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F.E.A.R. Director's Edition
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Product Description

The F.E.A.R.: First Encounter Assault Recon Director's Cut DVD-ROM guides you into the heart of horror, in a deep paranormal storyline with first person presentation. A paramilitary force infiltrates a multi-billion dollar aerospace compound taking hostages, but issuing no demands. The government responds by sending in its best special ops teams, only to have them obliterated. A Special Forces team is sent in by the government to contain the situation, but contact is severed as an eerie signal interrupts radio communications. When the interference subsides, the team has been obliterated. Footage of the massacre shows an inexplicable wave of destruction tearing the soldiers apart before they can even react. In light of the desperate situation the F.E.A.R. team is assembled. You are a member of this new units & these are your directives: Eliminate the intruders at any cost. Determine the origin of the signal. And contain this crisis before it spirals out of control. Special Director's Cut Features: Special FEAR comic book, "Making Of F.E.A.R." documentary, developers' roundtable commentary, live-action declassified interviews with Alma, and F.E.A.R. Machinima -- a F.E.A.R. Game contained entirely on a Single DVD Requires 64MB DirectX 9.0 compliant Video card with Pixel shader support

  • Hyper Stylized FPS Action
  • Supernatural Storyline
  • Larger-than-life enemies
  • Advanced Graphics-Cinematic Special Effects
  • Multi-Player Action

Customer Reviews:

  • Good, but still behind HL2
    Overall fun game. I am about half way through and enjoy the gameplay and story so far. Graphics are good, but I still think that HL2 graphics are slightly better. Also, a map feature would be good for those times when I save and then come back a week later. Map or a way to block the way I just came would allow me to start up going in the right direction instead of backtracking for 15 minutes....more info
  • Copyright protection killed my gaming experience
    My brother gave me rave reviews of this game. I will admit, it was fun when the game actually works. The problem is, the manufacturers of F.E.A.R. installed anti-emulator software with the game. I made it about halfway through and the next time I went to fire up F.E.A.R., there was an error that said the game cannot play. I did a little research and found the anti-pirate software will no longer run my legitimate copy of this game that I bought used from Amazon. What a load of _____. So I uninstalled the game, reinstalled it, and downloaded another copy of the 1.08 patch. The same error popped up when I restarted my PC. All this hassle and the game will no longer run. Once again, I uninstalled/reinstalled, hoping that the retail version 1.0 will work. No such luck. The game crashed as it loaded my saved game. What gives? Way to punish the gamer. ...more info
  • Creepy Experience
    I do like the slow-mo feature, but no real explanation of who the protagonists is. Very little background, up until the end of the game. Creepy azz game. Lots of empty scares, but the main attraction is still the action. The scenerios and sound/music create a very creepy game atmosphere experience. Similar to Doom 3, but without the zombies and demons. I started the game playing with a PC containing ATi AIW 9600XT, Athlon XP 2600+ 2.08GHz, Gigabyte nForce2 motherboard, 512MBx2 Kingston PC3200 HPX memory in dual channel, and Seagate 80GB IDE Ultra ATA100 HDD. I was able to run the game at 1024x768 res, but toned down the graphic settings quite a bit. I'm sure I was getting 20 fps or less, being my aiming was terrible even at point blank. I then ended the game on a newly built PC with Athlon 64 3200+ 2.0 (skt 939), eVGA GF 7800GT, 512MBx2 Kingston HPX in d.c., and 300GB IDE Ultra ATA100 HDD. I was able to play at 12..x1024 resolution, 2xAA, and some other higher settings. I still experienced some slight chugging, but overall a much smoother experience. But no chugging after breaking in the new system build. This is a system hog game being there isn't always a lot of things happening on screen. It will not look very pleasant at lower settings, so don't expect it to look like old games on your yester-year system. Overall I enjoyed the entertainment it offered, and pretty much on edge throughout the experience. I would only recommend buying game if you have a Radeon 9700/9800 PRO 256-bit memory interface or GeForce 6600GT videocard and greater than 512MB of memory otherwise you may not get a smooth experience. Unless you don't mind the tone down graphics, 800x600 res and less than 20 fps. Or try the demo first and see if you like it or not on your current system I never recommend a complete system upgrade for one or two games so try demo first. ...more info
  • Best First Person Shooter I've Played
    I have played PC games for twenty years and I can say without reservation that FEAR is the best first-person shooter I've ever played. I can't point to one single element. It has great graphics, excellent combat, effective musical scoring and all, but it's the overall experience of playing the game that is superb.

    Every day for a week, I couldn't wait for night to come so I could turn out the lights and become immersed in the world. It literally made my hair stand on end. I can't remember the last time a game had that kind of effect.

