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TaxCut 2005 Deluxe + State [Old Version]
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Product Description

TaxCut Deluxe 2005 puts you in control of your taxes. It provides everything you need to file Federal returns Packed with tax advice and money-saving rebates. Get the most out of your tax preparation experience Just answer simple questions and the program does the rest. Includes TaxCut State program, with state-specific advice, additional guidance on state tax law changes, and more. Multiple options for paying off any taxes you owe

  • Kiplinger¡¯s Tax and Financial Planning Library provides information to help you maximize your finances.
  • From starting a new family to buying a house, TaxCut will help you determine how these changes impact your tax situation.
  • You will enjoy the H&R Block Interactive Library to help you understand the implications of changing tax laws and give you relevant tax advice.
  • Expanded interviews guide you through more involved tax situations like Dependents, Depreciation, Schedule C, and more.
  • H&R Block DeductionPro now included inside

Customer Reviews:

  • Does the job, no better than TurboTax
    I used TurboTax for years and switched to TaxCut since the price was lower. I can't say that it was an improvement although it did the job. My taxes were less complex than other years so I can't comment on things like depreciation. However it did walk me through the steps and I was able to finish my taxes in a few hours....more info
  • Stay away from Tax Cut
    I wish I read all the reviews before purchasing. Just like many others, my installation failed on mmvdpro.swf. I chatted the supprt, and they cut and paste a bunch of support options for me to call. Idiots! Not worth the headache or rise in blood pressure! I had to give it at least one star, but I would really say it was a big fat ZERO....more info
  • If you live in NJ but work in NY, make sure this is what you need
    I live in NJ and work in NY and never owe NJ tax. So when I received this in the mail, I installed NY as my state. Why pay for what you never owe on? When I reached the step to e-file, after I had completed my NY non-resident and federal, it wouldn't let me file them together. It said I had to install and complete NJ. I contacted their technical support and was told I had to file them separate. Really not a big deal, but the whole point of buying software so you could do it yourself is about the convenience. If I filed my federal and state together, what I owed for state would have been deducted from my federal, along with the e-filing fees for both... sorry... those *free* fees, that you only get back once you mail away for them.

    Also when filling out the forms, the spot for State Disability Insurance was made more complicated than necessary. Right there in the help guide, it says NY, CA, NJ and 2 other states have SDI. But when you look at the options it gives you, it only lists CA and NJ on one line for SDI. And when it checks the return later, that same line pops up as a warning, no matter what you choose for it.

    I usually use Tax Act and it's a lot less hassle. I only used this b/c someone I know says it's easier, but it's really not for my situation. ...more info
  • Not terribly helpful for anything but a clean W-2 filer
    I have an S-corp and tried coupling TaxCut 2005 Deluxe with TaxCut's Business software. Neither is terribly helpful with respect to actually completing a return. Anything other than basic W-2 and Investment data is almost always passed back to the User with a suggestion that the User review the Tax Code. I thought that was what the software was supposed to do!?...more info
  • Taxes Made Easy
    Decided to do my own taxes this year for the first time using this software and couldn't be happier. It installed without a hitch and updated seemlessly straight from the program. Took all od two minutes to update and I was on my way.

    This walked me through my federal and state tax forms very easily, and helped me find every last deduction that was possible to apply. The "Interview" style of the questions were clear and easy to understand, and the program makes it easy to flip back and forward in case you missed something, or the program finds an error on a tax form.

    Everything is laid out for you and at your finger tips. The Help Guide is easy to understand, the forms included are plentiful, and all information is updated. You can update as you go along, or update the entire program upon install. The latter worked great for me. The program will still ask you to update a few times. But just skip it. If you click update you will just get a message saying the program is fully updated. I clicked once just to be sure. I was good. Great deal.

    I live in California and couldn't file electronically because according to the program the state does not allow e filing for returns with addresses more then 30 characters long. Mine has only 25, but still no go. Unless they mean the entire address, city included. Which would seem weird. But it's really not a problem because the forms print out perfectly and ready to go, so I can just send them in. And this year I owe the state $5, so the $15.95 charge to e file would of exceeded my tax debt. So better to send it snail mail, anyway.

