The Sopranos - Season 6, Part 1
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The first part of the sixth season of the television program about the complicated life of New Jersey mob boss, Tony Soprano.
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Title: SEASON 6 PT. 1
Street Release Date: 11/07/2006

The Sopranos, Season 6, Part 1 is the most contentious release yet in the acclaimed series' history. While many fans think it jumped the shark at the exact moment Vito said "I love you, Johnny Cakes" , this season also contains some of the series finest moments and plumbs new depths of character, while continuing to add to the body count. Things get started with a bang, literally, that unexpectedly sends Tony (James Gandolfini) to the hospital and into a coma where he experiences an alternate reality while in limbo. At one point he awakes and asks "Who am I? Where am I going?" encapsulating this season's central theme in a moment of desperation wrapped in a fever dream. But it's not all existentialism. With Tony and Uncle Junior both of the picture, the capos in the Soprano crew try to take advantage of the situation and begin jockeying for position while a reluctant Silvio (Steve Van Zandt), acting in Tony's place, struggles to keep everyone in check. Things aren't going much better for Tony's family, as A.J. (Robert Iler) confesses to Carmela (Edie Falco) that he flunked out of school, and while at Tony's bedside, swears revenge for his injury. The stress of the situation finally gets to Carmela, who takes up Dr. Melfi's (Lorraine Bracco) offer to help and finds herself in the strange position of confiding in her husband's therapist, revealing for once that she feels some guilt over making the kids complicit in how Tony makes his living—plus there's the issue of whether she really loves him. Christopher (Michael Imperioli) continues to provide much of the comic relief for the series, culminating in one of this season's best episodes when he flies out to L.A. in a bumbling attempt to get Ben Kingsley to sign on for his fledgling movie (Saw meets The Godfather), and ends up mugging Lauren Bacall for her goodie basket at an awards ceremony. Sowing further discord in the ranks, Vito (Joseph Gannoscoli) finally gets outed as homosexual, and is forced to flee for his life up to New Hampshire where he meets "Johnny Cakes." Finally, even with New York boss Johnny "Sack" Sacramoni (Vince Curatola) in prison, Phil Leotardo (Frank Vincent) makes plays against Tony and eventually sets in motion a hit against someone on Tony's crew, and now a larger war with Johnny Sack's crew seems to be looming.

Series creator David Chase seems to be saying with this season that character is destiny. If so, then Season Six, Part 1 is taking the necessary time to flesh out who these people really are, and is leaving the destiny part up for Part 2. The fact that the series' writers have been able to maintain such a strong show with so many interweaving storylines for so long is a feat not to be taken lightly. That said, this season of The Sopranos does deserve some of the criticism it's received: the Vito storyline would have been better served by resolving it in fewer episodes, and the season ending is the most unsatisfying one yet, leaving many fans wanting more. But the bottom line is that this season deserves more praise than criticism, proving that even at its weakest, The Sopranos is still the strongest show on TV.--Daniel Vancini

Customer Reviews:

  • Great series
    Too pricey. Half the season should be half the price of the other seasons. Capiche?...more info
  • sopranos season 6 part 1
    Can't wait for the part 2 of season to come out then I will have all 6 seasons...more info
  • Sopranos - Season 6
    My husband is a huge Sopranos fan and he has gotten many hours of enjoyment as he didn't have the opportunity to see Season 6. This set was a VERY reasonable price and I received them 2 days after ordering. The set was in excellent condition. I highly recommend this....more info
  • Fun to watch!
    My husband and I just finished watching this first part of the final Sopranos season. It was fun! Can't wait until the second part comes out on DVD!...more info
  • Slow and boring
    I thought that these season was terribly slow and boring. It was definitely not worth buying new for US$70! But as a Sopranos fan, I grit and bear each episode in hopes that it would get better. It didn't. ...more info
  • sopranos
    i payed for the season 6 but thay never sent it to me it has been 3 months...more info
  • The Spatafores
    SPOILER ALERT: VITO IS GAY (no seriously there are other spoilers too)

