Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion Collector's Edition (DVD-ROM)
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Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion is the most richly detailed and vibrant game-world ever created. This new chapter uses next-generation technologies to create a fully immersive gaming adventure. The Emperor of Tamriel has been assassinated and the killer still runs loose; meanwhile, no heir sits on the throne. With no Emperor upon the throne, the gates of Oblivion open wide and demons invade. Your quest is to find the lost heir and place him on the throne, before demons destroy the land. Special Collector's Edition includes: Pocket Guide to the Empire, "Making of Oblivion" Documentary and a Septim Gold Coin. Next-generation graphics with pixel-shader effects for high-definition TVs, creating lifelike towns & dungeons, and the most realistic forests

  • Live another life in a whole new world -- gamers can create and play any character they can imagine, from the noble warrior to the sinister assassin to the wizened sorcerer
  • First-person melee and magic systems bring first person role-playing to a new level of intensity
  • The groundbreaking new Radiant AI system gives Oblivion's characters full 24/7 schedules and the ability to make their own choices based on the world around them
  • Features over 1,000 non-player characters who come to life like never before -- facial animations, lip-synching, full speech, even unscripted conversations with each other
  • The enormous world of Oblivion is open, giving you short challenges and open-ended gameplay -- everything from fighting bandits to mixing potions

Customer Reviews:

  • Good For An RPG
    The game is good but has alot of bugs here and there. U get stuck in rocks and some game objects. The third person shows u how much the models r fake. It isnt as realistic as i thought it would be, to tell the truth i was abit disappointed after playing it. The story is good though and the vids r awesome. Love the coin :D...more info
  • Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion Collector's Edition
    I like this game:

    Big open world

    Great graphics

    Lots of freedom in terms of what you will master, what quests you do, how you do them, if your good or evil, etc.

    There are some game balance issues though:
    I would say that poisons offer a great example of this. Many poisons seem worthless. (Actually that could be said of many potients.) In addition when you posion something, lets say an arrow, the entire poison potient is used up and only one arrow is posioned. It would be much better if it were for X number of arrows, or lasted on all arrows for Y minutes like other buffs. The poisons seem worthless to me early on. I am told by a friend who finished the game already that by the time your at the end, poisons are ridiculously over powered. This should have been noticed and rebalanced so that they provide a consistant reasonable effect acrost the game. I am guessing they were victim to the Cost/Quality/Time Triangle on this point which is suprising because the rest of the game seems to have had the needed resources and is really good.

    One good thing about the games balance is that the enemies in the world tend to more or less scale in level and skill to your level and skill to provide a consistant challange. I personally like this a lot, but have debated it with others who did not. The exception to this rule is that Oblivion gates seem to be a predetermined difficulty which caused confusion for another friend who felt his character was really underpowered when he attempted his first one. A tool tip (or reading this review) could avoid that confusion.

    The music is awesome and feels really epic.

    Voice acting adds to realism and reduces reading of dialog. (Now if only the many books you find in the game were read by a voice actor)

    Overall: Good game, I would buy it again....more info
  • Fantastic!
    This game surely is the best RPG in the history of gaming thus far. My favorite part of the game is your ability to become a vampire. So far, I've been playing the game for 150 hours and I habe yet to even touch the main quest. If it were possible I would give this far more than 5 measely stars. An excellent buy at any price....more info
  • The Best RPG I've seen to date. Period.
    I have never been a fan of the Elder Scrolls Series, but playing Oblivion completely changed that. This game realism, both in graphics and audio blew me away. I was constantly having fun, well, doing whatever the heck I wanted to.

    -extemely open ended
    -a graphical work of art
    -tons of cool mods out there

    -Need a semi-high end PC to truly get Oblivion
    -I felt lacking after beating the guilds

