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Some Hearts
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Street Release Date: 11/15/2005

Would American Idol winner Carrie Underwood have landed a major-label recording contract without winning the hugely popular television contest? Probably. The big-voiced Oklahoman has the pipes, the look, the pedigree, and, most important, the emotional resonance to sustain a professional career. As an investment in her future, her label eschewed the easy path in putting out an album to take advantage of her publicity, going for a name producer, Dann Huff (Keith Urban, Faith Hill, Lonestar), to handle half the tracks. It also solicited material from the same top songwriters (Diane Warren, Brett James, Troy Verges, Rivers Rutherford) who stock albums by Hill, Martina McBride, Trisha Yearwood, and Wynonna. "Jesus, Take the Wheel," the hit first single, shows off the best of Underwood's power vocals, while the sexy rocker "We're Young and Beautiful" pulls her out of her ballad-heavy comfort zone, and her autobiographical "I Ain't in Checotah Anymore" bolsters her authenticity. If the young performer oversings on occasion (the overwrought bonus track, "Inside Your Heaven"), and settles for too many generic themes, she still surprises in her ability to go head-to-head with country's reigning females. Will Underwood really survive to be a contender for the Martina throne? Let's just say that American Idol judges and voters picked the right contestant. If the posturing Bo Bice had won, rock stars would hardly be quaking in their boots. --Alanna Nash

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Customer Reviews:

  • Solid Start
    Some Hearts is a good, though not fantastic, album from American Idol winner Carrie Underwood. It's modern, contemporary country with pop influences at times but not too many. There's a mix of faster stuff and ballads with some religious references, particularly in the tune "Jesus Take the Wheel." Othewise, good tunes are:

    Some Hearts - the fastest, catchiest number. More pop than country
    Night Before - about high school sweethearts about to be separated by the need to grow up

    Before He Cheats - song with attitude, revenge on cheating boyfriend through vandalism of vehicle

    We're Young and Beautiful - faster and with spirit
    I Ain't in Checotah Anymore - homage to hometown and recognition life has changed a lot...more info
  • What a voice!
    Total siren song. No doubt she is carefully groomed and monitored by the Nashville elite, but little miss Carrie has one hell of a voice that is all her own. There are many talented country singers, and the females are especially formidable, but she has little to fear if this is a taste of things to come. Carrie sings her little heart out like the world is on fire. Bless her for that. ...more info
  • I'm not into country, but this album is solid
    I'll preface my review by saying: I don't like country. Don't like the whole "I think my tractor's sexy", etc. Usually, I make fun of it with my friends...

    but Carrie Underwood's album Some Hearts is worth every penny! Carrie's voice is powerful, sweet but not cloying, and is easy listening. The music is also poppy with a little country edge-not as much as you'd expect. BUY THIS ALBUM!...more info
  • Music
    This is a great cd. I have listened to this over and over again and it's just great....more info
  • A great debut.
    I first heard of Carrie when I watched American Idol and thought she was very good. Especially when she sang country songs like Martina McBride's "When God-Fearin' Women get the Blues" and Dixie Chicks' "Sin Wagon". So I was looking forward to her first cd, and I wasn't disapointed. It's very good. Carrie sounds great, and does songs that are right for her age and people around her age. "Wasted" talks about having no regrets and going forward with life, "Don't Forget to Remember me" is for all those young kids leaving home for the first time and being on their own. There are also break up songs, and love songs on here, all sung very well. Carrie has a long career ahead of her.

    Best Tracks:
    Don't Forget to Remember Me
    Jesus, Take the Wheel
    The Night Before (Life Goes On)
    That's Where it is
    ...more info
  • Great CD
    This is a great CD, I cannot stop listening to it. The lyrics are catchy and fun to sing. And of course, "Before he cheats" is an amazing song. Although I am not an American Idol fan, I think that Carrie Underwood and Kelly Clarkson are the best that have come out of the show....more info
  • Surprisingly good.
    I'm not a country music fan, but I bought this album and enjoy it quite a bit. A couple of tracks are over-produced, and a little cheesy, but it's enjoyable. I can't help but sing along. ...more info
  • Fabulous Debut Album
    Country music isn't my favorite genre - I like it in small doses - but I LOVE this album. It's rare to find an album and like every track right off the bat. Sometimes they'll grow on you and after listening several times you end up liking everything but this one took no "growing" time at all. Every song has a great story and great foot-stomping beat. If you play it in your car you'll find yourself turning it up and singing right along, loud! I especially love Before He Cheats and Jesus, Take the Wheel.
    Fabulous debut album....more info
  • Great CD!
    I really like this CD. Carrie Underwood has an amazing voice that sounds great, and I love the words to alot of her songs. I would definately reccomend this CD....more info
  • Some Hearts-Carrie's first debut
    Title: Some Hearts Year: 2005
    Artist: Carrie Underwood Genre: Country

