Garmin Edge 305 Bicycle GPS Navigator with Heart Rate Monitor
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Product Description

Take your ride to the next level with the Edge 305 - Garmin's GPS-enabled, personal trainer and cycle computer. From competitive road racing to mountain biking, the cyclist-friendly, lightweight Edge will help you achieve your personal best. With the easy-to-use Edge 305 on your bike, you'll always know where you're going and how far you've gone.For advanced cyclists, the Edge 305 comes packaged with either a heart rate monitor or wireless speed/pedaling cadence sensor to provide valuable feedback. Heart rate and speed cadence are also sold separately as accessories so you can incorporate both features into your training. In addition, the Edge 305 incorporates a barometric altimeter for extremely accurate elevation and vertical profile data. Recreational cyclists looking for the perfect touring companion and fitness partner will love the Edge 305.The Edge 305 with heart rate lets you see whether you are training too hard or not enough. The heart rate monitor uses a robust wireless technology that eliminates cross-talk and interference and sends heart rate data to the Edge via a soft, comfortable chest strap. This data is stored with each track point for post-workout analysis.With its waterproof, sleek design, the Edge is the perfect companion on any bike, and attaches to either the stem or handlebars. Its rugged case frames an easy-to-read, large, backlit display that can show up to eight different data fields along with altitude and a map view.

Whether you're prepping for your next century ride or want a more accurate way to measure your performance on the trails, take your training to the edge with the Garmin Edge 305HR GPS-enabled Personal Trainer and Cycle Computer. The Edge 305HR is easy to use, requires no calibration, and features customizable screens and data fields to meet your needs. Measuring speed, distance, time, calories burned, altitude, climb, descent, and more, the Edge 305HR will help you to always know where you are and how far you've gone.

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With a built-in barometric altimeter and heart rate monitor, the Edge 305HR goes a step beyond its little brother--the Edge 205. The altimeter delivers extremely accurate elevation readings, and a chest strap monitor sends your heart rate data to the 305HR via a robust wireless transmission. In addition, the 305HR is compatible with the Garmin Speed/Cadence Sensor. This optional, self-calibrating wireless sensor attaches to your bike's rear chain stay and delivers speed and pace data while you train.

The Edge 305HR couldn't be easier to use. Simply take it out of the box, snap it into the included bike mount, and hit the road. The high-sensitivity GPS receiver knows your position in tree cover and canyons, making the Edge 305HR an extremely reliable navigation device. And with the customizable cycle computer, you can select from up to eight different data fields for continuous feedback. Garmin goes well beyond typical cycle computers by integrating GPS technology for basic navigation. In addition, the Edge 305HR gives you the ability to overlay your ride data onto a course map and even "race" a virtual partner, making your training fun while helping to push you toward your goals.

The included PC-based Training Center software gives you the tools to create workouts, manage and download courses, and create a detailed post-ride analysis that charts your performance and measures your speed, distance, climb, descent, and heart rate data against varying terrain, elevation, and more. And with the Edge 305HR 's built-in USB interface, it's quick and easy to upload and download information.

The virtual partner screen depicts a digital cyclist (representing your desired speed) in relation to your real-time speed. From this set of data the icons will show how far ahead or behind you are from your digital competitor. The Courses feature allows you to race against a recorded course to try and match previously set speeds at every point along the way.

Training in urban areas can be tricky, and undesirable traffic can skew training data. To help remedy this problem, Garmin has included an auto-pause function that pauses the training timer when you slow down below a specified speed and resumes when you speed up again so you can focus on your ride, not on your data collection. And with the auto lap function, this smart little device automatically triggers a lap every time you pass a specified location or travel a preset distance.

With its sleek, waterproof design (the Edge 305HR meets IEC 60529 IPX7 standards, which means that its components can be submerged in one meter of water for 30 minutes), the 305HR is the perfect companion on any bike, and it attaches to either the stem or handlebars. This lightweight device (88 grams) is powered by an 800mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery and delivers an average of 12 hours of use per charge. The rugged case frames an easy-to-read, large, backlit display that makes it a breeze to view the data fields. So whether you're racing against your virtual partner, fighting to shave precious seconds off your old record, or training for the next big race, the Edge 305HR will help to monitor your progress and make you a better cyclist.

What's in the Box
Edge 305 with heart rate monitor, bike mount, Training Center CD, A/C charger, USB PC interface cable, Quick reference guide, and owner's manual.

