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Sabrent SBT-TVFM TV Tuner/Video Capture/FM Radio PCI Card with Remote Control
List Price: $29.99

Our Price: $18.95

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Product Description

Capture video from your digital camcorder, watch TV, and listen to FM radio all from your PC with the Sabrent PCI capture card! Easily connect a DVD player, VCR or a game console to your PC with the S-Video and composite A/V Jack. Sabrent PC to TV can also record, now you can watch TV on your monitor and record your favorite show at the same time!

With the Sabrent SBT-TVFM TV Tuner/Video Capture/FM Radio PCI Card with Remote Control, you can watch TV, listen to FM radio, and capture video from your camcorder all on your computer.

Record Your Favorite TV Programs onto Your PC
With the built-in TV tuner, you can receive up to 125 channels on cable or over the air. With an autoscan function, clear signals will be added automatically, and you can watch television full-screen on your computer. Video is captured at a steady 30 frames per second for high quality.

A Variety of Inputs
The card has composite and S-video inputs for connecting televisions and DVD/VHS players, a connection for an FM antenna, a composite video camera connector for digital camcorders, and an audio out for output of sound to external speakers.

The Sabrent SBT-TVFM TV Tuner/Video Capture/FM Radio PCI Card requires Windows 98SE, Windows ME, Windows 2000, or Windows XP, a 366 Mhz or higher CPU, 32 MB or more RAM, a VGA card with 8 MB memory, an available PCI slot, and an analog TV signal source.

What's in the Box
SBT-TVFM TV/FM/video capture PCI card, audio cable, remote I/R receiving cable, remote control, FM antenna, user's manual, and software CD.

  • Watch TV, listen to FM radio, and capture video on your computer
  • S-Video and composite inputs can connect television, DVD/VHS players, and digital camcorders
  • Video capture at steady 30 frames per second
  • Audio out port to output sound to external speakers
  • Remote control included: no need to get off couch to change channel

Customer Reviews:

  • Win 98/me considerations; other notes
    General: This is an analog tuner; does not have digital. There is an OEM version of this card on some other sites for $20 or less while Amazon carries the full retail version. It appears to me that the OEM version does not have: an FM antenna, the receiving sensor for the remote, and a cable to take the TV card's line out to the sound card line in. Unless you have those around stick with the retail box version.

    Win 98/ME: The CD that comes with the current retail version seems to have the right drivers. However, the application software on the CD for any tv,dvr,or radio functions apparently works only on XP or Vista. Download from [...] Although the OS is indicated as XP and the name implies just drivers, it apparently has all files from a version of the CD from around 2005, which includes software which works on WinME. I got up and running by first using the CD that came in the box, which I believe did install drivers, but then ran into problems. I downloaded the Phillips file, ran setup and followed the instructions and it's been running fine on a WinME 900MHz Celeron with 256K and a CRT monitor. TV quality is probably a little better than a CRT TV. FM radio works fine. I have not tried the recording functions. Overall a cheap way to get an extra TV using an underutilized PC....more info
  • Good product
    I was iffy on buying a used product, I was needing to get a camera I had with an RCA connection working on my computer, worked great, didn't try the tv tuner software, just needed the drivers and the software I was using picked it up just fine :)...more info
  • Sabrent SBT-TVFM Tuner
    I bought this for use with an older computer running Windows 98. It probably works with some later systems too. It works fine for me. It also makes recording easy with a timer function. I added a converter to deal with the digital conversion and the combination works fine too. But of course I can only record on the channel being tunned by the converter....more info
  • Does what it's suppose to
    If you are looking for a basic capture/tv card this one will do ok. If you are looking for an above average quality image, you might look elsewere. The software provided is very basic but functional. I've had this card for about 4 years and the only time I had any trouble was when I tried to install it on a Win 98 machine (never did get it to work on this machine), it however has always worked fine in XP. Altogether this is a solid but basic card for the price, just don't expect high quality and you won't be disappointed...more info