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The Island
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Lincoln six-echo is a resident of a seemingly utopian but contained facility in the mid-21st century. Lincoln soon discovers that his existence is a lie. He makes a daring escape with fellow resident jordan two-delta & they engage in a race for their lives. Studio: Paramount Home Video Release Date: 08/21/2007 Starring: Ewan Mcgregor Sean Bean Run time: 136 minutes Rating: Pg13

When you add up all the best things about The Island, you might just conclude that there's hope yet for Hollywood's most critically reviled hit-maker, Michael Bay. Recruited by Steven Spielberg to direct this lavish and often breathtaking sci-fi action thriller, Bay rises to the occasion with an ambitious production that is, by his standards (and compared to Bay's earlier hits like The Rock and Armageddon), surprisingly intelligent as it explores the repercussions of cloning in a sealed-off society where humans are cultivated for spare parts, surrogate parenthood, and full-body replacements for wealthy clientele. But when two of the clones (Ewan McGregor, Scarlett Johanssen) begin to question their fate and the motives of their keepers, they escape into the real world and The Island becomes just another Michael Bay action extravaganza, albeit an impressively exciting one. With elaborate chase scenes and a high-tech feast of CGI to dazzle the eye, The Island recycles much of the plot from 1979's Clonus while borrowing elements from Logan's Run, Gattaca and Minority Report, and while it's not as smartly conceived as those earlier films, there's no denying that, in many ways, it's Bay's best film to date. --Jeff Shannon

Customer Reviews:

  • So so
    Good special effects and interesting storyline. Unfortunately nothing that I'd recommend for anyone that is not a sci-fi aficionado. ...more info
  • Could have been a great movie
    This movie has a really interesting concept of human clones being made so people can extent their life by replacing their aging body parts with cloned ones. The clones have memory imprinted in them so they are pretty stupid and just believe what they are told. But some of the clones got smart and began to question everything about their existence. Ultimately, two escaped from the facility that housed the clones. The company that makes the clones must stop them at all cost. This is where the movie falls apart with one car chase after another. At this point the whole movie turns from an intellectual and intriguing one to a mindless action junk filled with explosions and car chases. Unless you are a testosterone-filled teenager, there is not much to see here. ...more info
  • Sci Fi with a Relevant Message
    It may seem a stretch to give four stars to "The Island," a science fiction action adventure piece long on action and carrying a conventional sci fi theme--human cloning. The story line is admittedly not surprising: human clones are raised like livestock in an isolated, tightly controlled secret community to either prolong the lives of their original human counterparts through the harvesting of their organs or by producing babies for infertile women. The clones have been told by their "normal" human managers that they are the only survivors of a catastrophic contamination of the rest of the earth and that they are gradually being settled back out as space permits on a beautiful tropical island. In reality, those who are selected for the trip to the Island are scheduled for organ harvest or baby delivery, after which they will be killed.

    But despite the relative lack of originality and the obvious play to chases, crashes, fast vehicles and breathless escapes, this film made a great impression on me due to the relevance of its premise and the thought-provoking environment it created. While Hollywood is usually morally tone deaf if not downright morally insane, science fiction films and television are often surprisingly profound and insightful, even prophetic. "The Island" is no exception. Its depiction of a future American society in which the lust for extending life results in the debasing of life is very pertinent to contemporary debates about science and ethics. Traditional reverence for all forms of human life is on the defensive and a shallow pragmatism that increasingly allows for any measures to be taken, so long as the end cause is worthy, seems to be winning the day. Using human embryos for scientific experimentation and ultimately products is a big step in the direction towards the horror depicted in "The Island."