    The federal portion was e filed no problem, and the program assures you every step of the way that everything is official and secure. Which is good for peace of mind. It's $15.95 to file and an additional $12.95 for the third party service that actually does the filing. But one federal e file rebate is included with the package. So my final cost for e filing was just $12.95. If you e file state it will be $15.95 more. Still a pretty good deal. And MS Money Standard is included by mail in coupon.

    Pick this up, actually read the Help file at the end of the federal and state install (it addresses many of the issues some of these people are complaining about) and get your taxes done right. I'm actually getting a return this year. Last year using an accountant I had to pay. Thank you H&R Block TaxCut! :)...more info
  • Quick , easy to use, informative and cheaper than Turbotax
    I have been using Taxcut Deluxe + State for the past two years ever since Turbotax raised their prices and started embedding spyware in their software. I am extremely happy with Taxcut, they have simple questionnaires and easy-to fill out fields with real-time display of your return amount. It even lets you auto-add your banking information to receive your return quick! You efile right in Taxcut itself and you get a confirmation of your return being received. Got my state refund in 5 days and my federal in 7 days. Couldn't be happier :)...more info
  • Frustration
    The Federal portion of this software worked great. However, there was a glitch in the Virginia portion that refused to go away. The problem returned every time I up-dated, and I could not file without up-dadting. The problem resulted in a difference of more than $1000 in my state tax, so I finally purchased Tax Act, and it breezed through both the Federal and the State with no problem, and with the correct amount of tax. Needless to say, I wish I had purchased Tax Act originally. ...more info
  • Tax Help
    It is a good product. Easy to use with clear instructions. I have used TaxCut for the last three years....more info
  • Piece of crap software forces you to do too much manually...
    ..This is a piece of junk. I don't have a particularly complicated return and yet half the time Taxcut wants me to enter manual calculations. Then afterr submitting the forms to IRS, it gets rejected because the stupid program can't copy one nunmber from one line to another...forcing me to manually override it, put the number in, and then having to file a paper return (DO NOT USE THIS GARBAGE SOFTWARE IF YOU HAVE A FORM 8801). I detest Turbotax, but it's lightyears ahead of this...

    I've learnt my lesson, next year TuboTax and the programmers who wrote TaxCut should get carpel tunnel syndrome!...more info
  • I have no complaints.
    It does what it's supposed to do, and does it well. I didn't get audited, so I am happy!...more info
  • Where does it calculate the tax (line 44)??
    After installing all the updates to this software and double checking all data entered Tax Cut calculated that I owed $1250. This just did not jibe with my planning from 2004 so I "bit the bullet", bought Turbo Tax (which I had been using until this year), and did the whole thing over. Turbo Tax calculated a REFUND of $25 even though both programs used the same taxable income and taxes already paid! I could find nothing in the Tax Cut Help File that actually helped.
    Guess which program I am going to use?...................more info
  • OK, but missing Schedule in State form
    I've been using TaxCut for a few years without any problems. This year, there wasn't any problem with the federal return, but the CA State software doesn't contain all of the schedules needed. For filing a paper CA return (which I have to do since CA doesn't accept e-file from people with hyphenated names or spaces in their names), I need Schedule W, which isn't included in any of the updates, but the instructions tell me to attach all of my W-2s to. The support center email just told me to download a pdf of the form from the CA tax site, since they didn't include it in the software this year.

