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Try! John Mayer Trio Live in Concert
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Longtime listeners have seen it coming: it was only a matter of time before John Mayer dropped the pop star pretense and proved he could really bring it. Chalk it up to one too many Dave Matthews comparisons, or the cupcake-sweet residue stuck to his image after the success of "Your Body Is a Wonderland"--but something convinced Mayer it was time to take him game to the next level. With help from studio pros Steve Jordan and Pino Palladino, he succeeds on Try. If the muscled-up covers of Jimi Hendrix's "Wait Until Tomorrow" and Ray Charles' "I Got a Woman" don't scream "no more Mr. Nice Guy" loud enough, the brawn of blues-rock opener "Who Do You Think I Was" does for sure. Mixed in with the Stevie Ray Vaughan and Eric Clapton-esque stuff are a few mellow numbers--"Daughters," most notably, returns from Heavier Things alongside "Something's Missing"--but even those songs seem hopped up on rock-God hormones. This newfound sizzle can't fix everything; that segment of the music-buying public that would accuse the singer of having a voice like "a whispering midget" (to quote a customer review of Mayer's work) won't want to add this disc to their collection. The good news for Mayer, though, is that anybody with an ear for genuine rock'n'roll chops will. --Tammy La Gorce

Customer Reviews:

  • Very good album
    Its nice to lissening,a live album, its almost off you been dare live yourself, verry, verry good stuff....more info
    This guy is a joke. A pretty face? Maybe. The next SRV, HENDRX (Oh Please!) Actually you can pretty much hear someone as good in ANY blues club in San Francisco, New York, L.A., Austin. The Emperor has no clothes. What I figure happened here is some media hype fool managed to get the best bassist and drummer they could find and said, "When the kid falls on his face, make him sound good." Pino and Steve Jordon could make my Grandma sound good and she doesn't play guitar! In fact, she's DEAD. But even with these two behind him, MAYBE a very boring Robin Trower, MAYBE? I read some of the other reveiws and I really have to wonder? Please. Educate me.I INVITE you; WHAT HAS THIS KID GOT THAT COMPARES TO LESLIE WEST, JOHNNY WINTER, ROBIN TROWER, MICK RONSON.....THE LIST GOES ON!!!
    As for Pino Paladino and Steve Jordon, no offense meant. I bought the CD to listen to you guys anyway. Again, I've heard you both play a lot more "Inspired". But, hey, nice job considering.
    For what it's worth, Pino, I play bass. If something good comes up and you need out, I'll cover the rest of the dates with this kid. Steve, I can find a drummer so same goes for you. John, if you believe for one second that it ain't the money that surrounds you with these two: SEEK PROFESSIONAL HELP. No offense kid, but you got nothin'. ...more info
  • Blue blooded blues
    A blue blooded suburban kid from Connecticut will never be able to truly sing the blues. That's just the way it is. Mayer does well with this effort, and it truly is a good album. But he falls just a bit short, and it is due to the fact that the blues is something you are born into and it resides somewhere in your soul. It is a craft honed by years of life experience. The blues are a culture and a way of approaching life.

    That being said I give it four stars. No, I think I will give it three. I'm a big John Mayer fan, and his musical genius still shines through. In fact, I applaud this "try." It shows he has range, even if he falls just a bit short of the heart and soul of blues. Actually, I think that Mayer is quite close. His introspective and sometimes haunting lyrics are in the same neighborhood of the blues. But they are just a bit too introspective. The blues are the expression of life when life hits you like a Mack truck. The blues tend to just say it straight. You don't bother with too much introspection when you just got hit by the Mack truck of human experience!

    Mayer's strengths as a musician, however, are evident on this album. And if you enjoy Mayer's music as I do then you will appreciate the redo of "Something's Missing." It's good. Also a highlight for me was "I Got a Woman." That's one of my fav tunes and Mayer does it justice, as far as I'm concerned.

