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Tha Carter II
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Who would have thought back in the Hot Boys' early days that it'd be Lil Wayne who not simply survived his older peers like Juvenile, but ended up thriving by the time he reached Tha Carter, vol. 2, Weezy¡¯s fourth album. He sounds more confident as an MC--but more importantly, he wields a genuinely impressive array of different styles (as opposed to countless one-note rappers), from the chattering, thuggish "Fireman" and the languid style of "Oh No" to the emotional, introspective "Feel Me." In some ways, he actually bears a resemblance to rap's other major "Carter" (Jay-Z), not just in his increasingly effortless flow but in his assertiveness as a leader. In other words, he's matured in all the right ways as an artist. His album is still longer than it needs to be--22 tracks, 77 minutes--but even the filler is listenable while the best songs, like "Receipt," "Shooter," and "Hustler Musik" help establish this as one of 2005's last great albums. --Oliver Wang

Customer Reviews:

    I have to agree with all the other posts regarding the album. I didn't really even know who Lil Wayne was until I got Trina's new album "Glamourest Life".

    I fell in love with Lil' Wayne's voice! And because of it, I purchased his album "Tha Carter, Vol. 2". Not only do the lyrics of his music keep you interested, but that photo sure adds some heat to the Media Player window! :-)

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  • 2005's best album
    Actually, im 13, any way, this was one the best albums I've heard in a while with people like twista, fat joe and 50 cent killing the game. The beats were awesome, the ryhmes were better than kanye west's late registration, which I recomend with this album, and great production. The CD features Kurupt, Currency, Nikki and Bird man. My top 5 songs are:
    1) Fireman
    2) Best rapper alive
    3) Reciept
    4) Im a Dboy featuring Bird man
    5) Shooter...more info
  • Lil Wayne - Tha Carter II
    It is highly unlikely that Tha Carter III will be a better album than this one. Because to me, this is easily one of the best Rap albums i have heard in the last five years. Lil Wayne can say he is the best rapper alive after this almost perfect album. Before Tha Carter II, Weezy was just another rapper claiming to be the best, very similar to T.I. But T.I. didnt live up to his own hype, Lil Wayne did. This album is great because it combines the best of the mixtape world and the radio world. The production on this album is what surprised me the most, because this is the first Weezy album where Mannie Fresh wasnt the main producer, and thats where Waynes had all of his previous success. But i have never been a big fan of Mannie, so i was pleased with the move. But Wayne seemed much more aggressive on this album than any of his other past albums. On tracks like the rap-rock mixed "Best Rapper Alive", where he spits venom about how he is the King of the game. Or on the eerie piano tinged "Hit Em Up" which is almost scary how devilish this song sounds, but its none the less a standout where he again re establishes his street cred. And then there is the Isley Brothers sampled "Receipt" which is probably my favorite song on the album with its feel good laid back vibe. Overall, this album has several standouts, but the biggest thing this album has done for Weezy, is that it established him as a very potent rapper who is so versatile. This album is definetly a keeper and definetly worth buying!

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  • Lil Wayne is Tha Man
    This is such a great album if you are into Hip Hop music. I think that Lil Wayne shows his skills and talent with this album. "Fireman," is one of the best songs in the whole album! Just burning up! Tha Carter 2 which contains the new CD and a chopped and screwed verision of some of Lil Wayne's biggest songs including: "Go DJ," "Tha Block Is Hot," "Get Off The Corner." It has a very good rhythm and the lyrics are very good. I also like "Fly In," it starts with such a great beat, nice. Lil Wayne has grown so much in each album and I think that this one is the best one of all. I can say that he is a true rapper, the way everything just flows is spectacular. I definitely recommend this album, Some say that Lil Wayne is the King of Southern Rap and I would agree with that, no doubt that this star shows his devotion to his music. ...more info
  • the carter 2
    This review is written by Mr. Bradberrry's students:
    this is lil waynes beat album!to responce to all critcal revews
    this album is not to long and his so called exises in lengthe
    his creativity is ausom and the fact that the majority of
    his songs are off the dome or free style raping is minde blowing thefore i fell this album is his best even better than the most antispated carter 3