    Why wouldn't tax preparation software include all of the forms? ...more info
  • Ordering early doesn't pay.
    I love this product and use it every year. This year however, I finished my return Feb2 but when I went to file, the program said I had to wait until mid-february to download the latest update. I could not file without the update and had to wait 2 additional weeks to file....more info
  • Taxcut Deluxe
    TaxCut is the most accurate tax preparation software that i have used to date. Is easier to use than Turbo Tax, and cheaper as well. There is a similar prgram called TaxAct, but it is confusing to use, and doesnt try to save you money by checking all the new tax laws. Buy this with confidence....more info
  • Wost year yet - data losses in Win XP.
    I've used Tax Cut in the past and have been very happy with the program. Well, this is the last year for me. I purchased Tax Cut directly from H & R Block (CD-Rom) on 1/1/2006. My first setback came when I went to open Deduction Pro a few weeks after the install of Tax Cut. Deduction Pro was a stand alone version that I had been tracking data in all year. Well folks, it was empty. Not one piece of data; the program may have been brand new. It was worthless considering what I had inputted over the past year. How could this happen? Tax Cut Customer service could have cared less, or so it seemed. Clearly it was a user error. I meticulously inputted all of my data into the program again, so I could complete my taxes.

    Yesterday I was checking to see if the federal update was available, and guess what - NO data in Tax Cut. NOTHING!! The same program I had been using on and off, and saving each time was also now void of data. THE PROGRAM WAS BLANK!! Customer service has yet to respond.

    Now remember I have never had a problem with Tax Cut until this year; I am using the same PC as always. Now I need to complete my taxes from scratch AGAIN - but this time with Turbo Tax. Any shortfalls Turbo Tax has will not compare to what I have gone through this year with Tax Cut/Deduction pro. I have not experienced a problem with any other program, and as I said it's the same PC. Previous returns still have the data I originally inputted. The only difference this year is the addition of the 2005 Tax Cut Deluxe/State software. I'm sending this software back to H&R for a full refund; I suggest buyers beware.
    ...more info
  • *Huge* flaws in the software
    I have never written a review for anything online before, but the flaws in this program are so enormous, I feel obligated to inform others. Here are the ones I've discovered, in no particular order:

    1) There is absolutely no easy way to transfer just your returns as one file to view or print from another computer. You cannot save your returns as a PDF file or anything else that can be opened without the TaxCut software. Which means that if you are using TaxCut on a computer that is not hooked up to a printer or the internet, there is no way to file your returns without huge difficulty (as in installing a new printer, transferring the entire TaxCut program to another computer, or something else equally tedious and time-consuming). This is just an idiotic flaw that really shouldn't exist in any software at this point.

    2) They don't advertise that it costs a lot to e-file your returns. A lot of programs offer free federal filing. Not TaxCut. It costs $16 PER RETURN. Adding that costs with the costs of the program and state programs, you might as well go with a real accountant.

    3) There are lots of state returns that cannot be filed electronically. This isn't necessarily a TaxCut only problem, but I found out personally that you can't file part-year resident or non-resident returns electronically. Now, this really becomes a TaxCut problem referring to point #1 when I realized there's no easy way to print and file paper returns either.

    4) Customer service is hit or miss. Because of issues 1-3, I've had some exposure to TaxCut technical support. The first time I called, it was about issue #1, saving returns as a PDF. That was in mid-March, so I'm sure they had been hearing complaints about that for a while now. But the person I talked to had no idea and had to put me on hold for 5-10 minutes so that she could ask her supervisor and then inform me that there was nothing I could do. The last time I called I got a much more informed person who admitted to me that they've had a lot of complaints about the PDF issue.

    The only reason I gave this 2 stars instead of 1 is that it's probably a serviceable program if you have a simple federal return and one state return that are all able to be e-filed. But taxes aren't always that predictable and if you buy a software package, it should be able to handle some of the things that can come up. I absolutely will not be using H&R Block software or programs of any kind next year. ...more info
  • poor installation & update, odd assumptions, but easy to use
    i've used taxcut for about 4 years now. i read the bad about the 2005 edition in the reviews, but i'd rather buy taxcut again than enter last year's data (i think they're counting on this!).

    the short of it: still a good UI and pretty easy to use, but you might spend an hour+ installing and updating, possibly with your computer in 'safe mode'.

    the installation & update was pretty painful.
    - avast reported a virus in the state installation (win32:Trojan-gen.{other} Virus/Worm). tech support said "that happens with some virus programs"...uh yep.
    - the installation failed with an error box: "Invalid commandline syntax (see commandlineImpl::initOptions())"
    - updating would not work, failing with the error "CATax.dll could not be opened"
    - tech support suggested that i restart my computer in 'safe mode' to complete the mode to install a TAX program?!?!
    - it took tech support an hour to fix the install and update, making the installation about an hour and a quarter process (i'll bet that the IRS didn't figure that into their time estimations...)

