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Everybody Loves Raymond - The Complete Fifth Season
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Studio: Hbo Home Video Release Date: 09/02/2008 Run time: 750 minutes Rating: Nr

The beloved sitcom Everybody Loves Raymond would be as brutal as a Strindberg drama if it didn't make familial bitterness so genuinely funny. Stand-up comedian Ray Romano (Ice Age) plays Ray Barone, a sportswriter married to Debra (the sharp and sexy Patricia Heaton) who has the misfortune to live just across the street from his invasive, bickering parents Frank and Marie (Peter Boyle, Young Frankenstein, and Doris Roberts, Remington Steele). Rounding out the cast is Ray's neglected older brother Robert (Brad Garrett, Gleason), whose every accomplishment has been ignored because his parents prefer to dote on the younger, cuter Ray. Robert, whose gloomy mug and huge size makes him loom over Ray like some malevolent alter-ego, is actually more honest and sensitive to the needs of others than is Ray, who's both self-centered and too eager to please--an impossible balance that Romano spins to great comic effect.

The fifth season presents the show at the peak of its strength. The season opener, a two-part story about a trip to Italy, degenerates into schmaltz, but immediately afterward Everyone Loves Raymond regains its bearings and launches into series of deftly played and skillfully written domestic skirmishes between husband and wife or parent and child. Episodes range from an explosive fight over wallpaper (a fan favorite) to anxiety over Ray's twin sons playing fairies in a school performance to the separation of Debra's seemingly perfect parents (Katherine Helmond, Brazil, and Robert Culp, I Spy). It's hard to imagine that any other show could get away with such a morbid view of marriage. In one episode, Ray and Debra panic when they realize they're running out of things to talk about; but after they witness Ray's parents having a meal without speaking a single word (a hypnotic pas de deux between Boyle and Roberts), Debra persuades herself that being quiet with each other is true intimacy...but the show never tells you whether she's discovered marital zen or if she's just rationalizing the inevitable emotional heat-death of a life-long commitment. Robert's romantic troubles recur throughout the season, culminating in the nightmare of having his ex-girlfriends meet to hash out everything that's wrong with him. Just a slight adjustment in tone would make Everyone Loves Raymond a bleak indictment of how people can be cruelest to those closest to them; instead, it's a cunningly comic celebration of how people can be cruelest to those closest to them. --Bret Fetzer

Customer Reviews:

  • "This is where fun goes to die"--Raymond
    This season starts with the two-episode Italy trip which was OK, but I normally do not care for episodes of shows that are placed out of the usual setting. In reviewing the other episodes, this season may be my favorite of ELR. There are so many highlights including the famous "Wallpaper" episode where Ray's parents drive through their house. My other favorites include "The Author," "The Walk to the Door," "The Sneeze," "What Good Are You?" (my favorite of this season--it is just hilarious), "Fairies," "Humm Vac," and "The Canister." Extras include deleted scenes (on the DVD with the corresponding episodes which is nicer than all of them on the 5th DVD) and a few commentaries on selected episodes. The subtitles sometimes come up when I start a new episode but, going to the title menu and selecting "Language," I can turn off the subtitles and can resume the episode where it left off.

    Disc 1:
    "Italy Parts 1 & 2"--Marie treats her family to a trip to Italy. Raymond is in the dumps until the end of the trip and Robert meets Stefania who will make future appearances.
    "Wallpaper"--One of the more famous episodes. Marie and Frank back their car through Raymond and Debra's house. When the contractors repair the wall and the wallpaper does not quite match, Raymond goes ballistic. Raymond's reaction seems out-of-character but Debra recognizes it's an explosion over many issues. Nothing really is resolved here but I don't think Raymond is ever pushed this far again.
    "Meant to Be"--Robert decides to settle down with Amy and thinks it's a good idea to tell her about his flings with Stefania and ex-wife Joanna. Joanna makes an appearance (yuck).
    "Pet Cemetery"--Raymond leaves Ally's hamster's cage open and it goes in the freezer and freezes to death. Raymond learns something about Ally at the funeral.