    are favrite track from this labum is go DJ cause it is not to long not to
    short it ryms and the it is just perfect this album prooved to me that
    lil wayne is the best raper alive....more info
  • Hello people this is a mixtape not an album!
    I dont see how anybody can call this an album. This is a mixtape. Lil Wayne basically freestyled through the whole album!
    The beats are bland and only a few of Wayne's freestyles are tight. Standout freestyles: THE MOBB, MONEY ON MY MIND, FIREMAN, OH NO, HIT EM'UP and IM A DBOY. Filler freestyles: shooter, receipt, grown man, feel me, hustler music, mo fire etc. lock and load is a boring track and Kurupt is whispering in the hook (WTF!). Its obvious that he was trying to get an up north fanbase to buy this s---. The majority of reviewers who gave him five stars come from up north. Lil Wayne's best albums are LIGHTS OUT AND THE CARTER. Lil Wayne at his worst: THE BLOCK IS HOT, 500 DEGREES and THE CARTER 2. ...more info
  • Lil Wayne - Tha Carter II
    After the successful release of the almost platinum album, "Tha Carter", Lil Wayne doesn't take long to dish out another plate of his new style. On "Tha Carter II", Wayne is out to prove just how dominent he is in the game. It was released in December 2005 and currently has sold over 1 million copies.

    1. Tha Mobb - 4/5

    2. Fly In - Too Short - No Rating

    3. Money on My Mind - 4/5

    4. Fireman - 4.5/5

    5. Mo Fire - 2/5

    6. On tha Block (Skit) #1 - No Rating

    7. Best Rapper Alive - 5/5

    8. Lock and Load (Featuring Kurupt) - 3/5

    9. Oh No - 4/5

    10. Grown Man (Featuring Currency) - 4.5/5

    11. On tha Block (Skit) #2 - No Rating

    12. Hit Em Up - 4/5

    13. Carter II - Too Short - No Rating

    14. Hustler Musik - 4.5/5

    15. Receipt - 4.5/5

    16. Shooter - 3.5/5

    17. Weezy Baby (Featuring Nikki) - 4.5/5

    18. On tha Block (Skit) #3 - No Rating

    19. I'm a Dboy (Featuring Baby) - 5/5

    20. Feel Me - 4/5

    21. Get Over (Featuring Nikki) - 4/5

    22. Fly Out - Too Short - No Rating



    4 Stars

    Saddly this album couldn't even match his previous effort. Not saying it's wack but it didn't live up to the hype of the original Carter. Some of Lil Wayne's hooks just don't sound right. Production is on point for the most part but you can definitely tell the absence of Mannie Fresh. Cop this album and support a real southern artist....more info
  • Crown Him
    I would like to say this is the album of the year and if there is a KIng of the south Crown this man, he is the best in the south by far old and present and if it was another hot boys album to come out which seems highly unlikely he would carry it, I mean B.G is hot but Juve is Trash and turks in jail,But to me top 5 down south artist are Weezy,Young Buck,Luda,T.I and Jeezy well the 4 might not be in that order but you get the point weezy is ahead of them because he is ahead of the game.One of the best period in all South,East,Midwest and the West,The Carter 2 the sequel to the great Carter sequels are never as good as the the first...well this is way better than the first He steped up his lyrical game alot he gets better and better every album which all artist should be able to accomplish but sometimes they dont, wayne makes you anticipate another album after you listen to the current album Best songs for me,Feel me,Money on my Mind,The Mobb,Receipt and Hustler Musik. Those are the Top 5 the entire album is fire but there is some wack songs.well songs I'm not feelin like Lock and load feat Kurupt....terrible hook.that cheer hip hop cross over just didnt work weezy, and Kurupt is trash and Mo Fire.well I'm just not feelin the Reggae crossover so many rappers are trying to pull off the vibe just not workin for me the lyrics are not bad it's just the Hook. shooter...I just simply dislike it, It gets skipped everytime you didnt hit anything with that Shot Homey The lyrics are nice but i'm tired of skippin The singin it just feels Weezy is feat on a song on his own album..but all and all out of about 19 actual cuts there is 2 1/2 songs that gets skipped maybe more just depends on your taste but the album gets 5 stars and 20 mics ~1~ i'm out LOOK OUT FOR THE CARTER 3 i got 10 cuts already.i'm lyin ...more info
  • WOW! A decent Southern Rapper
    Ok personally I would rather listen to heavy metal (and I hate heavy metal)Than most southern rap. If rap music dies out southern rap will probably be the reason, but this guy is an exception. He's lyrically better than even alot of the New York M.C.'s around now. I hope the south will start embracing him instead of complaining about the fact that he dosen't sound as bad as their other rappers. It's not a New York Style that he's doing, what he's doing is RAP (as opposed to the rest of that stuff that you hear down there). If you have never bought A southern Rap album you should seriously consider this one. This is a guy that shouldn't be ignored. ...more info
  • Camilyan Report
    I can honestly say that I underestimated Lil' Wayne . Lil' Wayne has released his fourth solo album called The Carter, Vol.2, and it ain't all bad. The musical production made me appreciate this album, staying true to Mannie Fresh and adding Jazze Pha. I could make a nice mixed CD off of a few of the tracks on this disc, but won't leave the entire CD to simply play.

