The Cosby Show - Season 2
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All 25 episodes of season 2 Studio: First Look Home Entertain Release Date: 03/07/2006 Starring: Bill Cosby

An Emmy-winner for Outstanding Comedy Series its first year, The Cosby Show rapidly became to Thursday nights what The Wonderful World of Color and Bonanza were to Sundays in the 1960s: a family tradition. And the best was yet to come. Season 2 features some of this gold-standard series' benchmark episodes, most notably. "Happy Anniversary," the one in which the family honors Cliff's parents' wedding anniversary with a show-stopping lip-sync routine to Ray Charles's "Night Time Is the Right Time." In "Theo's Holiday," Theo (Malcolm-Jamal Warner) gets a taste of the real world when his family shows him what it takes to live on his own. The Emmy-winning "Full House" anticipates Seinfeld "nothing"-ness as an exhausted Cliff (Bill Cosby) wanders his home in search of peace and quiet.

In The Cosby Show's charmed world, race was beside the point. Cosby strove to address universal truths about parenthood. In this season's first episode, "First Day of School," adorable Rudy (Keisha Knight Pulliam) tells her father she doesn't want to return to school because a classmate called her "a name." Much like Cliff, the audience braces for the worst until it is revealed that she was teasingly called "Rudy Huckleberry." More to the show's point was fostering an appreciation of black heritage, history, and culture. In "The Card Game," Theo gives his girlfriend Ralph Ellison's Invisible Man to read. In "The Auction," Clair (Phylicia Rashad) bids on a painting by her great-uncle, artist Ellis Wilson, which used to hang in her grandmother's house. And in the stirring final moments in "Vanessa's Bad Grade," the entire family congregates in front of the television to watch Martin Luther King's "I Have a Dream" speech. From the first, The Cosby Show promoted education and fulfilling one's potential. In one of the season's very best episodes, "Mrs. Westlake," Theo's dread math teacher, a.k.a. "The Dragon Lady," (guest star Sonia Braga) comes to dinner. Fearing the worst from the strict teacher who has forced him to study harder, he is stunned not only by her transformed bombshell appearance but by the results of his math test, which he feared he failed. Love and respect for one's elders and each other thrive in the Huxtable household. In the Emmy-winning "Denise's Friend," Cliff and Clair hold a hilarious and heartwarming family meeting to assure their children that no matter what trouble they get into, they can always come to them. From Danny Kaye's delightful Emmy-nominated performance in "The Dentist" to Rudy's gridiron heroics in "Rudy Suits Up," season 2 is brimming with happy memories of TV's most functional family. --Donald Liebenson

Customer Reviews:

  • Season 2
    I personally love this DVD set. It has many great unforgetable episodes. For instance, there is the Stevie wonder episode, the hilarious episode where Theo is taught what it's really like to be on your own in the real world, the episode with Denise and Vanessa fighting over a sweater, and many more. This DVD set also includes bloopers and Cliff's parenting tips. ...more info
  • Classic Cosby
    I love the Cosby Show, so you can't go wrong. I can't wait to get more....more info
  • The fun and laugher keep coming
    I bought this product along with the other three seasons off amazon because with their amazing prices you certainly can't go wrong. In the stores they sell for twice (some times triple) times the prices sold on amazon.

    I can say proudly that I do not regret getting these dvds for one second because the laughter keeps coming. The different actors have this special bond which makes them really stand out like a true family that at many times you forget that they're actors playing roles.

    There is really nothing negative I have to say about this DVD set except for the lay out. The DVD's just like some of the fresh prince seasons, lay on top of each other. Where Disc 1 lays on Disc 2 and Disc 3 lays on Disc 4.

    This layout is my least favorite because the DVD's aren't secure on the plastic and the dvds tend to slip out which puts them in risk of getting damaged.

    Other than the lay out of the DVD's every thing else concerning this season is a positive.