    Season 6: Part 1 should have been called "The Spatafores" instead of "The Sopranos" That's right this season decided to take a minor character (at best) and make him the focal point of most the season. The writers of this series turned one of the best dramas ever into a day time soap opera. Let me brake it down for you. Everybody finds out Vito is a homosexual so he has to flee town and into the arms of a gay firefighter / pancake cook called Johnny Cakes (seriously). You think I'm kidding? Well I am not. So THIS becomes the main story line of this season...Not Tony getting shot...Not the coma...Not redemption...not Junior....not even the SOPRANO FAMILY at all. THE MAIN STORY is Vito, and how he is gay (not that I have a problem with that)and what the mob is going to do about him being gay, and if he should be Gay in New Hampshire, or Gay in New Jersey. They took a running joke from previous seasons (Vito seemingly being gay) and turned it into a freakin' soap opera. Not only did they take a minor character and turn him into a focal point, but they chose one of the worst characters to do it with. Vito was never likable and I don't know who would want to root for him. And I am not bashing it because the character is gay. I am bashing it because it has no point. The creator made a big ordeal about having two parts to the last season and they wasted all those hours, all that time they could have developed main characters on this? This garbage had nothing to do with the Sopranos at all really. Tony takes a backseat to this Vito story line...and Tony quite frankly doesn't care one way or another about Vito so really it doesn't effect him at all (he says Vito is a good earner). You could skip this entire season (as long as you know the situation with Tony) and watch part 2 unaffected. That is how important this Vito storyline is. It is so important that he is mentioned about one time in Season 6: Part 2. This whole season after the first episode, I kept waiting for something to happen, but it never happened. Just a gay love story in New Hampshire, Vito getting killed because he was gay (wow didn't see that coming), and the mobsters moving on with life in their berets from France. Lame, terrible season that should never have been made. ...more info
  • Misunderstanding
    Unfortunately we couldn't see this DVD because we are in Europe (Spain) and it seems it's only ready to watch for America.
    I recomended you should warn the customers about that
    I expect some explanation from your side


