Premium Horizontal Leather Pouch for Motorola RAZR V3, Samsung T629, T809, A900
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Product Description

Premium Horizontal Leather Pouch for Motorola RAZR V3, Samsung A900, D307, D807, T809.

Now that you've got the Motorola RAZR V3, get the protection you need with the Premium Horizontal Leather Pouch from Wireless Technologies. This custom-fit case is made of soft, durable leather and features a thin, but sturdy belt clip. Positioned horizontally, the clip eliminates uncomfortable pinching that can occur with other phone pouches when you're seated. And Wireless Technologies had the RAZR V3 in mind when they designed this pouch, so you know your phone is safely by your side no matter where you go. Sewn with inside seams you'll be impressed with the pouch's sleek, stylish profile, and the magnetic top flap makes access to your phone a breeze.

  • Soft but Durable leather pouch looks good at your side
  • Magnetic top flap to secure phone in pouch
  • Positioned horizontally for comfort
  • Sewn with inside seams for sleek and slim profile
  • Compatible with Motorola RAZR V3, Samsung T809, A900, T629 (does not have access to charging or handsfree ports)

Customer Reviews:

  • Perfect for me
    This phone holster is horizontal, so it doesn't dig into my side getting in and out of the car. It is a perfect fit for my RAZR phone, and the magnetic flap is secure, yet easy to open. The design allows for the holster to stay on my belt, while I have easy physical access to the phone. Also, unlike the belt clips that allow the phone to rotate, it fits snugly at my waistline. It is definitely the most functional and most comfortable phone holster I've ever owned....more info
  • good item
    the pouch works great, I bought a total of 3 and gave some to my friends and they love them....more info
  • Perfectly Fine
    What is there to say about a $10 black leather case. It fits my Samsung T809 perfectly and the case seems very well made. It is a snug fit but the phone is easilly removed by pushing it out from the hole in the bottom of the case. The magnetic closure is secure and the case does a good job of protecting the phone. If you want a leather case that looks more expensive... buy a more expensive case....more info
  • Terrible quality
    Bought this for my wife's Motorola Razor phone. The belt clip separated from the pouch after two uses. The clip is attached to the pouch only with glue - the supidest construction idea. Returned to Amazon and got my refund. These types of products should not even be sold. The pictures are very deceiving. I would have given it a negative rating if allowed....more info
  • Not good for Samsung T809
    I ordered this case after reading the good reviews. But I am very disappointed because my T809 does not fit in it. I have to put lot of efforts to push the phone in and out. What's the use if it is going to take more than a minute to take out the phone when you need to answer the call. obviusly the call will be missed. It may be good for RAZR V3 (as the box says) but certailnly not for T809. They should not advertize it for Samsung T809....more info
  • Do Not Buy for D807...wrongly advertised for D807
    For Samsung D807 users: In my opinion, you shall not think of buying this pouch as this pouch is not meant for D807. It is wrongly advertised over here. I also request amazon not to advertise this pouch for D807.
    I bought this pouch few days back for my Samsung D807 cingular. When I received it, I tried my D807. First of all, it was difficult to put the phone inside it. And secondly, it was more difficult to remove the phone out of pouch. Think of situation when your phone is ringing and you are not able to take it out from the pouch :-(
    Additionally, this pouch is difficult to fit in men's belt, as it's clip is too tight. I expected to have slot for belt instead of a clip.
    Finally, I had to return the pouch to info
  • Great holder for my RAZR
    I really love this belt clip pouch for my RAZR. The magnets snap closed nicely and it is a very low profile. Very durable....more info
  • It works!
    As soon as I got my Razr v3, I went to AT&T to pick up the new goodies to go with it - case, auto charger cord, wired ear piece. I received a good bundle price, and was happy with the factory carry case. But we had a uniform change at my job, going from allowing blue jeans to requiring docker-style trousers. The Motorola carry case just didn't work as well. So I went searching my favorite shop(Amazon)and found this horizontal case. I'll admit, the price got my attention, first, then the description sounded exactly like what I was looking for. Thanks to the supplier's extremely quick shipping, I had my case in no time at all! And it was exactly as described, and worked even better than I had hoped for. I now use it exclusively. I've retired the Motorola case to the top drawer of my chest of drawers, in case of emergency need. The leather seems high quality, well made, and the lining is soft enough not to cause any friction points. I can highly recommend the item and the supplier....more info
  • excellent product, good fit, love the price
    Use it to hold my LG Muziq phone. The pouch seems very sturdy and has a good magnetic folder that stays in place and ensures that it doesn't flop open and drop the phone. To open, one simply lifts the flap and pushes the phone from underneath... the metal doesn't seem to impede the signal i have gotten my calls and message alerts all right. the clip is good to stay on my jeans pocket without destroying it and comes off when you want it to. ...more info
  • Well built cell phone case!!!
    This cell phone case is exactly what it said it would be and more. The magnet is strong and convenient compared to those that have a magnet button type of latch. It fits snug and tight and is well made. I would recommend this cell phone case to anyone who's phone will fit. Great product!!!...more info
  • A great case for my RAZR
    Very well made. holds up well. I really like this case, it is easy to use, well made, appears to be durable. and fits the phone perfectly. I'd buy another...more info
  • Clip fell off on third day...
    I was frustrated that the clip fell of on the third day that I wore the case. If you purchase this case, have glue in hand....more info
  • Did even last 24 hours
    I had to return this, the clip fell of on my first day of use, dropping my cell phone and the rest of the case on the ground....more info
  • Nice
    Excellent product. Had it for a year and it shows no wear. Phone fits perfectly. The flap stays closed and it fits on a belt very well. I would highly recommend it. ...more info
  • Cell phone pouch arrived on time and is in good condition. Good service and product.
    I purchased the cell phone pouch for my Motorola RAZR. Pouch came on time and was in good condition. No complaints! ...more info
  • Still no charger hole but,,!
    Better than the logo'd one I got at the Cingular store. Best feature, other than it is soft and supple is the magnetic cover as opposed to the snap on the cingular sold version. Also, V3 doesn't go crazy beeping when you drop the phone in ( again, unlike the one with the Cingular logo )

