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Thule 955 No-sway Cage Accessory for Hitch and Cradle Bike Racks (2 Pack)
List Price: $29.95

Our Price: $18.00

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Product Description

Thule No-Sway Cages are easiest way to keep your bikes stable when using Thule hitch or strap carriers.
  • Sold as a pair - includes anti-sway devices to hold two bicycles
  • Redesigned anti-sway device is accessible at bike-arm level
  • Designed to work exclusively with Thule T3 cradles
  • Removable for easier bike installation
  • Length specifically designed for maximum hold and stability

The Thule 955 No Sway Cage Accessory for Hitch and Cradle Bike Racks are the easiest way to keep your bikes stable when using Thule hitch or strap carriers. The Thule 955 has been specifically designed to be backwards compatible with previous models of Thule hitch and strap carriers that don't already include anti-sway cables.

The Thule 955 system includes a pair of no-sway accessories to prevent up to two bicycles from making contact while you drive. This anti-sway device has been redesigned to be accessible at bike-arm level, and to work especially with Thule T2 cradles. The Thule 955 No Sway Cage accessory is constructed of a length specifically designed for maximum hold and stability, and is removable for easier bike installation.

What's in the Box?
2 x No-sway Cage accessories, and instruction guide

Manufacturer's Warranty
Limited lifetime warranty

  • Anti sway device is accessible at bike arm level
  • Removable for easier bike installation
  • Designed to work exclusively with T3 cradle
  • Included on Trailblazer, Expressway and Speedway
  • 2 anti sway cages, manual

Customer Reviews:

  • functional addition to rack
    I bought these to use with my Thule Roadway rack, they come 2 per package. I read the review noting the possible frame tube scratches and decided to be pro-active. I used some left over bartape and placed that over the hard plastic where the frame tube rests against. These cages work great to hold the bikes in place. I use the Thule strap that came with the rack to hold the front wheel in position during transport.
    It is true that these cages don't lock to the rack so they could be stolen, but at least they are on the lower cost side of Thule's accesories and easy to replace....more info
  • Simple and they work.
    This is a simple addition to a trailer hitch that really works. The package contains two which is enough for two bikes....more info
  • Works much better than expected
    I had a problem with the front of my mountain bike coming out of the cradle with my 937 rack. I figured it couldn't hurt to buy one of these.

    If you follow the directions exactly and make sure the part is firm then it works like it's suppose to. The front of my bike quit moving around.

    I've got a hard tail so it works. The part is designed to ride up against the seat tube right where it meets the top tube so if you have a full suspension bike this may or may not work for you depending on the rear suspension design....more info
  • Serves The Purpose
    I was very excited to use these items. When I got them, my family and I traveled from Jersey City to Carolina Beach, NC, 10-hour trip, and carried our 2 bikes in our our spare tire. These items are rock solid because my bikes didn't sway/move considering the strong drag and long travel. These tighten the hold/grip of my bikes to my thule rack....more info
  • Una buena compra
    En mi opinion el Thule 955 No-sway es una buena compra porque me permite fijar mejor mi bicicleta al rack: el Thule 963 Spare me, dandome mayor seguridad y confianza, que esta permanecera bien anclada y sin ningun tipo de movimiento. El Thule 955 No-sway cumple muy bien su funcion es facil de colocar y de quitar. Ademas, que tiene un material rigido que da la sensacion de una gran durabilidad. Por el precio pagado y que vengan dos de estos accesorios Thule 955 No-sway que se acoplan perfectamente a los racks para los cuales funcionan es una muy buena adquisicion. Solo como consejo deben tener claro que este aparato solo funcionan para un determinado tipo de rack con hoquilla T3 Thule, ya que el cierre del Thule 955 No-sway es lo exactamente ancho para fijarse al T3 sin ningun tipo de holgura. Otra cosa no es antirobo y de ser utilizado hay que quitarlo de lo contrario puede desaparecer de tu rack, pero es algo que en realidad no es ningun problema....more info