    It would've gotten 5 stars if it wasn't for the poor lay out for the DVDs....more info
  • The set
    This box set was initialy intended to be for my sister. However, it soon became a family present. If you like nick at night and have ever enjoyed an episode of the cosby show, this set will not disapoint....more info
  • Don't make them like they used to
    I bought this dvd series for my twin sister who has two children 5 and 8 years of age. We had grown up watching The Cosby Show and wanted to share this magic with the children. They love it! And I was pleased with the quality of the picture and the speed with which I got it (free 2 day shipping). It is really great to see the classics again. It is really a 5 star product (I changed my mind while writing the review!)...more info
  • Great laughs!
    This show is great! My husband and I were often breathless from laughing so much. I think everyone will find something to relate to in this show (whether your a teenager living with your parents, a married person without kids or someone married with kids!) Bill Cosby is the master of facial expressions and one of the best episodes is episode 7 when Denise wants to buy a car and Bill Cosby imitates the car. It's great!...more info
  • One Down, On to Two!
    It's the second season of The Cosby Show. All the classic laughs of the first season are still afresh in everyone's minds. We watch Rudy, Vanessa and Theo have misadventures with their lives, education and - household appliances. Denise finishes high school and learns to drive. [Witness Dr. Huxtable immitating her car of choice: "I pressed down on the gas, and - you think I'm lying - the car said, 'What?'"

    We also witness Sabrina Le Bauf becoming a series regular as Sondra Huxtable and the introduction of her future husband, Elvin Tibbadeaux (performed by Geoffrey Owens), the macho male cheuvanist that Sondra adores. (Can you sing, "The flowers have died; there is no morning dew; the crickets know no love songs, and I feel so blue!" with me?)

    The only other section of this set that needs additional mentioning is "Full House" when Denise's date, Eddie who sings along with a music video, "Sponji Reggae" by Black Uhura....more info
  • Cosby Show Still Fresh
    The Cosby Show Season 2 is just as funny now as it was when it first aired twenty years ago. The humor is clean, refreshing, and safe for the entire family. Get this to enjoy with your kids....more info
  • Timeless Comedy
    It has been said by some that The Cosby Show is out of date. While this may be true about the clothes, it is certainly not true about the comedy and family values. The Huxtables deal with the same issues that families deal with today. From Peter's visit to the dentist to Denise's decision on which college to choose, families will be laughing and relating to everyday life with the Huxtables. ...more info
  • Cosby show Season 2
    I love this show it is a wonderful show. Great for family. Thankyou for this item!...more info
  • One of the best tv series ever made!
    The Cosby Show - Season 2 is absolutely amazing! In my opinion this dvd box guarantees 100% satisfaction and the quality is very good. The Cosby Show - Season 2 is just as great as season 1, possibly even better! This tv series is very funny and witty! It is also educational for both parents and children, concerning parenting and teaching children what's right and wrong and what is important in life. I am very pleased with this product and I highly recommend people to buy The Cosby Show - Season 2.
    Johanna Walan ...more info
  • Never Get Tired of the Cosby Show
    Besides Living Single, Golden Girls, A Different World, and All in the Family, this is the only show that I rarely get tired of. No matter what I'm doing, if I browse through the channels and the Cosby show is on, it stays on and trumps anything else I was watching (including the previously-mentioned shows...well, not "A Different World"; nothing goes over "A Different World"). However, there were a few episodes on here that I'd seen so many times I skipped past them (The Juicer, Theo and the Older Woman, Mrs. Westlake, Vanessa's Bad Grade, and "Off to the Races). But then there were some of my favorite episodes ever like "Theo's Holiday" when Theo has to go into the real world, "Halloween" when Vanessa meets Rooooooo-beeeeert, "A Touch of Wonder" when Stevie Wonder mixes the song to make her sing Robert's name like that, and "Denise's Decision" just because the final scene that Cliff did with Denise cracks me up every time. Poor girl. Boys at my high school used to do that to their girlfriends all the time. Speaking of that last scene in "Denise's Decision," it made me sad because out of all of the daughters that Mrs. Huxtable had, she seemed to have the most sensitive and heart-warming moments with Denise, but I didn't get the impression that either Lisa Bonet or Phylicia Rashad were faking those tears. From interviews, their relationship doesn't seem to be as friendly now as it was on the show. I hope I'm wrong though. The opening credits for this season crack me up every time when Rudy does that bunny-rabbit looking dance that makes her ponytails flop. Funny stuff!...more info
  • Love the Cosby Show
    We bought this for a friend for her birthday and she absolutely loves it! The Cosby show is such a great family friendly show. ...more info
  • Season two
    First Day of School- ?
    The Juicer-7/10
    Happy Anniversary- 5/10
    Cliff in Love- 7/10
    Theo and the Older Woman- 6/10
    Halloween- 5/10
    Rudy Suits Up- 8/10
    Denise Drives- 5/10
    Clair's Sister- ?