    Highly recommended...more info
  • F.E.A.R
    F.E.A.R ( First Encounter Assault Recon ) is a psychic horror action fps title made by Monolith productions. It's like a Matrix meets The Ring meets Hitman meets DeusEx game. Fear has superb never before seen or played battles in an action game. Future fps titles should be like this. Close to being in a John woo action movie. No contest it is the best action game of the year and one of the best ever. Requiers upgrading to a shader hardware to play it. But it's worth it. Really worth it. I played it on my system. Windows XP with SP2, Pentium IV 2.4 Ghz, 512mb Ram, Asus GeForceFx 5700 256mb VRam at 1024 x 768 resolution. Believe it. Ofcourse most of the options were at minimum, Hardware sound and sound filters disabled in config.exe menu. Effects detail, Particles bouncing, Shell casting, corpse detail ect were at max because they are very important to enjoy the gameplay. I dont care about soft shadows, antiastropic filtering ect ect. The game looks great even at minimum texture detail. I did not experiance any crashes or frame rate problems with fear. Buy Fear. You will surely not regret it. It's one of the best action games you will ever play....more info
  • Great FPS
    The graphics, story, and game play are great in this game. The story is actually better than most movie horror stories. Game play is pretty furious and the A.I. is actually smart. They will flank you and team up to take you down. Like others have said though, the main problem in this game is the level design. Other than that, I cannot wait until the new F.E.A.R. 2 comes out. The new patch is also good. It has the free F.E.A.R. Multi-player and supports wide screen resolutions. Oh, and this game can run really well now with the new $60-$80 ATI and Nvidia video cards. If you are looking for a fast paced and well written FPS, you should try out F.E.A.R..

    System Specs:
    AMD 64 X2 2.6 Ghz
    4 GB RAM
    ATI 512 MB 4670
    500 W PSU...more info
  • Lives up to the Hype
    FEAR does not disappoint.

    The game is an excellent jaunt into the genre of suspenseful horror for the FPS style of play. Plenty of thrilling moments, fantastic use of lightning and environment to heighten the experience, and very subtle yet successful employment of great horror elements to keep your blood chilled.

    Above all, if you have the capability to appreciate it, are the astonishing graphics and their ability to mold to the action effects around you. FEAR is as much a cinematic experience, especially considering its use of an unraveling mystery and classic film horror techniques, as it is a great game. When you fly into combat you'll actively try to make it look as eloquent and action packed as the game feels. And you certainly won't find yourself bored with the rather intelligent AI and strategic weapon utilization either.

    Where FEAR probably comes up short the most is redundancy with level design and art. Many of the textures will start to seem very repetitive before you're even half way through, and they don't get better through the second act. There's rarely more than one way to go and the design concept begins to look identical for every interval before long. The game can be fairly easy with use of the slow mo and insta-saves, even on the hardest setting, and some of the mobs will have trouble navigating certain areas to pursue you.

    Even so, I can't think of anything bad to say about the cinematic touches and eloquent horror elements in the game. The puzzles are few and far between, leaving something to be desired, but the action is beautiful and fluid to participate in, even if it feels a bit easy at times. Considering how graceful the action sequences are, how stunning everything is to the eye and how well the game moves along the story, the paltry drawbacks hardly matter in comparison. It's a clear 5 stars.

    Don't waste your time weighing if this better than Half-Life 2, Doom, FarCry, or anything else they bring up. It's a superb achievement in FPS gaming, and deserves a place on the throne with every other FPS of its generation.

    If you consider yourself an avid FPS player, or a stickler for truly horrifying and suspenseful movies, or even if you just want a slightly different take on a very old and stale genre, you should be playing this game right now. Seriously - *right* now. Kick yourself if you haven't and move your mouse to that order button!...more info
  • F. E. A. R. - A New Standard
    this game has a single player element unlike any i've ever seen. these guys made the creepiness of a movie in the tight-fitting wonderment that is this game. With all the little things that end up happening, i didn't know what to think of the game. at first, i was scared, then i was mortified, then i was enthralled... i was hooked from the first moment i played the game.

    with elements such as a matrixesque "bullet-time," you can really take advantage of the superior engine's ability to just take advantage of your oponent's weaknesses. for instance, you can just bumrush six or seven guys and take them out, nail them to the wall, take their knees out, push them into a corner with a grenade, shotgun blast them strategically in the head, or whatever you want: it's all dependant upon how you want to play.

    with the three gun limit, and the limitation of ladders and the like, the game really has a unique, realistic feeling. you begin to get an idea of how your gun is going to effect what it's hitting, how it's hitting it, the angle it's hitting it at, and, most importantly, how much damage is occuring because you decided to shoot them there.

    i gave it a five, because, honestly, it set a bar that's only been upheld by mainstays such as quake or half-life. it's got a style that has not been matched, either.

