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Baby Trend Single Snap N' Go Stroller
List Price: $59.99

Our Price: $55.00

You Save: $4.99 (8%)


Product Description

No need to disturb your baby during the transition from car to stroller. Just snap your baby's car seat into this high-riding stroller frame with parent tray and super-sized storage basket -- and off you go. Designed to accommodate most infant car seats, this lightweight superstar has an easy, one-handed fold that makes it simple to stow, even with a child in your arms. It has a front suspension, dual locking front-swivel wheels, and rear brakes to make stop-and-go strolls a snap.

  • Turns infant car seat into stroller
  • Carries all baby trend and most major brands of infant car seats
  • Folds compact for storage and travel
  • Extra large storage basket
  • Rear wheels with brakes

Customer Reviews:

  • Liked it so much, we bought it twice!
    No, it didn't break, we just had a big gap (8 years) between babies! We gave all of our baby gear away after our middle child was born. When we found out we were expecting again, we started checking out the new strollers, figuring that there would be improvements. Well, for the money, this is still, to me, the lightest, most practical stroller. We have a Chicco Keyfit 30 car seat, and while it doesn't snap in, it nests into the opening, and there is a strap for extra security. Yes, this stroller is only good for the infant seat days, but our car seat goes up to 30 pounds, and our baby is a little peanut, so we're going to get many months of use. It is very lightweight and compact (and believe me, you will appreciate that when you have to haul it in and out of your trunk!) I have found it to be plenty sturdy for carrying baby, diaper bag, and packages. No problems with the folding mechanism--it is easy to use and well-made. ...more info
  • GREAT!!!!!!!!!
    Baby Trend Single Snap N' Go Stroller

    This is an amazing product. If you have an infant, you MUST have one of these!!!!...more info
  • Love/Hate Relationship...
    LOVE: the convenience of this stroller in that it is so easy to transport baby from car to stroller for several little errands. I can't imagine having to lug a huge stroller in and out for as much as we run around. Very lightweight and easily collapsable.
    HATE: the rear right wheel recently broke off for no apparent reason - just normal parking lot/store travel, nothing rough. I called customer service and they're sending out replacement parts with no hassle.
    The other con is that it's hard to line up the carseat base with the markings on the stroller and if it's put on wrong it takes a bit of a struggle to release the carseat off the base later. Also, the storage cargo area is not easily accessible - not enough clearance to actually stick a diaper bag in there easily unless the car seat is taken off. So I just hang my diaper bag over the handle bar and it works fine. The cup holders are better used for keys and burpclothes, as a drink is easily jumbled and will surely spill without a lid. Also, my hands would sometimes smell like rubber from the rubber grips on the handlebar.

    All in all, I wouldn't give this stroller up since it gets mucho mileage, but is not free from imperfections. Luckily we got it on a great 3 dollar clearance closeout price, so were not out a bunch of money if it breaks. I don't think I'd pay full retail for it again. Probably would shop around or try a different brand....more info
  • PERFECT for Graco snugride car seat.
    No ndeed to wake baby from car seat to get into stroller. Just pick the car seat out of car and place in this infant seat carrier / stroller frame. GREAT invention. Received as a shower gift and it was greatly appreciated and used often!...more info
  • Great alternative to bulky travel systems!
    This stroller is great! We bought the Baby Trend Flex-Loc car seat for our newborn son due to the fact that we have two year old twins already and with their car seats (even the Sunshine Radian seats, the narrowest convertible infant/toddler car seats on the market) we could not get the Graco car seat and base that we already own to fit. Since the Baby Trend is clearly not compatible with the stroller that was part of our Graco travel system we needed to buy another stroller and really did not want to spend a ton of money since we already have the Graco stroller and will likely buy a lightweight stroller once the baby is old enough.

