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Kinamax WCM-6LNV 6-LED Infrared Night-Vision 1.3 MP MegaPixel USB 2.0 Webcam with Audio Microphone Vista Ready
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Product Description

Night Vision At a Low Price!
Use this Webcam in low light environment or even total darkness! This unique Night Vision web camera has the best features, including 6 infrared LED's, built-in microphone and amazing 350K video quality at 640 x 480. You can take snapshots, create video/audio or use it for video/audio conferencing! This unit easily mounts to a PC monitor or a notebook. Installation is a snap with the USB interface! PC Camera software comes with this camera for viewing images!

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Customer Reviews:

  • Webcam
    its a decent webcam for the money. i suggest spending a little more money and getting something better. if you play with the light in ur room, it works ok....more info
  • KINAMAX Infrared NightVision / 6 LED / USB 2.0 / 1...
    Nice quality inexpensive webcam with IR capabilities. ...more info
  • Installation CD was broken and NOBODY provides customer service
    The installation CD was broken which prevents the installation of the camera onto the computer. I've tried contacting Kinamax, Computer Geeks, and Amazon about this problem and NONE responded to my e-mails. I guess this camera will just be sitting around collecting dust. This is complete BS! I bought it to use and nobody is willing to help me!...more info
  • This Cam IS NOT Infrared!!!
    I bought one of these from Tech Geek.
    This cam does not have infrared capabilities.
    The 6 LEDs are actually blindingly bright white lights.
    When I finally got a response from Kinamax, they say thet the cam will work in the dark.
    Well, so will my other one if I hook a flashlight to it.
    Ok cam for the money, but working in the dark and infrared are two different things.
    Drivers can be found at kinamax dot com...more info
  • very good sellers!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I will buy again in this shop!! There was some misunderstanding with the webcam, but they where so friendly, and fixed the problem very soon, it is a really amazing shop that I highly recomend!...more info
  • VGA camera average, worthless mic
    The camera is so,so average for the price you pay. It is not 1.3 megapixel. It is 640 X 480 at best setting. The microphone is useless....more info
  • Its bad
    It looks kind of geekily good though. Wish it had more juice in it. It has some detection issues which i hope is being worked upon. They could improve the quality too while thaey are at it....more info
  • it never worked
    Either its a DOA or it just don't work ive installed it on 3 different PCs and I on image tried to change some setting tried new drivers but nothing no image at all not even when useing my IM programs, the pc knows it's there but still nothing,well at least the lights on it work work. ...more info
  • dissatified customer
    i was totally disatified with the product because the software was defected and i could not use the camera...more info
  • Nice little camera
    I purchased this camera a while ago from a different vendor and it has worked very well on my WinXP system. It's a very good camera for the money. Contrary to some of the other reviews, my camera does have ir LEDs that automatically light when it's dark. The sensor for the LEDs is on the top of the camera. The lens has adjustable focus and capture in darkness is okay for objects located relative close to the camera. The latest drivers along with some trouble shooting tips are available on the Kinamax website at:
    ...more info
  • UVC & Mac Compliant, But then it CROAKED on me
    This cam worked GREAT on my Mac for about 2 weeks... No drivers needed in Mac OSX 10.4.9 or 10.5, just plug-n-play -- but then video would cut-out if I moved or adjusted or even touched it - so I threw it in the garbage. Microphone NEVER did work on 2 Mac's I tested with. It's a shame, the image quality was impressive and low-light sensitivity was good while it lasted - but its' just a piece of cheap overseas junk (as other's confirm in their reviews)...more info
  • cheap but not excellent
    The price is very cheap with all in one webcam included audio, but the picture is not acceptable. ...more info
  • Kernel Panic on my Macbook
    Well, I wish I could post a video review. But the camera keeps causing a kernel panic on my Macbook (running Leopard / Mac OS X 10.5), despite there being a Mac OS driver. Oh well....more info