    PS: be sure to get the guide book...more info
  • The ultimate gaming
    I have always been a shooter fan. This is the first RPG I've played. I love this game. I cannot believe how immersing it is. I have played well over 100 hours already, and I am not even close to finishing all of the quests. This game is highly addictive. If you are a shooter fan, you should enjoy this game even though there are no guns. I do have a custom built PC for gaming, and you will need a good system to run this with all of the stunning visuals turned on. You might get by on a weak system if you turn the settings down. I have an athlon 3500 processor, 1 gig RAM, and 2 nvidia 7900 GTO video cards in SLI, and it runs fine with most of the settings turned up. I recommend the collectors edition because the packaging is beautiful. This game is worth far more than I payed for it because of the endless hours of enjoyment it provides. I recommend this game highly to anyone who appreciates PC gaming. It's probably the best game I've ever played....more info
  • Hours and hours and hours and... yes, more hours of gameplay and fun.
    First of all, let me just state that I started off in the Elder Scrolls series with the Game of the Year edition of Morrowind. I loved that game, but felt that there wasn't a whole lot of replay in it. Maybe it was the way I played it, but I felt like I did everything the first time through. However, before that I've played and loved many PC RPGS and Console RPGs, but I've never spent as much time in any game as I have in the world of Cyrodil from TES IV: Oblivion.

    Currently, between all of my different characters, I've spent over 300 hours playing this game. Since I purchased the expansion pack, The Shivering Isles, I can already tell that I'll be hitting 400 before I'm done.

    The best thing about this game is that there are so many ways to play it. You can roleplay it, which is what I do, and if you do this then the possibilities are huge. It doesn't force you one way or the other. So far, I've played a Robin Hood-style Fighter/Thief type that steals from the rich and gives to the poor, a cold-blood assassin who's only motivations are greed and power, and a kind-hearted mage who only wants to strengthen her magic power and use it to make the world a better place. Of course, you can do some similar role-playing or you could be go the "munchkin" route and just do everything in the game with one character! The game doesn't force you either way...

    The story, and I won't repeat it here as it's been stated enough, is interesting enough on it's own, but is easily the weakest part of the game. This is okay as I really didn't want to feel rushed into following the main quest and just wanted to get myself prepared for it. Going into Oblivion gate after Oblivion gate does get old after a while, but you really don't HAVE to do that many if you don't want to. Again, it's up to you to decide what you want to do in this game.

    One of my biggest complaints about Morrowind was walking from place to place. Yes, it's great to see the scenery and check out some places off the beaten path, but once you've gone the same route once or twice, it just gets old. It did have a mode of transportation, but it didn't go everywhere and I found myself walking around the same areas entirely too much. I'm a guy that doesn't have more than 30 minutes to 1 1/2 hours a day to play a game so spending so much time walking and not getting anything done can get boring.

    With Oblivion, there is an option to Fast Travel to anywhere you've already been! This method is perfect for me as I can walk to the destination, see what I want to see on the way there, and then if I need to go back just click on it on the map and I'm there! Time does pass when you're fast traveling so it isn't like teleportation in the game world. It just keeps you from the monotony of travel. Keep in mind though, that if you do like traveling from place to place over and over again that you don't HAVE to use Fast Travel.

    The gameplay is excellent! You can sneak, fight, run, jump, make potions/poisons, pick locks, blast off hundreds of spells (and make your own), collect weapons and items and display them in the many houses you can purchase, and partake in numerous quests.

    The level-up system is one of the the best things about the game. The more you use your skills then the better you get at them. The skills that you choose for your primary skills are the ones that will cause you to level up the more you use them. If you want to be a better acrobat, then jump around everywhere you go. If you want to be an athlete then run and swim as much as you can! If you want to the quietest and sneakiest assassin or thief around, then you'd better sneak around everywhere so that you get better at it. That's the way it works and it makes a lot of sense to me instead of just leveling up by bashing monsters to death.

    There's so much good about the game that I could go on and on, but my main point would be this:

    If you want a game that will entertain you for hours and you want an open adventure where you can do just about whatever you want then you'll want to get Oblivion as soon as possible!

    -Open-ended game, do whatever you want
    -great leveling system
    -hours upon hours of gameplay potential
    -be good, evil, or anything in between
    -entertaining main story, but even more entertaining guild storylines and sidequests

    -System Requirements were and still are kind of high.
    -main storyline is pretty short and can get tedious
    -some people may not like the open-ended nature of the game and may want more direction...more info
  • This is a great game
    This is the best rpg that i have ever played. The graphics are great,and you can play just about forever. I've played about 50 hours and haven't even touched the main quest yet. Definitely worth having....more info
  • An attractive nuisance -- and I mean that in a good way
    Brilliant, beautiful, engaging stuff that pinpoints exactly what it is we all love about fantasy, and does it with artistry. But beware: this is the most unbelievably addictive game you'll play. I actually got to the point where I resented having to take bathroom breaks, and if I didn't have to pay the electric bill I'd have quit my job. So pace yourself!...more info
  • The best single player RPG IMHO
    What set this RPG apart from many others was it's vast open world with highly realistic graphics, coupled with a simple yet effective combat system. There's tonnes of places to visit and a lot of different weapons, armor, magical items and other tomes.