    Clair's Toe- 8/10
    Denise's Friend- 9/10
    Mrs. Westlake- 6/10
    The Auction- 7/10
    Vanessa's Bad Grade- ?
    Theo and Cockroach- 5/10
    The Dentist- 2/10
    Play It Again, Russell- 4/10

    A Touch of Wonder- 4/10
    Full House- 3/10
    Close to Home- ?
    An Early Spring- 7/10
    Theo's Holiday- 9/10
    The Card Game- 7/10
    Off to the Races- 6/10
    Denise's Decision- 4/10...more info
  • The Cosby Show-2nd season
    The second season of the Cosby Show has some of the funniest episodes and some of the most poignant ones. I have been a fan since day 1 in Sept of 1984. I would recommend this dvd to everybody, because its all about family. ...more info
  • Satisfied
    When I first watched Season 2 of the cosby show, I started laughing so hard especially when Peter, Rudy's friend has to go to the dentist. It was just so halarious when peter goes to hide in Rudy's Room under her covers and Cliff comes up to see if peter is there to have him get ready for the dentist. Out of that whole season I watched that particular episode the most....more info
  • Classic
    My pre-teen children just can't get enough of Cosby. What a class act. I never have to worry about they are seeing. Pure joy!...more info
  • Well worth your time
    We bought this for our 10 year old for Christmas. All of our children (ages 3-10 yrs.) have absolutely loved it. They have watched it over and over again . . . it has a permanent place in our DVD player. An added bonus - it's totally entertaining for parents as well. Brings back great memories. A couple of the shows seem to drag a little bit but they are fun to watch just the same. Great addition to any DVD library....more info
  • Typical 80s sitcom- fluffy, sappy, saccharin, hammy and over the top.
    C'mon "Cosby Police." You know who you are. The ones who are compelled to silent my reviews of "The Great Cosby Show," because I dare to call it as I see it. So...I find it amusing that my original review of this drek of a program was muted- I'm sure there's some PC monitors who found it offensive that anyone dared to diss the great Cosby Show. That was actually part of the point of my original review. It was praised for it's "wholesomeness, great role models for African Americans" during a decade of Eddie Murphy type comedy, etc. But none of that makes this a good, much less great show. This has all the appeal of "Full House,' minus the "You got it dudes." So it is worthy of sitting the kiddies in front of the TV to watch. How any adult could stomach it, especially in hindsight amazes me to this day. It's full of "Awwwww" type cutesiness, endless pounding of ad-nauseum scholastical preachiness, and feel good fashion statements, as it were. All of which perfectly fits the mold of "The Brady Bunch." In fact, this show is the Brady Bunch of the 1980s (compare the 2 series and prove me wrong). It's a meandering, pandering, suck up of a show that is funny only to those who are laughing before the show even begins. It typifies the other over rated, unfunny sitcoms of the 80s that were celebrated because TV had to hand out awards to someone. So why not hand it to the wholesome Huxtables, no matter how hammy, saccharine, predictable, redundant and horribly written and acted it is. This is the most over rated "comedy" in the history of TV. Don't waste your time or money. You want the best Cosby comedy ever with lessons and morals to boot, buy the "Fat Albert" cartoon series. It was actually funny. This one is just plain corny, predictable, sappy, and so sweet it hurts your teeth. And Phylicia Rashad brings to TV the most annoying character since Granny Clampet of "The Beverly Hillbillies." The fact that this show was number one for so long is an indictment of how much garbage TV is able to cram down viewers throats- a testament to P.T. Barnum's "there's a sucker born every minute." Remember, "Love Boat" and "Fantasy Island" too were huge ratings winners. So much for ratings....more info
  • Classic Comedy/Classic Cosby!
    I actually bought this volume for my mother for Christmas 2007. I don't own this but I did watch the episodes that are on here! Let me say that while I am a fan of hardcore comedy like Dave Chappelle, Eddie Murphy and the late Richard Pryor, The Cosby Show is a classic and shows you don't need adult humor to have a funny show!

    Episodes include the classic "Anniversary" one where the family 'sings' Night & Day for the grandparents and the one where Vanessa and Denise get into a fight on the show! Plus other funny moments that make you laugh and think at the same time. As a friend at work says, they don't make shows like this anymore.

    I understand they've put out all 8 seasons in one pack but if only want one season and can't decide, may I recommend this season! It is classic TV!...more info