    graphically, it's gorgeous. specular lighting, realistic physics, incredible displays of elaborate textures... this game's got it all. it uses all high-end direct x 9.0c technology, so it's shader model 3.0 compliant. my suggestion: run it on a geforce 6xxx+, because you'll do it justice that way. otherwise, you're just spinnin' yer wheels.

    i want to say it's one of the best of the year, but the year is not yet over, and there are games i am still looking forward to, so, let's just say it's friggin awesome, and i'd suggest it to anyone who's scared of little girls, or someone who wants to be: it's a sure-fire bet that you will be from then-on-out....more info
  • The Best Game of the year by far.
    Believe the hype, F.E.A.R. is the best game of the year hands down. It is enthralling mix of adventure, horror, and action not only makes it in a league with Half Life 2, it sets the bar high for future 3D shooters to aspire to. Players take on the persona of the point main for an elite team know as First Encounter Assault Recon or F.E.A.R. Tasked with locating and eliminating a dangerous killer know as Paxton Fettel who is controlling a very large force of clone super soldiers in an office complex.

    With the assistance of your team leader via radio link, players enter an industrial complex and soon find themselves in a pitched and sustained series of encounters against the soldiers under Fettel's command. Further complicating the mission is the appearance of a spectral vision of a young girl who often leaves a path of carnage in her wake. The eerie visions that appear only to vanish throughout the game only adds to the tension which really helps immerse players into the action. The weaponry of the game includes the standard machine guns, nailguns, shotgun, pistol, rocket launcher and energy weapon which are common in shooters, but F.E.A.R. decides to give it a nice twist. Aside from grenades and medkits, players can only carry three weapons at a time. So, while you may locate powerful weapons in game such as the energy weapon and rocket launcher, players must decide if they want to hold onto them when the ammo runs out, or forgo other weapons in the hope of locating more ammunition. I addressed this by saving two powerful weapons and swapping out my other weapon as was needed. For example, when my machine gun ran dry, I dropped it in favor of the shotgun or other class of machine gun that was plentiful. This was often determined by what my enemies were armed with as after dispatching them, I found it a good idea to stock up with whichever ammunition and weapons were most plentiful. While your array of weaponry is impressive, it is your ability to briefly slow down time and move at an increased rate of speed that is often vital to winning a battle against overwhelming odds. This is a very important feature as the game is at times a real challenge and the enemy A.I. is the best in any shooter to date. In one segment, I decided to bounce a grenade off the wall and take out a group of enemy soldiers.

    This plan worked great until one of the soldiers pulled a metal cabinet from the wall and used it as a shield against the grenade blast. As the game continued, A.I. controlled soldiers knocked over desks and tables as shields, jumped through street level windows, as well as ducked behind walls to avoid incoming fire. As if this was not enough of a challenge, they would also reach their weapons over objects and fire without presenting a clear target for me to engage.
    As the game progressed, the enemy became increasingly crafty and the story became deeper and deeper. Various ethereal segments also arose where in the midst of a dream like state; I had to battle demons mid segment. This was a different touch as I am sure many players would be caught off guard watching the segments rather than preparing to fight. The game is broken down into 11 Intervals or chapters though certain intervals had more than one segment to them. The variety of locales was also impressive as everything from office complexes, to labs, parking lots, and apartments were present and the games physics engine allowed me to interact with numerous map objects from security gun mounts, power switches, valves, phones and much more. A nice touch were the news reports that came in as my players passed radios that informed him of what was happening in the world around him and how the media was covering the events that were occurring in game.

    Graphically the game is amazing. From the most luxurious of offices to the slums of an abandoned building complex, the detail level was accurate giving the illusion of being in the game. The smoke and warping effects from grenades as well as the tracer rounds from weapons gave a nice sense of realism. It was tempting at times to just stop and look at the surroundings to take in the splendor. A nice touch was the spackle lines in a room under construction as well as the hardwood floors and artwork in a high end office complex as well as the lab complex.

    The sound quality in the game shines as with my Creative X-FI card I was able to really enjoy the creepy sound effects and the surround sound features. It is unnerving to have a voice originate behind you only to vanish to be replaced by a sound elsewhere. The communication between the soldiers is also a key as good listening skills are key to successful engagements and being aware of potential dangers around the next corner.

    As good as the solo play portion of the game is F.E.A.R. also shines in the multiplay arena. From Deathmatch to Capture the Flag to name but a few of the variations there are numerous servers where players will find an endless supply of options and opponents to play with and against. The game runs very smoothly online and the action is fast and furious.

    F.E.A.R. is a winner and looks to be the first in a hopefully long line of titles in the series. The game has it all, and delivers on the hype and promise. Here is hoping the next segment is not to far off as legions of gamers will be waiting.

