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Bosch 1617EVSPKBP 2.25 HP Combination Plunge and Fixed Base Router with Bonus Pack
List Price: $410.00

Our Price: $201.49

You Save: $208.51 (51%)


Product Description

This is a veritable wonderland of routing. A primo fixed-base, the plunge base and all kinds of accessories - there's nothing left for the wanting.

The router itself is at the head of its class. Speed varies from 8,000 to 25,000 rpm, and the soft-start feature makes freehand startup a smooth experience. It's plenty of horsepower for anything you feed it, whether in a table or out. Freehand, we particularly like the feel of the wood handles, as any woodworker would, but when it comes to changing bases, Bosch's proprietary tool-free clamping system is simply the best. We also like this model because depth adjustments don't require turning the motor in the base - always a dicey proposition when mounted in a table. The plunge base is a pleasure to use, too, with smooth action and easy controls. If Bosch said they'd make any changes we wanted, the only thing we would ask is that the switch be dust-sealed. Aside from that, it's pretty much the perfect router.

The accessories are great to have right out of the box; usually, you'll buy the router and add goodies as you need them. Instead, you're already set up with an edge guide, three template guides, a dust hood and depth adjustment wrench for router table use. --Kris Jensen-Van Heste

What's in the Box
Bosch 1617 router, fixed base, plunge base, ? and ?-inch collets, edge guide, three template guides, dust hood, depth adjustment wrench for router table use

  • Electronic variable speed plunge and fixed base routers with accessory kit; soft start, micro-fine depth adjustments
  • 2-1/4-horsepower router combination kit; variables speeds of 8,000 to 25,000 rpm
  • Aluminum construction; wooden handles on fixed base; soft-grip handle on plunge base
  • Includes plunge and fixed base, collet chucks, wrenches, dust hood, template guides, chip shields, carrying case
  • 6.2 by 19-1/2 by 14-1/2 inches; 25 pounds; 1-year warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • They can't get it right.

    I had this router for 6 months and the on/off switch went bad. They replaced it no charge but warned me it could happen again. The new switch is the sixth iteration and they apparently still don't have one with adequate sealing to keep the dust out. No other router seems to have this problem. What's with Bosch?...more info
  • As the Router Turns: Choosing a Kit... in a nutshell

    I'll add my two cents. I too have wandered into the "choosing a router" soap opera.

    I had been happy with my Dewalt 1621, until I tried to use a template guide. For some reason, the collet isn't remotely centered on the base plate - making the router useless with a template guide. There seems to be no way to adjust the 1621's base plate - so off I went in search of a new router.

    The two kits I decided to choose from were the Bosch and the Dewalt. I read reviews of the Porter Cable, but the reviews seemed negative enough that they dissuaded me from considering it.

    First, I took the Bosch kit home. Things to know:

    A.) The kit I had was the 1617(whatever) router. This particular router is not compatible with the Bosch D-handled base. This seems to be a magnificent marketing failure. It means that if you want to use the D-handled base, you're going to have to buy another "motor" - the 1618(whatever).

    B.) The Bosch fixed base router uses an awkward (in my opinion) three position depth setting. As the motor slides into the base, you can stop at one of three detents. Once you have picked a detent, a "fine setting" allows you to to move up or down from that particular position. Bottom line: You have to guess which detent will get you the depth you want (if it is close). If you're wrong, then you will have to completely reset the "fine adjustment" and move to a different detent.

    C.) Bosch doesn't include the centering cone - essential if you are going to use template guides.

    D.) They still don't seem to be using a sealed switch. The complaints about the switch, and Bosch's seeming indifference, were a deal-breaker. Who wants to have to deal with such an obvious deficiency in a product? The placement of the switch is also marginal at best. Unless you're a Horowitz, you're going to have to let go of a handle to flip the switch.

    E.) The Bosch vacuum attachment is a piece of plastic that seems, in my opinion, apt to break in the sometimes clumsy hands of a tradesman. It doesn't fit the standard shop vacuum. Then again, none of the tools I own fit a standard shop vac... what *is* with that?!?

    F.) The depth adjustments on the Bosch seemed like afterthoughts, in my view. The fine adjustment isn't easy to turn or read.

    Now to the Dewalt:

    A.) The Dewalt comes with a D-Handled base. The motor fits beautifully in all three bases.

    B.) The Dewalt motor smoothly spirals downward into the fixed base. This makes setting the depth a much simpler prospect than with the Bosch. Loosen the base, twist one way to go up, or the other to go down. I fine adjustment provides, well, a fine adjustment.

    C.) Dewalt includes a centering cone.

    D.) The switch is sealed and well placed. You can engage without letting go of the router.

    E.) The Dewalt Plunge Base includes a built-in, indestructible, Vacuum attachment. A marginal piece of plastic *can* be put on, but may not be necessary. In my case, I'm routing foam, yes, foam, and the vacuum worked great without the plastic attachment.

    F.) The depth adjustments on the Dewalt were nothing to write home about, but they were better, in my view, than what Bosch offered. They put some thought into them, at least.

    Last word: I have read the other reviews concerning exploding magnetic rings. We'll see... On the upside, Dewalt offers a 3 year warranty. Bosch does not....more info
  • WOW this is a great deal
    This is the best router I have ever used and the price is outstanding value. This is the same price as menards sells just the fixed speed router kit without any of the extra attachments. Fast shipping great product....more info
  • Good Package
    I must say that this a good deal for the package. I paid $188 with free shipping. However, I felt that the current production quality is not as good as the older ones. I had the opportunity to use one in the woodworking class.