    I was particularly fascinated by how the film depicted the interaction between humans and the human clones. The underground human cloning factory/facility/prison is staffed by large numbers of humans, working as technicians, doctors. nurses, security personnel, computer programmers, switchboard operators, administrators, food service workers, etc. The jobs run from low skills to the elite of science and engineering, and include men and women of various races and ages. Despite the large number of these employees, they all are fully aware of the fate of the clones that they care for and control. This is not a premise based on a small cadre of devilish conspirators who are in the know, while the rest of the community are deceived. As different and as numerous as they all are, they have all bought into the lie that these clones are subhuman and morally worthy of no more consideration than livestock. The facility is in fact similar to a livestock operation in the manner in which the humans view the clones. Yet at the same time, the many different features of the place--the work duties, the entertainment, the security measures to prevent romance, the elaborate deception practiced on the clones to insure their tranquil behavior--all scream out that the clones are fellow human beings, not cattle or chickens. While the film's setting is fantastic, it is a chilling reminder of how easy it is for people to view another type of person as subhuman. Once one classifies someone else as subhuman, one can rationalize any horrendous treatment of that person.

    The only absolute protection against the debasing of humanity is a foundational belief in the sanctity of human life. If humanity was created by God with his special stamp of approval there can be no argument for using people as objects. That this must also include the earliest forms of human life and the means of procreation is demonstrated by the film "The Island." If we do not hold every aspect of human biology that is fully human or in the process of becoming human sacred, we will end up using these forms for food, medications, body parts, and God only knows what else. If a society denies the sanctity of human life, lust for life, fear of death, greed, ambition, and apocalyptic political and scientific theories will motivate mankind to turn upon itself. Because "The Island" brings this subject into focus, I highly recommend it. Four stars instead of five only because the action/adventure element was a bit overdone for me....more info
  • No Film Is An Island
    The old saying goes, "Nowadays even the future ain't what it used to be." Indeed, as imagined by director Michael Bay in The Island, it's downright ghoulish. Fans of sci-fi thrillers will notice many influences - The Matrix and Bladerunner are just two. It has their visual style, brilliant art direction, and dazzling special effects. Where it differs is the level of commitment to concept. In Matrix and Bladerunner you have interesting philosophical puzzles examined with precision, in the Island an interesting moral puzzle is introduced and then dropped the way a child with ADD might drop a video game to spend a little while grinding marbles in the garbage disposal.

    If you've ever wondered about the ethical consequences of using stem cells, and speculated about the inevitable impact of this practice on society, this movie was supposed to be for you, but isn't. For that matter, if you've ever thought about the difference between "important people" and "disposable people" - i.e., rich Americans vs. third world teenage kids working in slave labor conditions, meticulously crafting day-glow costumes for "Hip-Hop Barbie" - this movie could have been for you had it been written and directed by someone else. As it stands, if you like snazzy visuals, bodacious chase scenes, and plot holes large enough for an armored car flipping end over end to pass through, sloppily wrapped in a pseudo-futuristic snack pack, this movie IS for you.

    All films are written in 3 acts; usually viewers don't notice the transitions. Here it looks like the three acts were shot on different sets in different countries, written by different people, and directed by different people. Act 1 is classic high sci-fi, visually convincing and intriguing. Something is rotten in Denmark, we don't know what it is but it's cool, and we want to find out. Act 2 is a chase scene on steroids. Oddly, in the future some things are very different while some things haven't changed at all. (Sadly, the Cadillac logo is the same, puzzling, since it looked old fashioned 50 years ago.) In Act 3 many things blow up, the film even attempts a brief reconciliation with its basic premise. Bay's chutzpah is such that he briefly reminds us of WWII death camps. Had the film addressed its theme seriously, this might have been forgivable.

    If The Island has any enduring message at all it is this - whether we live underground in a controlled environment out of time, or above ground in a semi-futuristic kluge - one thing will always be constant - Steve Buscemi. His brief appearance, (one assumes he was making a cameo in another mediocre movie nearby when this was being shot), is like everything else you've ever seen him do. Even the bar he haunts and the bikers he drinks with are present day. But, can we be sure it's him? Is it even possible for Buscemi to be in so many movies at once? Perhaps he was a prototype in the Echo series. Now that is scary....more info
  • Stylish Visuals, Great Stuntwork Lead Way
    Scientists creating "clones" are the villains in this movie. The clones' purpose is to provide their human counterparts replacements for defective body parts. (Boy, I could use a few!)