    ...more info
  • Most immersive FPS experience to date
    I knew there was a reason that I bought a Radeon 9800. Initially, I thought it was to play Half-Life 2, but the guys at Monolith have really made me feel justified. Don't get me wrong - HL2 is a great game which set a new standard for the genre, but F.E.A.R. puts those few missing brushstrokes on the canvas which makes for a real work of art. It's an excellent mix of the traditional shoot-em-up, mixed with the tension of the psychological thriller, all presented in a finely engineered environment of physics and ambiance. The AI is also, bar none, the most advanced I have even experienced. It's kind of a hybrid of HL2, Splinter Cell, and Fatal Frame. At the risk of coming off as a girly man I'll be perfectly honest - this game scared the wits out of me. I had to take breaks embarassingly often to turn on the lights and check the corners of the room.

    To be sure, this game is a HOG in terms of system requirements if played with anything more than moderate resolution or detail, but the physics engine along with the dynamic lighting and detailed environments really pay dividends for those of us lucky enough to have high end systems. I see on the gaming sites that Valve is moving their Steam engine along to include some of the more advanced lighting effects in the new games, so we'll have to see how they stack up in the end.

    The reasons that I had to reserve one star are pretty simple: Firstly, the storyline does leave a little to be desired. It's fairly contrived, and lacks any real payoff. Many of the plot devices are repetitive and overdone, and the real jist of the story still eludes me for the most part. Secondly, many of the really excellent thrills were revealed in the demo, so that was kind of a spoiler. And thirdly, the system requirements are understandable, but still a roadblock to a lot of casual gamers.

    Overall, the game is excellent, and well worth the time and money to experience. I hope to see more similar titles coming my way. ...more info
  • Brilliant!
    Simply the best game I've ever played. This game has the best AI I've seen yet and the plot is deep and complex. Towards the end I felt a lot of sympathy for "Alma", and I some ways this game is a little like the movie The Ring. Play it, you won't regret it....more info
  • Big Bang!
    Awesome Graphics, Original Storyline, Great Multiplayer options, What more could you ask for! I played this game for ten minutes and got sucked in. . . The things that stand out most are awesome weapon power, SLOW DOWN TIME OR SPEED UP TIME DEPENDING on how you view that, Push the conrol button and speed thru the level massacring the enemy with any weapon. Millions of hidden items in this game, you'll need to find most of them to power thru the levels. And lastly, Finally a great multiplayer interface, makes this the icing on the cake. Awesome multi- levels, great hidding spaces, BIG BANG FOR MY BUCK. . . . 5 stars nothing less....more info
  • What's the first thing you remember?
    This is a damn good game, folks. I can't say it any plainer than that. It captures the horror and unrelenting dread of The Grudge, the white-knuckle action of The Matrix, the doomsday conspiratorial nightmare of Akira, and the terrifying figure of the specter from The Ring into one cohesive, stomach-churning experience. PC Gamer (US) gave it a review of 92% out of a possible 100%, and said it was a solid ten hours of gameplay. Folks, I think they undershot it on both counts. It took me longer than ten hours to beat it, and I think it deserves better than a 92.

    Let's start with the story. In 2002, the U.S. Army created a special black-ops task force charged to deal with any paranormal threats to national security. And now, your character -- who never speaks, and is never referred to by name -- is the newest member of First Encounter Assault Recon, or F.E.A.R. And your first job with them is a doozy. The Armacham Technology Corporation, a major defense contractor, is under attack from one of its projects gone wrong. Paxton Fettel, a gifted psychic, was tapped to take control of a battalion of clone soldiers for next-generation warfare. Only now, Fettel's gone insane, seized control of the clones (or "Replicas"), and is using them to attack Armacham facilities. He's also subjecting some of their employees to some VERY gruesome interrogations. Soon, it becomes clear that Fettel is looking for something very specific, which Armacham is absolutely determined to keep away from him. But what is it? How is he choosing his targets? Why are Armacham employees so determined to stay not only out of Fettel's clutches, but also resisting F.E.A.R.'s efforts to rescue them? What are they hiding? And who's this little girl in the red dress, whose appearance is always a harbinger for bloody, violent death -- except when it comes to you?

    The weapons are top-notch. Wisely, Monolith chose to limit the number of weapons you can carry to three at a time, so you have to be very choosy about what you're packing at all times. Not only do you have to choose the best weapon for the job, you also have to know when to trade up for something better.

    Combat is something you have to see for yourself. The enemy A.I. is very impressive; Replicas will try to flank you at all times, even shouting orders or warnings to each other. ATC Security, while not as tightly coordinated as the Replicas, will work just as hard to take you down. Not only that, but you also have access to a "reflex" ability that slows down time, which can be absolutely crucial in a firefight. You even have a number of melee combat moves if you're low on ammo, ranging from punches and sliding kicks to side kicks and a running double-kick. Welcome to Fight Club, Monolith style.

