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Logitech QuickCam Pro 5000 WebCam
List Price: $79.99

Our Price: $53.95

You Save: $26.04 (33%)


Product Description

Logitech QuickCam Pro 5000 with Built-in mic / RightLight & RightSound Technology / High-Speed USB 2.0 / Intelligent Face-Tracking Package Content - Logitech QuickCam Pro 5000 Camera, 6 foot USB Cable, Adjustable Base, QuickCam Software CD, Camera Set-up Guide, Audio Set-up Guide

  • Digital video camera
  • Experience full-screen video and synchronized audio
  • Enjoy clear, echo-free audio
  • Crisp images
  • Two year limited warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • Great Webcam
    I purchased this webcam so I could see my family while I am away at school. I have a sony notebook and needed something that would stay on the screen. Webcams are pretty much the same when you look at frames/second so that was not a determining factor. However, I was drawn to the echo-free audio, the face tracking, the rightlight, and the picture capture that is right on the camera.

    This camera is great! It is easy to setup and use. I would recommend this camera to anyone....more info
  • Works just great!
    Ordered as a gift for a friend who wasn't even too excited about having a webcam until she received this one and used it. She instantly loved it! You can use it as plug and play (without loading the software) or take a few minutes to load the software to have the extra features. I was able to talk her through it over the phone and using Skype (free download), we were video chatting in a matter of minutes. She then emailed all her friends with her Skype name and told them to get a web cam too! I had previously purchased a Logitech webcam for my elderly mom so we could video chat and was impressed with how well it worked and how easy it was for her to use. This one is has great picture quality and again is simple to use. Great purchase for yourself or to give as a gift, even for someone who isn't very computer literate. My family lives all over the US and it's great to be able to stay in touch by video chatting, especially on holidays. I even use my webcam and Skype to stay in touch with friends in Brazil and clients in New Zealand and Australia. (using with Windows XP without any problems at all)...more info
  • Performance of camera
    I actually bought this cam for a friend whose husband is currently deployed, so my main concern was to purchase an efficient plus useful device. So far she has been completely satisfied. The picture and audio reception has been perfect for her needs. No software problems at all; the updated drivers I dled work fine. I would recommend this product wholeheartedly. ...more info
  • Great Camera! Recommended for all!!
    This product was easy to install and setup. The camera works great! The overall picture of the camera is nice and full of color. I'm glad I got this camera....more info
  • Awsome Camera
    I had an older Logitech camera, this one blows it out of the water! Sharp clear pictures.... The way you are able to zoom is just great! Well worth the money I paid! ...more info
  • Affordable & Reliable
    Our son lives and works in Costa Rica, so we needed a webcam to help us communicate with him. This device was very easy to install and works flawlessly.