    Lil' Wayne 's artistic approach to some of his tracks is the thing that grabbed my attention. Lil' Wayne demonstrated that he has a diverse range in flow on tracks like, "Oh No" and "Mo Fire." In "Shooter" he garnered respect from me with his message to radio stations, definitely worth a listen. He managed to create a new Lil' Wayne classic by his self-proclaim of being "The Best Rapper Alive." Props to Lil' Wayne on "Fireman," the joint is so hot that you might just need one.

    But sadly most of his tracks were unimpressive, for example, his song " Grown Man. " This song reminds me of my younger days when my relationships with the opposite sex was solely on the physical and material attractions. It has a 80s beat, something you would play on a hot spring day or school prom. I can honestly say I enjoyed less than half of this album.

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    ...more info
  • Love Him!
    His flow and voice is fantastic, but this is not for everyone...FIREMAN - is da bomb!!!!)...more info
  • Come on Wayne
    Lil wayne Sucks now that man use to be so hard Listen to stuff like da block is hot, lights out, Hot Boys Old Cds. Lil Wayne was Real he green. He got like 3 hard songs on this carter 2 junk. ...more info
  • Tha Carter was is better but nice follow up
    Tha Carter 2 sounds more like a mixtape than a cd, but it is still a nice cd. Tha Carter is still better because on this cd with the exeption of a couple of songs, there is no subject or direction to the cd. Tha Carter 2 has alot of random punchlines in it. Wayne still spits fire but it would be better if he kept on subject or had direction to his flow. Still top 10 cd's of "05"...more info
  • i give it o stars lil wayne a h
    this album is trash lil wayne is fake he's been fell off all the tracks are week the beats suck this album was a waste of our time .and he cant rap he aint nothing without the cashmoney hot boyz ....more info
  • The True King Of The South!
    Lil Wayne has truly developed and grown over the years and this cd is only a taste of what's to come.Lil Wayne is one of the best rappers in the industry right now.He's the best rapper out the south(behind Mac)!He has a unique flow and some really diverse lyricism.Tha Carter 2 is a instant classic and it was the best release of 2005 in the Hip-Hop/Rap category!Lil Wayne is on top of his game,as he released 5 solo albums,3 group albums,most recently a duo album with Baby and has a numerous amount of mixtapes.If you haven't cop this cd yet,then you are truly missing out on a great classic!Keep bringing that fiya music Weezy F Baby!...more info
  • Holdin his own...
    As artists started leavin Cash-Money Records a lot of people wondered if Lil Wayne could stand on his own and carry the record label by himself. Well I think he did that with The Carter 1 and 2. If your a fan of his you liked him when he first came out with the Hot Boyz, not after the first carter, you have to understand the maturing stages of him to appreciate all of his albums. Most people started liking him when the first Carter came out and that was the first time they actually started listning to him, but he has always been a decent rapper, but now as he matures he is becoming a great MC. The Carter 1 when it came out was his best solo album to date. Some may not think that the Carter 2 is better, but the album is different from the first. He shows a more mature and versatile style of rap. Wayne can now rap about woman and before you know he will rap about love. The Carter 2 is a great cd because it covers all sides of Wayne as a person and as a MC, he always keeps it real. Wayne keeps it hood wit tracks like Fly in, Money on my Mind, Best rapper alive, Lock and load, Hustler Musik, and Im A Dboy (although ruined by Baby), and at the same time you have the songs that are all about his lyrics and delivery (that make you think about what hes saying) wit mellow beats like Mo Fire, Oh No, Grown Man, Hit em up, Receipt, Shooter, and Feel me. There are no tracks on here worth skipping, they all have a special attribute that you wanna hear. If you are a tru music fan and like artists who actually rap about something and have substance then this is a MUST HAVE cd. Your cd collection is not complete without this cd and The Carter 1. Wayne hasnt even begun to reach his peak, this man is on the rise and after a few more CDs it will be possible to put Wayne In top 10 MCs of all-time maybe even top 5. You may not like him, but after you listen to this Cd you will have to give him the respect he deserves. ...more info
  • It's Bangin
    I've sent my son a few Cd's here lately and he keeps requesting ( The Carter 2 and the Carter 3 so i purchased them and the review from that was it's (Bangin Ma) so that must mean 5 stars..He said everybody on the block is listening to it.

