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The X-Files - The Complete Second Season (Slim Set)
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Studio: Tcfhe Release Date: 12/02/2008 Run time: 1150 minutes Rating: Nr

While the first season of The X-Files introduced us to Scully and Mulder, the second season finds the show confidently hitting its stride. Building on its earlier success, the show evolves, and in these 25 episodes, a glimpse is shown of a longer-running story line (which will continue through subsequent seasons) that is woven into the usual stand-alone episodes of the paranormal. These so-called mythology episodes hint at a global conspiracy involving sinister government agents, UFOs, alien abductions, genetic engineering, the ever-lurking Cigarette Smoking Man, and Fox Mulder's father. Season 2 fleshes out Mulder's family history, including the childhood abduction of his sister Samantha, an event that would shape him for life. Actress Gillian Anderson (Scully) became unexpectedly pregnant during season 2, but series creator Chris Carter managed to dance nimbly around her absence and even integrate it into the show. As in season 1, Mulder and Scully are surrounded by a strong supporting cast, which adds a suspicious new agent named Alex Krycek, an informant named X, and a seemingly indestructible alien bounty hunter.

Among the standout episodes are "The Host," "Duane Barry/Ascension," "Humbug," "Dod Kalm," "Colony/End Game," and "Anasazi." These episodes are a powerful reminder that The X-Files, like no other show on television, can span horror, suspense, mystery, romance, drama, and comedy, sometimes all in the same episode, and always with the production values of a major feature film. --Eugene Wei

Customer Reviews:

  • Repackaged at lower cost and well worth it if you don't have it
    The mythology takes a major step forward with "Duane Barry" and it's follow up episode. The second season found the show stepping away from its inspirations and creating its own formidable backstory for the series. Among the outstanding episodes are "Sleepless","Colony", "End Game", "The Host" and "One Breath". So what's the difference between this "Second Season" set and the previous edition?

    The packaging with all of the disks in slimline boxes (the really skinny DVD boxes)is a good thing. The previous set unfolded with the disks and as the sets aged the disks could easily fall out. You can't replace the other set but you can buy more DVD slimline holders to replace the originals here when they begin to break. The contents are exactly the same for all intents and purposes with the exception of the disk of extras for this set. That disk is missing in action as its only available as part of the "Collector's Edition". All of the extras on the regular DVDs are, however, the same including any deleted scenes, etc. that were on the previous set. This is a good thing because the original fold out DVD packaging was a bit of a pain and didn't hold up to wear and tear all that well.

    There aren't any new extras and the show looks the same (it's the same transfers with the discs pressed from the same digital masters). You're just getting the show at a reduced cost with better packaging. It's a good deal for a great season of television. I'm surprised that Fox didn't repackage these into half season sets like they have with "Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea" and "The Time Tunnel". ...more info
  • Ok, let me get this straight...
    So for about $35 compared to the earlier set price of $90, I'm getting better packaging, and I won't get the extra disc of bonus materials that the sets come packaged with. Um, I think I'll go ahead and get the new reissues.

    I got lucky and purchased the original first season box set for less than $40 right here on Amazon. The packaging for these more expensive sets are downright atrocious. It's one of those fold out thingies that are annoying to unfold completely when you just want to get to one disc. I felt like I was trying to take apart complicated origami everyttime I opened the set. Now with these new sets, the discs come in individual slipcases, minimizing wear and tear on the box itself and making it loads easier to get the specific disc that you want to watch. Also, the bonus stuff wasn't really that in depth and I can do without it. Considering that you're getting better packaging with these new reissues, it's almost like you're paying upwards of $50 just to get some behind the scenes info on a show that is even better with the less you know about it.

    At any rate, I'd suggest going with these new sets, just from what I've been reading online. I know the transfers are top notch and best of all, you can relive all your favorite episodes of Mulder and Scully for a much more reasonable price....more info
  • The Second Season Meets the Expectations Raised By The First Season!
    The X-Files Season 2 begins with one of the best episodes of the season. "Little Green Men" finally showed us the abduction of Samantha Mulder and pretty much proved that the truth is out there. As it turns out, "Little Green Men" was just a taste of what was to come.

    The X-Files has its ups and downs, but this season was a definete up. Almost every episode was excellent and well-thought out. Of course some episodes were dreadful, including the ridiculous "Excelesis Dei" and "Fearful Symmetry".