    Now, I know I already discussed the story, but I think this deserves its own mention; this is easily one of the most disturbing stories I've ever seen in an FPS. Names and terms like 'Origin,' 'Perseus,' 'the Vault,' and 'synchonicity events,' while innocuous at first, take on whole new meanings by the end. As you uncover the conspiracy by listening to voice-mail messages, decrypting laptops, and witnessing some jarring visions, you realize this isn't just another blood-soaked horror story; you're literally slogging through the black tar-sludge at the pit of the human soul. Not only that, but the villians you know of -- Fettel and the little girl -- are more like victims, once you know their stories.

    This is a game that's literally begging for a sequel, especially after the two endings, one before the credits and one after. It's fully worth the price tag, especially the DVD-ROM version. Because, you see, there's a little FMV sequence you get here involving the little girl that's not only as genuinely creepy as anything you'll see in the game...but there's also a clue there, if you know where to look.

    So how about you, buddy...are you ready to get your hands dirty?...more info
  • Definitely Worth Your Time
    This game is truly awesome. The graphics are incredible, and although they will look better on high-end pc's, they still look excellent on mid-range rigs. The game is also just straight up creepy. Some weird and freaky stuff does occur. One of the best parts about the game is the combat. Its probably the most fun that I've had fragging enemies in a single player game. They are smart and do seem to use pretty good tactics against you most of the time. The enemy A.I. probably surpasses that of Far Cry. Also, the game developers added a nice touch to the game: hand-to-hand combat moves such as bicycle and roundhouse kicks. That adds a whole new element to combat. Also, the sound effects are incredible. Basically everything about this game has been enjoyable. I would highly recommend this game. Keep in mind, however, that the game is also really gory, so it's not for the squeamish. ...more info
  • The copy protection penalizes even those who buy it
    Don't really care about this game. Did not really play much of it because now with Sierra/Vivendi so concerned about the game being pirated, they not only have a key system in place, but also securom 7 and blacklisting of all emulators. I bought the game and imaged the dvd onto my hard drive so i would not have to deal with physical media. Anyone who has ever been at a lan party knows all too well how cd's/dvd's either get lost or broken at events like a lan party. Part of the reason i like to image the disc so i don't have to worry about what happens to the disc. This bit has now gone too far and I will never buy any vivendi/sierrra game again...more info
  • All about CQB!
    Well I live in a block of student dorms and you can imagine what happens in student dorms - that's right one big LAN party. Going back over recent years this meant Battlefield 1942 and Counter-strike. These were the staple diet for quite some time and we were all keen on waiting for some newer and better releases. When Half-Lame 2 came out we couldn't wait. Well we didn't play it for more than a week when we realised that while it was a technical masterpiece it just wasn't a very good game, so within a week back to B1942 and CS we went with the occasional SOF2 still going around. As we were all somewhat jaded from the Half-Lame 2 experience we don't hold out for much overhype anymore so when this came along it kinda crept up on as and got us by suprise. We play it as single player only at the moment with WoW and Battlefield 2 being our new staple games for the multiplayer gaming. So how is the single player? From a technical point of view everything runs fine with everything maxed out on my system. (2.8, 2G Ram, X800XTPE). The game play is fluid and the FPS is rock solid. The whole brilliance of the game though is the close combat system. There is nothing particulary new about the game it's just that it has consolidated what was good about many other games and tried to package it in the horror genre. It takes a lot of the visceral elements from the Soldier of Fortune series but has enhanced it substantially, it takes some of the story telling from the original Half-Life game, it employs various shooter elements from the Rainbow Six series and it packages it around some terrific AI remeniscent of the original half-life series (I could never figure out why Valve made the AI worse in the second one). All up it works as a very satisfing experience in destroying things. The moderate difficulty level is a touch too easy (especially if you use slo-mo a lot) but there are still two more levels of challenge which will definately push you. The game oozes atmosphere and the sound is suberb with 5.1 setup. In fact the sound is critical to actually playing the game as it allows you to figure out how the devious enemy AI is trying to kill you. Once you have played it through once the story takes more of a back seat and you realise that CQB is still the king in this game. This game has CQB like no game before it. The weapons are well balanced and you will need to choose a selection to defeat different enemies. Unlike the pistol in Half-Lame 2 that was effective to 800m nuliffying the need for a sniper-rifle you will need to select a range of weapons (you can carry 3) in order to get through the game. This leads to the only real weakness of the game - the lack of outdoor and spacious environments. Its all indoor and close range. I thought that the massive draw distance in FarCry would have extended to the newer games as well. I am curious as to why developers haven't taken this up as it was quite innovative of of the FarCry engine. I have finished the single player game and it is worth a replay or two at a harder level but haven't tried the MP as yet. Battlefield 2 holds our attention on this one at the moment. All up a great game well worth investing in. When it ends, make sure you let the credits roll out. I won't tell you why, just don't quit!...more info
  • F.E.A.R.
    FEAR is one of the best FPSs I have played in a while on any system. To start, the game play in FEAR is fast, furious, and most importantly fun. FEAR is an extremely fast paced game. There is constant stream of surprisingly intelligent enemies putting up their best efforts to kill you. And if it was not for the extremely useful slo-mo feature, they would succeed much more often than not. Slo-mo may seem so 1999 but the fact still remains that it is freakin cool in this game. Slow motion enables the player to move at roughly 2x the speed of the enemies, thus gaining an extremely useful edge in combat, or even retreat.