    Also slides on your belt easir than ( again ) the other one!...more info
  • Perfect For Sanyo Katana
    Like another reviewer stated, this case fits the Sanyo Katana perfect. It seems to be very well made, and I love the magnetic flap. Finally, a convenient carrying case I can protect my phone with without making the phone itself overly bulky. The clip on the case is very snug as well, which means you can edge it on the waistline of your pants without worrying about it falling off - also, no swivel clip! Yah, swivel clips are nifty, but I've gotten annoyed with every one I've had so far... Without the protruding swivel clip this case fits right in your pocket and has a `wallet' feel with no obstructive clip or swivel mechanism poking you in the leg. The horizontal mounting of the clip truely does make this one of the most confortable cases I've had a chance to wear.

    Definitely my favorite case so far....

    Although, one point of clarification... The picture on Amazon shows a brown leather case. The one I received in the mail was black! I think I might have preferred the brown one instead, but the black one looks just as well. No huge loss, but just a heads up for anyone who orders this case.

    Five stars for the case itself, but only four stars for Amazon for not advertising the product correctly.
    ...more info
  • Good buy...
    When I first got the case, I was a little worried that my LG CU500 would not fit. I put it in the pouch and literally had to force it. I was a little upset, but after I finished stretching it and taking the phone in and out, it eventually stretched out and accommodates my phone with no problem. I love my leather pouch. The only small downside is the tight clip on the back. Sometimes it is hard to get off my belt but i guess that's good so that your phone won't ever slip off. Definitely recommend this to everyone who has a razor....more info
  • Eureka
    I've tried four previous carriers for the Motorola Razr V3 cellphone and this is the one that works. The criteria have been: security, convenience, comfort and appearance, in that order. This one beats the others. The clip that goes over the belt is very simple and very strong: it doesn't come off. It's very easy to remove the phone for use, yet the double magnetic flap leaves no doubt that the phone stays put. The flap also protects the phone very effectively. The phone carries in the horizontal position so you don't have to fool with it to sit down or bend: it stays out of the way. And the dark leather is simple, matches brown or black belts unobtrusively, and looks clean. I have found it to be simpler and more secure than previous carriers I have tried and I have stopped looking for the best solution. For me, this is it. ...more info
  • Perfect
    I was glad that I ordered this Leather Pouch, because even though one
    came with my phone this is a much nicer case....more info
  • Great case
    I bought this case in December, 2005. It's now May, and the case has held up perfectly. I wear it on my belt every day. The phone fits well. The magnets on the case are solid. The belt clip is tight and the case stays put. Great value. It also looks nice. Good quality black leather. I'd buy another one....more info
  • Perfect for the Sanyo Katana
    I purchased two Sanyo Katana phones for my wife and myself. Since the Katana is new, there are very few cases or accessories for it. However, the Katana is almost the exact size of the Razr, so I ordered two of these cases. The fit was excellent. The phone's fit was snug but easy to remove (by pushing the phone out from the bottom opening). The case is comfortable on my waist and has a nice clean look. Because it does not have the racheting clip, the case can fit easily in my wife's purse. The case seems to be well made and the magnet locks work extremely well. I received several positive comments about the case. It looks like it should cost a lot more than $10. Overall, it was a great buy, especially when we had very few case options for our phones. ...more info
  • At last
    I have gone through many holders for my phone over the years. So many others would break at the slightest difficulty or fail to hold the phone.

