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Malibu 3-Pack Solar Landscape Plastic Flood Light Set with Remote Panel, Textured Black #LZ413
List Price: $52.00

Our Price: $36.79

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Product Description

Malibu, 3 Pack, Black Finish, Solar Flood Light, Adjustable Heads, White LED, Accent Walkways & Landscape, Brighter & Remain Lit Longer, 4 Color Package.

  • Easy to install
  • Stays on up to 15 hours
  • Bright white LED bulbs
  • No electrical wiring necessary
  • Attractive design to accent the garden

Customer Reviews:

  • Works great
    Needed a light to accent my climbing rose bush to keep the rose beetles off. Wanted enough illumination to keep the bugs off but not so bright that the light would shine into the neighbors window. Had single solar lights that were too dim. These are much brighter and cover more area. Getting another set and the whole bush should be covered. Just what I needed....more info
  • Inconsistent Performers
    I bought 4 sets of these at an Amazon sale a little over a year ago. I found them to be highly variable. One set is terrific and continues to perform well after a year. Another initially worked well but now has only one remaining light working (not a bulb problem as I have switched terminals to no effect) but at least it is bright. The other two sets do not work at all. I tried replacing the batteries with high end Sony rechargeable AAs to no avail. I sent an email to Malibu about the problems I have had with these lights over 6 months ago but never received a reply....more info
  • Best I've Found
    I've been trying different solar lights over the years. Older home with no power outlets outside (and not ready to invest) Usually, I've been sadly disappointed. These, however, give off a decent amount of light.

    The lights are actually blinding if viewed head on. Shine enough to see the pathway in about a 6 foot range from each lamphead. Now, the logistics of setting them up is a little tricky but certainly not rocket science. Easy to put together but remember, you have a thin black wire running to each individual light from the remote panel so crisscrossing sidewalks etc can't be done. You'll need more than one set.

    Really nice lights. NOT going to give you the amount of lighting electric lights will no matter how much you wish it so. The solar panel attached to base is a bit wobbly and tilts the wrong way at times but easy to give it a little nudge every now and then. (or give it a wee bit tape or other adhesive).