    I often stray away from the main plot to engage in little side adventures, either with the sub plots provided in the game itself or I just ride off into the lands and encounter places at random. That's what I like about the game, you are not tied, you can go wherever you like! I'll even go out on deer hunting trips to sharpen up my bowmanship!

    I would like to see a Middle Earth style oblivion game with Orcs, goblins etc. That would be awesome!

    Finally, there's no limited activation nonsense with this game. If you are looking for an RPG that doesn't have draconian DRM, this is a great buy right now ;-)...more info
  • Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion Collector's Edition (DVD-ROM)
    this is a very good game it has very high detail and wide varites to customize your guy/girl with. it is so detailed you can see screws in the benchs.However main quest was weak and it was rerated due to mods...more info
  • Live a fantasy life
    Oblivion should be judged for what it is: the best open ended RPG ever created. No, it's story isn't Final Fantasy (or Baldur's Gate 2) level. On the other hand, it's interesting, well put together, and fun but short.

    Who cares!? This game is about going anywhere, living a fantasy life on your own terms. There are always new place to explore and new adventures to be had. The volume of side quests alone is staggering, to say nothing of just interesting dungeons to explore for fun without a quest.

    This game shouldn't be missed....more info
  • RPG game of the year

    The game is the best 3D RPG game currently out there.
    graphics decent
    long story arcs
    seemly endless loots
    favor with multiple factions
    add-on packs
    doing quest in any order anytime anywhere
    It's closest thing to any MMO without being one.

    Too many places to explore.. and most places are to similar to care.
    After you become really powerful your character enemies don't scale with his power.
    Takes to long to level some magic powers you have to spam level spells.
    No clear quest path since you got a wide choose to anything several of my friends said the game is boring, because my friends are too lazy to explore the world and find quest to do.
    No multi-player
    Some quest clues are vague.
    No replay value
    overly important alchemy slows down questing and game play

    owning homes in every city.
    NPCs that are dead stay dead.
    having multiple factions to talk with
    Most NPCs actually speak every quest using a SOUND FILE to you everywhere you go.
    Mounted horses added.

    actually owning the shops

    Main Story Arc
    >40 hrs
    Side Story Arcs
    >200 hrs

    Similar to following:
    Gothic : Differences: Amount of hours
    Neverwinter Nights : Differences: Hours to complete / Controls / and a not 1/4 view top down look.
    ...more info
    This is easily the best rpg for the computer ever created, the only problem is that you need really high system requirments, even higher than the box suggests most of the time. But if you can make it work on your computer than this game you will not stop playing for a looooooong time. The graphics if you can run them on high detail are CRAZY AWESOME. There are so many weapons and armor and side quests. You will spend a long time playing this game if you want to 100% complete it by doing the main quest and all of the side quests. And another good thing about this collector's edition is that you get a big map that says where the key areas in cyrodiil are. The mini-guide to tamrial is helpful to because it tells you about the characters and all about the eras of the game. And the Septim coin is pretty cool because you get to see what the money in the game looks like. So overall this game is THE BEST GAME IVE EVER PLAYED FOR PC....more info
  • Definately among the top 5 games I've ever played.
    This game starts off a little slow I think. However, 67 hours of play time later, I'm finding it very difficult to pull myself away from it once I start playing. From what I understand, this game took over 4 years to create and I don't think they wasted a single day of those for years. If you are a very busy person and can't afford to be glued to your screen for extended periods of time, then run away! If you love an awesome video game to keep you interested more than just a few plays, then buy this now. I haven't touched any of my other games for a long time. It's gotten to the point where I just about forget that I have any other games besides this one.
    Also, one last thing... I'm not even a fantasy Role Playing type of gamer yet I still find this game to be incredible. Ok I'll stop taking up your time with this review... the game will be doing enough of that on it's own....more info
  • a game straight from oblivion
    Oh boy, This is such a mixed bag this game...
    I'll start with the ugly:

    It gets repeatable after about 100 or so hours.
    That wouldn't be a problem if the game weren't designed for 400 hrs, so after 100 hrs you start to see same things allover again. The interiors of Ayleid ruins for example, beautiful at first start to get pretty appalling later. The caves... those get ugly much sooner. The outside terrain gets empty after that, too
    The problem is this: not enough variety for such a big world.