    there's definitely some problems with the form 8801 as others have reported; it did not check the boxes correctly on the 8801 based on 2004 data, even though i had imported it from taxcut 2004. i had to open the form manually and correct it.

    if either taxpayer has any W2's at all, it will not even ask if there are any self-employed deductions for either.

    all that aside, the UI seems a bit faster than it has been in previous years, and it still is pretty easy to use. i hope they work on it harder for next year given its slipping ratings against turbotax.......more info
  • Unresolved problems
    Taxcut 2005 crashes when entering data on some forms. Yes. Microsoft Crash analysis reports: If this problem continues to occur with the latest product updates for TaxCut, we recommend you obtain assistance and troubleshooting information directly from H&R Block.

    There are no recent updates, and technical support at H&R Block responds: "I understand that you are having concerns regarding Schedule K-1. Let me help you with that. I recommend that you update your software either by using the auto-update function or by manually downloading it from the website, You may do this by keying in "updates" in the search tool." This after I informed them that I had already done so....more info
  • Encountering many bugs....
    I moved this year and bought this in anticipation of having a confusing time with my taxes. This software has made the entire process so much more STRESSFUL. The federal taxes were easy, but state taxes were quite confusing.

    After tireless research on my state government's website to find answers the software didn't explain I slowly made progress. I'm still not 100% sure if I did it right. What is really upsetting is that I live a very uncomplicated life this should be easy! no kids, no house, I just moved that's all!

    Then last night I purchased the second state program this caused all kinds of problems. The password emailed to me that was supposed to get the second state program working DOESN"T WORK. I carefully followed the Help instructions and ended up with a "run-time error" Then I carefuly followed the instructions for that too. But just found myself back at the original problem. It wouldn't accept the code it had emailed to me that I directly copied & pasted.

    Ofcoarse thier customer support people work the same hours I do. So I just emailed the whole shananagan to them. Let's see what they come back with in the next 24-48 hours. UGH!
    This is such a nightmare I wish I had just spent the money on a tax professional.

    I STRONGLY suggest people use TurboTax that is time tested and surely would have less programming bugs. ...more info
  • Not TurboTax
    If you're looking for something comparable to TurboTax this is it but rest assured it is definitely not TurboTax. TT is a little more polished application with better reports. The only reason I used TaxCut is because I got ticked off at TurboTax for not offering the free filing rebate. Maybe they will change for 2007. ...more info
  • Works great
    This is the second year in a row I've used TaxCut and very happy with it. No problems at all with this version either....program installed fine and carried over the basics from our last year taxes. As for use, followed the interview type process to finish our taxes....can't ask for anything easier!...more info
  • If we must pay taxes...........
    If we must pay taxes, and we must, this program makes it less harrowing. The instrucctions are simple and the program does all the figuring for you. My only complaint is that it keeps advertising other H&R Block services. Not a big deal, but somewhat annoying....more info
  • Lawsuit waiting to happen
    Filed my taxes in February with TaxCut Deluxe. Just got my state tax return sent back to me saying that I had failed to fill out large chunks of my tax return. When I examined what TaxCut had filled out, it left out complete columns. When I started to do the tax return by hand, it became clear that TaxCut failed not only fill things out, but also filled out parts of the form incorrectly. It got the standard deduction wrong (to the tune of 2 grand).