    Also in you arsenal are a series of perfectly designed weapons. Every single weapon has its place throughout the game; all the way from the pistol to the rocket launcher. This is not DOOM where you start at the guns with the highest number on the number pad. Every weapon is balanced perfectly and has positives and negatives so there is no super weapon. And following along with the somewhat realist aspect of Halo the player can only hold 3 guns plus an assortment of grenades (proximity, frag, and remote).

    Also HALO like is the close quarters combat. The player can bludgeon with the but of a weapon, do a spin attack, a jump attack and a diving attack. All of these attacks so some significant damage. However these moves are more suited towards multiplayer combat as opposed to single player where the tactics are more suited towards staying back and picking the enemies off.

    FEAR is also one freaky game. And this is coming from one who sees horror movies and haunted houses as more as jokes. There were multiple times i just went oh @&^$! and jittered a bit. The horror aspects in this game are superbly implemented both through freighting visuals and terrifying audio.

    Now to FEARs weakest point: level design. This is where the FEAR team should have taken some lessons from the beautifully laid out corridors of Half Life 2. The levels in FEAR just seem so bland and repetitive. I see the same objects, color palette, and walls all throughout the game (the parking garage segment is a welcome exclusion though). Where the masterfully designed levels of Half Life seem like living and breathing places with realistically places objects, FEAR just seems like a concrete maze with some computers and windows thrown in for good measure. The levels in FEAR just do not seem real. I the middle of a underground bunker there is placed a lone cubicle with a phone and a computer. (???) This seems so fake. Another game that exemplifies excellent level design is SWAT4. There are random, everyday objects placed throughout the levels to make them seem more real; magazines, soda can, papers, all kinds of everyday stuff that goes unnoticed.

    Now on to the beautiful, but taxing graphics of FEAR. This is one good looking game, if you have the right system. Yeah, you can run this game on low setting, but it looks horrible. Even on my GeForce 6800 Ultra I can usually only run safely on medium settings. And the time demo used to test settings is completely inaccurate compared to real game play. But with everything turned on high this game looks STUNNING. However, for most it will be a stunning slide show on the majority of computers.

    The multiplayer composed of FEAR is a nice addition, but is not the main focus of the game. Once again the poor level design comes into play here and on most maps is seems as if you are a bunch of rats fighting in a maze. The map featured in the multi player demo is one of my favorite maps due to its uniqueness. The slow motion in multiplayer is also integrated very nicely wit h one person, or team holding the slow motion activator that slowly recharges.

    Overall, download both the single and multi player FEAR demos to get a taste of what to expect. In general the full game follows the demo experience pretty closely (the full game is hella more scary though and even has some performance enhancements) FEAR is not a HALO or Half Life 2 killer but it is pretty close up there, it is defiantly a game worth buying. The Directors edition even has some insightful extras. It some good stuff. Just go get it....more info
  • Overated
    I am dissapointed with this game. It does not feel as comfortable as Far Cry, Ghost Recon or Call of Duty. In Fear, it feels like I am moving like a Tank versus a sports car. Maybe it takes some getting use too. The weapons sounds are not that impressive either. It is missing the feel of a real gun shot. I felt like I was shooting marbles. It also feels like I am trigger happy. This game is definitely overrated....more info
  • One of the best ever
    I had tried many FPS and only found four worth the bother of finishing, FEAR was amongst them. This is the first person shooter which actually creeped me out (Doom3 sure couldn't). There might be other FPS with better graphics or sounds, but none have a story or creepyness to match FEAR. The biggest praise I have is that my wife actually finished the game and she HATES FPS games!...more info
  • Loved it!!
    See Gamerguy above-ditto.
    I loved this one. The first game that has ever genuinely scared me. I have to take breaks as well, creeping around in the dark waiting for things to scream/shoot/jump out at you gets intense after a while. Very cool. Hasn't gotten monotonous yet, they manage to mix the scare factor with the FPS very well so that you rarely see a transition coming....more info
  • WOW What detail!!
    Playing this game with a 8800gts video card and a 22 inch screen is just about as fun as you can get...more info
  • Low price,great game, must buy.
    This is a fairly old title, so it is priced accordingly (super affordable between 5/10$) it is superior than most shooters today. It is a must buy title for first person shooting fans, it is not a mindless shooting game either, it has a good plot and requires good strategy to pass the levels, hard but not overly hard just right. Did I mention this game was pc game of the year for its time, and that there is now a part 2 of the game, well it did and there is. A must buy....more info
  • A little disappointed.
    I have been waiting 6 months to play this game. I have just built a Vista computer and loaded it up. Graphics are excellent and artificial intelligence is very good. However, I find it very repetitive....more info
  • Better than Half-Life 2
    I had been seeing footage of F.E.A.R. for a long time. Everyone was hailing it the next 'Half-Life 2'. I was hyped, except for one thing: my mortal fear of ghosts (no kidding).