    Interface. Looks like the PC version of the game was an afterthought. Mods that make it more usable were created pretty soon tho'.

    Supposed NPC scheduling and AI are terrible, they are as dumb as they were in Morrowind. Dialogue options are very few and the dialogue itself doesn't have that fantasy feel to it at all.

    Inability to delete spells that are not needed anymore.
    Prices of things are quite randomly set.
    After 50 or so hours your character has practically the best armor and weapons available in the game and enough money to buy anything because most bandits also wear the best equipment, and they can be disposed of very easily.
    Not enough variety of things that you can actually use (weapons, etc.)... too many different things that you can't use at all (household tools, etc.).

    Again, houses are a gimmick like they were in Morrowind. For gameplay/advancement there is no purpose to own a house.

    Quest log is not needed because you are `handheld' on every quest from the beginning to the end and all you got to do is hack and slash through it.

    Only 4 guilds to join and quest for - there were around 14 in Morrowind. Those questlines are painfully linear, although their individual quests are often fun.
    Linear main quest.
    There is no connection between guilds, their quest lines, NPCs, main story, etc. Numerous cases when an NPC logically should have knowledge about particular events but doesn't, or a particular event logically should trigger a response from an NPC but doesn't.

    No requirements whatsoever for joining a guild or advancement in a guild like it was in Morrowind, which simply speaking makes being in a guild much much less fun. I figured each one of them must be desperate for new members, hehe.

    The story lines are laughably simple and give no choice of action whatsoever. No characters to actually care about because characters, which have a quest attached to them can't be killed.

    The minigames are a terrible addition and simply break immersion. Lockpicking - paradoxally it's easier to pick higher difficulty locks than lower ones.
    The loot system for what you can find in locked containers is terrible, since most of the time the highest lvl chests contain trash.

    Bartering - terribly implemented. The speechcraft minigame is nothing but bizarre.
    During dialogues, minigames, or when you have inventory open the time and all movement simply stops, which again breaks immersion.

    The good:

    The game world is big, so big you need a means of transport, namely a horse.
    The world has its own weather effects, which actually change in time. Personally, I never seen anything like that in a game before... and it is very very cool.
    Day-night cycle. Sunsets and sunrises, those are beautiful indeed, especially considering that the visibility during clear weather is outstanding.

    The plant life, the ground, foliage change according to altitude and to a particular area of the world... and this change is smooth, gradual. Again, never seen anything like that in a game before. Makes it much more immersive.

    Combat is nice, but ranged combat with a bow is even nicer.
    Great implementation of sneaking.
    ...more info
  • fun
    I had dreams of playing this game and nightmares too the game is great if u have a suprendous video card which i do so yipeeeeee for me it has some the most detail that i have ever seen in a game characters are either hared core fun killing or a pain in the keyboard after bying this game go get kinght of the nine but first i recommend a worthy amount of time playing the first one it is a horrifying game that is so syi fi its not even funny jk ...more info
  • Where is my order?
    I have had this game and the paperback book ordered since May 13, and I still haven't received it. In fact, although the item is listed as "in stock", according to the order history, it hasn't even been shipped to me. How long must I wait for this game???...more info
  • frustrated
    I was unhappy to discover that our computer is not powerful enough to run this game. Apparently you need some really high-end technology to play. They cannot even upgrade our computer to play this. I can't tell you about the game, because we can't play it....more info
  • Oblivion is RPG heaven !
    If your a fan of RPGs and can't deal with online play, then this game is for you...Single player only, no online requirements(like Guild Wars or WOW). Oh yes, be prepared to deal with bugs..this game will crash occasionally, but its that good that you don't mind.

    Like to Dungeon crawl, no problem, there are hundreds. Quests are not linear, so choose what you want. Start the main quest, come back to it any time! Visit towns, there are NPC quests galore. Join a guild, get more quests...THIS GAMES GIVES YOU YOUR MONEYS WORTH..AT LEAST 100 HOURS OF GAME PLAY.