    The first season just hinted at an overarcing mythology for the series, in such episodes as "E.B.E." and "The Erlenmeyer Flask". This season really gave the series direction in terms of its mythology. After "Little Green Men" we had The excellent "Duane Barry", where an insane man who takes people in a travelling agency hostage claims to have been abducted by aliens. The subsequent episode, "Asension", is a powerhouse of plot twists and important events, including Scully's abduction. "One Breath" shows when Scully is returned to Mulder, but is in a deadly coma. "Red Museam" answers the question who killed Deep Throat. "Colony" and "Endgame" show the apparent return of Samantha Mulder to her family and an alien bounty hunter is going after aliens on Earth. The season finale, "Anasazi" is the best episode of the season, ending with a major cliffhanger.

    Top 5 favorite Episodes:
    1. Anasazi
    2. Asension
    3. Die Hand Die Verlazt(An excellent episode that parodies the show)
    4. Endgame
    5. One Breath...more info
  • I Call This "The No seX Files!!!"
    This is a DVD release of the popular televison series. As usual the producers tease the viewing audience in the hope that perhaps one day Mouldy(!!!) and Scully will give in to their natural carnal desires. These two should forget about hunting Aliens and concentrate on the "Mystery Of Sexual Attraction" I give this movie 5 stars because ten years ago Gillian Anderson was considered to be one of the most beautiful women in the world but thankfully she has now faded into obscurity....more info
  • One of the Greats - Now Affordable
    when the x-files series was originally released on DVD, it was the first of its kind, no one had ever heard of "complete season box-sets" available for purchase. So Fox not having any president, listed the sets at an MSRP of $149.99, which fans of the show had no problem sending (most of them), but that price has high enough to that people who never watched the show, or on ight budgets never picked them up. NOw fox has finally realized that they are opening up an whole new untapped market with these new lower MSRP's....more info
  • Missing Episode
    i would have giving this set 5 stars until i founf the missing episode. I do not know how fox let this one slip but its terrible. Now im going to be lost for season three. Everything else was fine with the purchase. Great buy besides the missing episode....more info
  • I take back every bad thing I've said about 20th Century Fox
    I've blasted Twentieth Century Fox over and over the past few years for not making THE X-FILES available in an affordable edition. I was especially miffed this past year as they brought out the inexpensive but incomplete Mythology editions. Finally they have given us an edition that recollects the original DVD releases but in a new format and a dramatically lower price. For anyone with even the slightest doubt, this is the edition of THE X-FILES to get. Although I like to collect my favorite shows on DVD, and I consider THE X-FILES to be one of my two or three favorite shows ever, I have not bought any season, opting instead to rent and rerent the discs from Netflix. Partly this was because I am on a budget and partly because I revolt at paying over $40 for any television season. Once we consumers start paying those kinds of rates, the producers will provide us with nothing priced lower. I was determined either to wait the folks at Twentieth Century Fox out or give Netflix a lot of X-FILES rentals. To complicate matters, buying the seasons used is complicated by the fact that so many sellers on Amazon and elsewhere are actually selling cheap Hong Kong rip offs, not a very good option. Now, however, we not only can pay a reasonable price, but a better format, with the slim line cases that are both longer-lasting than the original fold out cases and more aesthetically pleasing.

    There are two major differences between Season One and Season Two of THE X-FILES. First, there is an overall increase in the quality of individual episodes. The writing and production in Season One was very sharp, but the writing was even more finely honed in the second season. Even in the episodes that dealt with the "phenomena of the week," there is a persistent increase in the quality of the new characters introduced and the complexity of the situations. In other words, there is no sophomore slump for these guys. The second major difference is a slight increase in the complexity of the back story. Partially this is done by a couple of multi-episode stories and partially by developing the longer arc of a complex and nefarious conspiracy of silence on the part of a shadowy federal agency that seems to be connected with the Department of Defense. There is a great deal of character development, especially of secondary characters. The Deep Throat of Season One has been replaced by a new Deep Throat, a highly placed African-American played convincingly by Steven Williams who is far more ruthless than the original Deep Throat. Assistant Deputy Director Skinner becomes a far more important character, one whose loyalties are hard to place, but one who clearly is capable of at times being Mulder and Scully's most loyal friend, though more frequently their taskmaster and disciplinarian. The Smoking Man continues to lurk in the shadows, radiating patronizing tyranny and an aura of conspiratorial intrigue. He was a presence in the first season, but he becomes a full fledged character in the second, moving from a non-talking character to one who talks a fair amount. Even Mulder and Scully, who were magnificently conceived characters from the very first episode, learn new things that show their lives to be more complex than they had suspected (and in the two shows that begin Season Three that complete the story that begins in the final episode of Season Two show that there is much, much more to learn than they even remotely suspect).