    So I bought it anyways. And like everyone who truly loves games will say, it is downright amazing. Even on a subpar graphics card, I really felt as though I was there. Every twist, turn, bullet hit, and board to the face, you really feel in an amazingly detailed world. The game literally feels like it's running a better version of the Half-Life 2 graphics and physics engine, and an altogether amazingly done AI engine.

    But what sets this game apart from all else, is it's surprisingly well done story line. Not even the movie 'Fight Club' had such a well done twisting turning loopy doopy story line. It is this that makes the game great for the hardcore and casual gamers. It'll keep you hooked until it's startling conclusion. Where others will tell you of the amazing AI, I'll tell you that you'll never see such a great cinematic story woven in....more info
  • Best AI ever!!
    i've played countless first person shooters now, and i have to say, F.E.A.R. is one of the best games i've played, if your looking for a challenge in shooting enemies then this would be it as it has the most impressive AI's a game can give, this is a MUST for 1st person shooters, don't miss it out!...more info
  • pretty good but not great
    The graphics are really good, and the effects, like the slow motion effect, are great. The AI is pretty good as well. And there is some humor in it. Like when you meet the first girl, you have to escort her out the building, and she keeps making sarcastic remarks like "Do you HAVE to kill EVERYONE?!?" I thought it was pretty funny.

    Now for the bad parts of the game. I think the thing I hate most is that your character cant run fast. In other words, he can never sprint. When he walks, he walks extremely slow, and it's not a video card problem. And when you toggle on run mode, he only walks a little faster. He is certainly not capable of running fast at all. His slow movement, combined with very repetitious mazes of office buildings makes it a bit boring.

    Other than the fact that most of the maps are repetitive, and your character can't run fast, ever, I give it 4 stars. I only have to knock of stars because they made it so repetitive. But there are enough points in the game (although not often enough) where the action is absolutely entertaining....more info
  • Best PC Game to Date (next to Quake 4)
    To say this game rocks would be an understatement. Sure you need a high end video card (GeForce 6800 - 7800 or Radeon X800+) but isn't that what makes us PC gamers? The Graffix are off the hook and the gameplay is amazingly fun. It deos get repetitive but what FPS doesn't? This game will scare you, this game will thrill you, what the hell else do you want!? If you don't buy this game then sell your PC, you don't deserve it! ...more info
  • Finally, the experience I've been longing for!!!
    I haven't read any reviews from anyone on this game...why? Because I've been too busy playing it. I just received it last week in the mail and up until then using the demo to appease my hunger. The actual game is much scarier then what the demo portrayed. The only chance I really get to play my games is at night time and because people are sleeping, I need to use headphones. So basically I'm playing this game (as I do every other game) at night time, by myself and with gosh, what a perfect formula for F.E.A.R.; with that combination, the game is so freakin' scary that I actually have to take breaks. If you've seen the ring or sixth sense, this uses similar formula. You'll see shadows, things move or even ghosts (i.e. of a little girl or that man with blood around his mouth). They'll say whisper type stuff or you might hear the little girl's laughter around the corner only to find out nothing is there. Probably my biggest fear in this game is worrying about my flashlight's batteries running out; I just don't want to be in the dark like's creepy.

    O.K. so the game is creepy and gives you goose bumps, but is the action part any good? Probably one of the best I've seen. Imagine Max Payne 2 meets Counter Strike Source and then inject steroids to it, that's what the action is in this game. You have that slow time but I thinks it's more user friendly then in Max Payne and depending where you shoot, the ballistics of your weapon will act'll see bullet marks and craters in the walls or floors. Bodies will fall with head bobbing uncontrollably while I fill it full of lead. It really seems like my guns are so realistic, that I almost feel sorry for these guys I'm shooting up. The game can be kind of gruesome at times, and there is a lot of blood, especially in those scenes where you become like spirit possessed and start seeing stuff like bloody hallways and stuff. The environment is also pretty of the things that freak me out the most is when I'm in a room and its kinda dark and my elbow or arm bumps something because it makes a noise and then I feel like I'm not the only one in that room. Overall, wherever I'm at, I always feel like something is watching me, it's pretty crazy...I've really never felt this way in a game. I own tons of games, HL2, DOOM 3, know the usual suspects...granted they are all different in their own rights, this one is way out on left field. I can't explain it all without writing a dissertation but you have to see for yourself (and the demo doesn't count, it doesn't do the game justice).