    Disc 2:
    "The Author"--Raymond isn't too excited about Robert being promoted to lieutenant because his publisher just rejected his book. This is the episode where they fight in their mom's living room with "bugles."
    "The Walk to the Door"--Raymond and his family go to a wedding. In attendance is a woman Raymond dated one time in high school and he obsesses over not walking her to her door. Debra is angry that Raymond doesn't regret inconsiderate things he does to her so he comes up with an example of his regret in typical Raymond fashion--he steals it.
    "Young Girl"--Robert is dating a 22 year old and Marie and Debra get pushed out of shape.
    "Fighting In-Laws"--Debra's parents visit for Thanksgiving and, after Debra gives Ray the usual speech about how normal her family is compared to his, Ray overhears them talking about seeing a marriage counselor.
    "The Sneeze"--Raymond is sneezed on at the airport and is paranoid he's caught something. Debra suspects Ray's mother is enabling his illness. Very funny one.

    Disc 3:
    "Christmas Present"--Raymond and Robert try to figure out the best Christmas present to give Debra so she'll let them go on a golfing excursion.
    "What Good Are You?"--Raymond does nothing (as usual) while Debra is choking and he starts to think he can't be counted on in an emergency. Hilarious! Especially the splinter scene.
    "Super Bowl"--Raymond gets two tickets to the Super Bowl and decides to take Gianni which angers Robert, Frank and, believe it or not, even Debra. It's painful to watch what Debra guilt-trips Raymond into doing to the tickets near the end of this episode.
    "Ray's Journal"--Ray's mad when he finds out his mother would read his journal when he was a kid but his mother is mad at him for a hurtful entry.
    "Silent Partners"--Debra is worried when she and Ray go out to eat and have nothing to say to each other.

    Disc 4:
    "Fairies"--Frank does not like his grandsons playing fairies in the school play and Raymond starts to see things his way. Very funny.
    "Stefania"--Robert's girlfriend from Italy arrives and he's bothered by her poking him all the time. Meanwhile, Stefania's father decides to buy Nemo's.
    "Humm Vac"--Raymond buys Debra a Rainbow knockoff super vacuum and Debra thinks she can prove to Marie that she's not the perfect housecleaner. "This is what we call the `wow factor.'"
    "The Canister"--Debra is mad because Marie keeps insisting she never returned her canister. Frank actually does a good deed here.
    "Net Worth"--Debra gets mad (is there a pattern here?) at Raymond because he gave his buddies $1,000 for a Go-Kart investment and told her it was HIS money. I like when she takes all the sheets off the bed including the mattress cover (very thorough).

    Disc 5:
    "Let's Fix Robert"--Stefania and Amy meet and discuss all the faults in their ex-boyfriend Robert.
    "Say Uncle"--Raymond is worried that his kids are becoming closer to Robert than to him.
    "Separation"--Debra finds out her parents are "on the path to divorce" and Raymond isn't very sympathetic.
    "Frank Paints the House"--Frank is furious when Raymond fires him from painting his house. I don't care for this episode that much because Frank gets so emotional plus he is totally wrong. Yellow fades more quickly than almost any exterior color and it does not cover well.
    "Ally' Birth"--Raymond takes Ally to a father-daughter dance and thinks back to when Debra was pregnant with her. The cab scene is a highlight (what was up with Robert's hair?)....more info
  • fast service
    Wow! It was so simple to preorder the Raymond dvd! As soon as it came out, it shipped and I recieved it very fast!