    The start of the season finds Scully in a coma, the X-Files unit disbanded, and Mulder assigned to outrageously trivial surveillance work. Of course, all works out in a series of spectacular episodes. Those fans of Gillian Anderson's crystal blue-eyed, porcelain beauty might notice that she doesn't look quite as lovely early in the season, a function partly of a terrible hairstyling mistake (her bob with bangs instead of her usual part, which utterly alters the balance of her face) and partly of her being extremely pregnant. I applaud the makers of the show for not trying to work her pregnancy into the story line, instead hiding it use of the billowing trench coats that help constitute Scully and Mulder's uniforms. The pregnancy is easy to see in her face, it getting rounder and fuller as she got further into the pregnancy. In fact, if you do a screenshot of her in her last episodes before having her daughter, and compare it to one from an episode either early in Season One or from Season Three, the difference in her face is dramatic. Pregnancies are always hard to work around, but this is one of the more interesting attempts in TV history for their refusal to work it into the plot. Amazingly, she filmed the extraordinary pair of episodes "Duane Barry" and "Ascension" while very close to term. There is absolutely no more terrifying image in all of THE X-FILES than that of the glimpse of Scully's gagged face in the trunk of Duane Barry's stolen car from the video camera of a police car. One has to admire the professionalism of an actress who will climb gagged into a car trunk

    One thing that is not frequently noted is how unusual both Mulder and Scully are from most action heroes. Neither has especial physical prowess. In fact, it is hard to recall a time when Mulder has come out on top in a scuffle. These guys are not street fighters, and while each can often be found drawing their guns when exploring a room or building, they are not by television standards trigger happy individuals. Furthermore, only rarely do they come across as being in absolute control of situations. They are not forceful individuals, either physically or in personality. They tend to back down a lot. They do not throw their authority around very often, not merely, I suspect, because they do not trust that judges will back them up, but because their style is more to persuade and cajole rather than to force. They stand in stark contrast to all similar characters in action or FBI shows.

    My one complaint with Season Two is that there is too much emphasis on individual shows. I'm sure much of the cause of this was pressure from network execs to limit the multi-episode stories. Also, the creators themselves were not quite certain to what degree they wanted to emphasize the "Mythology" shows. Certainly many of the single episode shows are absolutely outstanding. For instance, the one featuring Jim Rose and The Enigma from the Jim Rose Freak Show is incredibly entertaining (as well as quite funny, with the most unique ending of an evil entity in the first two seasons of the show) as well as shocking; it is one thing to see The Enigma shoveling living bugs down his throat (in their stage show, he eats worse, including glass and worms), but it is rather surprising when Scully snacks on a grasshopper (something that interviews confirm was not faked, though her producing the grasshopper later through sleight of hand was). But as fine as many of the individual episodes are, the series rises to a completely different level in those episodes that expand to two or three episodes. The stand alone episodes make great TV, but the multi-episode arcs make spectacular television. I always experience a sense of disappointment when I realize an arc has ended and we have returned to the X-File-of-the-Week format.