    Shelly...more info
  • Re-evaluating this release.
    When this album came out, I didn't find it any better or worse than Wayne's breakthrough album, Tha Carter; Wayne stepped-up lyrically, but I severely missed Mannie's beats. It was hard for me to adjust to a Cash Money release lacking Fresh's infectious beats, but once I took this for what it is(which is a Wayne release; not Mannie), I actually began to appreciate it more than its predecessor.

    I won't lie, and say I followed Wayne before Tha Carter. The only time Cash Money ever appealed to me was through the Big Tymers' I Got Work, as well as Juvenile's 400 Degreez. I honestly did think Cash Money was a dead empire before 2003, when Juvenile's Juve The Great brought some mainstream spotlight back onto the label. Juvenile didn't have an extended stay on the label, but it didn't matter; later that same year, Wayne picked up the ball, and ran with it, releasing Tha Carter. Tha Carter was built on Mannie's beats and Wayne's newfound flow; Mannie laying the foundation to this complex, and Wayne building from there with his rhymes.

    I think all of us were worried when we found out Mannie severed ties with Cash Money, because Tha Carter 2 seemingly needed Mannie's beats to once again cememt that foundation. However, Wayne didn't allow his house to crumble; instead, he brought in a cast of underground, east coast producers, and created Tha Carter 2; arguably the greatest release to ever come out of Cash Money Records.

    The sound is nothing like previous Cash Money albums; and that's why it succeeds. With production handled by a handful of cats, they provide the perfect musical backdrop for Wayne's unique flow. While Tha Carter was a great release, Wayne sounded a bit too comfortable flowing over the beats Mannie produced; changing his enviorment like he did on this release brought out the best in Wayne. On The Carter, Mannie's production sometimes overshadowed Wayne's lyrics; on Tha Carter 2, they perfectly compliment them.

