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Palm Z22 Handheld
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Product Description

Meet the Palm Z22 organizer. Yes, a handheld organizer sounds serious. But it's actually a lot of fun. In fact, you can get started in just a few simple steps. Pick it up. It's small and light. Turn it on. There's a bright color screen. Check it out. You can store appointments, phone numbers, to-do lists, and photos. The Palm Z22 organizer holds life's details and lets you find it all fast. Take it wherever life takes you, then get home and save everything to your computer with one tap (when used with included synchronization software). The makers of the original Palm Pilot specifically for people who haven't seen what a handheld organizer can do designed it. Everything is super simple. A touch of a button brings up your appointments, addresses, and more. The Palm Z22 organizer even comes with an easy three-step set-up poster to get you up and running. You'll notice that the Z22 has a bright color screen. Names and addresses are easy to read, appointments can be color-coded, and photos (yes, you can even carry your photos!) come to life. The main thing, though, is organization. You can carry years of appointments, thousands of addresses, hundreds of photos, your to-do lists, a note pad in a pocketsize unit that weighs about 3 ounces. Once you put information into the Palm Z22 organizer, you can rest assured it'll stay there. Even if you forget to recharge and the power runs out. What's more, you can save everything to your computer. Compatible with thousands of optional Palm application software that can be preloaded in your PC and synched to your Z22

If you're still using a paper planner, maybe it's time to catch up with technology and upgrade to the affordable and easy-to-use Palm Z22 handheld. It enables you to keep your entire day-to-day schedule and contact information at hand and in your pocket--no more flipping through multiple pages, looking for scraps of paper or keeping track of to-do lists. And you won't have to enter the same thing twice--once on the computer and once in your planner, as you can easily make updates on your computer and synchronize data to the Palm Z22 in just a minute or two.

This handheld features a 32 MB of flash memory (20 MB accessible for file and software storage), Palm OS 5.4 (Garnet), a fast 200 MHz ARM-based processor, and an internal rechargeable battery (that can be charged via the included AC adapter or via the USB cable connected to your PC).

Weighing just over 3 ounces and about the same size as a deck of playing cards, the Palm Z22 is compact and stylish with a white front and translucent blue backing. Small enough to fit into any purse, backpack or back pocket, it boasts a bright, 160 x 160-pixel color touchscreen display, which provides easy readability of names, addresses, and appointments. You can even color-code appointments for improved organization, and view and carry pictures of friends and family wherever you go.

Operating System and Software
The installed Palm OS 5.4 uses the intuitive and easy-to-learn Graffiti 2 writing software to input data into the handheld (as well as an on-screen keyboard). Windows users can synchronize their calendar, contacts, tasks, and notes with Microsoft Outlook. The Palm OS features the following organizer applications:

  • Contacts: Lets you store several addresses for each contact, and with new fields for more phone numbers, multiple e-mail addresses, instant messenger IDs, and Web sites.
  • Calendar: Use the new Agenda view to see upcoming calendar events, tasks due, and important e-mail, and color-code your events to provide an easy way to reference your calendar in the Agenda, Day, Week, and Month views. Take more notes, or synchronize more details from your desktop, in the larger Memos and Notes fields.
  • Tasks: Use tasks with alarms and repeating tasks to set reminders for important commients.
It also includes AddIt, a program that includes a variety of applications such as CheckSplit, Chess, Carb Counter and Solitaire. The bonus software CD-ROM has an eBook reader with three books and a dictionary, the powerOne Calculator (perfect for basic and advanced mathematics), and SplashShopper (a helpful shopping list application).

The Palm Z22 is compatible with PCs running Windows Windows 2000 (SP4) and XP (Outlook synchronization requires MS Outlook 2000, 2002, or 2003; sold separately), and with Macs running Mac OS 10.2.8 to 10.4.

What's in the Box
Palm Z22 handheld, USB sync cable, power adapter, 3-step setup poster, Graffiti 2 sticker, Software Install CD-ROM with Palm Desktop, Tutorial, Getting Started Guide, User Guide, and bonus software.