    Those who have not yet seen THE X-FILES in their entirety are lucky because they can now work their way all the way through the series season by season, not having to wait a week (or several months in the case of season-ending cliffhangers) to see what happens next, and being able to watch them in pristine DVD without having to be interrupted by inane commercials (is "inane commercial" redundant?). This is television as fine as it has ever gotten. And now thanks to the new slim format sets, they are affordable as well....more info
  • X-Files Season 2
    It's great to have whole seasons on DVD- no commercials :) Still one of the best TV shows I've ever seen....more info
  • Save your money!
    Dont get me wrong, I love the X-Files. Its my favorite TV show of all time. What I mean by save your money is that on January 31, 2006 they're re-releasing seasons 1,2 and 3 (with seasons 4-9 to come later) on DVD in new packaging for much cheaper prices! So if you dont already own them you might want to wait another 6 or 7 weeks and we'll be able to get a full season of the X-Files for the same price as a full season of other great dramas like CSI and Lost. So if you can wait until the end of January for these DVDs it'll be worth it as you'll save yourself about $40 a season!...more info
  • Anasazi is included in slim-set
    I just received the slim set of Season 2, and the first thing I did was open Disc 6, and put it in my DVD player - Anasazi IS INCLUDED on Disc 6....more info
    I've been hearing a lot of people bitching and moaning, going "OMG TEH SLIM SET DOESN'T HAVE ANASAZI!!!!11!!1!". Well guess what? MY SLIM SET HAS IT!!!!!! Just because it's missing a disc, doesn't mean it's missing Anasazi. I even checked Disc 6 to see if you guys were correct and what's the last episode listed on the menu??? ANASAZI!!!!!! For crying out loud, if you guys even had this slim set, you wouldn't be bitching about it! So shut up unless you guys know what you're talking about! But anyways, this is a great season, one of the better seasons, and definitely one that picks up the pace....more info
  • Missing episode woes? Here's the solution...
    Yeah, yeah, great show. You should already know that...

    For those of you upset about the accidental omission of the season finale "Anasazi" from the slim set version of X-Files: The "Complete" Second Season, head to following address, fill in the information and a Fox representative will e-mail you back requesting your mailing information and send you the missing disc at no additional charge.

    Hope this helps....more info
  • Discovered X Files again!
    I just picked up the series again starting with season 1 and Im hooked once again. I accually havent seen an episode since the 90s and it hasent become stale after all these years. As for the missing episode problem for season 2 in past reviews , my slim set came complete so it must have been fixed by Amazon....more info
  • Buy it!
    25 episodes of one of the best TV series ever. It had plenty of the on going plot episodes where you first start seeing what the motives are for the cover ups. I personally love the random episodes that have nothing to do with the main plot of the series just a little bit more and this season has a plenty them too, so It was perfic for me. I would of gladly paid full retail price(I bought it used for like $14 from an amazon seller)! If you find a deal, you have to BUY IT!...more info
  • The Second Season Continues Stellar Beginning For Best Show Ever...
    THE X FILES is absolutely my most favorite show of all time. I just bought seasons 4,5,6 and 9 and love them all. But nothing can come close to the first three seasons, and season 2 of this sci-fi hit is superb from start to finish. David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson once again prove why they are the stars, with every episode twisting and turning like knives in your back.

    Of the episodes included here, the standouts are the stellar "The Host", the two-part nailbiter "Colony/End Game", and the true life freaks that are on hand for the terrifying carnival of "Humbug". "Colony/End Game" nearly brings Mulder closer to re-uniting with his sister, while "The Host" answers the question of what inhabits the sewer plant. Cliffhanger "Anasazi" is one of the most exciting of the 20th century, with Mulder's father being murdered and the answers so far away. It's one of the most intense episodes you'll ever bear witness to in your life.

    So right along with Season 1 and Season 3, THE X FILES proved itself to be hands down the most superb sci-fi series right with Star Trek: The Next Generation and The Twilight Zone. Mulder and Scully will always be two of the best detectives that television has had the chance to bear witness to, and you'll find much to enjoy with this fantastic second helping of a show that changed television, and our view of government, forever....more info
  • Nice to see redone right!
    I'm really happy that these are finally coming out at an affordable price. After years of waiting they are finally coming out at the price most tv shows are sold for. As an extra bonus they are being repackaged in the in my opinion much better slip casses. I never was too fond of the fold out packageing a lot of the tv shows have had. Now if only Paramount would reissue the Star Trek series at a more reasonable price and in some better packaging. ...more info
  • Missing Finale
    I am a big fan of the X-files and decided to slowly purchase all the seasons up until David leaves the show. I noticed that Season three didn't follow Season two and it appears the last episode (the Finale) is not on Disc six. I contacted Amazon and they sent me a replacement but it also was missing the final episode on Disc six. I am now stuck without Season two and have to wait for the problem to eventually go away. I wouldn't purchase it unless you have some sort of guarantee that it is going to have all the episodes as advertised. Even though Amazon admits there is a problem they will not send me another set and instead want me to just wait and then re-order. How I am supposed to know when they have corrected the problem is beyond my telepathic abilitites....more info
  • Excellent
    The service & delivery for this product were superb. I had my item within a week of ordering it. ...more info
  • X-files series DVD - season 1
    The product received was just as described and in very good condition. The product was mailed out promptly....more info
  • Poor quality and Missing episodes
    X-Files "The Complete Second Season" is INCOMPLETE! They list the episodes but some episodes listed are missing from the disc!
    I want to return it for a refund! ...more info
  • A unique and original TV drama...
    Nominated for 12 Golden Globes and 61 Emmys, including 4 for Outstanding Drama Series, The X-Files is one of the world's most popular science-fiction drama shows. Premiering in the Fall of 1993 on the Fox Network, home of popular programs such as The Simpsons (1989) and King Of The Hill (1997), The X-Files created an entire fictional world of conspiracies and secret organizations, building a legion of fanatic followers as devoted to the series as Trekkies are to Star Trek. Creator Cris Carter, a former writer for numerous TV shows in the late-80s/early-90s - The Nanny (1993) is one example - brings together the finest aspects of suspense-laden spy novels and alien science fiction. The result is one of the top sci-fi franchises ever produced, spawning its own line of merchandise and even a full length feature film - The X-Files: Fight The Future (1998). With nine successful seasons to its credit, The X-Files is one of the longest-running sci-fi series in television history...