    All in all, worth the 30 paid for what I needed, which is just a bit of light on the sidewalks and steps....more info
  • was surprised at how well
    the product worked. Not a brilliant light but lights up enough to see my patio area well which is what I wanted. Easy to adjust direction of lights and cords to solar panel actually too long for what I needed! ...more info
  • Enough wires, not enough light
    The solar panels capture light during any type of weather.
    The light? Its not even enough to light up a little part of the outside of your house.
    We currently are using ALL 3 lights to shine on the front door, since one light beaming on the front porch isn't even strong enough to see from your street.
    Don't waste your money. Better off getting electric lights which will actually illuminate whatever is around them....more info
  • Odd Use but works!
    Was looking for a solar light for our ornamental lighthouse and the ones made for this purpose was outrageously expensive. We adapted this spotlight set to be the source of light in our lighthouse and it works great. Not what the manufacturer expected use was but all the same it was an inexpensive way to light up our lighthouse....more info
  • Best solar lights ever!
    These are powerful solar charged flood lights. I first used them to illuminate a 100-year old oak tree, and was so impressed with their performance, that I bought two more sets to light my pathways. The single solar panel is placed in a sunny location--the 3 floodlights can be situated up to 20' away....more info
  • Works like it said it would.
    Decent product that produces quite a bit more light than expected. Seems to be sturdy. My last set has withstood over a year of Montana's harsh climate. My other exterior solar products (path lights) were partially destroyed over the same period of time. ...more info
  • great lights
    Good price and great lights. Full sun all day do these lights justice. Last pretty much all night long at full intensity. Nice easy set up and quality built....more info
  • Pretty good lights
    I had no problem setting up these lights. They work pretty well. In fact the first night they were installed, my wife got up because they were so bright she thought she had left the front proch light on. I adjusted them not to shine on the bedroom window and all was well....more info
  • Work nicely actually
    Ordered these lights after reading mostly positive reviews. They work for exactly what I need them to do. Highlight a small maple in my yard and a couple of evergreens in the flowerbed. I ordered just one to test myself before ordering another set for the other side of the house. Like most have said, the light is not the brightest in the world, but much, MUCH better than LED's used to be. It highlights landscaping nicely. My neighbor has incandescent, and mine looks a little bluer/crisper, but I think it looks nice, PLUS I don't have to run wires or have a big transformer block plugged in. ...more info
  • Work quite well
    I purchased these 2 years ago for use in a very hot (115 degrees F), humid climate. They still work. We used it indoors. They light up the place quite well.. I can read a book under one of these lights. They are not "flood"lights, though. I'd give them 5 stars if they weren't (mis-)labelled "Flood Light Set".
    ...more info
  • Best there is, change the batteries though.
    I have had this set for almost a year now. I replaced the three AA batteries with Duracell 2650mAh rechargeable, after the first two weeks. These are installed in a dog kennel (built as a horse barn). The solar panel faces south. The lights remain constant bright until the sun comes up and shuts them off each morning. I spliced in longer wires for each light so the distance from the solar panel is about 20 or 25 feet for each one. The light does not attract any bugs, no flies, knats, moths, nothing. Each individual light is directed into a different room of the kennel, and gives enough light that no additional light is needed to get around safely. I have electricity in the kennel, with flood lights installed also, but don't use them every time I go in there. These solar lights provide enough light for the dogs to get around safely at night, see their food bins, and water buckets, and I have one enclosed room for them (with electric heater) and the solar light I have in there gives them light all night. Mounted about 7 feet up, these lights do not give a light bright enough to distract from sleeping, but do easily provide enough light for safe walking around. Some mornings during the winter months they are dim, but these are during cloudy days, of several in a row, and most winter mornings the lights remain bright. Using the
    Duracell Rechargable 2650 mAh batteries make an improvement in their length of time. I have tried other brands of solar lights, these are without a doubt the best ever. After 10 months of recharging in the solar pack, I have not yet needed to replace these Duracell 2650 mAh rechargeable batteries. Get these solar lights if you want bug free, bright blue-white light all night long, night after night, but I would replace the three AA batteries with the Duracell Rechargable 2650 mAh batteries to be sure of the best possible performance....more info
  • Great solar lights. Adjustable and brite.
    I had bought and used these solar lights before from Home Depot and Lowes for the frontyard and walk path/steps. I wanted to put more around the house in the back and sideyard. These were much cheaper than the stores mentioned above ($39-44). If the solar panel is placed in an area with maximum sun exposure the charge can keep the lights on throughout the night. The LED lights are very bright and are great for walkway paths and steps. I now own four sets of these babies....more info
  • lights to light up our American Flai
    We used the three lights to light up our American flag. The flag is on a 20 ft. pole and it lights up great....more info
  • outdoor solar lighting
    The unit arrived on time and it seems to work OK. The only problem I have/had with it is that it was clearly a used item. It was already wired (last one I bought directly from a store wasn't) AND it was already charged up for nighttime lighting. (Normally, it takes at least a day to absorb sufficient sun rays to work at night.)...more info
  • Consistency Problem
    I ordered two sets of these lights from Amazon and two from another major retailer. The sets were totally different as far as light they put out. The solar collector fronts looked different. One looked sleek, the other like I put it together in my garage. One set put out acceptable light and I was very happy. The second set no where near the light. The inside lamp reflectors didn't even look the same. If this company is going to have such obvious inconsistencies in outsourcing and manufacturing their product, why not let me know - hey Bob, it's hit or miss! Now I have to pack them up, ship them back. A hassle - and a bad name for solar. A waste of my time overall and takes the mystery out of the good and bad reviews here. ...more info
  • Outstanding!
    These are fantastic solar powered lights. I have had them for about 6 weeks now and I've really put them through their paces. I bought 3 sets from Amazon and two sets at WalMart, and will be buying more. I have find some awesome uses for these lights. You can easily disassemble the light and pull out the LED and reflector for use as you wish (indoor lighting, etc.). The solar panel provides enough charge to burn all through lights (3 LEDs each) all night and they're still burning bright come morning. My kids even use these as night-lights in their rooms just for fun. I primarily use the lights for providing lights for security cameras and such. These are not your typical solar powered landscaping lights. I don't know why they are as good as they are (I'm sure it's not intentional) but why look a gift horse in the mouth....more info
  • Great Product
    I have two sets of these spotlights. The remote solar panel is a great idea. I have placed it in an area that gets sun most of the day. These lights are both clear and bright. I have one spotlight illuminating a US flag. The top of the flag is 7 feet above the spotlight and the spotlight has no problem reaching and lighting the flag. The others I use to illuminate bushes along my walkway and around my patio fence. ...more info
  • Malibu Solar Flood lights
    Placed the 3 Malibu Solar Flood lamps to illuminate an American flag on a tall pole, they light it up fine, happy with the effect and they stay lit all night....more info
  • Doing a great job.
    These are doing a great job. I was not expecting a true flood light, just something to add some light to our front door because the street light is blocked by our attached garage. It does a good job and looks good. This was a good purchase for me....more info
  • Malibu 3 pack solar lights
    I bought these here on Amazon and got them installed just about 2 hours before sunset.They were able to get charged up with minimal sunlight and I have to say they are working just great. No they don't act like a halogen flood light, but for a solar powered LED "green" light system these are really cool. I would not hesitate to buy another set of these if I need them. The kit has a 2 year warranty, they came with batteries, "rare anymore", and 2 types of mounts. Permanent screw in like the picture for like on decks, and push in stack mounts for the ground. I had everything in place in about 4 minutes. Very simple!...more info