  • Cool, affordable handheld with 32 MB of flash memory and bright color screen
  • Perfect replacement for your messy paper daily organizer
  • Weighing in at just over 3 ounces, this lightweight organizer is about the size of a deck of cards
  • Easily connect and synchronize with data stored on your computer; view digital photos
  • Palm Desktop Software for Windows and Mac

Customer Reviews:

  • .......deceived??????
    I feel that perhaps I was deceived into buying my palm.......while I didn't want a used one........I fell for the statement 'still in new packaging'......wouldn't you sense that it was new??? Well, when I receive the devise I was unable to Sync with my computer because my name would not work..........there was another name already in there as the owner.....that certainly told me that someone has used it at sometime.......granted the Palm appeared in very good condition.......but I had to pay my computer man to come and figure out how to get rid of "LEEGOFF" took an hour and half to get rid of "LEEGOFF"!! and cost me $60......should have just gone Staples and bought one really new....would have been better off from the start.........Palm instructions for this problem were nil..........My advise with Amazon.Com, be leary of 'new vs. used'......Virginia Miller, Ohio PS. Now that my Palm is in sync with my computer.....I really like it and it serves my purposes.......more info
  • It was great -- until I got a 64 bit operating system
    I loved this product. It kept track of all my appointments, my contacts, and any notes I ever needed. I always carried it in my back pocket, and it held up very well. I loved the desktop software that came with it. I'd check my e-mail, update my desktop calendar, and hotsync my Palm.

    When my computer died I purchased the latest and greatest desktop, only to discover that Palm won't release any drivers for a 64-bit operating system. Now, this is a useless brick to me. I'll avoid purchasing another Palm product in the future....more info
  • This does not work with Vista!!!
    Palm claims on their website that the Z22 is compatible with Vista. It is NOT!!! When you plug the Z22 into the computer, Vista tries to find drivers and cannot--neither can Palm Support! They say they "are working on it." That's simply unacceptable when they claim that it's compatible. We received the Z22 today, and we are returning it tomorrow!!! Don't waste your time buying this item if you have Vista....more info
  • Nice PDA but not made to last!
    This is my second Palm Z22 PDA to go quit working after about 8 months of use. Both times my unit quit working after it was left in my bookbag in my car and the cold 20 degree tempatures killed the device. This doesn't happen to my cell phone, GPS or Sirius satelite radio. This PDA dies if it gets cold. So if you have one, never leave it in you car on cold days. I've also found out that very humid weather can kill this PDA....more info
  • Palm review
    I like the palm but the software from desktop has a lot to be desired. I have new computer with Vista and have spent 10 hours( 3 sessions) online with Palm trying to get the Explorer address book to sync. After 20 years of computer use, This is not a novice comment. A open a new second User Administrator had to be made for it to work. It is bearly tolerable to have to transfer the Explorer information from one User to the other to sync with the palm. After only doing it once, I plan to do this every six months but this is a terrible chore. There is no choice if I want addresses on a storage device. My calander items will not be usable. ...more info
  • Terrible PDA
    My Palm would not register because I have a high speed modem not a telephone modem. It would not draw letters or numbers as instructed with a stylus and though it speaks of a keyboard i could find none either on the device itself or its technical manual. Its technical manual has no information only advertising. When attempting to sync with my Mac it erases all addresses and appointments. In other words it fails in every way possible. It is by far the worst electronic equipment I have ever owned. I have owned Palm's in the past because they are supposed to work with a Mac and had no problems. But this Palm has convinced me never to buy from the company again....more info
  • Risky purchase. Defective manufacturing
    My first Z22 had a software problem out of the box. After several calls to tech support, they sent me a replacement. The replacement stopped working (didn't turn on) in about 3-4 weeks. I conclude that the manufacturing facility in China (this IS made in China) is producing defective Z22s. Buy at your own risk. After my second Z22 stopped working, I went back to paper. Less risky....more info
  • Would be overpriced at $25
    In short, the quality product you get doesn't come close to the price. You're better off getting a used Tungsten for $50 than drop $100 on this. The screen quality reminds me of their first color screen 10 years ago. The stylus is impossible to remove if you don't have nails or a coin handy. The plastic seems chinsy and easily breakable. But I guess since PDA's are going out of style now, there's just not a lot to choose from. Would not recommend this....more info
  • Good product, Bad Seller
    I ordered the Palm Z22 4 days before Christmas and requested they send it in time to receive it by Christmas Eve. I was ecstatic when it arrived two days before Christmas. I was very dissappointed, however, when I opened the package and saw only the Palm Z22. No, directions, no manufacturers box, nothing but the item. The description on Amazon said it was like new and had all the miscellaneous things that it comes with when bought new. My wife was happy when seeing the Palm Z22, but it lost its luster when seeing there were no directions or anything else with it.
    The product works fine and my wife likes it. Just wish they would have included what they said they would. I paid $5 less than what it costs brand new. ...more info
  • Z22 review
    The product itself Z22 is fine. However Palm products are not fully capable of intergrating with computers with Vista. I have spent over 6 hours with Palm technical support and still don't have a resolution for my Palm handheld with certain aspects of the data (specifically the calendar). For this aspect I am dis-satisfied.

