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Surgical Steel 5/16" (8mm) Domed Gothic Cross Ring
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Product Description

This Quality Stainless Steel Band is made of Low Nickel 316L Hypo Allergenic Surgical Steel, and is no different than the ones you pay for $60.00 to $200.00 each. It is a little less than 5/16" (8mm) Wide. This dome shaped band has a cross design at the center of the band and it is polished finish to create a very nice look. Sizes 8 to 14 are available.

  • Quality Stainless Steel Low Nickel 316L Hypoallergenic
  • Comfort Fit
  • About 5/16" (8mm)

Customer Reviews:

  • Very Satisfied
    Was very satisfied with the delivery and item. Received in good time and nicely presented. Fine quality item....more info
  • Now it's USELESS !
    About a couple weeks after i purchased this ring for my husband, the cross design on the inside fell out. He tried to put it back in but now it is soo loose that it just falls right back out. He has tried to wear it without the cross but he can't. When the cross is not inside the ring, the are where the cross is supposed to be is soo soft that it squeezes together and misshapes the ring. Please don't get me wrong, this is a beautiful ring but his was apparently defective. Everytime he takes the ring off the cross flies to the ground. The cross itself is very sharp around the edges. Hope others have better luck ! ...more info
  • Great men's ring
    Came just as promised, and as an added bonus the packing was great for a gift....more info
  • Loved it
    I gave this ring to someone as a gift. It's great for the "goth" type person. The quality was pretty good and it looks exactly as you see in the pic. ...more info
  • title for my review
    I really like this ring. The section with the cross in the middle actually slides out. I like to play with it when I'm bored. The quality is decent but it does get all scratched up, so I just wear it the same way to keep the outer surface nice. ...more info
  • great ring
    My boyfriend totally loves this ring. I didn't expect such a fast delivery, and the ring looks awesome. ...more info
  • Wonderful ring
    This ring is really wonderful. Be careful of the Amazon ring sizer, it can be incorrect. Because of this I was able to compare a size 14 ring to a size 11. They are both beautiful, but with the larger ring there was more detail on the Cross cut out. The edges on the tips are more rounded, giving it more of an orthodox look than a gothic look. But it is still different enough to tell them apart....more info
  • So unique
    I just received this ring and it is so beautiful. The picture does not really show how detailed it is. I will buy more this site....more info
  • Gothic
    well made and polished steel ring. very good crisp etching. fits and looks like it was made for my hand....more info
  • Awesome Ring
    Great ring. Fits great. Wonderful quality. Would suggest this to anyone. Supplier shipped it fast (3-4 days it was at my mail box!) the middle of December....more info
  • Very cool new design
    For some reason this showed up in my recommended list, and was right up my alley, so I ordered one.

    I need to explain the 4 star review first. I only give 5 stars to something that is near perfect. The ring is very unique and well built, but it's not perfect. I would have given it 4.5 stars, if possible, but you don't get that option.

    The ring fits well, the cutout slides out hard at first, but once it's removed, it moves easier. It also does not fall out while being worn, since it covers about 2/3 of the ring, it really can't go anywhere. But as another reviewer noted, the thin line that connects the two crosses can be squeezed shut when the middle piece is removed. It can be reopened easily enough. The edges of the cut out are fairly sharp, probably sharp enough to have to watch out for.

    Since the "spinner" rings are now kind of old news, this is a nice new idea....more info
  • Great ring
    I was very happy with this ring, it was much nicer on the finger than in a photo too. Very impressed. Thanks :)...more info