    Here's one tip...anytime you battle with Vampires, check to see if you've been bitten..then consume a cure disease potion or go to a church and pray. If you don't once you sleep, you'll be a vampire, and then its a long quest to cure yourself (or conversely, save your games a lot, and then revert back to a saved game)...more info
  • A Good Game just like granddaddy used to make!
    I'm not a hardcore RPG fan, and I wont say this my won my attention longer than any other, BUT this will have a spot reserved on my computer for years to come. Two reasons make this a must buy for anyone looking to explore a really good game on their pc.

    Epic build. Your not blowing $50 on a game you can tear through and trash in 5 hours. This is a quality investment both for hardcore and new gamers alike. Despite some small control issues this is an easy game for anyone to jump into and play however they like, and then play again in a totally different way. What I appreciate is after putting it down a while it is very easy to pick up where you left off, a rarity for some RPG's. Hardcore RPGists will appreciate the scale and customizability of the game, along with a refreshing amount of original content. Either way your going to get all the bang for your buck.

    Graphical Landmark. I would buy this for the fact alone that it has become the current gaming computer benchmark and an impressive one at that. I watched people spend hours just wandering around the gorgeously rendered landscapes, forests and mountains and sit to watch the sun glare. Unfortunately that means you need some good hardware to enjoy the games finer beauties. But even some graphic shortcuts look really good.
    ...more info
  • Oblivion and the player
    I have played this game in the amount of thousand of hours since I bought it well more than a year ago, and I am still playing it. No single game can please everyone, and it may very well bore some people, but Oblivion has provided me with a game that can be kept on playing. On the computer, there is a very easy way to adapt it to your own way. You add mods. They really thought about the player in this way, there is nothing to stop you from creating your own mods to make this game better. I have over a hundred mods, and it has improved the game for my enjoyment beyond any game before or after could ever do. So many computer games have been coming to the shelves broken and unplayer, and so many more that require high-speed internet to play and payment for every month, and I live where there is no high-speed. So those broken games only cost money and disappointment. Oblivion may crash once in a while, but with computers, even notepad can crash once in a while, there are too many factors involved, but mostly, Oblivion has very very few quarks. I enjoy Oblivon on a 22" high-definition wide screen monitor, and at 1680 by 1050 it looks amazing. Indeed for the best graphics you need a really good computer, but if you have the good computer you are not left with oldish graphics as some other games. It does require some effort to get this game to run on VISTA, but it can be done and it works great. I would recommend this game to anyone who likes RPGs or Shooters. The dialouge may be a little limited, but there are limits, and they pushed them farther than so many other games. And if you would like it better, then just hunt up some mods and you can make it into the game of your dreams. You are only as limited as your own imagination and hard work....more info
  • Great for exploring, but kind of soulless
    While I agree with most everything that's being said (ie the game has tons to explore; the graphics are great, but you need a good computer; it takes forever to do everything) I do have one complaint: there aren't really any characters. Sure I guess Martin's almost a character, but he's kind of boring. Uriel was boring too. Everyone else, though, just seems the same. You go to a different town, but see all the same people. No one has a personality. What I wouldn't give for a Minsc and Boo.

    Also, after closing tons of Oblivion gates, I got so bored with them I started to see how quickly I could run through them; whether I could run through them without getting hit; whether I could run through them, not get hit and get all the treasure, etc. The gates are so tedious.

    Yeah, there's tons to do, but after a while you just don't care anymore....more info
  • My First RPG
    You know the game is good when you never played this type of game before, and your afraid you might get addicted if you go any further. I am at the very beginning and really am amazed at how the game puts you in this world sucking you in. The Area where you make your own character when you first start I was on for about 20 minutes. this game is awesome !...more info
  • Lives up the hype, but then again it doesn't
    For me TES4 Oblivion was a game to be played once since in one game it was possible to do everything in it. It's more like a boring typical fantasy storyline sequel to Daggerfall than one to Morrowind. Had the main quest been more interesting the game would have fared better in my opinion.