    The only problem is that one of the clones (Ewan McGregor) starts to become human with feelings and emotions all his own. He is then joined by a female clone (Scarlett Johansson) and the two them try to escape their surroundings - a prison-like laboratory in the middle of the desert.

    The last half of the film is them on the run, trying to tell someone the truth.

    This turned out to be an Arnold Schwarzenegger-type action movie, which isn't all bad because Arnold's films were at least entertaining. It features the same stuff: outrageous scenes in which incredible things happen to the assassins shooting at them from 30 feet away and never hitting them or falling from tall buildings....and never getting hurt! These two leads have nothing on Superman! They are indestructible, apparently. It's lunacy....but it certainly has it's fun moments with some tremendous stunt work.

    To me, the best aspect of this film was the stylish camera-work. There are some really, really nice visuals in this presentation, and good sound. A good Blu-Ray disc of this movie would look and sound awesome. I see one is out, but it's unavailable for sale. I wonder what's up with that?
    ...more info
  • If you think you've seen it before... have. This film has been compared to "Logan's Run", "The Matrix", and "Coma", to name a few, but it most strongly resembles 1979 B movie "Parts: The Clonus Horror", probably most widely screened by viewers of movie mock-a-thon "Mystery Science Theater 3000". Sitting through "The Island", I kept thinking to myself "Boy, this looks familiar." In fact, "The Island" is almost a complete, play-by-play clone (ba da ching!) of "Parts", right down to the outfits worn by the clones. There is currently a lawsuit against Bay brought by the makers of "Parts", which should be an open-and-shut case.
    This film is set in a futuristic clone colonie, where the wealthy and influential pay top dollar to keep copies of themselves available for spare parts. The clones are kept docile and in the dark by the facility's employees, not allowed to leave until they are selected to go to an almost mythical paradise (the Island). Of course, the clones allegedly going to the Island are actually being euthanized for their organs, their patrons having gotten sick. The movie focuses on a male clone who questions his environment and eventually brings down the enterprise. Ewan McGregor is satisfactory in this role, his acting reasonably good despite the bland dialouge. His female counterpart, Scarlet Johansen, is pure eye candy, a mediocre actress who happens to be a knockout blonde but leaves you wondering if she would get the lead (or even a major part) in a college play (the best performance is turned in by Sean Bean, the Evil Scientist?.)There is plenty of action for the viewer to chew on, making for an entertaining enough popcorn movie, but it is not only nothing special, it is nothing original. Maybe worth a rental, but not much more....more info
  • great action movie
    I still wonder why the movie did not do better at the box office. It is one of the best action movies in the last 5 years.
    Great story, great actors, fast pace..........
    I already watched it 3 or 4 times by now...more info
  • :0)
    great action pack movie not what i expected, it has some similar patterns to other movies i've seen but i think they did a good job ...more info
  • Solid sci-fi action flick
    I normally don't watch films like 'The Island.' I'm not really interested in the "sci-fi" genre at all, and I can only stomach so much of so-called "action" movies with their over-the-top special effects and their superficial storylines. 'The Island', however, was a surprisingly interesting watch that is part sci-fi, and part action. Without giving too much of the plot away, McGregor and Johansson play "clones" who are kept locked in an underground institution and not allowed to go outside because of a "global contamination." Their memories have been programmed and they are under the impression that they are being groomed for a trip to "The Island," a distant paradise that is free from this alleged contamination. Needless to say, there is a much more sinister reason for their captivity, and when McGregor's character discovers clues to their real purpose, the plot begins to unfold.

