Whitney Design 1600 12-line Outdoor Umbrella-Style Clothes Dryer with Aluminum Arms
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Product Description

Aluminum Umbrella Outdoor Clothes Dryer, 150' Of Drying Capacity, Strong Extruded Aluminum "Channel" Rope Bars & Brace Arms, With 1-1/2" Galvanized Steel 2 Piece Center Post, Pre-Strung With Vinyl Coated Polyester Core Clothesline, High Impact Plastic Post Cap & Slide, Vinyl Ground Sleeve With Molded Vinyl Attached Cap, Opens & Closes Like An Umbrella, Hang All Clothes From One Spot.

  • Umbrella-style clothes dryer opens and closes easily
  • 12 vinyl-coated lines provide 165 feet of linear drying space
  • Aluminum arms; 2-piece galvanized steel post
  • Plastic ground sleeve anchors the post into the ground
  • Measures 73 by 73 by 72 inches

Customer Reviews:

  • just what I was looking for
    I love to hang out my sheets and this clothes line was so easy to install and great to use. It doesn't take up any space in the yard and my husband can mow right over the sleeve without any problem. When he is done, I just put the clothes line back in the hole and am ready to hang out my laundry....more info
  • Love air dried laundry!
    My favorite time of day is when I "get" to hang the laundry and take it back down. Not only can you have fresh smelling laundry, but it also saves on your energy bill by not using an electric/gas dryer.

    We recently moved and I am eager to put my umbrella dryer back into operation. I will be contacting the company to find out how to order another green plastic ground anchor. Hopefully they have good customer service! ...more info
  • Whitney Design 1600 12-line Outdoor Umbrella Clothesline
    I am very happy with the outdoor clothesline. The item was shipped quickly and arrived in good condition. The installation instructions were easy to follow. I would recommend the Whitney Design 1600 12-line Outdoor Umbrella Clothesline to anyone thinking of buying an outside clothesline....more info
  • Save the planet but not your time
    To install you find a place where it won't create an eyesore and dig a hole, fill bottom of hole with rocks, pour in concrete, bury an included plastic tube, put pole in and level. This take about a half an hour. If you have the shovel, concrete, rocks, bucket, and a level.

    I like this product it provides enough space to hang at least 3 of my laundry loads. If you have never air dried laundry outside before I recommend getting some socks wet and letting them dry on your porch to get the effect and gauging if you can deal with the fact that some times they don't come out the softest. The other bummer is it takes more time to hang them up than throwing them in the dryer. The clothesline does spin in the base though so you don't have to move while hanging laundry so it isn't that bad. It also comes out so you can store the clothesline somewhere else.

    It is a good feeling to know that I am not running my dryer for 50 minutes a load though and I think more people should experience it....more info
  • review for inverted clothesline
    Whitney Design 1600 12-line Outdoor Umbrella-Style Clothes Dryer with Aluminum Arms

    After having several clotheslines over the years i will have to say that this is the most ergonomically effective clothesline. If you like to hang your clothing out and have a shoulder or arm range of motion problem, this clothesline can be set low and is compact to reach across and not so high as to reach up if you are 5'5 and under....more info
  • It's what I wanted
    The umbrella clothes dryer I ordered is just what I have been looking for, and it works for me. ...more info
  • Can this product be used in a market umbrella stand?
    I'm wondering if the people who have purchased this product would say that it could be used in an umbrella stand? I'm on hillside, and there really is nowhere to put it in the ground. Right now I'm using the balcony rail for drying some of the bulkier items, and I'm considering buying this dryer, but I'd like to know if anyone thinks that it could work in an umbrella stand.