  • Includes Highly Sensitive GPS Receiver For Accurate Data
  • Monitor Emphasizes Form Factor, Feature Set & GPS Sensitivity
  • Sirf-Stariii Receiver For Great Reception In Challenging Conditions
  • Lightweight & Waterproof
  • Monitors Vertical Profiles, Climb & Descent, Altitude, Speed, Distance & Time

Customer Reviews:

  • The best training tool I have ever used!
    I recieved my Edge 305HR on 2/20 so I thought I would charge it up and take it for a quick spin to see how it works. After 20 miles, I can trully say that "I love it". I have had no problems with the battery life nor any other features at this time. I find this a great tool for fitness training and measuring your heart zones. Set up was fairly easy and we measured accuracy against my old cycle computer on my son's bike. You must be aware that this is a training computer and not designed to be a GPS map like other GPS systems. However, I would strongly recomend using as a add-on tool (basic account is free). Motionbase has done an excellent job in allowing you to upload your data onto the internet to view your course as well as download other courses from other riders onto your Edge.
    Unit also works well with Google Earth to get a satellite view of your ride.
    The Gramin preovided software is ok, and could use a manual on how to use it. Once you have downloaded a ride and are able to "copy and paste" that ride into a "course" or "workout" to use again against the "Virtual Trainner". This is very helpful while preparing for centry rides. Various features are really helpful as reviewing your heart rate against various climbs to allow you to pace yourself as well as improve endurance. Also if you are like me and want to burn some extra calories, it's nice to look down and see how many you have burned so far during your ride then view your progress on various software.
    The screens are completely customizable and very easy to change.
    I have odred the cadence as well and should arrive in the next day or so just so I can also messure my RPM's.
    I haven't mastered all the features at this time, but I can truly say that this is the best thing I have compared to the following: Polar 725, Suunto X9, and Garmin Forerunner 301 and 305.
    Hope you enjoy!...more info
  • Nice unit, poor software [Roadie perspective]
    Despite a large number of user and site reviews to the contrary I believe this item is let down by poor software design and quality. The Edge products are something of a 'hook' item in that they are sufficiently crippled out of the box to require subscription to online services or other products. Having used the unit for about 3000km now I think I can offer some addition perspective to what is already out there...

    Don't get me wrong the concept of a GPS based cycle computer is great - I regularly and easily swap it between the bikes I frequently use without wires or calibration. The unit feature set is also pretty comprehensive, in fact one has to be quite judicious in display setup options so as not be overwhelmed by data. The GPS chip is plenty good for road, quick(ish) acquisition and tracking sufficient for speedo accuracy etc. With the good stuff out of the way...

    But - and for me this is considerable but - the unit firmware is flakey (you will have to figure out how to do a soft reset as the unit will freeze up on you), and the Training Center software is even worse. Here come the hooks, for me (in NZ) the basemaps included for course planning are practically useless (though there is a way to create your basemaps own if you have the time and data), the cost of correcting this the Garmin way is horrendous [h1]. A great alternative, however exists in MapMyRide (though you don't get to insert course waypoints). But you still have to resolve the following...

    Getting data in and out of the unit becomes more problematic over time, in fact I have installed Training Center on 3 separate PCs (all of the XP variety) and all of them stopped receiving data from the GPS with an error sooner or later. Sometimes they would receive sometimes they wouldn't - final resolution was a complete uninstall (AND manual user dir delete). The alternative is use of the MotionBased site, (2) though paid subscription is required [h2] for a full suite of services. An alternative exists again in the form of SportTracks, a great donorware piece of software (no affiliation).

    Other minor gripes include the usual - HRM interference, at times poor barometric related elevation performance - especially in the wet [don't even think about it in heavy rain]. GPS related gripes - the Course following option is a little flakey if created via software as opposed to ride history. Lapped or complex courses (retracing sections) also problematic - a moving snake option highlighting the current, say 1km, section of the course would alleviate this somewhat though. Finally you'd think you would be able to 1. insert an autolap point on a course *before* you rode it (like a lapping waypoint), and 2. insert more than one autolap points. But no, you cannot achieve either of these with the 305 Edge.

    In summary, yes the Edge 305 is full featured and bloody convenient for multiple bikes. After you get the unit turned on, the on bike features even work pretty well. The great letdown comes when you want to download, analyse and share all that data you collected out on the road, or heaven forbid do some planning before you hit the road to take advantage of a GPS platform. If you are prepared for multiple workarounds on the SW side of things the Edge 305 is still a great option, if not its power (and potential) is wasted and you'd be better off with a Polar or similar speedo.

    Edge 305 Firmware 3.20
    Training Center Version 3.2.3

    Hope this helps.

    ps. I wouldn't even think of dropping money on an Edge 605/705 until these SW issues are sorted. More bug testers and actual cyclists involved in the next edition please Garmin....more info
  • Best Cycling Computer Yet
    Garmin really has a winner with the Edge. Heartrate and Cadence information is right on. Training Center software lets you build workouts, and view your data. The Edge has many options to let you personalize the display. Not cheap but works. GPS and elevation are much better then early Forerunner products. Worth the wait....more info
  • Great, but I'm on my 5th unit...
    Clearly a great tool for cycling, and I love it - when it works. But I've now had to return mine for the 5th time, due to the unit shutting itself off mid-ride. Very annoying, and dealing with Garmin customer service is super slow (usually 30-45 minutes on hold before you can find a human)

    Love it, just wish it were reliable.
    ...more info
  • Garmin Edge 305 Bike
    I bought this item because it's cheaper than Garmin Edge 705, but only in In the stores, the difference of prices between 305 and 705 not justify when you compare the features.

