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Safety Leash for Pedometer (1) Unit. Helps Save Pedometers From Loss
List Price: $4.99

Our Price: $1.24

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Product Description

Although your pedometer has a belt clip, add a pedometer leash for extra insurance that your pedometer does not hit the ground if it somehow falls off your waistband. The leash attaches to your pedometer at one end, and a metal clip to your waistband ensuring that you never lose your pedometer.

Customer Reviews:

  • A good idea
    It's a good idea to use one so that if your pedometer works itself loose, it won't drop or get lost.Safety Leash for Pedometer (1) Unit. Helps Save Pedometers From Loss...more info
  • The leash keeps your pedometer safe
    I purchased this pedometer safety leash because I had lost my prior pedometer. This has already kept my new pedometer from falling to the ground twice. If you have a pedometer that you don't want damaged or lost by coming off your waistband, this leash fits the bill....more info
  • Safety Leash failure
    The black tape that connects your pedometer to the little clasp came unstitched after about 2 hours of wear. Not good!...more info
  • Good mental exercise
    No instructions came with the leash on how to string it in order to attach it to the pedometer, but that was good because I had to flex my brain muscle a bit to figure it out and it was fun. A pedometer safety leash is a must, as I am sure pedometer users know. ...more info
    This is small but mighty. It prevents your pedometer or cell phone from hitting the floor or ending up in the laundry....more info
  • keep your pedemoter safe
    This is a great product for keeping your pedemoter attached. Before I got mine I almost lost it twice!...more info
  • Additional security
    Got this because the one that came with the Omron has a plastic clip and I questioned the longevity since we use our pedometers every day.
    ...more info
  • clip breaks easily
    I am not satisfied with this replacement safety leash as the clip broke within 2 weeks. My pedometer came with a safety leash, which lasted over 18 months before the clip broke. The usage was the unchanged, simply clipped the leash/pedometer to my clothing. I will not be getting another....more info
  • Very well made sturdy construction
    I threw away the safety leash that came with my pedometer. This has a sturdy clasp and leash. Very well made....excellent product....more info
  • Pedometer leash
    This is a great item as I would never want to lose my Omron pedometer! I use it everyday........more info
  • The Last Clip You'll Ever Need!
    I wear a pedometer everyday, and have had a lot of trouble with the plastic clips breaking. I went through 4 plastic replacement clips in a year until I found this metal one. Perfect!...more info
  • Pedometer saftey cord
    Buy one if your pedometer doesn't come with one. Cheap insurance to protect your pedometer....more info
  • safety leash
    The safety leash is helpful in me not losing my pedimeter. I lost my first omron pedometer because I did not have the leash....more info
  • Paid for itself many times over
    Lost one pedometer (expensive one from my wife) the first week of wearing one. Got a leash and haven't lost one in months since, though at least 4 times have found pedometer hanging from leash. The fact that I also wear a fanny pack while walking may increase my loss rate, having that rubbing against it. So leash may be less essential for you than for me....more info
  • Essential For Your Pedometer
    I hate to lose things. This leash is excellent for keeping up with my pedometer. A couple of times I looked down to find my pedometer hanging from the leash. If I did not have the leash, I would have quickly lost my pedometer. ...more info
  • High quality leash
    This leash is great, it's a replacement for the leash that came with my Omron pedometer that broke on me because the clip was cheap plastic. The clip on this one is metal so it's much sturdier. In addition, it has a plastic quick disconnect near the top so you can take off the pedometer and leave the clip end attached to your clothing. For the cheap price, it's well worth it....more info
  • Okay but could be better
    The metal alligator clip catches on some thinner fabrics. The original lanyard I received with my Omron pedometer had a plastic clip which was much better. I simply wore that one out. This one is okay but I would much prefer the plastic clip....more info
  • Durable and reliable
    This is one of the best products that I have ever used to secure a Pedometer. I would highly recommend it!...more info
  • Passable and worth the price
    Bought as a replacement for the pocket leash and alligator clamp that came with an Omron Walking Style Pedometer. When the pedometer is carried loose in a pocket it NEEDS the lanyard and clamp, or I found it will lose up to half the steps I take. Clamping it -- even on a leash -- keeps the pedometer in synch with your hip motion, and thus able to record every step.

    This leash came with two alligator clamps -- one plastic and one metal. I choose the plastic clamp, as it seemed closest in appearance to the Omron original. I have found that the replacement plastic clamp does NOT have the clamping bite -- the hold -- the original had. It works most of the time, but comes loose too much. (I can not speak for the metal clamp, since I discarded it when I installed the replacement lanyard.)

    Still, this replacement lanyard and clamp makes the pedometer count steps correctly and the price was right.

    Shipping was quick too!...more info
  • Very displeased with what was received.
    Dear customer service,
    I ordered several items from your company due to receiving a gift card. I was unable to get it credited to my acct.& you chgd. it to my credit card that you have listed, unfortunately but that is a seperate matter. Well, any way to get back to the product. I bought these because I had also purchased 2 pedometers. In error, I assumed these all came shipped together since my previous purchases in the past were rec'd right away & I was charged fairly. These 2 cheap (2 cent)leashes had nothing to do with the pedometers I had ordered -- they came in a priority mail envelope by themselves with my credit card charged for over $17.00 for shipping & handling WHICH I FEEL & I'M SURE YOU WILL AGREE--is a complete rip off, and not to your standards/service that I was accustomed to, I was completely irate about this & wanted to call you immediately......but you don't have a customer service phone number that is published nor a mailing address for complaints. I hope you will take my review/opinion/complaint seriously because this is not the way I have been treated by your company in the past & I hope to continue to use your company in the future.
    M Porter

    P.S. Can you walk me through getting my gift card to credit? Thank You! ...more info
  • great product!
    Great product for a pedometer. I have had unfortunate happenings to pedometors before but this one stays on my waistband and if it slides off i don't lose it....more info
  • Good product
    I have a pedometer, and the leash I had had a plastic clip on it. The clip broke. I looked all over for one, and finally came to Amazon where I found this one. When I looked at it, I thought that the clip was metal, which is what I wanted. I ordered 4 of them, and wish I had ordered a couple more. They are longer than the old one, and do the job just as well if not better. I would recommend them to anyone....more info