    R. Goguen...more info
  • A lemon
    The one I purchased is a lemon. This is not my first Palm product. The screen often doesn't recognize the letters I've written or adds a "." or blank spaces. The navigation bar doesn't work. It's going back to Amazon and I hope to find another at a reasonable price. Without a working PDA, I'm lost. ...more info
  • Exactly what I wanted
    I needed a replacement for a 6yr old PDA and this fits the bill exactly. I'm not interested in a combo phone/PDA/MP3 player/email. I don't want to access the web on a handheld just yet. I need to be able to organize my day efficiently and have every conceivable note at hand. Anything I want to look up beyond the standard address book, I put into a memo here. I even have a complete catalog of my knitting needles. Saves me from standing in the yarn shop trying to remember what I have at home. All my airline membership nbrs and those of my family are in here. I love the compact size, that it fits so nicely into my purse....more info
  • Can't live with this little thing
    I have the original Zire, and then Zire 22 for years. I have changed phones many times through out the years, but not this little palm. This little thing is most reliable. It is very light weight and keeps me organized, no maintenace and cheap. The battery seems last forever - weeks or months which I loose track ...more info
  • Not the best
    This was my wife's introduction to a handheld organizer.

    Yes, it was handy and did most of what she needed, but she had a hard time having the date NOT roll back to 1995. The batteries also tended drain faster than she anticipated.

    Not bad, but not the best....more info
  • Z22 Is Junk
    I purchased the Z22 to store some account numbers/data, etc. I have maybe used it 6 times for brief periods. It will not turn on unless I fully charge it and then it works for maybe 10 minutes. The reset button does not work. It does not hold a charge. I purposely made a paper/pencil copy of the data stored in the Z22 given its unreliability. This machine is worthless. I heartily recommend you do not buy the Z22....more info
  • Sold a Bill of Goods
    I was extremely disappointed with this product. I bought it used based on the representation in the description that it was in "brand new" condition. That was not true. The handheld wsa scratched; the charger was not supplied and it was in ratty condition...more info
  • Bad after sale support!!!
    I bought the product 2 months ago. Now half of the screen does not turn on!!
    I called Palm store and they said they would not replace the device. They want me to mail it to them for repair, plus, I HAVE TO PAY THE SHIPMENT!!...more info
  • This handy little handheld does everything you need in style
    When I reached the point where no paper planner could fit all my tasks, I turned to digital alternatives. As the other reviews have said, the z22 does exactly what you need it to and it does it well. If you're looking for something to make your life easier and more manageable without all the bells and whistles, this is it.

    The palm z22 is lightweight and small enough to take everywhere with you. As a journalist, I make lots of contacts and need space to store their phone numbers, e-mails, and info about where I met them, what they have expertise in. The z22 has 8 separate sections to store custom information, and all your data can be entered into the handheld or your computer and synced up easily and rapidly. It's a fast, classy and intuitive alternative to buying a giant paper planner every year, and it makes life so much easier.

