M-Audio StudioPro 3 Desktop Audio Monitors
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Recording engineers and music producers around the world rely on M-Audio reference monitors to insure that their mixes are accurate. The StudioPro 3 active monitors bring that same standard of audio fidelity right to your desktop. Custom-tuned cabinets, optimized speaker design, and advanced crossover technology combine with generous built-in amplification to deliver the best sound you can get in monitors this size. Complete with magnetic shielding to prevent interference with computer and video monitors, StudioPro 3 speakers deliver great audio experiences from your music and multimedia applications. They're also great for traveling.

Recording engineers and music producers around the world rely on M-Audio reference monitors to insure that their mixes are accurate. The StudioPro 3 active monitors bring that same standard of audio fidelity right to your desktop. Custom-tuned cabinets, optimized speaker design, and advanced crossover technology combine with generous built-in amplification to deliver the best sound you can get in monitors this size. Complete with magnetic shielding to prevent interference with computer and video monitors, StudioPro 3 speakers deliver great audio experiences from your music and multimedia applications. They¡¯re also great for traveling.

Professional Standards
Most small, inexpensive speakers simply don¡¯t have the design and material standards found in professional studio monitors. The StudioPro 3s change that, delivering the same M-Audio technology and attention to detail we put into our monitors used in studios around the world. The StudioPro 3s deliver a host of features not typically found in monitors priced this affordably¡ªMDF rather than plastic cabinets, internal acoustic foam for better bass response, custom port design for optimal efficiency and more.

Stereo Auxiliary Input and Headphone Output
For maximum flexibility, we have included a stereo "Aux" input which allows you to plug in a secondary audio source (such as your portable music player) in addition to the main RCA inputs in the back. The volume control works on both inputs simultaneously. Additionally, there is a stereo headphone output next to the "Aux" jack that mutes the sound coming out of the speakers and redirects it to your headphones.

Natural Bass
The custom bass reflex port design discharges very low-frequency signals and delivers a smooth, substantial bass response. Need more? The rear-panel Bass Boost control gives you additional low-frequency gain and makes the monitors versatile for different spaces and listening preferences.

Speaker Stands
High-frequency audio signals tend to be fairly directional. That¡¯s why we¡¯ve included stands that help point your StudioPro 3s directly at your ears for an optimal listening "sweet spot."

The StudioPro 3¡¯s enclosure plays an important role. In order to provide more stable performance, we used a special medium-density fiberboard (MDF) and unique interior reinforcement designed to absorb vibration and impact generated under extreme conditions. Additionally, our innovative cabinet includes carefully placed acoustic material that makes the StudioPro 3s sound much bigger than they are¡ªresulting in a smooth, natural bass response.


  • Type: two-way desktop reference monitor
  • LF Driver: 3.25-inch diameter, magnetically shielded with curved cone with high-temperature voice coil
  • HF Driver: 1-inch diameter, magnetically shielded silk dome
  • Frequency Response: 100Hz - 20kHz (¡À3 dB)
  • Crossover Frequency: 2.3kHz
  • Dynamic Range (Maximum Signal-to-Noise Ratio): >80dB (typical, A-weighted)
  • Input Connectors: left and right line input connectors (RCA)
  • Polarity: positive signal at "+" input produces outward low-frequency cone displacement
  • Dynamic Power: 10 watts into 4 O (per channel) at 0.5% distortion
  • Input Impedance: 10k O (unbalanced)
  • Input Sensitivity: 100mV pink noise input produces 90dBA output SPL at 1 meter with volume control at maximum
  • Protection: RF interference, output current limiting, over temperature, turn on/off transient, subsonic filter
  • Indicator: blue power LED ring around on/off/volume knob on front panel
  • Power Requirements: 100-120V~50/60Hz, 220~240V~50/60Hz; powered via detachable 2-conductor line cord
  • Cabinet: vinyl-laminated MDF
  • Dimensions: 7.9" (H) x 5.5" (W) x 5.9" (D)
  • Weight: 8.8 lbs./pair (approx., without packing)
  • Remarkably accurate frequency response and imaging
  • Internal acoustic absorption for greater efficiency
  • Self-powered with advanced crossover design
  • Custom tuned wood cabinet
  • Vented port design for more natural bass

Customer Reviews:

  • Sound great
    These speakers sound great and are worth every penny. As a few people noted, the bass is what you would expect from speakers this size....more info
  • Good sound, poor quality product
    I bought these because they are supposedly professional grade monitors with excellent sound. The sound was excellent, but the speakers must be cheaply made with bad components.

    The first problem I had was with the aux line out. If I plugged something in there and then unplugged it to use the speakers again, only the right speaker would work. After fidgeting with the cords and multiple combinations of plugging in and unplugging both speakers would finally work again.

    The second problem was with the left speaker. After only 8 months of use, it started going in and out and within a week it stopped working altogether. Maybe it's just an isolated incident, but if you do decide to buy, make sure you hang on to that receipt. ...more info
  • good ones
    I use these monitors for home recording and jamming, plugging them into Line6 POD. They are really great and completely satisfy me. I was considering buying something more expensive before (like BX5a), but apparently this is just what I need.

