Hawking Technologies HNC320G Wireless Network Camera Server
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Product Description

The HNC320G Wireless-G Network Camera is a high performance stand-alone camera system with its own built-in CPU and web server, thereby providing an ideal solution for remote monitoring, surveillance, or sending live video over the Internet. The camera allows remote access and management from anywhere in the world via the Internet or an existing LAN. The HNC320G supports both the 802.11b/g wireless standard as well as the 10/100Mbps wired Fast Ethernet standard. As a result, the camera can stream live video at up to 30 frames per second. Included with the camera is a powerful management and control software application that features playback, recording (including motion recording), and other functions. The camera can also be utilized in mixed operating environments that include Windows, Mac, UNIX, and Linux systems. Security features, including password protection and WPA or WEP encryption help prevent unauthorized access and use. The camera also features 4x digital zoom. The simple installation procedures and web-based interface offer easy integration to your existing network and applications. The versatile HNC320G offers a broad array of applications and can be used to monitor various critical locations such as homes, offices, banks, schools, childcare centers, hospitals, and other industrial and public areas.

The Hawking Technologies HNC320G Wireless Network Camera Server is a high performance stand-alone camera that enables remote monitoring, surveillance, and viewing of live video from both within your local area network (LAN) and from outside the network via the Internet. Unlike "web cameras," which require an attached PC for operation, the HNC230G connects directly to the network and has its own IP address, thereby allowing users to access the video from anywhere on the network, as well as from anywhere in the world via Web-based remote access. The HNC230G supports both the 802.11b/g wireless standard and the 10/100Mbps Fast Ethernet standard. As a result, the camera can stream high-quality live video at up to 30 frames per second. Installation of the camera is hassle-free with the quick setup wizard utility. Also included with the camera are security and other convenient features, as well as a management and control software application for playback, recording, and more. The versatile and compact HNC230G offers a broad array of applications and can be used to monitor your home, office, and other critical locations.

What's in the Box
HNC230G wireless network camera, CD-ROM (easy-installation quick setup wizard and utilities), quick installation guide, DC power adapter, external wireless antenna, and camera stand/mounting kit.

  • Enables remote monitoring, surveillance, and viewing of live video LAN and via the Internet
  • Supports both the 802.11b/g wireless standard and the 10/100Mbps Fast Ethernet standard
  • Streams high-quality live video at up to 30 frames per second
  • Features a quick setup wizard utility for easy configuration
  • Ideal for home, office and small-business applications
Customer Reviews:
  • Hawking 320G - a great product for the price
    I recently purchased a Hawking 320G IP camera, and I found it to be a very good product.

    Setup was minimal, and fairly straight-forward. I simply plugged the included ethernet cable into my IP Camera and into my PC, and then used the included software to perform the initial setup process. I was then able to go to 'My Network Places' and find the camera (It supports UPnP by default, so it shows up almost instantly).

    Once I performed the initial setup, I set a static IP address for the camera and adjusted all of the security settings. I then set the wireless connection to match my WiFi router settings. I then unplugged the ethernet cable, and simple as that it was working flawlessly on my WiFi network - not even a hickup when I unplugged the ethernet cable.

    The setup process for the FTP upload feature was easy, and the cam now acts as a realtime webcam for my website by updating the image on my server every 60 seconds. This feature, atleast for me, is extremely useful. The picture quality is surprisingly good for the low price, and it is exceptional in low light situations - far better than most web/IP cameras in this price range.

    The quality of the design is pretty good, and the mounting options are great. The mount is heavy duty, and very adjustable. I allows you to get the viewing angle on the camera 'Just right'. I found the ability to mount the camera with the ball-joint base attached to the top very useful, since I mounted my camera in the top of a window. This allowed me to do so without being forced to mount the camera upside-down.

    The IP-View software works great - though I rarely use it. It works without trouble in both ethernet and WiFi connected scenarios from my experience. I'm sure I would find it more useful in a security based setup with multiple cameras.

    The ONLY problem I have with the camera is that, on occassion, it will lose connection to my WiFi router for no apparent reason, and I have to unplug and restore the power to the camera for it to show up in 'My Network Places' again. This will occassionally prevent the camera from continuing to upload images to my FTP server. Not a huge problem, but rather a minor inconvenience.

    I'm sure in a new firmware update this may be resolved, but as of now there are currently no updates available. I'm still adjusting settings in the camera and my network to see if this is a problem with the camera or my network setup.

    If you want to see a sample of the image quality, do a Google search on 'Edna Bay Alaska - The Official Home Page'. Once at the Edna Bay website, go to the 'Webcam' page and look at the (larger) top webcam image. This is a live image from the Hawking 320G (Updated every 60 seconds by it's FTP upload feature). It may appear slightly blurry because it's looking out through a window.

    All-in-all, this camera is a great bang for the buck, and certainly a product that works PERFECT as a webcam for a website. I can even see where having a group of these would be a pretty efficient security system aswell.

    Hope this review helped! A+ product....more info
  • Software problem but otherwise ok.
    I could not get the included software IPView software to work correctly in wireless mode. I was able to get the WPA encryption on wireless to work ok and image was ok for the price. It took more time to figure this thing out that it should have. However, it does have WPA encryption (not WPA2 however).

    Support from India was level one and they referred me to level 2, email. Have not heard back from them yet, but I found that Trendnet sells the same camera and I downloaded the updated software from them and it works fine. ...more info
  • Not ready for prime time...
    I bought one of the first available samples of the HNC320G based upon its published specs, despite there not being a single review of the camera anywhere.

    What attracted me was that the HNC320G is currently the only inexpensive network cam available which supports WPA encryption (virtually all the others support WEP only). Unfortunately, I could not get the WPA to work on either a WPA or WPA2 wireless network. I could have just gone with WEP instead, but the WPA feature was the primary reason for buying this camera.

    The current firmware is buggy in other regards, too. Once the ADMIN name and password are changed from the default (null), the camera fails to recognize the new password. Ditto for password-protected viewer accounts. The setup wizard recognizes the new password, but the camera itself doesn't, meaning you're stuck with the default account, which leaves the camera essentially wide-open to the world if you want it accessable from outside your LAN.

    I would expect new firmware to fix these problems, but at this point, the camera is not a usable product unless you want to use it only on a LAN with no Internet access. On a positive note, however, the image quality from this camera was quite acceptable.

    Another reason I bought this model was because it's promoted as having interchangeable cs-mount lenses. I realize this feature won't appeal to many people, but for my intended use, it was somewhat important. Unfortunately, the stock lens on my sample of the HNC320G simply refused to screw off. I stopped trying when it became obvious that the camera housing would break before the lens came off. While the lens will turn for focusing purposes, it does not appear to actually be a true cs-mount at all, and is not removable.

    I tried both calling and emailing Hawking tech support about all these issues. Two weeks later, still no email response. The first three tech reps I spoke to on the phone had such limited English it was impossible to communicate with them. The fourth rep was understandable, but his only solution to the problem was to read the installation manual to me.

    If you need WPA encryption (and Internet access), the HNC320G firmware is simply not mature. Maybe it will get patched quickly, maybe not. Rather than waiting, I decided to replace the Hawking with an Axis 207W, despite $100 more money (and still no interchangeable lens mount). ...more info