    I consider it a very good value for the price. Highly recommended!...more info
  • Please with the product
    Picture is clear. Have a little bit problem with auto backgroud lighting(may be my computer is a bit old for it. I am still using PIII with less than 500MB of RAM). I first installed the webcam driver only because I did not like all the junk in the logitech CD. However, discovered that the driver alone did not work well(color looks aweful) with MSN Messanger. Reinstalled the logitech software and had a much better picture. The mic works well. A very decent product for the price.
    ...more info
  • Great gizmo for the price
    We purchased the Logitech QuickCam Pro 5000 WebCam specifically to chat with friends in China over the holidays. Previous reviews of this product were helpful in choosing. Now I can confirm them. The Pro 5000 generated a clear image and worked well with Skype, with minimal lag. We downloaded the latest software from the Logitech website instead of using the one that came with the product. No problem, very handy, very affordable....more info
  • keep in touch
    excellent resolution and clarity. keep in touch with family. this was worth the upgrade from the 4000 model...more info
  • Logitech QuickCam Pro 5000 Webcam
    Terrific product has a great image we use it to visit with our daughter, son-in-law and granddaughter that live in Alaska. We occasionally use it to visit with our son-in-law in Iraq. I would recommend this product to anybody....more info
  • excellent product
    comes with a built in microphone which captures sound in 5 feet radius and nullifies voices farther than that. Image quality is far much better and you can see crystal clear pictures and somewhat clear when its dark. Overall a good product....more info
  • A solid (but large) web cam.
    Purchased this for my girlfriend so that we could skype while I was away at school. The camera was great an fit well on top of her 19" flat panel monitor. However with all the technological advances in web cams (eg. the web cam in my mac book) I do find this camera to be a little unnecessarily large... Good product for the price....more info
  • Works great with Mac OSX 10.4 & iChat AV
    This was plug & play on my Mac. I'm running OS X 10.4.10 & iChat AV 3.1.8... Required no software or drivers! Excellent image & sound quality. I'm super happy with this Logitech quickCam Pro 5000 after a disappointing experience with a Macally IceCam that had low picture quality and no mic. Albeit the IceCam was very lightweight & portable which would be convenient for notebook travelers....more info
  • Image great on my Mac Pro but mic didn't work
    I bought this Logitech QuickCam Pro 5000 for my Mac Pro. It gave me an excellent image but I couldn't use the microphone. After checking with LogiTech, they confirm that this model is not supported on certain Macs, and the Mac Pro (Intel processor) is one of them....more info
  • amazing webcam
    if your looking for a very good quality of webcam, i highly recommed this webcam its amazing how clear it show. No regret for buying this webcam, its the best. ...more info
  • Decent Webcam, no software issues
    After reading numerous other reviews highlighting habitual problems with Logitech software, crashes, bugs and related issues were my main concern of owning this webcam. However, I did not have any issues nor did my girlfriend, who also got one. We both downloaded the latest software from Logitech, which I would recommend.
    As for the product itself, the stand that comes with it seems to work well and it very adaptable. The picture quality is ok, but it is hard for me to rate since I have only owned 1 webcam. I would like for it to be better, but perhaps current technology and the limits of internet connections limit it. Perhaps a webcam without fixed focus (i.e. one with auto-focus) would work better. Auto white balance can be patchy. In terms of lighting, unless you have a decent light setup, the best thing to do is just work off monitor light. The camera picks this up well (better than other webcams I have read) and monitor light produces about the best quality of light you could want- soft, directional, front light....more info
  • Not so great in linux, fine in windows
    Originally I bought this to use it with Skype in linux (gentoo 2007.0). It is supported to a minimal extent (by a 3rd party driver, not logitech), and wouldn't work with Skype. The various hoops that had to be jumped though to get the small amount of functionality out of it that I did were certainly not worth it.

    I ended up trading it with someone who had a QC Pro 4000. That camera uses the pwc driver, and works just fine (skype, mplayer, whatever). If you are using linux, I would suggest going for a 3000, 4000, or a 9000.

    On the upside, this worked fine in windows (XP), so my trading it was no big deal. He didn't even have to change the driver/software from Logitech to make it work. We have used it in skype from windows many times with no problem. ...more info
  • This is SO FUN!
    We bought this several months ago and we love it! The picture and video quality is excellent and using the avatars and fun filters makes it VERY fun to use. We just can't stop laughing when we use them and it makes for some great pictures for myspace, christmas cards, whatever you can think of! With the USB plug in, anyone can use it (even non-techies!) because it's so easy to set up. You can download a ton of new avatars, filters and stuff on the logitech website for this cam. Get it to keep in touch with friends and family while having a hilarious time. :D...more info
  • Great
    It's great. I like the tracking system. It's good for the value (especially when I get $20 back....more info
  • Illogitech
    This is the worst camera that I have ever purchased. I had a Logitech before and so went with the brand name. From the getgo I had problems. First the software wouldn't load properly. After that, the camera continuously malfunctioned causing loads of computer problems. After five days, I realized that I had to return the product to Amazon. I have since bought another webcam and it works beautifully proving that it wasn't my computer or incompatibility issues, but a defective product....more info
  • Logitech Pro 5000 WebCam
    The camera performed as specified and was a real treat to use. All of the adjustments are available to be used as required....more info