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Instant Immersion Spanish Deluxe v2.0 (old version)
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Product Description

Instant Immersion Deluxe is an 8 CD suite, combining beginner, intermediate and advanced Tell Me More content on 5-CD-ROMs. Each interactive lesson utilizes the Spoken Error Tracking System, which monitors your pronunciation and intonation.

Main Features

  • Manufacturer: Topics Entertainment
  • Manufacturer Part Number: 80692
  • Manufacturer Website Address:
  • Software Sub Type: Training/WBT
  • Software Name: Instant Immersion Spanish v.2.0 Deluxe
  • Features & Benefits:
  • Each interactive lesson utilizes the Spoken Error Tracking System, which monitors your pronunciation and intonation
  • Suite Contents:
  • Instant Immersion Audio (3 - CDROMs)
  • Tell Me More content (5 - CDROMs):

  • Beginner Tell Me More
  • Intermediate Tell Me More
  • Advanced Tell Me More
  • Features:
    • 3 bonus Instant Immersion audio CDs focusing on vocabulary building
    • 8-CD suite of Spanish language multimedia learning software
    • 300 hours of beginner, intermediate, and advanced tutoring on 5 CD-ROMs
    • Monitor pronunciation and intonation with Spoken Error Tracking System
    • Instruction on 20 key lessons including vocabulary grammar and phonetics

    Customer Reviews:

    • Spanish Deluxe v2
      This is latin or south american spanish, not the spanish from Spain, that was a big plus for me. The speech software is great, and very user friendly. The "r" sound is very difficult for me to master, even with the help from the program. I don't think I will ever get the "r" sound correct. Other than how to pronounce spanish correctly, this program is not much use. If you already know some spanish and want practice speaking, then this program is for you. For me, it is perfect except I would of like more practice with that "r" sound. I tried to install an update that was linked to the program but it didn't work. Tech support responded but not in a helpful way, I ended up giving up on tech support. I give the software 5 stars for the pronuciation support and vocabuary, otherwise, 2 stars for sentence structure....more info
    • PC Language study
      this is a good program for PC. no reason to waste time with Rosetta stone. truth be told, learning a new language requires ready, WRITING, listening, repeat drills, etc......any program you buy for PC will end up being a re-enforcement tool and refresher but I seriously doubt any computer program will be the "END ALL" of what you need. Barrons mastering Spanish would be the best study(its boring but effective)...more info
    • not user friendly
      this item is not user friendly. it does not come with instructions on how to use it. when you click on an icon for help you can not get out of it (example: i clicked on "help" and could not click out of it. i had to actually leave the program to make it "go away".) this program probably would be fine with instructions on it's use. i find it very frustrating to not be able to use the tools if you don't know their functions!...more info
    • Great help
      I purchased this for my son who is serving in Iraq..he recieved it and it VERY content with it!...more info
    • Just Great
      This product is just great. Runs great on my new Windows Vista laptop....more info
    • Good thing it's cheap
      The obvious comparison here is to Rosetta Stone, and you can tell the quality of the products is going to be vastly different because of the prices they can charge. The most obvious flaw I see with this is that there doesn't seem to be any kind of "lesson" section. It's more like a series of games, and tests where you are just kind of expected to know what the heck it is you are doing. In Rosetta Stone the picture word association are made and then you have to remember them. Here they just show ya a picture and you have to guess. It's not completely useless, but this product can only really be used to supplement another method of learning the language....more info
    • Slick and easy to use
      A note to help you avoid some confusion. Instant Immersion appears to be a discontinued program. Though it is produced by Topix Entertainment it has a license from a company called Auralog, that makes a program (also available on Amazon) called "Talk to Me Spanish". When you use the online features of Instant Immersion, you find yourself at a site called "Talk to Me" and the icon on your desktop for Instant Immersion is also labeled "Talk to Me". It appears that the Talk to Me Spanish program is the current offering, costs $5 more and offers some additional features beyond what you get with Instant Immersion, in particular three different leaning modes.

      On to the review...

      In my native English, it isn't the rules of grammar or pronunciation that I know (and I don't know many), but simply what sounds right and what doesn't that lets me know if someone is speaking "good English". I reached that point I'm sure by imitating those I heard speaking when I was a tot. If I can be said to speak well it is only because those I was exposed to spoke well. For this reason, my concentration has always been on learning to SPEAK rather than to write.

      How can one duplicate this learning process as an adult? I've tried books, classes and courses such as Instant Immersion and Rosetta Stone. Books are fine at the very beginning for finding out how to put together a simple sentence and as a reference for discovering the fine points of language structure, but to learn to speak from them I've found to be impossible. A live class is best for getting over anxiety and having others who are in your same situation sharing the experience, but a class is usually once a week and only for a couple of hours, not enough time to progress rapidly.