    They are crisp and loud enough for a medium-sized room (of course you can hear *all* details only in the "sweet spot").

    Recommended for "audiophiles"....more info
  • Left/Right Balance is Not Centered
    If you search the internet for "m-audio" and "studiopro 3" you will find that I am not the only person that noticed that the right channel is much quieter than the left channel. If you do not have a balance control on your player you will probably not be happy with these speakers. I bought these specifically for mixing but with improper balance they are useless for that purpose.
    ...more info
  • An awesome set of speakers
    These monitors deliver quality sound, and have a great range. They are not the best just for blasting music with friends in the room, but in the middle volume range with the bass booster on they sound terrific and deliver accurate sound. sweet...more info
  • Great speakers
    Small size, big sound! Para su tama?o son fabulosas, puedes escuchar cada detalle de la m¨²sica, Y para la edici¨®n de musica in your home studio it is just amazing!!!...more info
  • No!
    I had this desktop audio monitors that I used about daily for a year and then, one day, they were done working. The sound quality was mediocre at best and the bass response was flimsy, high frequency response was thin. Buy something else that sounds better and lasts longer than this did....more info
  • Wow!
    These speakers are just AWESOME! I'm really enjoying them with iTunes. I'm no audiophile, but I listen to jazz every day. I can easily discern the intricate sounds of piano, wood bass, percussion, etc. on these speakes.

    These speakers connect easily to your sound card. The cables are all included in the box.

    Previously, I had Klipsch Pro Audio speakers. What a junk; they broke in less than a year. They also sound really horrible compared to M-Audio. Don't waste your money on Pro Audio. I hope these M-Audio speakers last more than a year. But, as for now, they get five stars!

    On a side note, the first unit shipped to me was dead on arrival. It did not power on at all. Thanks to Amazon's "service," a replacement unit was shipped immediately, and I got the second unit in a matter of 3 days.

    Thanks Amazon!!
    ...more info
  • Very clean sound for only 79 bucks
    With only dialup, I had no real use for good computer speakers and so I bought 30 dollar Yamahas. They served my purposes but now that I have the web via cable TV, I needed much better speakers. I shopped around but was not satisfied with anything I saw. Since B&H Photo sends me catalogs, I suddenly found these adorable M-Audios. They are compact and solidly built. The sound is very clear and clean. You hear what is being played without any coloration. And there are no annoying accessories to purchase. They come with all the cables you need or might need and little stands that really improve the sound. For 79 dollars, they are a real bargain. Especially good for classical music....more info
  • best in class for desktop speakers
    I've tested a number of speakers for there different areas: Living Room, Office, and my Desk at Home.

    After trying (and returning a number of well reviewed choices) I settled on the following:

    Desk at Home - M-Audio StudioPro 3 Desktop Audio Monitors
    These simply have the best sound and imaging of everything I tried except the higher end M-Audio reference speakers. No MP3 is going to sound ever as good as a CD through a component stereo(or an LP, but don't get me started). But I am amazed at the quality of these speakers. They wouldn;t have the power to fill a living room, or even an office. By the time you're 6'-8' away from them, the imaging settles out a bit. But for your desk or as satellite speakers for a TV that didn't come with great ones already, they are perfect. They are a little bigger than many desktop speakers overall, but since many desktop speakers are oddly shaped with leaning towers and wide stands, they actually don;t take up as much more footprint comparatively. The volume and headphone jack and aux in are all on one of the speakers, very handy for access and for plugging in your iPod at your desk. I tried several of the higher end M-Audio speakers, and while I found them to be even better with more power and clarity, it just wasn't enough better to justify the additional size and expense.

    Living Room - Logitech Z-2300 THX-Certified 200-Watt 2.1 Speaker System
    This system had the best overall power of everything I tried. Everything else sounds good when you're close enough to the speakers, but as you move away it gets pretty weak. For the living room you definitely need a 2.1 system. Even the M-Audio StudioPro 3 Desktop Audio Monitors, which seem the be the best of the 2 speaker systems couldn't handle a real room. As mentioned in a number of other reviews, the subwoofer unit is larger than others out there. I expect that's part of the reason these have good power. Make sure you've got a good place to hide it. Sound is very good comparatively. Nothing is going to sound like a real 200w component stereo, but this comes pretty close. I find that the imaging, or perceptual soundstage is a little lacking, not as clearly defined as with the JBL Creature II 3-Piece Powered Speaker System or the M-Audio Studio 3. This got better when I added 6' RCA cable extenders to the satellite speaker wires which allowed me to separate the satellites a bit. But still not great. The volume knob thing is nice, and it's nice to have both volume and bass adjustment handy. I guess you could have easily put the controls on one of the satellites like everyone else though. The headphone jack on the volume control seems pointless to me, but maybe you'll like it. What I wish was that you could have an aux input on the volume thing to plug in your ipod or something else.

