsons episodes that began around season 3. Funny thing is these episodes are ALL great! There's great stories, hilarious fourth wall gags, appearaces of goofy and silly incidental characters like the accordion player who looks like Krusty the clown. Some of the stories: Sideshow bob tries to kill Krusty with the wright bros plane, Lisa makes pigs fly, Milhouse stars in a badly edited film, Babies commit attempted murder, Grandpa Simpson hides stolen paintings, Bart rents a car, Bart kills Krusty the Klown, Bart and Lisa cause Itchy and Scratchy to be cancelled, Security Guard Don Broadka harasses Bart Simpson. This season(Like the four that came before it) has got it ALL! This season is full of laughs and for the price, you can't get more laughs!...more info
  • Great by most standards, but a slip from earlier seasons.
    I still consider "The Simpsons" Season 7 to be a very good season, and great by ordinary television standards, but still, you could view it as the beginning of the fall of The Simpsons. Seasons 3-6 are generally considered "the classic" seasons, and while most people agree Seasons 7 and 8 are very good (while Season 9 simply fell off a cliff and became "The New Simpsons") they don't match up to the "classic" seasons.

    But hey, who cares, right? It's almost like saying "Temple Of Doom" isn't as good as "Raiders of the Lost Ark." Good enough, right? And great, compared to most everything else.

    The DVD extras were a slight step down from past seasons in terms of how interesting or "must watch" they were, but still, they're better than a lot of DVD extras. The commentaries, in my opinion, have suffered the steepest decline. Matt Groening is absent on more of them than ever, and while David X. Cohen picks up some of the slack, he's not as entertaining as he was on the Futurama DVDs, and less David Mirkin, few cast member appearances, and no Al Jean and Mike Reiss (they were long gone at this point) made the commentaries less humorous and interesting than past ones. For my idea of what makes a commentary "humorous and interesting" listen to the commentary on episodes like "Duffless," "Selma's Choice," "Last Exit To Springfield" and the wonderfully wacky commentary for "The Otto Show." The commentaries for these episodes are drier and more straightforward.

    Anyway, without further ado, here are my short reviews on the individual episodes in this set:

    1- Who Shot Mr. Burns? (Part Two) - 7/10. It doesn't have the greatest replay value like other episodes, but it's still good. The alternate ending was quite amusing.

    2- Radioactive Man - 9/10. Very good episode where Springfield takes advantage of Hollywood as they film the new movie "Radioactive Man" and cast Milhouse as his sidekick Fallout Boy, to Bart's dismay. Watch with commentary to learn which line in this episode Matt Groening considers one of his all-time favorites.

    3- Bart Sells His Soul - 9/10. "Oh, it can swim!" Another winner, a more touching episode, as Bart learns the hard way the importance of the soul. In the side story, Moe turns his bar into a family restaurant with comic results.

    4- Home Sweet... - 8/10. A series of unlikely and misunderstood events causes the Simpsons parents to lose their children to the Flanders family. Bart and Lisa not fitting in with their new environment and Marge and Homer trying to get the kids back makes for good comedy.

    5- Lisa the Vegetarian - 8/10. "Why does it talk like a sheep?" Lisa visits a petting zoo and realizes she can't eat meat. She is treated to an old-time propaganda film on how meat is great, and her newfound convictions clash with Homer's upcoming barbeque.

    6- Treehouse of Horror VI - 7/10. The first segment wasn't so good. The second one was easily the best, a parody of "A Nightmare On Elm Street" done with Willie as the Freddy Krueger character. The last segment, and the most famous, was an empty use of (then new, now dated) technology that really has nothing going for it but nostalgia.

    7- King-Sized Homer - 10/10. My favorite episode of the season. Homer gets fat(ter) so he can collect disability and work from home. "Classic" Simpsons is back for this episode.

    8- Mother Simpson - 7/10. Homer meets his long-lost mother. While touching, it's not the funniest or most powerful episode and, while good, isn't great.

    9- Sideshow Bob's Last Gleaming - 7/10. The weakest Sideshow Bob episode up to this point in the series (oh, if only the future ones were this good though!), it's still funny enough, and gets a lot of laughs from Krusty's attempt to stay on the air.