    Update: 12/23/2008 Shortly after a year of purchase, the power switch was about to die. I contacted Bosch, they gave me consideration to replace the switch even the 1-year warrenty was expired. I think if there is a protective soft cover, the switch will last longer....more info
  • Great Router
    I placed this router inside of my new Bosch RA1171 Router table. I first cut a double bead on a 1 1/4" piece of Oak to use for a shelf moulding in a bookcase. I did purchase two more plastic finger boards(not Bosch, could not find them) so that I would have two pushing down and two pushing against the fence on the in and outfeed. The results were flawless because the wood did not "wiggle". The RA1171 Router table only comes with 2 feather boards, but for me I prefer it had four or at least an easy link to buy two more. I would recommend these two products. The table insert IS bored for this router & the above the table adjustment hole IS also there so you will not have to bore it yourself as some others you would....more info
  • WOW You get it all with this Router Kit, well almost.
    This is a high quality unit and recommend. I looked at all the others. I purchased this having tried one beforehand from a friend. The kit is great and includes most everything.

    One thing missing from the kit was the centering cone that I ordered from Amazon. I called Bosch directly. Bosch has the greatest customer service! They explained the cone was NOT part of the kit even though advertised as included by Amazon. They went ahead and sent me one at no cost! This is why I like Bosch tools. They stand behind the suppliers and for a $5.50 part (which is nothing to a big company like them) they have a happy customer who will come back again.

    I like the wooden handles and how this router feels in your hands. It is powerful and easy to manipulate and operated.

    You cannot go wrong with this router or the kit. The kit really saves you some money and that is good.

    I recommend this kit and router....more info
  • awesome package
    This is an excellent router package for the money. Bosch makes well designed tools that can take the abuse a contractor gives them. The above table bit height adjustment is a huge time saver. I milled a house of custom trim without a hitch. As an added bonus the carrying case has space for everything and was a really nice feature....more info
  • A good deal on a good router
    I saw this router at a local big box store and liked the features and fit. The one I looked at did not have the handy height adjustment for a router table, but the one ordered did. A real bonus. Of the 6 routers I have and use regularely, I think this will become my favorite.
    The price at Amazon was the same as the big box, but no tax or shipping. It also included the accessory kit, not available in the local store. I saved over $50....more info
  • Great Router Set
    This is the first router I've had that wasn't a Craftsman. I haven't had much of a chance to use it, but the times I have used it I have been impressed. I am using it to build cabinets for an area in my family room we are turning into an office. This set came with a guide, what a time saver. I am using it to cut the rabbits for the shelves and it save me the time and effort to set up a dado blade in my table saw. So, great set, I'm glad I bought it....more info
  • Great Router
    Add a good set of bits, and some ear and eye protection, and you'll be ready to go. This machine lives up to expectations. I've not been having the switch problems that some others have had, but wish it was easier to find when in use (a trigger would be good). Mount the fixed base under a simple table with a fence and you'll have a table router too. Terrific....more info
  • A very nice kit with all the accessories!
    I purchased this kit over 2 years ago now, and I have been very happy with what I received. In fact, I think this kit now includes a couple of accessories I had to purchase separately so you're really getting a good deal now, and no I do not work for Amazon!

    On to the piece of machinery itself, the router is a very powerful unit and contrary to what another reviewer said I do not find the switch to be poorly located nor do I find the dust collection system to be horrible. Now mind you the dust collection hood does its job but you're literally blasting out tiny particles of dust that has to go somewhere and to make a dustproof collection system would be super expensive. Anyway, I can't imagine any other router out there being good at dust collection either so that aside I say the dust collection system is OK. Plus, I like taking my router outside and using it in the adjustable base. I personally don't really use the fixed base much if at all, and my grass can always use a ittle wood fertilizer.

    One minor annoyance is the use of two wrenches to change the bits but hey I rather know the bit is in there securely especially at the speeds this router works at.

    I also own the Bosch router table which I use extensively with this unit for trim work, etc. and together they are a good combo. Anyway, if you're looking for a good powerful router you will not go wrong here.

    PS... Go for the Freud router bit set. They're as rock solid as you can get. ...more info
  • better than Porter Cable
    This is a nice router combo. Changing the bases is easy, and fast. They do have annoying alignment pins on the router motor, but all you have to do is try this with the Porter Cable to appreciate how easy it is. It is also nice that they include a router guide and a couple of guide bushings. It comes in a nice blow molded case which holds everything, but you have to really pay attention when you try to put all the stuff back! (Something my employees haven't learned how to do!) The 3 1/4 HP version does have a collet lock button, which is nice, but no interchangeable bases. The collet, wrenches, template guide thingy, and most of the other parts are interchangeable with my other Bosch routers. It's kind of nice really...
    I've had this set for over a year now with no problems of any kind. I can see how the switch could need cleaning occasionally, but we have had no such problems. I also think it is worth mentioning that the fixed base has comfy wood handles, not plastic. That is also nice....more info
  • response to amazon request for
    Things I have ordered are primarily of good order and usability however it is apparent that those within amzon are lightening the load some how. In other words what was advertized was not what was sent. I tried to call your number and got someone in India who had no idea what i was talking about. Amazon seems to have itself locked in a Kafkaesque Castle so to remain untouchable by the purchasing public. I seriously doubt i would use the Amazon venue in the future. Your use of "fine print" was especially loathdome....more info