    Scarlett Johansson is absolutely lovely and certainly added to this film's appeal for me. McGregor gives a great performance and certainly carries the film as the lead actor. Besides being entertaining, the film also carries a message. That being that science, for all the good it has done and continues to do, can be taken too far and if allowed to go unchecked, can be used for cruel and inhuman ends....more info
  • Stunning
    Life underground is controlled. Everyone wears the same uniform and everyone has a specific job although they don't know the purpose of their jobs. There is a lottery to go to an island get away and all members look forward to this. What do they don't know is that the lottery winners coincide with policy holders needing a body part and that they are the prize.

    We both liked this futuristic action about a society of clones who live under ground without knowing who they are. Two of them learn that they are being grown for their body parts for the original host (who thinks they are vegetables) and escape into the outside world to let the real world know what's going on underground.

    Beautifully choreographed actions scenes, a good script and a great team of actors help pull off this movie that is somewhat reminiscent to the 70s cult classic Logan's Run. The Island raises the obvious question about how far we should go in cloning research and whether a line must be drawn, where, and just who gets to pick up the pen. I highly recommend this film for its entertainment value and thought provoking innuendo. Reviewed by M. E. Wood....more info
  • Action packed movie with a good story.
    Wow. This is another great movie people should of watched instead of listening to the Critics. If You Like Transformers or Bad Boy II This is the movie for you....more info
  • Commercial and Soulless
    I expected more from this movie because of the two leads who acted in it and I use "acted" loosely. It's another commercial, soulless movie coming out of Hollywood. I am sure everyone involved with this film was paid a truckload of money. I also usually NEVER like movies with a car chase. It's never realistic and what's with the two lead actors falling from a high rise...and walking away with just minor scratches. I guess I too would have been in this film for the money but I would have been compromising myself....more info
    For some reason Michael Bay gets panned by everyone yet his movies are always blockbusters. Personally I think he makes excellent movies and his visuals are spectacular. Its not the explosions or the excessive actions its all about the colors, angles, moods and emotions he manages to capture on film. His films are art, he is an artist, they are visually beautiful. I know a bunch of avant garde loving film geeks will despise me for saying this but honestly I would MUCH rather watch Michael Bay films over hyper inflated, avant garde schlock like Tarkovsky.

    Good movies and good art need to be accesible to ALL. Michael Bay manages to achieve films that appeal to all audiences.

    This is a fun movie and one that is a great contemporary telling of Plato's cave allegory. Interesting, well executed and visually stunning.

    Hate me if you will but I think Michael Bay is an excellent film director....more info
  • Maybe the most awesome looking Sci Fi Film ...amazing art direction
    I know that it's a weird reason to recommend a movie-- but I'm a major Sci Fi fan and also a futurist in the real world (not reel) and I think this is one of the most amazing looking films that there is...lots of kewl visions of the future....the movie is overdone and overwrought...supposedly about the end of the world .....Lincoln Six Echo (MCGregor)lives in what he thinks is an Utopian facility protecting him from the outside world...and his goal like the other residents is to be called up to go the island of their dreams....but (SPOILER here) -- turns out he's a clone - and the rest of the folks are too...just waiting and simmering until their real person needs their replacement's 2019 and they are all waiting for their lottery number to go to the island -- but it's not a prize but a punishment in reality...good popcorn thriller-- but I've seen some people who say it is a metaphor for a political system and a way to deal with the biological challenge of cloning humans too...No matter what they are a kewl couple..Ewan McGregor and Scarlett Johannsson are hot -- maybe not so much together in the film...but I said everythign looks good -- the movie -- the sets etc...okay I didn't necessarily say realistic-- but sets....enjoy it for what it is....a brief escape from reality to reel-ty! ...more info

    If you passed on THE ISLAND (DreamWorks) because of the misleading title, strange trailers and obtuse poster, some bad reviews, well, you missed a great-looking, high-energy thriller that's essentially an uncredited remake of 1979's CLONUS (Mondo Macabre).

    Set in a near and believable future, it's about the ultimate insurance policy wedded with cutting edge science.