    10- The Simpsons 138th Episode Spectacular - 10/10. "GET AWT OF MAH AWFICE!" This is my 4th favorite episode of the season, and while many younger Simpsons viewers may not understand the acclaim for this episode, those of us who grew up watching the Simpsons back when we had no hope of seeing behind-the-scenes footage or deleted scenes, greatly appreciate this episode. From Confederate Matt Groening, to Troy McClure's reaction to the Tracey Ullman Simpsons, to the robotic Richard Simmons, this episode is simply hilarious.

    11- Marge Be Not Proud - 7/10. A touching episode made better by the appearance of the infamous Lawrence Tierney.

    12- Team Homer - 5/10. Kind of blah. The whole "Poppin' Fresh" bit was hilarious though.

    13- Two Bad Neighbors - 6/10. An okay episode, but I never bought into that Homer was the hero of the episode. It's got some pretty funny antics interspersed throughout it though.

    14- Scenes From The Class Struggle In Springfield - 9/10. Really an underrated episode. Marge believably gets caught in the "Keeping up with the Joneses" atmosphere of privileged life, while we get to see Mr. Burns' impression of Richard Nixon, how Homer, Bart, and Lisa get along in a country club, and some pretty funny lines from the snobby harpies (the line about "changing suits" always gets a laugh from me).

    15- Bart the Fink - 8/10. In a convoluted way, Bart ruins Krusty's life, and Krusty appears to commit suicide. But does he? The answer: of course not.

    16- Lisa the Iconoclast - 6/10. Not one of my favorites. Homer as the Town Cryer was great, but the rest of the episode just fell flat for me.

    17- Homer The Smithers - 10/10. My third favorite episode of the season. Mr. Burns sends a rattled Smithers away on vacation, and Smithers chooses Homer as his replacement, with hilarious results (the gag with the safe door is great).

    18- A Fish Called Selma - 5/10. The "Planet of the Apes" musical is fantastic. Everything else, blah. Troy McClure was always best in small doses.

    19- The Day The Violence Died - 4/10. Just didn't resonate with me much at all.

    20- Bart On The Road - 5/10. This is a weak stretch. Again, it's difficult to say what's bad about this episode, but nothing in it really jumped out at me.

    21- 22 Short Films About Springfield - 7/10. I like it, but it is one of the more overrated Simpsons episodes. A lot of it just feels like throwaway material (Apu at the party) and Pulp Fiction parodies weren't even particularly fresh back then. It's still a fine episode though, and the bit with Skinner and Chalmers is a highlight.

    22- Curse of the Flying Hellfish - 8/10. It works surprisingly well on an action/suspense level, as well as the standard comedic one.

    23- Much Apu About Nothing - 4/10. This episode has pretty much the right attitude on the issue in question, but what I can't stand is that, unlike past episodes dealing with current events/political issues, it really takes a cheap way of dealing with it. The anti-immigration group is set up as such a corny straw man, with everyone involved in it being as dumb as bricks, and everyone opposed being 100% absolutely right, it just comes off as lazy pontificating to me. The jokes also aren't particularly funny.

    24- Homerpalooza - 4/10. This feels more like "New Simpsons." Homer has improbable, wacky adventures that make him famous, and the writers get to take some easy shots at 90s youth culture. It doesn't help that it doesn't hold up very well.

    25- Summer of 4 ft. 2 - 10/10. A fantastic episode with a classic feel to it. Homer, Bart, Milhouse, and Marge playing the board game, Homer's troubles with fireworks, and especially Marge's reaction to Homer's purchases from the convenience store, all hilarious moments, plus it has some nice sweetness to it as well.

    All in all, Season 7 and the DVD set may not match up in the best way to Seasons 3-6, but it's still plenty good. Recommended....more info
  • Speed up the DVD releases!!
    Another classic DVD - but then which Series does not have its classic moments.

    The disappontment is waiting for the next one!! Don't the producers listen!! I was in Asia recently and found that most places had all the DVD sets (copies) up to and including Series 16 available!! Wake up, you are losing potential buyers!!!...more info
  • What Does The Inside of The Package Look Like?

    Does it have a standard box with a head in it?


    Does it have a regular standard box like Seasons 1-5.

    If not, I reccommened sending a letter to this address. This is the company who is responsible for the box designs.

    Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment
    PO Box 900
    Beverly Hills, California 90213-0900

    If you open this set and it has a head in it, then one person should tell the company to make the inside the sub- head boxes look like the 2001-2004 sets.