    As for cases to protect your new-found assistant: Don't get the air case, the metal case, or the flexi case. The air case either opens too easily or not easily enough, the flexi case doesn't protect the palm's screen, and the metal case gets scratched up and opens on the left side (which is awkward for a right-handed or small-handed person). Plus, none of them protect the charger port on the palm. I found a case by Timbuk2 called the 2way that holds my palm PERFECTLY. It's made from ballistic fabric, has room for cards and straps to a backpack or purse strap. It's lightweight and secures with velcro. I highly recommend it for anyone who wants to protect their palm in style without paying a lot or getting a case not made for the z22 that doesn't fit.

    [...]...more info
  • Died after less than a year of service
    Very dissappointing. After less than a year, the screen went kaput, I cannot access my telephone directory. It just became an expensive useless gadget. I downloaded the software from Palm's website hoping that by doing this it would fix whatever glitch the Z22 had, but no luck. If I could give it a negative 5 rating, I would. ...more info
  • Palm
    This product sucks. The internal re-chargable battery needs to be charged frequently. Recently it died now it won't sink to the data from my PC.

    Buy something else. My wife has an older Palm model and she doesn't need to charge it nearly as much.

    Why they didn't make it to accept dry cell batteries I'll never know.
    Sorry Palm you used to make good products. Maybe you should consider making them in the USA and not from "You know where"...more info
  • Perfectly satisfactory.
    When I was working, all my business was conducted in front of a computer -desktop at work or home office, or at a VPN-connected laptop. I had no real use for a PDA.

    Now I'm retired, very active in volunteer work, and often in circumstances where I have no laptop or desktop, and so am without my calendar. My wife said now that I'm mobile, I need a mobile calendar.

    So I went shopping for a calendar that could fit my shirt pocket, sync with my Outlook calendar, and replace the 3x5 cards it would be displacing in my pocket. I ended up buying the Palm Z22, and am perfectly satisfied so far.

    I received it the day before a 4-day "business" trip. The little thing is easy enough to learn that I was able to load the Z22 calendar from my desktop Outlook, make new appointments on the road, write memos and notes, and then resync with the desktop when I got back, without doing any heavy-duty training or manual reading. The included onboard "Quick Tour" showed me everything I needed to know to make the Z22 useful.

    I bought the 3235WW Air Case for the Z22. Unlike many, I have no problem opening it. I don't know whether the mold changed, QA inmproved, or I'm just lucky. There also seems to be no problem with stylus registration or wavering. Also, no problem with Vista: having been alerted by previous reviewers, I downloaded the current version of the Palm Desktop, installed it, and everything is fine.

    I bought 2 sets of extra styluses (styli?) just because. Eventually I'll train myself so the Z22 can read my writing unerringly, but so far it does a better job of that than I do. I will also probably by an extra set of screen protectors.

    I make appointments on the run without having to say "let me call you when I can check my calendar." I did away with my pocket full of notecards and now take notes I can transfer directly to my computer without transcribing. As a bonus, I have a contact list and task list that are synced to my desktop / laptop, a syncable expense record (for tax-deductible in-kind contributions), and a calculator that takes no extra pocket space.

    Someday I may want a PDA that is an internet capable SmartPhone with USB infrared blue teeth, WiFi, GPS, foldout or virtual keyboard, remote TV controls, video camera, virtual display screen, heart rate monitor and calorie burn rate counter, Dance Revolution, home entertainment center and blender and espresso maker.

    OTOH, I might end up with a pocket of 3x5 cards again.