    Thanks!...more info
  • Everybody Loves Raymond
    This was bought for my husband and he really loves the show. Even though we now have this on DVD he still watches it every night on tv. I also think it is a very funny show. We have bought the first seven seasons so far and are planning to buy the rest of them. I believe we have bought most of the seasons through Amazon. They have the best prices and we have never had a problem with delivery or the condition of the DVDs....more info
  • Hilarious Show!
    I love this show, and this season did not disappoint! It includes the Italy episodes and quite a few Robert-centered episodes. A great buy!...more info
  • ELR Season 5
    Everybody Loves Raymond - The Complete Fifth Season, is another journey well-worth taking with this great cast. Season number 5 is full of some hilarious episodes, and also some average episodes. It is difficult for a show to be great every week, though this series comes close. One of the hi-lights in this great series includes the episode Wallpaper in which Marie drives into Ray and Debra's living room. One of the hilarious episodes includes Ray finding out that Marie read his diary which included some incredibly private [measurement] moments. Four solid stars.
    ...more info
  • fast service
    Have ordered several items, without any problems.
    Appreciate the fast service and responses to any questions.
    Will continue to order....more info
  • Everybody Loves Raymond - Season 5
    One of the greatest television series of all time. I love owning this series....more info
  • Price is the best.
    All the seasons of Raymond are great & as always has the lowest prices with the free shipping....more info
  • Everybody Loves Ray "5"
    As always, We LOVE Ray!! It is just such a "Down to earth" show that deals with everyday life. Ray is always such an "idiot". Debra's cooking will never get better,(except for the stuffed beef). Marie will ALWAYS be there. Frank, Well........."Holy Crap!" And Robert will just remain Robert. (Except if he's Raybert)
    I can be having a very bad day, but pop in a Ray DVD, and the world is a better place!! Ya just Gotta LOVE Ray!!!...more info
  • Lacks something that previous seasons had...
    Reading the comments of other reviewers I was intrigued at myself as to why I did not like this season as much as they did. Instead of getting carried over with the momentum of the previous 4 seasons, if we treat season 5 on its own merit, it is a little bit below average. The situations are forced, the actors are forced to fit into their stereotypes, periodic overacting are some of the many issues that plague this season. One reviewer pointed out that the writer had changed for this season. May be that could be a reason. The previous 4 seasons had an element of natural-ness to the sitcom, while in this season the plot feels like it is a result of a hardly-thought-over-process. On repeated viewing, however, I should say that I got used to this season's flavor and started to like it too. Since Amazon does not let me change the rating, I just would like to state here that this season deserves a 4 star lenient rating and not a strict 3 star rating that I have done.

    On a macroscopic level, ELR is much better than many other sitcoms of its age....more info
  • a fifth [season] of Raymond beats a fifth of just about anything else [for me]
    The fifth season of EVERYBODY LOVES RAYMOND opens with two of the most poignant and beautiful episodes they have ever filmed (in my opinion). These are, of course, centered on the trip that the Barone family makes to Italy. So funny and delightful! The rest of the episodes tow the line between being brilliant and poignant. For example, Robert (Brad Garrett) has a hard break-up with his on-again, off-again girlfriend and takes up with Stefania (Alex Meneses), a girl he meets in Italy, as well as meeting other Ms. Wrong's along the way. Poor Robert. You want to hug him for being pitiful, and you want to strangle him for being so mopey. Of course, we also get a sense of the strain in the relationship between Raymond (Ray Romano) and Debra (Patricia Heaton), and their forgiveness and reconciliation that takes place, after their explosive exchanges. RAYMOND still has it, five years into the program. Don't miss up this DVD collection....more info
  • Great Show... learn how NOT to be a good husband!
    We watch these dvds with our teenagers and my son always says, "Yeah, mom, I got it... so this is how I should NOT act, right?" My daughter just sits and laughs and then says, "If my husband EVER acts like that..."
    The cast is perfect together. Frank and Marie are a perfect blend of sarcasm and insults tempered with JUST enough loving moments to let you know they do love each other. Raymond and Debra have great chemistry, and poor Robert... well, he's perfectly cast as well.

    Its fun to watch, and a fun learning experience. We recognize some of the characters a little too well... but its all in good fun, and our teens appreciate getting to stay up later and watch something that the younger kids aren't allowed to!:)

    I love owning these on dvd, we can watch when we want and without any commercials....more info