    John Mayer is a brooding, Gen-X poet. What happens when an egocentric northeastern kid collides with the blues. Well, that's what you get on this album. I am glad I purchased it. It is interesting and a bit different than the norm. Definitely worth four, well, three stars.......more info
  • Finally!
    A long-time Mayer fan, I always found him a guilty pleasure - his earlier material is way more pop-y than I can usually stomach, but it was impossible to deny his talent, and he's a heck of a songwriter. However, a couple years ago I caught him on Austin City Limits and the set with Double Trouble blew me out of my chair. Right then I thought, he HAS to put out a blues cd! Though Try! isn't purely a blues album, it makes the point - he's a serious guitar player, and I actually find his voice more suited to the ruff stuff on this CD than his saccharine-sweet older material. Being old enough to have cut my rock and roll teeth on the original "Wait Until Tomorrow," I can hear the band struggle just a bit to keep it together, but the feeling and intensity leave nothing to be desired, and *almost* pulling off Hendrix is no small feat. Vultures has a dark, smoky vamp that infects and won't go away, and Good Love Is On the Way is a grabber, too. Here's hoping John helps turn on a whole new generation of teenaged girls to the blues....more info
  • Mayer shows he is a virtuso
    John Mayer has shown his virtuoso talent on an accoustic guitar before, raw mastery of the instument, no pedals, no special effects. Now he pics up a Stratocaster, follows in the shadow of Hendrix and Stevie Ray Vaughan and shows he can totally emulate that level of mastery on an electric guitar. Like other super groups before him the tightness of a band of talented musicians shines true on this album. Pino Palladino is one of the greatest bassist alive today having the level of talent to fill in for Entwistle on the recent Who tour and weaving himself effortlessly into the syncopated laid back up front dichotomy that is the genius style of Steve Jordan on drums. Well worth a listen. PLAY IT LOUD!!!!...more info
  • Good album if you like live music and John Mayer
    I love live music and I love John Mayer. That is what made this album a good buy for me. If you are looking for Johns classics then this album might not be for you because it features stuff from a trio of his. It does have a great Somethings Missing and some songs that are Newer in this album from the newest album.

    All and all if you are looking for some different John Mayer stuff and you already like him this would be a great addition to your collection.

    This album has a blusey feel to it much like his latest album has....more info
  • Blues For The Masses
    I'm new to the blues genre, which is why I have to thank John Mayer for making it accessible on a commercial scale.

    Though this may annoy or anger hard-core blues fans, I personally think it's a good thing.

    I've listened to John since he first released Room For Squares. I've always enjoyed his work, but always felt he was being marketed as something he wasn't: i.e. a pinup boy for teenage girls with raging hormones and questionable taste in music.

    With Continuum, I finally saw the REAL John Mayer in action -- though his previous performances at awards ceremonies ( my main source of JM 'live' appearances, considering where I live ) have been consistently spectacular. Maybe that's why I knew he was capable of much more, if only the recording company would let him shine.

    I probably should've bought Try! before getting Continuum, but the former sold out last year, resulting in this reversed sequence. ( Thank goodness for Amazon. :))

    In hindsight, it's a huge advantage, purely because Try! is far superior to Continuum, because it's (1) "live", (2) much more diverse in terms of material, and (3) has loads of phenomenal no-holds-barred jamming.

    Every piece is a masterpiece, but personally speaking, 3 definitely stand out. Vultures, my top favourite from Continuum, is unbelievable "live", with John's raw, slightly raspy vocals conveying much more poignance than the no-doubt-tweaked-and-retweaked studio version.

    Out Of My Mind, on the other hand, literally blew my mind ( pun intended :))! I first heard it in the car driving to work. Immediately turned up the volume and reckon I almost broke the windscreen ( haha ). John may not be hailed as a really good singer ( his skills on the guitar usually steal the limelight ), but his delivery on Out Of My Mind easily rivals the great Ray Charles -- the resemblance is spooky, man.

    Best track by far, however, is I Got A Woman. Quite a crowd pleaser, considering its origins ( and a later sampling on Kanye West's Gold Digger ), but absolutely perfect here. Great vocals, cool-beyond-cool jamming, super hot and steamy.