    To say more would be unfair. For a surprisingly satisfying, edge of your seat experience about identity and mortality check out this overlooked flick....more info
  • Commercialized action fest with a few good questions along for the ride
    The Island is not a terrible movie as some claim. Nor is it a great one. It is an average quality action bonanza masquerading as a science fiction film. I say masquerading because while the plot line fits neatly into science fiction cliches, the movie is at its best when glorying in exploding Mack trucks, hover bikes, gun fights, and car chases. The science fiction story is merely a mechanism to deliver heavy doses of wanton destruction. There is nothing wrong with action for action's sake, as long as you can set aside your disbelief. This is a 'turn off brain, watch stuff blow up' kind of movie. Watched with those expectations, it is seriously entertaining and well worth renting.

    That said, the movie has many flaws:

    The plot line is so full of holes that I'll not bother pointing them all out, but a few are remarkably glaring such as continuity errors in droves. One is when we learn that all "Echo" products are 3 years old, despite the fact that earlier in the film one Echo model indicates he has been waiting to go to The Island for 7 years! Which is it? Other elements strain credulity like the necessity of shutting off a holographic device whose purpose is never explained, and even when shut off, contributes nothing to the film's storyline.

    The science fiction elements are rehash from other movies, and the few poignant questions the film raises, such as the morality of producing clones to harvest their organs or the viability of trusting private corporations to behave ethically without any mechanisms in place to assure that they do, fall far short of their promise. The Island is more interested in entertaining with explosions and unbelievable stunts than offering serious answers.

    By far the most IRRITATING thing about the entire movie was the far too frequent product placements, many of which seriously date the movie. I mean come on, and information terminal with MSN logo 50 years in the future? Cars that are remarkably similar to present day, including a 09 Cadillac? A dorky looking Chevy truck driven by Buscemi's character? Budweiser beer bottles blatantly set center screen for nearly a second... The list goes on and on. All of these adds are more easily spotted for the silliness that they are years after the film's original release. They smack of greed, and undermine the film in a huge way.

    The technology presented is so all-over-the-place, sometimes exactly the same as present day (the automobiles) and others seemingly very advanced such as nano-bot neuro scanners that enter one's eyes (and a blatant rip off of Minority Report). The depiction of a future LA is about as mundane as it could be. Why film makers think the future should be depicted by hovering mono rails or air born traffic is beyond me. There is nothing futuristic about the film; it relies only on cliches from older and superior films.

    The acting is wooden and the characterization is nonexistent. It is very hard to sympathize with anyone in the film, as the main characters are cutouts made even more two dimensional by the fact they have no real histories, and have by the film's own admission "the education of 15 year olds." There is very little fertile soil here to grow anything interesting. The characters are beautiful (especially Scarlett) but that's about it.

    Overall this is a movie that succeeds as an action blowout but not as a thinking man's movie. Bay is an action film maker, and this is another in his long succession of spectacles big on CGI and small on story and character. A movie like Blade Runner made you CARE about the characters, even the Replicants that Deckard was out to destroy. Bay struggles to make the audience care about anything more than the outcome of one more protracted chase scene. The Island can dazzle with effects and explosions, but it cannot move the viewer's heart.

    2.5/5 Stars. Worth renting, but only if you want a mindless action flick and don't expect anything more than that.

    ...more info
  • Great blockbuster movie
    I think the Island was the best movie I saw the year it came out. It started out with a great story and within the second half of the movie exploded with great action sequences.

    The basic plot is that ewan mcgregor and scarlett johansen live in a environment that is supposed to be a contaminant free area and they have survived a sort of global contamination that killed most people. Every once in a while there is a drawing to leave this clean environment that is sort of boring and go to this sort of tropical island where I guess it is also contaminant free. They find out there is no island and they are clones used for rich people as spare parts. So they escape and the rest of the movie is them being chased while they are trying to find their sponsers(the people that they are the clones of) and then trying to free the other clones. That is pretty basic I didnt want to give to much away.

