Wireless Camera with Monitor
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Product Description

The General Electric 2.4 GHz Wireless black and white camera with 5 in. monitor is the perfect security solution for monitoring your home or small business. It is so simple to use and operate that you can have it out of the box and working in less than five minutes! The monitor can receive a clear video signal from the camera from up to 300 feet away if there are no walls between the camera and the receiver. It also works well through walls but the range is less. The built-in high quality microphone allows you to also listen in. AC adapters are included for both the camera and the monitor but to make it completely portable both can operate on batteries (not included). For nighttime surveillance, the camera features Night Vision Technology that allows it to see in the dark. The monitor comes with audio video outputs so you can quickly and easily connect it to your VCR (not included) for recording. The features, compact size, and economical price of this unit makes it the obvious choice for a home or small business owner who wants a high quality monitoring system without the high price.

  • High resolution black and white camera. 8 LEDs for Night Vision.
  • Camera and monitor can be battery-powered so it can be used virtually anywhere. AC adapters included to save batteries.
  • Built in microphone for audio monitoring.
  • Monitor can easily be connected to a VCR for recording. Cameras can be free standing or wall mounted.
  • Home uses include the baby's room, playroom, backyard, and doors.Commercial uses include monitoring employees and customers.