    Am predicting a looong life cycle in my stereo -- for the next few months at least.

    Truly mind-blowing. I highly recommend this to anyone who'd like to know what great musical talent sounds like.
    ...more info
  • awesome!
    Like all of John Mayer's CD's, this one is just as amazing! I love the live atmosphere that it is recorded in... If you like John, you must add this to your collection!...more info
  • Excellent Live Album!
    John Mayer is a " Very Good" guitarist..I've seen and been into so many guitarist that sometimes it's hard to be fair in a review, but I saw him last year in Virginia Beach when I was on vacation and he was "very" good. So if your just getting into him and don't want the "pop" records this would be a good start, it has a mix of both pop and some nice blues riffs with a great backup band.

    Highlights for me are:

    Out of My Mind
    I got a Woman
    ...more info
  • Great Sound!
    This was my first experience with John Mayer music and I love it!! The sound is unique, blues style....more info
  • Will the real John Mayer please stand up?
    Donald Fagan put out the great album called "Morph The Cat" but it wasn't about John Mayer. Perhaps that should have been the title to this album. It seems John Mayer does his best to morph into SRV, Jimi, and for some unexpainable reason Dave Matthews (a sound nobody should aspire to), as well as others. Quite obviously the kid can play the guitar very well and sing with feeling, but I'd really be curious to hear him discover who John Mayer really is, cause I can't find that out from this album. All that aside, it's an imminently listenable album with moments that shine. ...more info
  • in praise of guitar-driven pop
    The reviews here are sharply divided. I don't feel like repeating the inevitable comparisons, but hey guys: lighten up! Let's celebrate the return of real GUITAR to front and center. I gig around Chicago with a trio, we play material by Di Meola, Mc Laughlin et al. I know what it's like to be compared to the gods. It's rough. Think back only a few years when the only thing passing for music was Spice Girls. John Mayer COULD HAVE stayed bubble-gum with "Your Soul is a Jungle-Gym"; instead, he's rocking out. Go, go Johnny, go!...more info
  • Not great, but not bad either...
    I'm not a huge John Mayer fan. Sure, I've heard a few of his tunes but I never really bothered to pay attention to all of the hoopla. But there is a hoopla surrounding this guy, both positive and negative.

    I bought this record on a total impulse after hearing he was releasing a "blues" effort with a stripped down, back to basics trio. I am both a big blues and rock fan, so I figured it would be worth a try. I guess I'm a little indifferent about it because I had no expectations for it. Since I didn't have many expectations, I was able to listen past the obvious shortcomings and just enjoy it for what it is: An attempt of adult contemporary pop/rock crossed over into a bluesy rock.

    Mission accomplished. Sure, his voice may never sound more than a frog with a cold and his guitar chops, which are impressive, may not compare to SRV, but then again, what does? Blues purists, if there are still any left, may scoff at this attempt but there are many alternatives for the blues purists... like a pure traditional blues record.

    Speaking of which, I don't get the whole comparison to SRV anyway, Mayer's style on this record reminds me more like Eric Clapton mixed with a little BB King and Jimmy Hendrix...? I don't know, Mayer seems more controlled and reserved than SRV ever was.

    But all and all, I'm able to enjoy this disc, and look past the negatives which is odd for me because I'm usually the guy that endlessly analysis music and movies. I don't know, maybe I'm getting soft... I personally like "Good Love Is On The Way" and "Try".
    ...more info
  • Just good music.
    I've listened to John Mayer for a long while. Like most of his fans I was listening to him when his stuff first started flying around the net. To hear this beautiful change in his music does nothing but make me happy.

    However, to read some of the reviews that I've read here saddens me. Then, I realize that these people who are down-playing John's talent are the same people who, for whatever reason, never liked him in the first place. This leaves them without a valid opinion in my book and offer little proof that can change my mind about him.