    This one is the best. It is well made, durable and protects the phone. The magnet is strong. The clip is metal, covered with leather and strong.

    Contrary to others opinions, its appearance is nice. The stitches are black, not white as in the picture. They are consistent and not loose. The leather is black and smooth. What else is there?...more info
  • Not a good buy
    I rate it low because it makes it way to difficult to get the phone out of the case which leads to a lot of missed calls. Otherwise its good quality. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone. Look for a Vertical pouch instead....more info
  • An excellent transaction.
    This item is exactly what I wanted. The size is perfect for my Verizon cell phone, and it fits comfortably on the belt. The Seller and the item met all expectations. ...more info
  • Great Protection! Easy to wear and accessible!
    I've had the holster for about three weeks or so now and I have not had a problem with it. I sit in a truck all day long and when I need to get the phone out quickly it is very easy to pop out of the holster. Also, I have not once been caused to almost drop the phone because of the case doing something like snagging it; slids in and out with ease. The only thing that bugs me is that there is some glue or something around the stitching that gets on the front screen, but that easily wipes right off. I have a mild case of OCD so I am just picky about little stuff like that, but no big deal at all. Great purchase, I highly recommend!!!...more info
  • Not a good case for Samsung D807
    I ordered this case to go with the Samsung D807 phone I recently purchased, but was disappointed. It fits very snugly - as in you have to exert some effort to get the phone in the case. In the process of putting the phone in, the phone often gets turned back on because that's how tight of a fit it is. Maybe this case is good for Razr V3 but they should not advertise it for D807 as it is a very poor case for this phone. Although the D807 maybe should have a better key locking mechanism, it's ridiculous that, by pushing the phone into the case (and pushing kind of hard), the phone should get turned back on... ...more info
  • Samsung leather pouch
    This is the best pouch I have ever used.Being a one piece design and fitting side ways on my belt keeps it from braking like all the other pouchs I've used....more info
  • Wrong case for Samsung D807
    Amazon still advertises this case for Samsung D807. This is the wrong case and it does not fit 807. Please correct it....more info
  • Metal Clip Not Strong Enough
    When I got this case, Initially the phone was difficult to remove. Shortly, however, the material softened and it worked just fine. The problems with this began three weeks ago when sitting down in an airline seat, apparently the arm of the seat pushed it off my belt. Luckily the flight attendent found it and returned it to me. Two days later, a similar event happened in a taxi. Again, I was lucky and the next rider was able to contact me and return the phone to me. After this last event, I inspected the case and found that the belt clip had bent out, making it useless. Threw it away. I urge caution for anyone considering this case. Other than the clip, other materials are of good quality....more info
  • Does Not Fit RAZR - To Tight
    I found that this is too small for the RAZR V3, whenever you place your phone in the holder, it pushes the side buttons, and if you did not program your phone otherwise, it will call the last person you talked to and they will get to here all of your conversations. I am sure there is a better holder out there, I have just not found it yet....more info
  • Junk
    Total Junk! I purchased two of these for my Razr in June. One for work and one for good. Sept 5th and both pouches are now broke. The belt clips have torn loose from the pouchs. Luckly I was able to find my phone both times....more info
  • Not safe
    My phone and case fell off twice, the metal insert doesn't stay in the case. My phone fell off and even with the case to protect it, I had to replace the phone. I liked the idea of the waist leather case but it sure didn't work for me and cost me over $100 to replace my new phone....more info
  • It doesn't fit Samsung T809
    I am very disappointed with my purchase as this pouch doesn't fit Samsung T809 at all. I have to try hard to push the phone in however to remove the phone out of pouch is more difficult.
    Also, this pouch is not made of leather but leatherette....more info
  • Outstanding Pouch
    Great design. It stays on my belt-which is more rare than you would think. The quality seems very good with internal padding and a magnetic closure....more info