    This is a great album from beginning to end; saying this will become a classic within the coming years would not be an overstatement at all. As it stands, it IS a Cash Money classic, and one of the best modern commercial hip-hop releases you're going to find from any region. Wayne may not be the deepest of individuals, but he has a supreme way with wordplay, an infectious flow, and an ear for truly hot beats; make sure to pick up this release if you're a hip-hop head....more info
  • Lil Weezy got my respect
    This is one of the greatest, if not the greatest, southern Albums I've ever heard. Hell... this is one of the greatest albums... This definately makes my top 20 albums (Might make top 10), which consists of legends like Big, Pac, nas, jay, and Em. Honestly... When I listened to this album, I thought "Lil' Wayne made this album?! Get outa here!" He was one of the last rappers alive that I'd expect to put out an album so gritty, so emotional, so real! When I heard the first track "Tha Mobb", I thought "Oh this must be the best track... I bet the rest are garbage..." No... All his tracks are decent enough for me to respect. From Tha Mobb to Fly Out, this album is impressive. Let's hope Weezy F'in Baby has a lot more to offer us....more info
  • Lil Wayne...Dat Boi Serious! Hustler Muzik!
    Taking a little bit from T.I. when he first came out with dat title right? Lil Wayne is definitely one of the best rappers in the game after this album Tha Carter II. He can even make a case for that King Of The South title! That should speak volumes for Lil Wayne since this is coming from a guy who thinks T.I. is the best rapper out right now and one of his favorites of all time. I always liked Lil Wayne all the back from his Block Is Hot days but I never thought him to be better than BG or Juvenile but Lil Wayne has progressed..significantly in flow and lyrics. Nowadays I can't get enough of Lil Wayne ( Rick Ross - Hustlin RMX, Chris Brown - Gimme That RMX, Lloyd - You RMX, etc. etc.). It's a reason why he is one of the most sought after mc's in the game today.

    Every song is tight to me, and lyrically Wayne rips the whole cd to shreds. The production is undoubtedly tight even without Mannie Fresh (although the album would have been even better with Mannie...just check T.I. - Top Back for proof...that beat is FAR superior to any beat on this album). My favorite song (since I'm a laid back guy) is Grown Man which is just hotness even though the remix with Bobby Valentino is even better. Don't be surprised if that song is the 3rd single especially since it's summer time. However the whole cd bumps and you shouldn't have to skip any tracks. A definite dirty south classic and one of the best albums in a while. 5 stars....more info
  • ok
    I cant call this album a total waste becuase I like atleast 4 songs...the intro is awesome. Carter 2 cant touch The (first)Carter. Overall, its'll be dissapointed if you expect to enjoy the entire cd. Honorable mentions **The Mob, Fly In, Money on my mind, Oh No.***...more info
  • Lil Wayne-The Carter II
    I bought the Cd for my oldest daughter because she has all his cds so she liked it....more info
  • Lil Wayne Is The King!
    He came wit straight heat from when the album began to where it ended. I never gave him a chance really till I got Tha Carter and actually started listening to what he was saying. Aint nobody really hearing what he is sayin, his lyrics are pure genius and he been in the game before he could drive wit a mill and more. Cop this if you gone get anything, A plus!...more info
  • My personal fav.
    This is not only my fav. lil wayne Cd it's one of my fav. Cds of all time. I recomend this Lil Wayne is a rapping beast!...more info
  • WTF
    when i first hurd this album i wuz very disappointed. the only song that had that dirty south feel wuz #3. the rest of it wuz garbage. it sounds like he is droppin his down south sound for a nyc style. i still respect him as an artist though because he have put out classics in my mind prior to this album....more info
  • Different than Tha Carter!
    Tha Carter II is Wayne's first album since Mannie Fresh left, and it kinda shows. On some of these songs, you really miss Mannie's fresh beats, but some of the production is good. Cool and Dre's song is alright, but Tmix and Batman do the best job of replacing Mannie.

    New production aside, Lil Wayne still has it. A few of these cuts standout: Best Rapper Alive (with an Iron Maiden sample?!) is cocky, but it is solid and the background chants are cool. Hustler Musik is a classic track, and Shooter is a much better single than Fireman was. I'm a D-boy is probably my favorite song on this CD. The birdman's verse is good because he has a different style than Wayne and it seperates Waynes verses.

    Weezy Baby is a good song, and I like Feel Me, too. Tha Mobb is a good intro to the cd, but overall, I would say buy Tha Carta before this CD....more info