    We decided to buy the Baby Trend snap-and-go stroller and I have to say it's one of the best baby gear decisions we've made! This stroller is so lightweight, portable, and convenient. I can easily lift it into the back of my SUV unlike our Graco stroller. It comes nearly fully assembled so the remaining assembly (attaching the wheels, fitting the parent console on, and attaching the back part of the stroller bag onto the support frame) is quick and easy. The stroller opens and folds very easily and locks with a single red latch that is easy to operate with one hand. I have not had any issues with the wheels or tipping as other reviewers stated. I think the stroller is actually very stable. The stroller maneuvers much more smoothly than I expected as well. The stroller is compatible with several models of car seats, but be sure to check before you buy if you already have your car seat or you can buy the stroller and then find a car seat that is compatible using the owner's guide included with the stroller. ...more info
  • Perfect for Travel
    I needed a lightweight stroller that could fit into the trunk of my economy sized car. This is perfect. My Baby Trend carseat snaps in securely, it is super light and I can fold it up almost one handed. My only complaint is that the basket is hard to access when the carseat is attached. ...more info
  • Excellent product
    This is a really handy item to have. I have gotten a great deal of use out of it, and have definitely got my money's worth. It's simple, easy, lightweight, compact and convenient. A must for all parents on the go....more info
  • Really like for Chicco Keyfit 30
    I bought this to carry my Chicco Keyfit 30 infant car seat. I really like it. Steers well. Is easy to fold. Feels well made. Looks good. Storage basket is a good size, but accessible from the front of stroller instead of the back, which is a weird design element. The car seat doesn't clip in to the stroller (like the Graco car seats clip into the Graco snap n go), but there is a strap that keeps the seat in place. It's good!...more info
  • Great for small trunks and travel
    We found ourselves at the airport and realized we forgot our daughter's stroller. I had a car seat and that was it, and she was only 8 wks old. We found this and were so relieved when our Chicco Keyfit30 car seat fit! We took it on the plane and it passed for a "one item travel system," so we didn't have additional charges. It has a pretty big basket, but you have to lift the car seat up to fit larger items in it. But I use it now in our smaller car, that has zero trunk space, because it folds up so well. There are no bells and whistles, but it gets the job done and is lightweight and small for travel or a quick stop into a store when you want to leave baby in the car seat....more info
  • Loved this thing
    I did not want a fussy car seat or travel system so I bought this to use with our Baby Trend car seat. I got great use out of this. It was light weight and worked as it should have. It rolled smoothly. It resembles an old pram when the car seat is in it.

    Now we move on to a larger stroller since baby is no longer in his car seat. Bummer. :(...more info
  • Pleased Mom
    I purchased the snap n go stroller for use with my baby trend carseat at a conference. I am a mechanically capable person so assembly was easy though I did struggle a bit attaching the basket, which was on backwards out of package. At the conference the stroller was wonderful. It traversed the grounds of the conference center like a champ and even did some "off-roading" it is was a struggle but the stroller can be controlled with one hand. It is a challenge to get my mid sized diaper bag in and out from under the carrier, but it is just as easy to pick up the car seat grab the bag and replace the car seat. The carseat locks onto the front bar pretty well though I did have to check and make sure both locks caught. I am glad that I purchased the snap n go over a stoller system as it fits into my trunk is easy to get out and use and lets my baby stay sleeping from car to stoller. Overall I would recommend this to others. ...more info
  • Favorite Shower Gift!
    I received the Snap N' Go as a shower gift and have loved it for 6 months and counting! It was super easy to assemble, but that's just the beginning of its benefits. We use it with the Chicco Keyfit 30 carseat and it fits perfectly. Living in the city makes it hard to lug around a large stroller (in fact, I still have the Chicco Cortina stroller in its box!), but the Snap N' Go is lightweight and easy to maneuver. In addition, it fits well in my midsize sedan's trunk with tons of room to spare. I also love the cup-holders for my *cold* coffee and the little compartment for my keys. Great features for a fabulous price. . .highly, highly recommended!...more info