    The screen is too small and how the display is not in color, it's more difficult to see the values.

    For the "old guys", it's an important feature.

    ...more info
  • Awesome!
    I believe,it is the best cycle computer.
    It also works on the training roller.
    ...more info
  • Works for me and the price was great!
    Performs flawlessly. Great price. I use it on my MTB to monitor my HR and track my rides. Afterwards, I usually import into Google Maps and check out where I've been... It's fun. ...more info
  • Read all the Reviews
    I read all the reviews on Amazon and then purchased an Edge 305. I have been using it for about 1 month now and can say I love it. I used it overseas(all across France and Italy)with a compatible course creating software ([...])and can confirm it's a great bit of kit to navigate around with. Used it on the bike and in the car and it's great. It has all the data you could want for training etc, but the software is a little less mature than the Polar stuff. I did have it lock onto the start point of a course and refuse to drop the start point despite what course I was on, simply reloaded the software on the GPS (easy if you use their web update software).

    It's not the greatest every day speedo as you have to charge it and it's far too high powered for the daily commute.

    Update Feb 08.

    My Garmin Edge got water in it whilst riding in the rain at low speed. This is the reply from Garmin Warranty Dept. What a Joke. How can they claim IPX-7 Rating then write this.


    Thank you for contacting Garmin International.

    Ipx-7 rated means the device have been submerged in one meter of still water for up to 30 minutes. Please keep in mind the water was still and did not have a current to it. Current created by rain, swimming, or showering with the device may cause the casing of the device to leak in water. Using the device in water related applications will void your manufactures warranty. In the Forerunner manual it is suggested a triathlete can take advantage of the Forerunner's multi-sport workouts. However, although a triathlon is usually long-distance swimming, bicycling, and running; a triathlon is not limited to these activities only and it is not recommended these units be used for swimming.


    Be warned it's not waterproof in the rain on a bike. Make your own judgement on Gramin's ethics around this claim. They offered to split the bill for repair......

    ...more info
  • Flexible bike training tool
    Very flexible data display.

    Computer-side software (PC & Mac) could use some work. Ships with PC only software, but slightly less functional Mac software can be downloaded.

    Almost everything worked great on my ride up 10,000 foot Haleakala on Maui (really), but the "percent grade" number fluctuates too much when you're going up hill at low speed (like when your at 9,000 feet and feeling the altitude).

    Battery life adequate but not great....more info
  • Just Works!
    So far no problems with the unit after a month or so of use. No satellite drops, unit functions superbly. Here in New Mexico we do have more open space, so maybe that contributes to the stability of satellite connection. May add the cadence module at a later date, but for right now it's good....more info
  • Wonderful Tool for Cyclists
    I have found the Gramin Edge 305 to be an outstanding tool for cyclists. It was SO easy to install and modify the data I wanted to observe. Being a senior cyclist (over 60) I was just amazed at the amount of data this unit collects and calulated. I remember when just having a simple mechanical bike speed indicator was a BIG deal. Now I can download all the data I ever wanted to observe about every ride. Now my only problem is my wife is tired of looking at my ride analysis after every ride....more info
  • Ingenious device
    The thing I like most about this product is that you can configure the display just about any way you'd want to see it. Most cyclometers don't allow this kind of customization. Another thing I like is that through the web site you can upload your workouts to Google maps or Google earth. Excellent for bike riders that want to share routes with others. One last thing: I have had other wireless cyclometers that pick up interference from other sources, and this ends up skewing your results, making it look like you've ridden much faster than you ever really could. This has happened to me frequently with Polar and Cat-eye devices, and it can be very frustrating. The Garmin has NEVER done this! There are other features that are fun to use, like the Virtual Partner, which allows you to race against a course you've previously ridden. The Garmin points you in the right direction all along the way and allows you to see your progress against the time you set for the course. ...more info
  • The Edge is the best Cyclocomputer out there
    I have been waiting for the Edge 305hr for the past 6 months and it was worth the wait. I also purchased the CAD accessory so that the unit would also work with my indoor trainer ((Most speed functions are tied to the GPS. With the speed/cad sensor the GPS does not need to be "on" to get accurate data while indoors). Not only can you upload your rides and compare data, you can upload your outdoor rides to and get a flury of data, race against yourself (your previous times over the same track), against a virtual opponent...etc. Just AWESOME....more info
  • Sensor Frustration
    I had high hopes for this unit. Trying to get some one from Garmin on the phone to help may take up to an hour! The sensor is not easy to setup for cadence etc.. Can't get the sensor to work on the road bike. Too much of a pain for this feature to work. Riders need candence. Need to go back to the Polar. Too bad, because I liked many of the features, but perhaps Garmin has too many different products to worry about satisfying the bike rider market....more info