    I saw this earlier today and found that there might not be a head of Marge inside there, there might just be a standard disc flip case inside the season 7 set box. ...more info
  • Another great season of the Simpsons!
    Boy does this season of The Simpsons bring back memories. Back then I would always watch new episodes every Sunday night, but now... (you know what the quality of the series has become now lately). Season 7 has some of my favorite episodes of all time like the Radioactive Man Movie episode, "The Day The Violence Died", "Lisa The Vegetarian", "King Size Homer", "Summer of 4 ft. 2", "Bart On The Road", and many more. If you are a Simpsons fan or if you are too young to have seen these episodes when they were first run then you oughta get this DVD set....more info
  • Season Seven One Of The Best.
    Hello there Simpsons Fans Heres the load down of the 7th Season!

    Episodes: The episdes for Season Seven Are Agreat pack of episodes! All 25 Episodes are in this set are great!:Rating 8/10

    Exitas: The exitas on these discs are mild! SEASON SIX! Had lot of exitas. This Set Has MILD! Rating:6/10

    YOUR PAL RAYMOND A. MARKIN...more info
  • Box lovers...
    Hey, this isn't out yet but we all know it will be GREAT!!! For all the people who just need to have a box for season 6, just surf over to and get yours......more info
  • "Like religious people suck up to God"---Bart
    There are probably reviewers who celebrate every Simpsons season as their "favorite." Season 7 is MY favorite! Really, it is. I do not claim that distinction on any other season. Season 7 is jammed with many of my favorite Simpsons eps ever (Who Shot Mr. Burns? (Part 2), Radioactive Man, Home Sweet Homediddly-Dum-Doodily, Bart Sells His Soul, Mother Simpson, Lisa the Iconoclast, The Curse of the Flying Hellfish, Much Apu About Nothing, etc.). In fact, the only episode in this season I do not care for is Bad Neighbors which, I think goes waaay over-the-top like many of the Simpsons eps in later seasons. This season also has my favorite Treehouse of Horror ep. But, the main reason Season 7 is my favorite is that it includes my all-time #1 Simpsons episode: KING-SIZE HOMER! If you have not seen this episode, buy this now!!! The DVD set is available in the stores in both the box case (with a camera window instead of a television set), or the head-shaped Marge Simpson limited edition case (I'm not sure if Amazon offers both). The box case has a picture of Marge's head on the inside. I favor the box case, as it is easier to use, in my opinion. It has the plastic flip holders for the DVDs which I didn't like on the Season Six set but they seem a lot sturdier in this set (it keeps moving around on my Season 6 set). The booklet is very cute. It is in the style of a newspaper with ads like "Casting Call" for Radioactive Man and Moe's Method Acting Academy. Like all Simpsons sets, it is packed with extras (deleted scenes, commentaries, "Homer in the Third Dimension" featurette, etc.).

    Disc 1:
    Who Shot Mr. Burns? (Part Two): The classic ending to the two-parter. With all that Simpsons DNA evidence, it's obvious who did it, right?
    Radioactive Man: A Radioactive Man movie is being filmed in Springfield. Bart lost out to Milhouse for the role of Fallout Boy but he'll make do with sucking up to him "like religious people suck up to God." Micky Rooney appears who was Best Child actor spanning two decades (1939-40).
    Bart Sells His Soul: One of my favorites. Bart doesn't believe there is such things as souls so he sells his to Milhouse. He soon regrets this decision when strange things start happening to him. Moe also opens a family restaurant.
    Home Sweet Homediddly-Dum-Doodily: Definitely in my Top Ten all-time list. The county deems Marge and Homer unfit parents and sends them to parenting school while the Simpson kids are sent to a foster home with "the Flandersesssss!" So many great scenes here: "And throw your garbage in a garbage can people, I can't stress that enough," "The only thing I'm high on is Love, love for my son and daughters. Yes, a little LSD is all I need," Ned Flanders blowing the hallelujah horn. One of the funniest ever!
    Lisa the Vegetarian: Lisa develops a self-righteous disdain for meat right before Homer's barbecue. Paul and the late Linda McCartney appear.
    Treehouse of Horror VI: Very cool one where Groundskeeper Willie kills kids in their dreams, advertising signs wreak havoc, and Homer finds himself trapped in another dimension (3D). My favorite Treehouse of Horror.