    "Customer Support" was what I have grown to expect with companies. Completely non-responsive. When I had problems with the program earlier I was told that I could expect all fixes to come in the future. The program told me that I could e-file my state tax return, but when I tried to do it, I was told that I could not. I contacted customer support and they said I could return it for a refund IF I still had the original box and receipt (this for a program I bought in January). ...more info
  • Barry Manilow CD Super!
    I ordered Barry Manilow's most recent release for my wife
    and she just loves it! G-r-r-r-r-eat!...more info
  • tax cut 2005+state
  • No Federal AMT form
    I bought the CD version Tax Cut Delux + State at Office Depot on 1/28/2006 and registered online the same day. I completed the federal return and discovered the Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT) form was only a draft version and I could not file electronically. Today is 2/15/2006 and the Tax Cut web site still does not have an update for the final form version....more info
  • What a great bargain
    This was such a great price for what you got. I had used TaxCut Premium in the past, and was familiar with how it worked and always pleased with the results. However I always used the HR Block option of having a professional check my results and e-file for me, including the state return. This year though, I purchased the deluxe + state version and e-filed myself. With all of the rebates, you couldn't go wrong. I got a rebate for my federal return, which made the cost of e-filing only $15.95 total. I also got a version of Microsoft Money 2006 for free after another rebate. So all in all, I feel like I paid $9.00 for the program and $15.95 for e-filing the state return, and the price was right. Oh, and I forgot - I also got Deduction Pro, which I had never used before but it was great. I used it for my 2005 return, and now I'm entering information for 2006 to make my next year's return even easier! This was one great bargain, and I'd do it again next year....more info
  • TaxCut 2005 Deluxe + State
    Very happy with the product. Have not down my own taxes for years, this program walked me right through it. It was great!...more info
  • TaxCut we have a problem with your support (BTW this should have no stars)
    I have used this product in the past and I'm generally pleased with it. However this year I created a nightmare for myself with a simple typing mistake. I live in New Hampshire and work in Massachusetts. When I was installing the product I inadvertently typed in NH for the state income tax. Understand that NH has "NO INCOME TAX WHATSOEVER"!!! This simple mistake doomed the installation forever. I am unable to uninstall the state program because it doesn't exist and trying a reinstall doesn't continue. The installation screen just goes away. I searched the registry, disabled all the startup programs and did a search for all new files created on the day of my installation. I have a running email trail with "support" and they keep telling me to enter the "confirmation code" that was in my original email for the download. I keep sending them screen shots of my reciept for the RETAIL COPY that I bought from Amazon for $20.95, I have no "confimation code". I test software for a business so I'm familiar with installation bugs. I'm not giving up and refuse to purchase the state program again. I have one phone call and 3 emails in so far with file attachments and everything. Wish me luck

    Update: I got the replacement CDrom. Disabled every conceivable application and TRIED TO INSTALL!! FAILED!!!......more info
  • Awesome Deal
    This is my 3rd year using TaxCut and it's been a good experience each time. I've done my own taxes by hand in the past and TaxCut makes it so much easier and cleaner (vs. my hand entries). It checks your entries and gives you warnings where you might have made an error. I've also used an accountant once in the past and never again since my taxes are not complicated and an accountant costs so much more.

    The only down side to TaxCut is that I tried to use it with online services to download my W-2 and it mis-categorized the local tax city. So instead of downloading, I just entered the W-2 info manually (you have to double check it anyway).

    Another plus is the rebate on the federal e-filing. Without it, I would probably still be sending in paper forms....more info
  • State s/w won't install and tech support is non-existent
    Like many others, I bought TaxCut Deluxe + State on CD and Taxcut told me "If you purchased a state program, please copy and paste the Install Key and Name from the confirmation e-mail" when I tried to install and activate the state software.

    Well, there is no e-mail and no key. Apparently, Taxcut assumes that I downloaded Taxcut from the Web site, instead of from a CD.

    I tried to email H&R Block and also tried their online chat. No luck.

    Their Web site touts "24 hour response time" for e-mail, but it has been three days now, and I haven't gotten a reply.

    When I tried their chat support, it kept saying that an agent would be with me shortly, but after 30-40 minutes of this it declared that it was terminating my chat session.

    After being a satisfied Taxcut customer for several years, H&R Block has converted me into a permanent H&R Block NON-customer.

    I returned the software and bought TurboTax....more info
  • Tax Cut 2005 Deluxe + State (old version)
    It worked Okay for me this time because my taxes were not complicated....more info