    The X-Files follows the exploits of four FBI agents assigned to investigate a series of unsolved and mysterious cases known only as "The X-Files". FBI special agents Fox Mulder (David Duchovny), Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson), John Doggett (Robert Patrick), and Monica Reyes (Annabeth Gish) are the primary agents investigating these unusual cases which could never be solved by conventional investigatory methods. But Mulder and Scully in particular play prominent roles in the series. The partnership and friendship the two develop during the course of the series sets the tone for their investigations into the paranormal with Scully, a medical doctor, playing the skeptic to Mulder's deeply held beliefs in widespread government conspiracies and alien abductions. Through the course of the series, The X-Files covers a wide-range of frightening and mysterious subjects from killer insects and secret world government organizations to the colonization of Earth by parasitic aliens. In so doing, it adds its own unique brand of humor and an original blend of creativity that fans of the genre will certainly appreciate...

    The X-Files (Season 2) DVD features a number of suspense riddled episodes including the season premiere "Little Green Men" in which we learn the fate of our heroes in the aftermath of the closing of The X-Files. Scully is working as an FBI instructor at Quantico while Mulder is tasked with an endless array of mundane "busy-work". But Mulder refuses to quit. He meets with one his supporters in regard to The X-File project - Senator Matheson, and the meeting prompts him to investigate an abandoned SETI site in New Mexico which might hold clues to the existence of alien life-forms... Other notable episodes from Season 2 include "One Breath" in which Scully ends up in a coma for reasons unknown and Mulder must find out the truth about what happened to her, and "Fearful Symmetry" in which Scully and Mulder investigate a series of attacks at a zoo perpendicular to a tract of land notorious for its UFO sightings...

    Below is a list of episodes included on The X-Files (Season 2) DVD:

    Episode 25 (Little Green Men)
    Episode 26 (The Host)
    Episode 27 (Blood)
    Episode 28 (Sleepless)
    Episode 29 (Duane Berry)
    Episode 30 (Ascension)
    Episode 31 (3)
    Episode 32 (One Breath)
    Episode 33 (Firewalker)
    Episode 34 (Red Museum)
    Episode 35 (Excelsis Dei)
    Episode 36 (Aubrey)
    Episode 37 (Irresistible)
    Episode 38 (Die Hand Die Verletzt)
    Episode 39 (Fresh Bones)
    Episode 40 (Colony)
    Episode 41 (End Game)
    Episode 42 (Fearful Symmetry)
    Episode 43 (Dod Kalm)
    Episode 44 (Humbug)
    Episode 45 (The Calusari)
    Episode 46 (F. Emasculata)
    Episode 47 (Soft Light)
    Episode 48 (Our Town)
    Episode 49 (Anasazi)

    The DVD Report...more info
  • Good Season, No Missing Episodes
    My review is simple. I just received my copy of this season and "Anasazi" the episode that many claim is missing, is included on Disc 6 and plays without difficulty. For any non-fans out there, I will put in my two cents and say that The X-Files is a good show and as most of the reviews below state, this is a pretty good season. If you're looking for great science-fiction, here it is, just make sure to start with the first season (as if that wasn't obvious anyway)....more info