    Joan Bove...more info
  • Sopranos Season 6
    The DVDs were sent promptly and arrived in excellent condition....more info
  • Season 6 a little slow but good for story building
    This season was a little slow in story building. There was a focus on trying to close the characters that wouldn't have an impact on the second part of season 6. Once you have seen the entire season 6 this first part makes more sense....more info
  • You Got a Problem?
    It's the Sopranos! Could there be something wrong with it? I am sad beyond words the series is over. ...more info
  • Addiction to the Sopranos
    I have all seasons now and I look forward to their next show.
    I have actually seen most of the shows over and over again. Most of the stars ar excellent performers and I truly believe it is the best I have seen. ...more info
  • Bada Bing!
    This is one of those rare series that gets better with each passing episode and Sopranos, Season 6, Part 1 is no exception. This season is giving loving treatment to its characters and is sending the show off in what is seemingly a great and respectful way. No Sopranos fan should be without this DVD collection. Brilliant television drama at it's zenith....more info
  • Part One Review
    If you are a fan of the Sopranos, how could you not love the first part of Season Six. Once again an action packed thriller. Couldn't believe that Jr. shot Tony. But then again, there are a lot of characters that would love to see the Mob Boss dead. Can't wait for Part 2 to come out....more info
  • great service
    sopranos 6.1 received quickly and was very pleased with order. would surely buuy again.
    ckennedy...more info
  • Poor
    Condition Used-VERY GOOD IT WAS NOT
    IT WAS DIRTY BROKEN BOX POOR POOR POOR condition ...more info
  • Items Ordered
    I ordered this product, exactly as advertised and the price was great. I also received it in the time that I expected and paid extra for. I have ordered from other sites and paid extra for a specific delivery and they did not come through. I would of liked to have known right away though who is delivering my package. I like to track them, so that I know more or less when to look for them....more info
  • sopranos
    If you love the sopranos then you'll love this item. Just what we expected. ...more info
    Very Cheap Price for a Very Good Show! Wish this show never ended but it had to come to and end sometime. This season of The Soprano's was great and buying it from Amazon was even better. Recieved it very quickly and finished it very quickly. No problems at all with the order. Great Price, Great Buy!...more info
  • The Sopranos - Season Six, Part One
    After five brilliant seasons of "The Sopranos", the groundbreaking HBO series finally took a slight nosedive for the first half of season six. While "The Sopranos" Season Six, Part One has its share of great moments, it doesn't quite stand up to the first five seasons. Many of the series' regulars return again (James Gandolfini, Edie Falco, Lorraine Bracco, etc.), and they all do a great job as they have done in the past. But there are a few episodes that come off weak, and this is thanks in part to a storyline that just didn't belong here. The storyline involving one of Tony Sopranos' capos who turns out to be gay was unnecessary. This type of storyline might work on some shows and movies, but in the case of "The Sopranos" it just didn't work. Not to mention the storyline ends in predictable fashion. I saw the ending to this storyline coming a mile away. On the other hand, most of the episodes come off as superb as they have in the first five seasons. The first episode where Tony gets shot by Uncle Junior at the end is a great one, and the next few episodes that follow (where Tony recovers in the hospital) are as good as it gets. Another great episode is the one where aspiring writer Christopher flies out to California and meets Ben Kingsley and Lauren Bacall. The scene where a masked Christopher mugs Bacall is a riot. Just listening to the legendary actress using the F-word had me laughing out loud. And there's some good work from former "ER" star Julianna Margulies, who pops in for a couple of guest appearances. Emmy voters also seemed to have gotten a little tired of the show. For season six part one, it received only seven nominations, the fewest nominations the show has received for a single season. Although it was nominated again for Best Drama Series, Gandolfini and Falco were passed over for nominations in the Lead Actor and Actress categories. Michael Imperioli (who plays Christopher) was the only series regular to receive a nomination. "The Sopranos" only won one Emmy for season six part one, and it was for a category that it has dominated during the show's long run: Best Writing for a Drama Series. This was its fifth Emmy in this category, and that's fitting because one of the major strengths of "The Sopranos" has always been sharp writing. So I wasn't surprised when it won this category. Although it's not as great as it once was, "The Sopranos" - Season Six, Part One is still a very good season. It also sets up for the conclusion of the show, with its final episode set to air June 10, 2007. It will be interesting to see what will happen to Tony Soprano.

    ...more info
  • Good as it Gets -- Almost.
    The Sopranos - Season Six comes reasonably close to keeping the ball in the air, not an easy exercise given the early burn out nature of the exercise. The problem this time around, if there is one, is that while the curve of excellence peaks beautifully at both ends of the season, it seems to go flatter than usual in the middle.

    How flat? Flat enough to make any viewer with a keen production eye guess that one or two of the mid-season episodes might have been strung together using sequences scripted and shot with other possible uses in mind. Maybe its creators were counting on 'The Sopranos style' to knit these random elements into a whole. Who knows! Perhaps for all but the most ardent of viewers, those looking for each episode to further thicken an already ample mix, maybe they succeeded swimmingly. ...more info
  • Not the best, but still addicting
    I NEVER buy TV shows on DVD - but in this case I had to, I don't have HBO and I couldn't bear missing a season. The episodes are more violent and bloody and although I hated that part, I feel I received a true picture of the coldhearted people that the Mafia had in their ranks, it's amazing that killers are also human and in this series it is evident that sociopaths can function in a normal world. I am still in love with the first 3 seasons, that was some awesome writing and I would love to own them so I can watch it again. I feel I belong to the Soprano family by inviting them into my livingroom for the past 4-5 months (or however long it took me to finsih all the seasons), my 22 year old son got me hooked and I must say that even though I am not a TV watcher - this program hooked me from the very start.
    ...more info
    This DVD shows Tony Soprano in so many different lights. The acting by all the actors is superb. I have all the episodes of this series and so far this DVD is really the best and worth the purchase!...more info
  • great service
    iam very happy with the service i got.i received the dvds in mint condition..icant wait for the sopranos season 6 part 2to come out so i can own the entire series .this series is a must have forevery body who loves stories about the maffia....more info