    Anyway ewan mcgregor and scarlett johansen do a great job as well as steve bucsemi and the guy that plays in those dex commercials as well as a great villian in sean bean and the guy from blood diamond djmon houston was good as the guy hunting them down. Great sci fi. Great message too.

    Also very good special effects and action sequences, great story and acting.

    Kevin...more info
  • good treatment of theme, slowed by tedious action scenes
    I found this a surprisingly engaging treatment of the clone/dysopian theme. I would have given it five stars if they would have explored that a little more and given us a little less of the inevitable tedious car chase/smash up stuff which I tend to yawn through. Too much of that in the end of the film, almost enough to make me want to walk out, it went on forever. It would have been better to see more of the clients and the clones' end -- the scenes with Stillweather and the surrogate mother were quite chilling. Nice touch too, with the bounty hunter finally
    identifying with the clones. The two actors were nothing exceptional, but reasonably competent and more engaging than you'd expect. The director of the institute was good.

    Worth seeing even if you fast forward through some of the "action" scenes that really slow down the story about 3/4 of the way through.

    How disappointing that the sole "extra" feature on the DVD had to do with the ridiculous action scenes and nothing whatsoever about the story itself. If I could, I'd take off a half point for that. Why should the whole of the viewing public be regarded as 10 year old boys, who think of nothing beyond the car crashes? In spite of that they did a surprisingly good film if you can sit through the interminable obligatory "action"....more info
  • Congratulations You're Going To The Island
    Michael Bay's action packed sci-fi vehicle is sure worth every penny. Even though there are some similarities between this and the 6th day and many other science fiction movies of the past it still manages to bring in something new to the genre. The movie begins in a facility where supposedly the last humans are living, of course this is a lie, and they are in fact clones of rich industrialist who want either to live longer or need a new organ to live on. The interesting thing is that the clones don't know they are clones, and the real copies don't know there are clones of them living in a military bunker. without giving any more details this movie is worth buying, the action is very reminiscent to other Michael Bay's movies (Bad Boys II, Transformers) in my opinion this is probably bay's 2nd best movie (the first being transformers) if you liked the 6th day or enjoy high adrenaline action sequences with an interesting and intelligent plot then this movie is for you

    ...more info
  • Take a little THX-1138, add some Logan's Run... oh, and Michael Bay...
    What do you get? Well, a lawsuit for plagiarism, but that isn't what I'm going to talk about here.

    The Island started pretty well. Production design was great. The story was intriguing. Very nice job of introducing questionable elements into the 'perfect society'. I thought Michael Bay was going to surprise me. The product placement was irritating and cheesy, but I could live with it. While the writing was pretty corny, it was still nice to see Michael Bay trying something a little different for him. Something smarter. But once our heroes escape, the movie nosedives. It felt like two completely different movies were tacked together.

    As I said, I was enjoying the beginning. The survivors of an unspecified "contamination" dwell within a sterile, self-contained city. Their happiness and well being is paramount to those in charge. They are watched over and coddled. They have no real concerns. They live a life of leisure while holding out hope that they will be the next lottery winner, which promises them a one-way trip to The Island, the last uncontaminated place on Earth.

    Once you discover The Truth, the rest of the movie degrades to non-stop car and foot chases. Explosions, shattered glass and twisted metal and lots of running and yelling fill out the last hour and a half or so.

    I'm all for action movies. Loved Die Hard and many Schwarzenegger movies. It's that the over-the-top action seemed so out of place with this particular story. It seems to me that if I was the head of a company and its' future was up in the air because some damaging information was stolen, I wouldn't think that the best solution would be to send a heavily armed militia through crowded downtown Los Angeles to retrieve it. For the story that was being told, some Hitchcock style suspense would have worked much better.

    Like I said, the start was promising. Then the movie switched gears. After about an hour I was just wishing the movie would end already. I've read that this is Michael Bay's best movie yet. That may be, but it sure doesn't say much for him as a director.