    Thanks!...more info
  • Easily damages
    Our first time using the product, it was a little windy. However, we had under the load amount on the lines and the pole sleeve was anchored in the cement, so we did not think there would be a problem. The clothes dryer bent so that the arms are now unuseable. So, I guess it would be okay if you live somewhere that is not very windy. :(...more info
  • Wow...great product
    I feel like Donna Reed....does anyone even remember Donna Reed? For those of you that don't, think 1950's, housewife, bluebirds, fresh air, you get the picture. Anyway, I bought this to save electricity, I haven't gotten a bill yet but I have a feeling I am going to save a bunch! The product is great. It will hold 3 full size loads easily and it's not too hard to take up and down (although I live in the country and just leave mine up most of the time). If you've never hung out clothes to dry, they do turn out a little crispy! ...more info
  • Daits
    Well, the clothesline is wobbly in the hole and one of the lines was cut to short the item would not raise until I untied it, so I am out one line until I buy a long enough line to fit it. It seems unsteady to me. I am about to go hang clothes on it for the first time we will see how it does....more info
  • Daits
    Well, the clothesline is wobbly in the hole and one of the lines was cut to short the item would not raise until I untied it, so I am out one line until I buy a long enough line to fit it. It seems unsteady to me. I am about to go hang clothes on it for the first time we will see how it does....more info
  • Dad happy with Father's Day gift!
    I purchased this clothes dryer for my elderly father, based on the reviews and the fact that it spun - so my Dad would not have to walk around to hang his clothes. He was so excited to receive this and since he already had a pole in the ground, installed it the next day. It worked perfectly until he had used it a few times. One day, after hanging all of his laundry (my Dad washes very few clothes @ a time), the whole thing collaspsed - clothes all over the ground - being resourceful, he picked up his clothes and took the pole apart and found where the lever was pushed in hence, the pole closed. I told him that I would return the item and he asked me to wait and see. Thankfully, he's had no problems since then, but be aware that this might happen. ...more info
  • good product
    It works great. Haven't had any problems. Easy to set up and easy to take down....more info
  • I love this!
    I grew up watching Mother hang clothes on the line, but never had one of my own.
    I purchased this one when my dryer was broken and the parts were on back-order.
    It arrived quickly and I just love it.
    I still put most things in the dryer.
    But sheets, rugs, blankets, lots of things, go on the line, and end up smelling incredibly fresh.
    It always reminds me of childhood! :-)...more info
  • Don't waste your money!
    Arguably the worse product I've ever bought. The ends of the 'spokes' were so sharp I cut myself putting it up. The mechanism was so weak it snapped the first time I hung washing on it and all my laundry ended up in a heap on the ground...more info
  • Umbrella Clothes Dryer
    Product was easy enough to set up considering its size, the swivel feature is great. Not easy enough to take down to make this a daily process but will come in handy in case of extreme weather....more info
  • Worth the money
    It's been so long since I hung any clothing to dry outdoors I forgot how stiff they can get. But, anyway, this has been a great product.

    Got it about a month ago, followed the installation directions, and everything works as promised. I've never put more than three loads of clothes on it, but it would probably hold four.

    Because it's an umbrella version of a clothesline, I have found that I need to balance out the really heavy clothing, like the towels and so forth. But otherwise, I've had no problems with this clothsline.

    My dryer used to send the dial on my power meter spinning like crazy. It has been a real pleasure knowing that I can dry my clothes for free now. ...more info
  • solar dryer
    The item was as described but of lighter duty than expected. The shipping and handling fee seemed high based on that "lighter duty" aspect. It is ,however, functioning....more info
  • Fast Delivery - Quality Product
    Sunline Umbrella Outdoor Clothes Dryer

    I love my umbrella clothes dryer! It's lightweight yet durable, folds down and easily opens for use or can be removed completely when not needed. Also, mine is installed so it rotates for loading. The identical product at other sites was higher in cost....more info
  • Love it!
    I love this clothesline. Its not an eyesore and I can put a ton of clothes on it and it doesn't sag. It arrived quickly and appears to be nicely built. There was a delay in getting to use it since my husband followed the directions and set it up in a hole with cement to hold the base. He planted grass around it. When I have a party in the backyard, I can take out the stand and not lose any space to a clothesline in the yard. It has four sections with lines and since I have four people in my family I use a section for each member. I hang the undies on the inside on the smaller lines and then work my way out and nobody sees the underwear and socks hanging on the clothesline so my kids aren't embarrassed by mom hanging out their undies. Its environmentally friendly and low maintenance, what's not to love?
    ...more info
  • It's great!
    The Umbrella Clothesline is easy, it's already assembled. Just dig a small hole add the quickcrete and the provided pipe and your ready to go. I can hang two large loads of clothes on it, my kids don't even mind hanging out the clothes, I wash two loads of laundry a day (I have 4 kids)and in 2 weeks only had to use my dryer once because of rain. I highly recommend this product. ...more info
  • Witney Outdoor Umbrella Dryer
    Once I had the hole dug, the concrete poured with the stand pipe installed and waited a day for the cement to set I was ready to try it out. Washed a load of clothes and found that hanging them was a breeze as the unit rotated I only had to stand in one spot to hang everything. The breeze in my back yard kept turning the unit so everything got it's fair share of the sunshine. Being a cool day in Florida everything was dry in three hours. Taking the items down was also easy and I found myself folding them as I took them down. All in all I would say it was a worthwhile investment. Anyone want a used electric dryer?...more info