Baby Delight Inc. Supreme Snuggle Nest With Incline Beige
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Product Description

Encloses newborns with the protective, womb-like security they crave and gives parents the endless bonding they love.Features: Built-In Nightlight: Slide-in light for checking&calming baby without harsh overhead lighting Incline Wedge: Elevates baby to help ease breathing when congested. May also reduce discomfort from indigestion and reflux. Foam Mattress: Waterproof mattress with removable, machine washable sheet. Sleep Positioners: Mesh-covered positioners to help baby stay in proper sleeping position. Side Air Vents: Open-weave mesh fabric inside and out for improved air flow around baby.Additional Features: Sturdy plastic vented shell for improved air flow Folds neatly and compactly for easy travel and storage Encourages bonding Eases transition from womb to crib Machine washable cover

  • Incline Wedge for improved breathing and digestion
  • Back-sleeping positioners with breathable mesh and safety band
  • Removable Nightlight
  • Breathable mesh walls and vented tray
  • Recommended Age Range Newborn to Four Months

Customer Reviews:

  • Snuggle Nest
    Baby slides down when incline pad is inserted while removed baby's head is hitting the head board....more info
  • love it
    We use this everyday. My little guy loves it because he doesnt like laying flat so the incline is great. light wieght and easy to carry so I can take it anywhere....more info
  • Must Have!!!
    I have read some reviews, that babys do not like them etc WRONG.... This is a must if you have an infant, we put her in the crib to keep the baby in position, and if you want to snuggle with your baby on the couch or bed this is the product.........more info
  • Great for C-section Moms!
    The Snuggle Nest is great for nursing and C-section moms. I had an unplanned C-section, and while we planned on having our daughter sleep in a pack-n-play next to our bed, this was too much of a hassle, as my husband(who had to work) had to get up every time she woke to help me up or hand her to me, then when she was finished, put her back to bed. With the snuggle nest, I could just push myself up, nurse her, and when she fell back asleep, lay her next to me. It's also great for when she starts to fuss/make sleep sounds, I can turn on the night light, check to see if she's awake or asleep, and easily lay my hand on her to settle her. The night light doesn't go through batteries like some of the push lights I was originally using to nurse at night. I haven't had to change them once, and my daughter is now 6 weeks old. I also lay facing the snuggle nest, so if she wakes up she can see me right away. Size wise, it's a little bit of a tight fit for our queen size, but my husband and I are both still comfortable. It would work best for a King bed. Traveling is much easier with the snuggle nest! It's so easy to fold up, and light. I would recommend this to everyone expecting a new baby and wanting to co-sleep!...more info
  • Excellent product
    I ordered this product after my newborn did not want to sleep in her bassinet. I found out shortly that it was easier for her to breathe and sleep on the incline due to her acid reflux. She slept so much better and now that she is better from her acid reflux, she is able to sleep in her bassinet. We will now continue to use it for naps. I highly recommend this product and I like the fact that it is portable and easy to store to keep out of the way. ...more info
  • I love this!!!
    I wish I bought this sooner. I thought I would use bassinet this time around ( first son hated it) but I just found myself putting my newborn in the bed with me,sending my poor husband to the livingroom. I was still not comfortable sleeping with the baby.He was so little I was afaid he would suffocate.I had seen this product before but forgot about it till a friend reminded me of it.
    We have a queen bed and we are not big people so it fits fine. It gives me peace of mind knowing the baby will not get tangled under the covers, so I can actually get some sleep between feedings.The little sound effects device is great too, my son loves the womb sound so much he falls fast asleep to it. At first my husband hated it but after he saw how the baby would sleep better with it he got use to it.
    I highly recommend this product if you are nursing, you don't have to leave bed to feed baby.
    ...more info
  • Very happy with the Snuggle Nest
    This is a very useful product. I tried to initially keep it in the bed so that I could have my newborn sleeping next to me, however after a few nights of worrying I'd accidentally hit the baby while I am sleeping I moved the Snuggle Nest to a bassinet. It fits perfectly in the bassinet and makes me feel much more comfortable knowing the baby cannot turn over with the wedges from the Snuggle Nest. I am going to start putting the baby in her crib when she is 3 months old and I will use this in her crib. The mattress pad on this and the sheets are very tough and not too comfortable. So I put a soft think blanket under her head. I also put a rolled towel under her legs to keep her from sliding. Works well this way....more info
  • this nest is best
    the supreme snuggle nest is great because you can put it on any surface. I put in the crib , in the basinet and on the bed. It's cozy for a newborn....more info
  • Ava
    Loved this product. The incline is great for babies with reflux. And the sides keep baby in place and help baby feel snuggle and cozy. We put it between us in our bed. We put it in baby's crib, we put it on couch in living room when the whole family is there so baby could be with us. Our baby sleeps very well in it. This is a must have. ...more info
  • Great for c-section recovery
    I love this co-sleeper. We have a king sized bed so it fit great between us. I had a repeat c-section with my second child and knew how hard it was to get in and out of bed with a newborn. The only thing that was hard to deal with was the pillows, because we have king sized pillows we had to move them out so they wouldn't overlap over the sleeper. The light on top is not too bright, so if you need to check on the baby in the middle of the night it won't disturb them. ...more info