    I've just found out that this movie was plagiarized from The Clonus Horror. That one got the MST3K treatment, but I'm betting that I'll still enjoy it more than this movie....more info
  • Pretty Good Sci-Fi Flick
    The Island is quite a thought provoking movie that explores the concept of cloning and cloning for human organs as a commercial exercise. Although the movie is a 'bit' disturbing at times, overall it has a strong story line, excellent visual effects and lots of technology thrown in. There's a very cool flying bike contraption and a levitating Amtrak train.

    A point to note is that all throughout this movie you can see very recognizable logos of well known companies. Perhaps this movie is also an experiment in 'in-movie' advertising. Ewan McGregor and Scarlett Johansson make a good team here and overall add to the likability of an already quite capable movie.

    I think this movie would have done a lot better on DVD than in theaters. A scifi fan cannot go wrong with this one....more info
  • Deserves a special edition!
    This movie deserves a 2-disk special edition, with many extras such as more making-of documentaries, deleted/extended scenes, possibly a blooper/gag reel, additional commentaries, and any other behind-the-scenes info.

    [As any Region 1 DVD, it should contain full English and French audio (as well as subtitle) support; just grab the dubbing from the France version -- not necessary to re-record using French Canadians.]...more info
  • It is Amazing
    This in my top ten movie list of all time. Love the story and the action was awesome. The only negative is that it is very long but as long as the movie works than yes, I'd definitely recommend this to any sci-fi action fan....more info
  • Suspend Your Disbelief For This One
    All in all this movie was all right. Michael Bay movies can be a little one dimensional and this movie clearly is. One must ignore glaring holes in the plot as well as plot developments that are a little bit of a stretch. I like the premise of the movie's clandestine cloning which helps me like the movie. It was also helpful to have Ewan Mcgregor and Scarlett Johansson as the lead actors. They were able to at least bring a little life to the picture. Like they say, this is a rental to watch on a rainy day with nothing else to do....more info
  • Have We Sunk So Low?
    The Island is a slick, fast-moving sci-fi story about the horrors of the cloned-world. It tells of a time when a society refuses to see the truth, but instead puts a smokescreen around the truth. What are the smokescreens that create the horror? They are many: 1) The privileged people kill other people for their own privilege and health. Note very carefully in this film: There are no obligations discussed by the privileged, only their rights. When the "human" Lincoln meets his clone, the "human" one treats the clone like......well......a mindless, soulless clone. It is fascinating that the major figure who helps the clone, who sees his humanity, is an African-American, whose ancestors, and perhaps even he himself, have been seen as mindless, soulless less-than-humans; 2) Those privileged people do not allow themselves to look into the dark, protected world of the clones. That which you can't see is that about which you can't feel guilty; 3) The most chilling aspect of the film is the use of euphemisms, words that cloud real meanings. You know what I mean: In Vietnam, the enemies were "gooks," for example. Well, in this futuristic tale, we hear the "humans" refer to the clones as "insurance policies" and "products." I urge the viewer to listen carefully to the other euphemisms sprinkled throughout the movie. This movie is more about words than action scenes. The euphemisms are the truly chilling parts of it all. Can anyone say "embryonic stem cells"? Does anyone still wish to do so after watching this film? If so, then why don't we all stay above ground, not venture into the underground womb of the clones, and pass the soma around. We all need a good high to keep us creative so that we can keep the euphemisms coming. ...more info
  • Is too much action possible?
    This thing is very noisy and the action, after a slow opening, is almost non-stop car chases, crashes, explosions, building collapses etc etc. After awhile, it all begins to look the same. And sound the same. Also, at 2 hours and 10 minutes, this is about 40 minutes too long to tell its story, which is rather simple. There is nothing to justify the length, other than, perhaps, the director's reluctance to leave yet more noise on the cutting room floor. At least ScarJo is something to look at. But why is Djimon Hounsou always dripping, just dripping, with sweat dripping offf his bald head, while no one else is? Hmm?...more info
  • No bad...
    Not a bad movie... I would not pay more than $10.00 for it but not a bad way to spend 90 minutes or so....more info
  • What Can I Say?
    Throw together a little bit of James Bond, a little "Logan's Run", a little "AI", a bit of "Amistad", a controversial political topic, a whole lot of action, a hot Scot and a blonde bombshell, and you OK movie. The plot is interesting: what if you ran into your own clone?? What if you WERE the clone, and ran into the "real you"? Interesting concept that could have filled up two hours better if you took out a lot of car-crashing, helicopter-crashing, motorcycle-crashing, and futuristic aircraft-crashing. Plus the coy "product placement" was very cheesy. They go to a phone booth, and "MSN" is displayed prominently. He makes a call on a private picture phone, and "Nokia" is displayed, large as life. Same style logos as they have now, in 2006. What makes them think the logos will look exactly the same in 2050?? Won't they consider them antiquated?? A fun but silly little film....more info
  • Not bad at all, definitely worth a watch....
    This movie had mixed reviews like many others of its kind so in order to form your own opinion you simply had to see it. So I did. The story itself is very intriguing and asks a lot of questions. I liked the build-up and the great job they did showing al of the details that go into cloning and the processes that this factory goes through.