    On the technical side of the games, the cool thing about it is the controls really are not complicated at all. Even remapping your keys are easy because it will tell you if you try to remap a key already used and ask if you want to proceed. Doing the slow motion, shooting, reviving your health, even fighting are all fluid in the game. The cool thing about it all is in the beginning the screen will flash with how to do something and what key to will even give you tips before you go into battle. The engine behind this game is a revamped engine used from NOFL 1 and 2 and Aliens Vs. Predator 2. The monolith/havoc engine has in my book always been one of those overlooked but superior engines. AVP2 was one of my favorite games of all time, because of the scare and the fluidness of the engine. This one keeps the same winning qualities and improves upon it ten fold.

    Probably one of the most valuable additions to this game that every game should have is the testing performance option. You can really tweak your setting perfectly with this option. I have an ATI 800XT PE 256mb video card, I set everything to the max and ran the test and had 20% of frames below 25fps, I kept on tweaking until I was down to only 1% of frames below 25fps, 42% frames between 25-40 fps and the rest at above 45fps (this is with resolution maxed, graphics maxed and cpu setting high (not maxed) and AA at 2x and Anisotropic Filtering at 8x). The game is a system hog if you want it to look good, but it's worth it.

    I haven't beat the game yet so I'm not going to talk about the story, if it's good or not, but so far I'm engrossed and it doesn't seem complicated. I play this game in 1-2 hour increments and every time it's like being part of a movie, I can't wait to see what happens next and I can't believe I'm a part of it. I just can't get over how addictive this game is and how it's not frustrating (good job play testers...we don't want another Farcry incident on our hands). Best of all it doesn't feel like "work" when I'm playing this game, just pure emotions of fun and FEAR.

    The only negative I can say about this game is its requirements are pretty steep. If you don't have a decent PC with a good video card, this game is going to be sucky, the effects, sounds, graphics, and gameplay really make the game. Be prepared to upgrade (if Battlefied 2 hasn't made you already-another great game) if you really want to experience this game the way it's meant to be.

    Bottom Line: If there is one thing I have to say is check this game out for the gaming experience, this is the real reason why we game; I can bet you won't be disappointed. This game is golden in my book.

    My system:
    AMD 64 3500+
    ATI X800XT PE 256MB
    Audigy 2ZS Sound Card
    300GB SATA HD...more info
  • F.E.A.R. Review
    The product was as I expected and it arrived fast to my hands. I like the game a lot, Thanks...more info
  • Fun with fear
    Easy to see why this was voted best shooter in 2005.
    This game had great graphics and a good story.
    Most fun I've had from a game in a long time-
    Weapon selections are a crack-up!...more info
  • Nice graphic but boring story.
    When I get this game about 2 weeks ago, my computer had P4 3Gz HT, 1GB RAM, ATI 9800 Pro 128 MB AGP and a 19" LCD monitor. I barely ran this with this configuration under 800x600 resolution with minimum graphic setting. After playing for 2 days, I just can't stand for the low resolution so I decided to upgrade my graphic card to ATI X800 XT 256MB AGP. X800XT and XL are on sale now, you can get X800XL around (...)and X800XT All-in-wonder for $270(on until 12/4). If your computer has PCI-Express interface, don't hesitate to upgrade 7800 or X1800 ((...)). Technically, this game requires a 256MB graphic card to enable most of graphic features, so if you don't have 258MB graphic card, upgrade it before you buy this game.

    Based on the new hardware configuration, I used the performance test to determine the graphic setting: 1024x768, maxima graphic setting, and software-shadow off. (Software-shadow will use a lot of resource so it is recommended to turn off). The test result is satisfactory (50% above 40 frames per second). The graphic didn't go smoothly on 1280x1024 so I decided to change it back to 1024x768.

    Overall, the best thing about this game is about the visual effects when you are shooting something, you will enjoy the smoke, explosions, bloods, seeing bullets flying in SlowMo. The AI about this game is great. The enemies will try to flank you while you are hiding behind the wall, which is a lot of FUN.

    The story-line itself is poor comparing to Half Life2. Half Life 2 is still so far best First Person Shooting game ever to me with good story line (it makes sense to me and you know what you are doing and why you are doing this.) and outstanding graphic. In FEAR, all I do is shooting and killing the enemies. The little girl and ghosts are supposed to be scary but they are NOT AT ALL. I could only play this game for at most two hours a day because it bores me after killing again and again.
    ...more info
  • not as good as hl2
    Fear is great i love it. You have to have a really fast pc though. like me =-P. so if you have a gegforce 6800 you can have it up all the way. i have a 3.4 ghz 1 gigabyte ov ram and a geforce 6800. it works like a dream. still i would recomend hl2 over this game though. so get hl 2 then fear
    ...more info