    But for now, the Z22 does what I got it for, a little bit more, and is not loaded with stuff I don't need and is easy to learn. Perfect for my first PDA. Tag me well pleased....more info
  • Should have listened to the other reviews
    There are quite a bit of reviews which state how this thing fails after a short period. I have bought several palmpilots over the years ranging from under $100 to over $500. I'm tired of them dying. The Z22 died on me within 2 months. I didn't drop it or anything. The screen just went blank one day and never came back. Last year a bought a cheap palm pilot for about $25 and I could not be happier. It doesn't have all the bells and whistles, but it keeps lists, has a phone book, and has alarms. I realized it's all I need....more info
  • An exercise in frustration
    My PDA is stuck on the calibration screen. I Googled this problem and it appears to be common. If you are unfortunate enough to encounter this you will have the following choices: (1) keep tapping the calibration icon until you lose your mind, (2) throw your PDA into the nearest body of water, (3) sell your PDA on Ebay, or (4) call customer service, get put on hold, and continue to tap the icon while weeping. You don't need a PDA anyway. Avoid this purchase!...more info
  • Palm Z22 Handheld
    Great product!!!Takes away many pads/pens and calanders.Don't know why i did not get one sooner....more info
  • Good value
    I should have paid more attention to the item I was bidding on - I thought it was one of the other Zires, but after using this Z22, was not disappointed in it's condition nor performance. My biggest disappointment with it was that I couldn't use it to play my favorite game - MagicDog's Solitaire - the resolution was not as good as the Tungsten I'm used to.
    That, tho, was MY fault for not paying closer attention to the specs...

    The unit arrived in excellent condition, and everything about the transaction was good....more info
  • Excellent device, like all Palms I have owned
    From reading various Palm reviews on Amazon, we know that Palm has had some reliability problems with its hardware. But I have seen none of those problems -- and I've owned a lot of Palm PDAs, plus some (non-Palm) Visors using the Palm OS, over the years. I've never had a hardware problem of any kind with a Palm or Visor.

    My personal list includes the PalmPilot Pro, Palm III, Handspring Visor, Handsping Visor Deluxe, Palm V, Palm M500, Palm TX and Palm Z22 -- all worked fine. These machines never broke or wore out. When I tried a new model I generally upgraded for something with different features or form factor.

    As for the Z22, it's small, inexpensive, light, colorful (with a nice, if low-res, color screen) and works quite well overall. Like most people who started with PalmPilots, I very much dislike the much inferior Graffiti II that Palm switched to for legal reasons, but otherwise, the Z22 is a very decent piece of machinery, especially at the price (which should be around $100 new, not several hundred$ as you sometimes see online).

    Personally, given its larger (b+w) screen, vibrating alarm, and Graffiti I, I most prefer my M500. If you want wi-fi networking and a big color screen, the TX is the way to go. But for something small, cheap, and (in my experience) robust, I can certainly recommend the Z22....more info
  • price information error
    A z22 should cost about $100 not $400 plus, mine was under $100 last summer. It must be a pricing error on this page. ...more info
  • DEAD
    I bought this inexpensive Palm PDA to keep addresses and notes handy. It eventually stop responding to inputs. I tried customer service and they said it was inoperative with no way of retrieving any of the data! I am not happy with this and will keep this experience in mind when choosing and purchasing my next PDA. :(...more info
  • Very pleased
    This was given to someone as a gift and the recipient has found it to
    be very useful. It is used to keep photos, memos and contacts when
    travelling. The calendar has proved a help for appointments. ...more info
  • Palm Z222 PDA
    Excellent basic PDA with Palm functionality. Easy set up. Used this to replace a 2 year old HP PDA (bad circuitry) , using Microsoft Outlook and Windows 95SE....more info
  • My new Palm
    This was everything I wanted in a new Palm Pilot. The Z22 is great and I found it at a great price thru The whole experience of looking for what I wanted, finding what I wanted and then found it at a great price, was nice. Too bad everything in life doesn't go as smoothly.

    I checked [...] and [...] and couldn't find the Z22 at a decent price. As usual, I found it at From now on, I'll just save myself the time and trouble of looking around and come right to your website.
    ...more info
  • Better Than Expected
    When I bought this entry level palm 2 1/2 years ago, I thought I would use it for a while and then move up to another more expensive model. I never have. It works great. It has had very few problems, and nothing that couldn't be fixed with a reset. When it does reset, it saves all my information anyway and only asks to reset the time. It charges in full in a short time with the wall plug, and I do that but once a week. It backs up to my laptop and syncs with my Microsoft Outlook. I bought the hard case, which has saved it from many falls. I also purchased the splash shopper and I love it. I have my grocery list on me at all times, and save a lot of time by not having to run home for it. When I am stuck sitting around, I play solitaire. I had no idea of the life expectancy of this product, but it has served me well....more info