    The Pros:

    Combat was a lot of fun
    Some of the side quests, like the guilds were interesting (except the mages)
    Can be moded
    The game's graphics are just eye candy

    The Cons:

    The main story line was really hackneyed
    Voice actors were constant
    Can't fight on horses
    Leveling monsters
    Spell system could have used some work
    Many of the quests were repeats from previous Elder Scrolls games...more info
  • The Best RPG Game for the years 2006/2007
    The first point id the huge size of the games. A large choose of races, classes, equipments, spells, quests, dongeons....
    Playing it is liking it....more info
  • Fun to play, wish I had a better video card
    I love this game. Unfortunately my two computers' video cards are not capable of handling it. One of my computers was even purchased close to when the game was released. Sigh.

    So beautiful, but I am missing its total glory with my lousy video cards....more info
  • What you need to know before buying
    The game requires a very high end video-card in order to display correctly - even with a newly new 2.8 GHz HP desktop, I wasn't able to play the game without the purchase of a new video card - the CHEAPEST supported video card being just over $100.

    Now that's not necessarily a negative - the graphics are amazing, and you can't render them on just any piece of hardware. But for someone like ME, who is not an avid and devoted "Gamer" - the requirement was restrictive and not clearly laid out on Amazon prior to purchase.

    For those of you considering the game - please note the supported video cards, which I've listed directly from the package:
    ATI X1900, x1800, X1600, X1300, X850, X800, X700 and X600 Series
    ATI RADEON 9800, 9700, 9600 and 9500 series
    NVIDIA GeForce 7000, 6000 and FX series

    Once you've passed the hardware barrier, the game is absolutely lovely - a great number of characters to choose from and beautifully rendered....more info
  • Great at first, dull in the long run
    I loved playing Oblivion early on. What really got to me after a while was how repetitive everything was. Ruins and caves, while plentiful, are all much the same. As you level up, so do the creatures. Since this happens quickly, I ended up spending most of the game playing against bandits and monsters that were essentially repetitions of what I had been up against earlier. I have recently started playing Gothic 3 (with the latest patch), which is comparable in scope to Oblivion, but is much more varied.

    That said, I still recommend this game. There are lots of fun quests, and the stories are good. The Shivering Isles expansion is definitely worth adding....more info
  • The most unbelievable experience ever!
    I built a new system just for this game. I couldn't believe the graphics quality of this game. After a few hours of walking thru the terrain you notice the grass waving and the trees swaying in the breeze. The birds singing and then BANG a huge creature comes at you and wants you dead. You pull out your Mehrunes Razor and slice him up, if possible. After a hard day you retire to Frogspire and chill out with a Shadowbanish Wine.
    This game is the greatest game I've ever played. OK its really the only game I've ever really totally engorged.
    I am running at 60 frames a second and I'm glad I spent the extra money on the video card. The quests, no matter which one you play, either the Main or the sides are a blast. The people you meet are cool. Go into the Imperial city and compete in the Arena. Then become part of the Dark Brotherhood. Learn Alchemy and Spellcasting.
    Its a never ending journey to finally get the Amulet of Kings and restore the Dragonsfire and close the Oblivion Gates forever.
    This is going to be a long journey, well worth the money for the expansion sets too. (Knight of the Nine and Shivering Isles)
    Hope you enjoy it as much as I am....more info
    Yes, you can really enjoy the "wow, eye popping graphics" if you have a high end system. I have a duo core 3 GHz with 256 MB GeForce and 2 GB RAM, and I found I could turn up all the detail, except the grass (field effects, sorry I forgot what option that was) but anyway everything else up full the game looks just amazing.

    But down to the nitty gritty, I can only say that I confess I have not grown up on the entire series, in fact I jumped into the Elder Scrolls series on this game so I can't comment from a long time player of this series. However I can say point of fact that having played hundreds of video games, this one is just amazingly good at the user interface. Everything is easy to do and easy to access.

    I find myself playing the game to complete quests, and at other times playing the game to just eliminate the stress of daily life. Wander around the country side, meet new people, I can't help just riding my horse around and stopping on a hillside to look miles into the distance and see towns and places I've visited before in the game. I really feel like I'm in the game! Which is more than I can say for any game I've ever played.

    As for the game quests, most so far are not that difficult, although I'm maybe only 1/8 into the quests I did download a walk-thru as I got confused on one quest where you were supposed to go at dawn to look at a message on a rock, only I could never see the message. The walk through clarified the side of the rock I was supposed to look at and it started glowing at dawn as expected.