    Office - JBL Creature II 3-Piece Powered Speaker System
    These 2.1 speakers don't have the total power of the Logitech Z-2300, but they have much clearer and better imaging. Since my office is smaller than my living room, and shares a wall with someone, I don't need as much power. These were perfect. The high end is crisp, and the subwoofer clean. The volume control on the satellites is handy, but the bass adjustment is on the subwoofer. I thought this would be an issue, but you actually kind of set it and monkey with it a bit in the beginning, and then leave it alone. The satellites are much smaller than the Logitech and less cheesy looking, which makes them nicer on your desk. I have to say again how killer the sound is. Imaging is great, and it's crazy how they manage to do it with those tiny satellites.

    There you have it. Enjoy

    Michael Peachey
    ...more info
  • Cheap, poorly-built, lackluster sound.
    After using these speakers for two years, I can confidently say they suck.

    The low price and purported high-quality sound sold me, but in the end I am disappointed. At home I have two KRK RP5 speakers, and it is a night and day difference in sound quality.

    - The right speaker is noticeably quieter than left speaker, especially at low volumes.
    - They really, seriously lack bass.
    - They are not well-built - the right speaker often cuts out as the circuitry gets confused, thinking I have headphones plugged in. I have to repeatedly thrust and jiggle my headphone plug into the jack to unconfuse it.

    - They come with awesome little plastic wedges that you can use to angle the speakers up to point at your head, if they rest on your desk.

    I would recommend buying any powered computer speakers with subwoofer instead of these. They are really not worth the money....more info
  • Fantastic speakers for the money
    I was surprised at the ease of installation of these speakers. A quick glance at the instructions and approximately seven minutes later I had crisp, beautiful sound. I love the included directional platforms that you put underneath the computer to get the "sweet spot" directed at the person in front of the computer. And if you really want it mobile, you can plug in your mp3 player since it includes a line in cord. Really, the best speakers that I've gotten for my computer and incredible for watching movies on the computer or listening to music. ...more info
  • M-Audio StudioPro 3 Desktop Audio Monitors
    What great sound out of a small package. A nice upgrade. To be enjoyed by all around them....more info
  • Fantastic....
    At first i received the speakers on time but dead on arrival. As i contacted Amazon they responded quickly and efficiently. I am VERY satisfied with my purchase. The speakers are great and the service rendered even greater. thanks....more info
  • Ditto- Clean, Accurate-Very Good Value
    Thanks to everyone for the reviews, because of them I purchased these speakers and am totally satisfied. My ear is not trained, knowledgeable, or refined, and many of the reviews were over my head. All I knew is that I have trouble enjoying music when there is too much bass (so I did not purchase the more expensive M-Audios) and that I was not enjoying listening to iTunes on my iMac. These speakers are wonderful, I can hear the highs and lows and all the small wonderful in-between things. I recommend them without hesitation. If you are sitting at your computer dissatisfied with the quality of the music you purchased, DVD's you are playing, or TV shows you are watching - these are what you need! And, if you are like me and your hearing is getting a bit "blurred," these are the most wonderful thing that can happen to your ears to make them feel young. As I write this I am listening to Tab Benoit's new album, Power of the Ponchartrain, and I can actually hear the Triangle in the background - it's been a long time. Buy and enjoy, you won't regret....more info
  • Finally found a good set of speakers!
    Watch Video Here: http://www.amazon.com/review/R15QB9J5IWHO63 Horrendously amateur video review. Enjoy!...more info
  • Broken, right out of the box. They just don't work.
    One works, one doesn't. Tried every combination of cables, etc. Even the headphone jack doesn't work. They're just bad... and they're going back. ...more info
  • Excellent music-oriented computer speaker
    I listen to a lot of music on my computer, and while I can get good sound with headphones, sometimes I just don't want to (or can't) wear them, and I got tired of listening to cruddy "multimedia" speakers.

    If you need a big low boom for explosions in games or to rock your room with dance music, look to a 2.1 system with a separate bass unit.

    Otherwise, these are sweet sounding (and nice looking) speakers, thoughtfully equipped with pads, stands (that can point the speakers up or down if needed) and an auxillary cord (that I can use to connect my mp3 player, a nice option). The "bass boost" warms up the sound nicely if you prefer (I'll put it on for music that I think needs it, though most sounds very good without). I greatly prefer these to my cheap 2.1 set, even with the low bass disadvantage.

    ...more info
  • Awful. Left/Right Balance Not Centered.
    Got a pair of these for $110. The left speaker was much quieter than the right. Returned them, got another pair... same thing.

    Pathetic. Awful. Insulting to spend that sort of money and find them no better, in fact WORSE, than $50 Creative Labs speakers.

    Never again will I purchase anything from M-Audio....more info
  • Great product!
    Great sound for the size of this speakers, very crisp sound!

    I totally recomend this product!!
    ...more info