    I bought TRY! after listening to Daughters (my all-time favorite song) and sat perplexed as to how he could have made that song any better - but he did. Possibly it's because it's a live cut and John has a way with an audience. Or, maybe it's just his new mature sound. You take your pick, but it's just good.

    If you still yearn for that "traditional" John Mayer sound - what some people may call "Pop" or melodies laced with lyrics only welcomed to overly hormonal teenaged girls (which, yes, you can hear screaming between numbers), I would suggest you skip down to track 7, "Another Kind of Green". No matter how much this song sends me into a flashback of a failed romance, or the 11th grade - it too is just good.

    I could go on and on about what's "just good" about John Mayer's latest line up, but I have to stop because "I Got A Woman" (track 8) is playing right now and I have to get up and dance. I just want to take a minute and warn potential buyers, to not fret if they read the following reviews about how John's guitar playing only sounds good because he's supplemented by an excellent bassist and drummer. Please realize that that's what good musicians do. They love music that sounds right, why in the world would he place himself amongst poor musicians just to make himself sound good? It's just a stupid idea. I'm sure if he had done that he would have been very reluctant to put Steve Jordan and Pino Palladino's name on the album cover. The music sounds good, and if it took three people to do so, who cares? In this day and age we need more musicians who really play, play well, and love it.
    ...more info
  • Hendrix is alive!
    Great album! It is a live recording of new songs from John Mayer. While he is usually a poppish composer, this album is a blues masterpiece, with incredible dynamic and a great sound wall coming from just a trio! It never gets boring or predictable. Gotta have it!...more info
  • Live Album
    This isn't the first John Mayer cd Ive bought but I think it's the best. Hearing him live is a whole new experience....more info
  • Great purchase!
    This cd showed up in perfect condition and in a timely manner. Thanks so much!...more info
  • Be True To One's Self
    I have rated this album at five stars because of the belief John had in his love for the history of blues and wanting to put it out there in his personal interpretations and his admiration for the artists that had brought us the blues previous {I never met John so I guess it is proper to call him Mr. John Mayer].He brings alot of SRV style and melody in on this one with the Trio.Following the growth, of this artists development into a future great ,is exciting and he has held his own on the forefront with some amazing talents!So proud that he is receiving the Hal David Starlight Award shortly in New York. He is very deserving indeed!I really have difficulty in choosing one of the songs over the others,each has portrayed its unigue style.But, if I must I would probably pick Vultures,Gravity and "What Johnnie Did".We will no doubt have the pleasure of enjoying this fantastic allround personality,artist,singer, songwriter,and somewhat actor as well, for a long time to come.Good luck on the Disney "Cars" song.Looking forward to the JOY I know his new album "Continuum" will bring us. JLHT...more info
  • John Mayer at his best
    This album shows John Mayer at his best....LIVE. Very simple simple album, but full of soul......more info
  • A good live CD.
    I don't normally like live CD's, but this one is good. John can really play that guitar!...more info
  • Glad I bought it.
    If you like John Mayer and/or the Blues, you should have this CD. Different from his other stuff, and very good....more info
  • John Mayer at His Best
    John Mayer has really matured since his first breakout in 2003?? The music on this cd is really outstanding ... different genres (blues, jazz, rock) without putting the listner in a totally different mood.

    Buy this one- you won't be sorry....more info
  • A little perspective
    Let's remind the negative reviewers here that we're discussing the album "Try", and not John Mayer the person. Like many, I didn't find much to take away from his first albums. However, I was completely amazed the first time that I heard "Try". There were always hints in Mayer's playing that he was a much more soulful musician, but the pop music factory wouldn't let him stretch his wings. Now, with this album, he's showing the world that he effectively used the machine to his advantage by writing pop songs to get his foot in the door. Now that those pop songs have allowed him to quit his day job, we can sit back and enjoy watching him grow into possibly the next great guitar player of our time. How much talent gets overlooked or misunderstood because of ego? The first time I heard this album I couldn't help but smile and wait for the condemnations that were sure to follow. If this album was the first that we had ever heard from John Mayer, I think that this Amazon page would be a totally different ballgame. Keep an open mind. Don't get stuck in the past; that's what makes you old... ...more info
  • Thank Goodness
    I think it's wonderfully rare that John Mayer can successfully go off and do his own thing in this blues-charged live album. Not many musicians can tread off the beaten path and then come back to win a Grammy. Unfortunately, he won for "pop" star, a title I'm sure he's not too thrilled about but has to accept.