    Disc 2:
    King-Size Homer: #1 on my personal Top Ten All-Time Simpsons Episode list! The funniest of all! If you haven't seen it (it's not shown in syndication much), it is worth the price of this DVD set alone! The premise: Homer wants to gain over 60 pounds to go on disability and live the good life. This is one goal where Homer succeeds Big-Time! Bart dreams of being lardo on workman's comp, "just like dad.": "I wash myself with a rag on a stick."
    Mother Simpson: Homer always thought his mother died when he was a child, but she suddenly returns (Glenn Close) still on the lamb after destroying Mr. Burns' germ lab in the 1960s.
    Sideshow Bob's Last Gleaming: Sideshow Bob wants Springfield to give up TV or he will detonate a nuclear weapon. He ends up taking Bart hostage in the Wright Brothers' plane and trying to kill Krusty. The plane turns out not to be the best of weapons.
    The Simpsons 138th Episode Spectacular: Celebrating a common milestone (yeah, right). Troy McClure hosts a show with clips never before seen. I love the one where Homer's head is used as a bowling ball and it breaks open with a note "I owe you one brain-Signed, God."
    Marge Be Not Proud: I play this every Christmas. Bart really wants a violent video game "Bonestorm" but his mom thinks it costs too much. Bart tries to steal it but is caught by security. When Marge finds out, she decides she should stop babying Bart and Bart thinks his mom has stopped loving him. Has that sweet quality of earlier Simpsons episodes.
    Team Homer: Homer is a member of a bowling team, to be known as the "Pin Pals," which has been unknowingly financed by Mr. Burns. When Burns discovers the team, he decides to join and Homer is afraid to tell him he's not good enough.
    Two Bad Neighbors: The only episode here I do not like. Former President George Bush becomes Homer's neighbor and they don't get along well. Over-the-top.

    Disc 3:
    Scenes From the Class Struggle in Springfield: Marge's discounted Chanel suit catches the eye of a local socialite and Marge sets out to impress the stuck-up snobs so her family can join an exclusive country club.
    Bart the Fink: Bart inadvertently exposes Krusty the Clown as a tax cheat. Krusty fakes his death to avoid the IRS. Bart and Lisa do not believe Krusty is dead and set out to track him down and convince him to return to his adoring fans. Bob Newhart gives a very Newhartian short speech at Krusty's memorial.
    Lisa the Iconoclast: Another of my favorites! Lisa finds out the beloved town founder Jebediah Springfield was a traitorous pirate. She must decide whether to publish the truth or allowing the myth to continue.
    Homer the Smithers: Forced to go on vacation, Smithers appoints Homer as his replacement to care for Mr. Burns. Burns pushes Homer over the edge and Homer hits him. Firing his replacement assistant, Burns realizes he can do things for himself and doesn't need Smithers. When Smithers returns, he and Homer try to devise a plan so Smithers can get his job back.
    A Fish Called Selma: Actor Troy McClure must improve his public image to get film roles so he marries Selma.
    The Day the Violence Died: An old hobo (voiced by Kirk Douglas) claims to have invented Itchy. He wins his case and, due to the settlement, the studio cannot afford to put out Itchy and Scratchy cartoons. Can Bart and Lisa save the violence? I love the "Amendment to Be" Schoolhouse Rock song.
    Bart on the Road: Bart gets a fake ID and uses it to rent a car and take Milhouse, Nelson, and Martin to Knoxville to a World's Fair that was held 14 years earlier.

    Disc 4:
    22 Short Films About Springfield: Segments on Apu; Principal Skinner and Superintendent Chalmers; Homer and Maggie; Bumblebee Man; Lisa and Marge; Milhouse, his dad, Police Chief Wiggum, and Snake in Herman's Military Antiques store; and Nelson getting his comeuppance.
    Raging Abe Simpson and His Grumbling Grandson in "The Curse of the Flying Hellfish": During WWII, Grandpa Simpson entered into a contract with his platoon buddies whereby the last surviving member gets the Nazi treasure they recovered. It is now down to Grandpa and Mr. Burns and Burns would like to speed up Mother Nature. The attempts to kill Grandpa are hilarious.
    Much Apu About Nothing: Proposition 24 (to deport all illegal aliens from Springfield) is on the ballot and Apu must become a U.S. citizen before it passes.
    Homerpalooza: To prove to his kids that he's still cool, Homer obtains tickets to a popular music festival. He moves back into the "uncool" category when he joins a freak show at the event.
    Summer of 4 Ft. 2: at Flander's beachhouse, Lisa meets some new kids who are unaware of her nerdish leanings. Lisa hopes to start anew with these kids and make friends, but Bart has other plans....more info