    McGregor and Johansen are good choices for their parts and play them well. The supporting cast also does its job well with Steve Buschemi adding a littlecomic relief here and there.

    Sure, the action was over the top at times but Ive come to expect this with action movies so I can forgive the slight un-plausability of a few of the escape and action scenes. They didnt detract from the movie at all and this is whats important. The film raises some very interesting questions about humanity and whats really "fair". Are clones real people? Do they deserve to just exist for their "owners"? The film does a good job posing these questions without geting too touchy-feely. You did actually feel for some of the clones though when they finally won the lottery and expected a happy life when you knew what was really coming and they had no idea. Very cool!

    I would probably add this movie to my collection if I found it marked down or in a bargain bin which I probably will in the near future. Its good enough to buy provided you arent paying full price. Otherwise, it is ceratinly worth a rental or a Netflix choice.

    ...more info
    It's a def. must have for your collection. It has everything you need in a movie, suspense , action, romance and funny parts,and the actors are great! an overall good watch me and my husband have watched this one many times and love having it in our collection. Hope this helps!...more info
  • The Island
    Scarlett is so hot in this movie alot of future stuff and wow Scarlett is hot in this...more info
  • "You want to go to the island"
    This is a good film by Michael Bay that obviously has some story to it dealing with some important ethical and morailty issues on cloaning. This is not the first time a movie has been made on such issues, though its an improvement over such films such as The 6th Day. With a great cast, excellent use of cgi action in a futuristic setting, and a fine plot - one would think it is an overall success. It is enjoybale in the end, but the three main elements seem to clash along the lines too often to keep it from perfection.

    The movie begins with the enclosed lifestyles of the clones, though we don't know that they are clones quite yet. It brings up many questions as to what exactly is going on, and though a bit slow at times, it doesn't really matter cause it makes you want to keep watching to figure all this out. Once we discover the meaning of what is exactly going on, the thrills of the chase and action begins, and that's where it gets exciting yet the story gets a bit crumbled down. Then comes the question of if this is exactly right, what people are doing to these clones, and it comes to the point that even bad guys will do good when the line is pushed too far in their field of work (you'll know what I mean when you see the Djimon Hounsou character).

    If the moral/ethical point of view is tiresome or doesn't interest you, there is still plenty of sci-fi thrill to entertain, as well as plenty of humor thrown into the mix. Again, the cast list is impressive, and even the smaller roles seem to play an interesting part in this film.

    Overall, this is a fine movie that is good but not great. Things don't flow too smoothly altogether, but this is still a movie sure to entertain and make a great comment about ethics and morality about longlivety.

    Acting - 4
    Action - 4
    Characters - 4
    Story - 4
    Overall - 4
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