    This album truly explores the blues style and virtuoso of John Mayer. And as a fan since he first appeared on the scene, I'm very happy with it. It fulfills my curiousity but leaves me asking for more....more info
  • On The Horizon
    Take note folks...........John Mayer and his new trio are easily the next SRV, Hendrix, Clapton, or whomever you covet. This kid is leaving the teen-idol-angst world and has entered into living legend. Its about time he chooses to show the world what he is capable of and he's only scraped the tip of the iceburg on this album. Those of you who've seen him live three to four times know what I mean. This album is a fantastic first step and hopefully he'll churn out fifty more just like it or better! I am definitely a new "Mayer Faithful."
    ...more info
  • Better than expected
    John Mayer does have a lot of live albums for a guy who just put out his Jr. cd this past fall. But, hey...if you have the chops, and the raw muscial talent than people will listen, even if it's the same tracks. Mostly because he's the king of creative variation. This CD is better than I expected, and more edgy than some of his past albums.
    There are old favorites here, but again- he never sings the same song twice, and has a lot of fun with his music! His music is so dam good people buy cd's with the same tracks just to hear them a different way!
    ...more info
  • Loved it!
    Wow! But I am also a John Mayer fan. I really enjoyed this CD -- great combination of his own modern style and classic rock/blues. I liked every song on the CD....more info
  • John Mayer rocks
    I always knew he could 'feel', but now he rocks too. Anyone who thinks he can't sing needs to take a good listen to Stevie Ray Vaughn. There are times when you think you could be listening to the great SRV himself, but this IS a John Mayer album and is filled with his spirit....more info
  • A taste of something new
    I have to admit I was hesitant at first to purchase this cd because I didn't know what to expect but I am SO glad I ended up buying it!! "Gravity", "Vultures" and "Another Kind of Green" are my three favorite tracks off of this album. I would highly recommend this cd to anyone who loves John Mayer! Now, if I could only catch them in concert......more info
  • Great music, not so great sound
    There are plenty of other reviews that address John Mayer the musician and his music, whether he's the next big thing or a no-talent poseur. All I can say is listen to the music and make up your own mind. I'll allow that he's no Stevie Ray Vaughn, at least in terms of the raw urgency of his playing, but then people panned SRV too (esp. his singing) before he sealed his legacy by stepping off this earthly plane. John Mayer is clearly a multi-talented singer, songwriter and player who's committed to being more than just another pop star and to pushing the limits of his abilities. I admire that - that's how you grow as a musician and a human being. My main quibble with this particular CD is the relatively poor sound quality - flat and muddy, as though it was recorded from the third row with a hand-held stereo cassette player (for that matter, I've heard better concerts that were actually recorded this way). C'mon guys, with today's technology there's no excuse for low-fi concert recordings!...more info
  • Not the radio airplay John...
    But still a great step in his evolution. Blues and jazz infused on some already released songs along with a few new ones in a live setting. Worth a TRY!...more info
  • Oh my - Here;s Johnny!
    This should be called "Promise Kept"! At times it evokes BBK, the ABB, SRV, Bonnie Raitt, Johnny Lang, and more. But it's all John Mayer. I downloaded this last night and then bought the CD this morning. This grabbed me from the first song, and gave me shivers. First new CD to get me excited in a long time. If you like good blues rock guitar, don't hesitate. If you like his pop songs, I can't help you. If you ever wondered why EC invited John Mayer to the Crossroads Guitar Festival, this should put that to rest. In case you could not tell, I really liked this. This one is destined to get worn out in all my players. Nice.... ...more info