    The song " Some Hearts" debuts on Carrie Underwood's first hit CD, "Some Hearts". The sizzling starlet from American Idol quotes "He better think before he cheats". Her first hit album has 14 songs including "Lessons Learned", "Inside Your Heaven" and "That's Where It Is".
    Personally, I loved this CD and I'd give it four stars, or, as they say on the radio, two gold fingers up. My favorites were "That's Where It Is", "Jesus Take The Wheel" and "Before He Cheats".
    I recommend this CD to everyone, even if they don't like country music or love songs, because I guarantee that they will like it....more info
  • Golden CD
    Ordered for my teen. She loves it, plays it incessantly. Ms. Underwood is on her way to the top....more info
  • Super Star Material
    It is clear Carrie is here for the long term. She has the talent and smarts to continue to succeed past her initial debuts....more info
  • Great CD
    This is a wonderful, very enjoyable cd. I have listened to it repeately. Highly recommend. I bought this one and "Carnival Ride" her next cd at the same time. Liked this one MUCH better.

    ...more info
  • Outstanding service

    I recieved good service, my article came on time with no damage. Amazon on any thing I have ever ordered has always been outstanding service. I enjoy it because I can get quality service without leaving my house. thank you Amazon...more info
  • Had to buy it
    I bought this Cd for a friend knowing she likes Carrie Underwood. I am definitely purchasing one for myself. ...more info
  • Love this CD
    This product arrived in a very timely manner. Came in good condition. The CD itself had really good songs on them. Was very happy with purchase!...more info
  • Carrie is a star!!!
    Carrie is a talented fresh-faced star that has a long career ahead of her. Her voice is beautiful and she sings some amazing deep and meaningful songs in this debut album! But, don't let the girl next door image fool you- she'll suprise you, and show her versatillity in songs like "Before he cheats" that differ from her Carrie-esque hits "Jesus take the wheel" and "some hearts" Beyond great music I think Carrie will also be a good role model for young girls!...more info
  • First ever country CD
    I love this CD. The songs are peppy and the lyrics are great. Her voice and range is amazing...more info
  • tied for best american idol album ever
    I consider it tied with Underwood's own Carnival Ride. all these songs are top knotch
    Wasted-my favorite on the album, such a powerful chorus, a good message about letting go of things so life doesn't go to waste 5/5
    Don't Forget To Remember me-a slow, soothing ballad about a daughter who is 18 and moving out, a very good message, good lyrics 4/5
    Some Hearts-great, it is happy and upbeat 4/5
    The Night Before(life Goes On)-not as good as the first three, but still pretty good, it is sad 3.5/5
    Jesus, Take The Wheel-the first single and one of the best on the album, it is about a woman that, after getting saved in a car accident by God,decides to let Jesus take the wheel of her life-4.5/5
    Lessons Learned-another good ballad 4/5
    Before He Cheats-her most famous song, It is very good, about her getting revenge on her boyfriend 4.5/5
    Whenever You Remember-a good ballad 4/5
    We're Young and Beautiful- a catchy, upbeat traffic
    I Ain't in Checotah Anymoreautobiographal, it's about missing Oklahoma
    Inside Your Heaven-good ballad, very powerful 4/5
    Starts With Goodbye-very sad, good, powerful chorus-4/5
    I just Can't Live Alie-a good song with a good chorus, seems abit too similar to starts With Goodbye 4/5
    has a few weaknesses, but this album is still one of the best country albums I have heard...more info
  • Superstar!
    If you like Carrie Underwood, you'll love this CD. So many of these songs were/are hit songs on the charts!...more info
  • Carrie
    She is a great artist. She is one of a few celebs I would love to meet. She is so talented, pretty, but still down to earth. Got this album at a great price with very fast sipping....more info