    Anyway, to sum it up, a 100% wonderful game in all respects, especially for a role playing game, for once in all my game searching I've finally found one of the best games ever made (in my opinion), and gone are the blocky graphics of the pre-year 2000 games. This one really, really rocks for game play, control interface, plot & storyline, quests, and eye-popping gorgeous graphics - just make sure your computer has a high end video card, with all features turned up in the game !!!...more info
  • Great RPG experience!
    I like a lot of different RPG's. I am a fan of the Knights of the Old Republic series (my favorite), the Final Fantasy series, Fable, and now the Elder Scroll Series (my new favorite)! It is a totally different experience than any of the other series. The closest is Fable, but it too is quite different and Oblivion is much better in my opinion. Both are enjoyable but Oblivion simply allows more freedom and has infinitely more depth (physic, AI, alchemy, enchanting, etc.). To me it is the close you can get to living in a different world. I was a little worried that I could not put the time into this game that it deserves, but it shouldn't sway you from purchasing this game.

    If you have a PC with good specs, I would recommend this version for the Mods. I run an Alienware Aurora 5500 with an Athlon 64 3500+, 1gig of ram, 6800 GS and I am very happy with the graphics (even though they are not maxed out, this is a very beautiful game and it runs smooth on my system). If you can't run this game I would highly recommend Morrowind, Game of the Year edition.

    Buy this game, you will not regret it! Please support one of the best RPG makers ever!
    ...more info
  • Oblivion
    Graphics are great, works fine even on minimum spec machine (with shadows, & fancy stuff turned off).

    very much like everquest 1 without the network/people . Lots of graphics, spells, weapon customizations, character customizing.

    I've been playing it for about 4 weeks so far, and I still like playing it.

    Somewhat adult innuendo all over the place , but very funny at times too....more info
  • Excellent game through-and-through
    When I first heard about Oblivion, I was a bit skeptical. I've never been much of a role-playing game fan. But since I'd heard so many good reviews for it, I finally decided to try it out. I have to say, I'm glad I did.

    This is one of the best games I've played in a long time. The main storyline is intriguing and in-depth and the side quests keep the action going long after you've finished the main story. The graphics are simply breath-taking, especially if you've got the hardware to turn everything up all the way. And even if you don't have a high-end system, the graphics are adjustable enough to make it work.

    I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a game that will last them many hours. There's not an infinite amount of content, but I'm still exploring dungeons and ruins even after logging 40+ hours on the game....more info
  • Installs Bloatware
    Installs a second program that will not be uninstalled with the game. This is just plain wrong....more info
  • Four and a half stars. Oblivion will blow you away...
    If you have a high-end system to play it on. Unfortunately, if you're like myself, and refuse to blow $500 or more annually for a new computer or a game console/home entertainment system upgrade, you might be gritting your teeth with frustration every time the game refreshes and your system freezes up. I'm playing Oblivion on a fairly new PC with decent hardware (so I can't really speak to the Xbox or PS3 crowds), and, yes, I'm gritting my teeth. Can you hear my screams?

    Even still, Oblivion may be the most beautiful game I've ever seen. Bethesda really pulled out all the stops here - you could play this baby for a long, long time. After about a hundred hours of play, I've barely scratched the surface. The graphics are astounding - cities, countryside, dungeons... Everything is gorgeous. Game play is deeper and richer than ever, but still...

    Some pros and cons:

    First, the good stuff.
    1. Graphics - simply amazing.
    2. Game play - darn good. Tamriel is bigger and badder than ever, which is saying something, considering the Elder Scrolls history. Bethesda has created a rich, vibrant world, full of living, breathing characters and open-ended play. You can choose to follow the story line, your own muse, or a combination of. Join guilds, play as a noble character or the scum of the earth. It's up to you.
    - Character creation - tons of customizable choices, and each choice brings something new to your gaming experience.
    - Once again, you can buy horses, property, and furnishings. Your houses are actually homes.
    - You can invest your hard-earned dollars in shops, which allows the shopkeepers to actually pay you more for your hard-won loot.
    - NPC's live real lives - they have daily agendas, will stop and eat lunch, or dinner, stop and chat with other NPC's, sleep, and more. They aren't just a clunky way for the gamer to pick up information anymore.
    - Factions have a whole new impact on the game, and their quests have much deeper meaning - you're actually following a story line within each faction you join, instead of just repeatedly going out to mangle a pack of giant rats. Cool.
    3. Hey! There's a unicorn! What the...?
    4. Be sure to check out the expansion pack, the Elder Scrolls IV, Knights of the Nine, for another 5 to 20 hours of more fun.
    - Start your own Crusader faction and play as a Paladin arch-type in search of some seriously powerful artifacts.
    - Equip your horse with armor. Mine likes to fight anything that looks at me wrong, and usually ends up getting his butt kicked. Why not?
    - New homes: a wizards tower, a thieves den, or perhaps a vile lair...
    And even more stuff that expands on the world of Oblivion...