      But whatever you do, you have to dive in and SAY things as best you can. The biggest barrier I've found is the anxiety about saying something wrong, but you HAVE to make mistakes to correct them. The feedback from your listeners or a speech recognition program is what makes you better. Of course, speaking to a computer saves you embarrassment, but you have to face that eventually. In person on with a computer, you either are corrected or you notice immediately that the sounds you are making are not the same as those of the native speaker and you change your pronunciation accordingly.

      The ability of a PC to provide speech recognition is a fabulous thing and many programs now provide this. I chose Rosetta Stone because of its reputation and Instant Immersion because it looked like a good buy at $40. Is the former worth 5 times the price of the latter?

      The two programs take a different approach. Rosetta Stone starts you with a single word and builds on it. It is a very carefully designed course that returns you again and again to similar if not identical pictures, presenting them in a new way. You might see a picture of a child standing on a picnic table. The scene is described in Spanish and you repeat it. Later the same child is on the ground next to the table and that is described as well. By seeing the difference and hearing the difference in the two situations you are learning the language, in this case the Spanish for "table" and "ground". Later, you see a picture of a cup on a table and you find you know the word for table! What you know (the picture) is expressed in what you want to know (the language) and in this way you learn by imitation rather than any stated rules.

      Instant Immersion takes a different approach, far less carefully structured and formal than Rosetta Stone but also far more entertaining and likely to keep you at it. There are so many different things for you to do with Instant Immersion that you eagerly press on with each activity and I found that I could stay with Instant Immersion for well over an hour without fatigue. The variety of ways in which you are required to produce words and sentences is valuable because you must repeatedly come up with them in different environments, say, a crossword puzzle and a hidden word maze. My sessions with Rosetta Stone go for about 30 minutes before it seems to turn into a rather numbing chore. Not that I won't return to it enthusiastically but I need a break after 30 minute sessions.

      But how about the actual speech recognition process? Instant Immersion offers native speakers speaking at their normal talking speed, sounding just like you might hear them on a street corner. The speakers are from Spain rather than Latin America, but I found this to be no problem. It is great to hear them just as you would in real life. The recognition software does not require you to go as fast as the model speakers. If you take your time and properly pronounce each word in a sentence, you will get a good score, but the waveforms that appear are of limited help, I ignore them. If you do not pronounce something right, the particular word will appear in red and you try again. A very nice feature is the ability to translate any word at any time to English, you just highlight it with a translation icon and it is both pronounced in Spanish and translated in print.

      With Rosetta Stone the speakers use Latin American Spanish and the speed with which they speak picks up as you move through the course. They always speak distinctly and you are rarely in doubt about the words they are using. They sound more "professional" in their speech than those used in Instant Immersion, but not to the point of sounding like radio announcers. You do better if you approach or match their speaking speed and pronunciation is critical. The waveforms provided are excellent and show in several ways how the words sound, both theirs and yours. The volume and pitch of their voices and your voice are precisely shown along with an indication of sibilance (the hissing or S sound). Instant Immersion waveforms are just fun to look at, Rosetta Stone's are a valuable asset to the program and to you.

      There is no printed supporting material with Instant Immersion. Rosetta Stone comes with a transcription of every lesson so you can identify the words that you don't understand when they are pronounced (a rarity). There is also a comprehensive index of words and a user's guide.

      So which to choose? Rosetta Stone shows the amount of effort that has been put into it. I can believe the company when it claims it has been used by many government agencies to train their employees. If you are dedicated to learning and willing to stick with something even if it may not be "fun" then go with Rosetta Stone. If my boss said "Learn Spanish as soon as possible or you are fired!" I'd grab Rosetta Stone. For enjoyment while you learn, a nice touch of humor and a real feel of being thrown into Spanish culture, Instant Immersion Spanish is a good choice. You might even run it just to play some of the word games once you get beyond the learning of the language. For $40, Instant Immersion is a steal!...more info
    • Instant Immersion
      Like the title says...I went through the first disk (for begginers) and was instantly thrown to the wolves ie; which word completes this sentence or what sentence describes the pictures seen. For someone who needs to learn from the basics, like me, this program is definatley not for you....more info
    • Get a better product
      Well, to be fair, I didn't get the version I was offered. This is for the 'Deluxe' version and I received the standard. The standard is pretty horrible, It looks like it was made in the early 90's and needs a significantly improved interface. Also, everything is pronounced with the Castillian lisp, that can get incredibly annoying if you're used to Spanish from Latin America instead. Make sure you're getting a more modern product and that they actually send you the 'Deluxe' version. It's worth it...more info
    • happy with purchase
      fast shipping, good product. would recommend using better packaging when shipping items. thanks!...more info
    • Instant Immersion similar to Rosetta Stone
      I tried out this product to keep up with my spanish inbetween semesters and found it's very easy to use. It's set up similarly to Rosetta Stone, same type of lessons. While it may not be as extensive as Rosetta Stone, it's a good alternative purchase for beginners or for people who don't want to dish out $300 to try to learn a language. They have similar principals. I recommend this product!...more info