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The VD-520 is the newest video door phone. It has an attractive design and is easy to install. This is a quality CCD camera with a 92.8 degree angle. The monitor comes with a metal bracket for easy surface mount. You can add to a total of 4 monitors, so you can control your front door from 4 different locations in your home. New Monitor Function: Heard noises outside your door but dont want to risk opening the door? You can feel secure now knowing that you can take a look outside by pushing the monitor button. New: communicate with the other monitors in the house. Push the call button, and the one that answers the call can communicate with the one that initiated the call. Remote door unlocking function, works with most locks between 9-24 volt. Please ask your local hardware store for the right lock. The cable is not included but should be purchased at your local hardware store. Any 4 wire cable will work, but we recommend a CAT5 cable. If the distance between the doorbel (camera) and monitor is more than 150 feet, please purchase thicker wired cable (18 gauge) to ensure quality.

  • Large 5" color monitor made by Sharp, camera by Sony
  • High quality CCD camera with a 92.8 degrees angle
  • Works in complete darkness because of the led lights on the camera
  • Hands free monitor & intercom all in one
  • Remote unlocking capability & expandable to 4 monitors