    And, well, the other stuff...
    1. Character voices. Bethesda roped in some impressive voice talent with Patrick Stewart, Terence Stamp, Lynda Carter, and more, but it seems they blew their budget on the big guns. Out of the hundreds or thousands of NPC's you'll meet, there's only about five or six different voices, one for each character class/race. And Lynda Carter sounds like she was reading her lines in her sleep.
    2. Serious system hog. Crash, load, freeze. (Especially during melee fights. Your buddies - or your horse - will love it when you start hacking at them instead of the bad guys because the freakin' game stalls in mid-sword-swing.) I understand about minimum system requirements and all that, but come on. See my gripe above - who can afford to shell out thousands of dollars for new equipment every six months? Maybe if my family didn't need to eat, or if I didn't have to pay rent...
    3. Character design. This applies mostly to the NPC's, I think, who usually just look goofy. Not to the monsters or player created characters (you have a lot of options for character generation, see #2 above).
    4. Moving items. Imagine picking up a sledgehammer by the bottom of the handle with only the tips of your thumb and forefinger, holding it out at arms length with an arm made of limp spaghetti, and then trying to maneuver it.
    - Moving even the tiniest, lightest item in Oblivion is just this frustrating. Cleaning up your house if you knock something over? Shelving books? Wine bottles? Hah! No way. Even feathers make sounds like bricks if you drop them and can knock 100 lb. war hammers off tables. What's up with that? Here's an idea: how about being able to activate shelves and tables and plates and vases to neatly arrange your plunder (I don't mean the closed cabinets and chests and what-not. I'm talking about the stuff lying around out in the open for you to see.)
    5. What happened to the really useful spells, like 'Mark' and 'Recall', or just for kicks, 'Levitate'? Fast travel is useful, but quests can really run long without being able to teleport right back and report to your guildmaster.
    6. How much gear can your character hold? Not nearly enough, especially when you're trying to clean out those big, bad dungeons to earn some quick cash.
    7. You know, I've got ten fingers (and toes, too). Why can I only equip two rings? And what's with the one necklace at a time business? Maybe I want my Redguard warrior to look like a medeival Mr. T, with some serious bling action. Can you help a brother out?
    8. As big as the game is, maybe it could be even a little bigger. I hate that once I reach a border, I can't keep going. How about integrating the rest of Tamriel, for one massive, all-inclusive Elder Scrolls experience?
    9. The teen rating. When will we get a serious RPG for adults? I'm not talking porn - c'mon - but a sexy, down-and-dirty, R-rated, Sam Peckinpah-meets-Peter Jackson, blood-and-guts sort of fantasy? I mean, kudos to Bethesda for throwing in the odd blood-smear and spatter here and there, and for including a couple of weak 'Romance' quests along with some slinky innuendo, but please... And, why does everybody sleep in their clothes, on top of their bedspreads? I understand the need for an ace adventurer to keep their armor and a sword or dagger close at hand out in the wilds, but at home? And, hey, while I'm on the subject, how about letting us lonely adventurers look for some love (at least for a night?), eh?
    8. This 'Collectors Edition'. I spent ten bucks more for a silly 'coin' that badly scratched up one of my discs, and for a cheesy 'making of' mini-documentary? Oy.

    So there. All in all, even though it looks like I've got more gripes than praise, this is a totally addicting, completely immersive game experience. Oblivion is just this close to being perfect; there is just a wee bit of something missing here, but if anybody in the gaming world has the juice to produce the ultimate RPG, it's Bethesda. With their track record, the next one just might hit the mark.

    One recommendation - even for the serious gamer. Grab a copy of Prima's official game guide. It's chock full of info, and is especially useful when used in conjunction with the upgraded journal and map system within the game....more info