SPECTEC SDIO Wireless LAN Networking Card WLAN 802.11b, Internet Connection for PDAs, Notebooks and PCs
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Product Description

Spectec SDW-820 is the world's smallest SD WIFI card (802.11b) compatible with today most popular PDA models: iMate, iPAQ, Dell, etc. The card's sleek and compact design is less than half the size of today standard SD wireless cards, while outperforming its competitors in stability, speed, range, reception strength and more. Are you sick of how far your SD WiFi card sticks out of your PDA? Not only does it look tacky, it makes it pretty easy to accidentally break. The Spectec SDW-820 is your solution for connecting to the web anytime and anywhere! We dare you to compare the SDW-820's performance characteristics against similar cards from Sandisk! You will not find a better product!

  • Worlds Smallest SD WLAN Card: 38.5 x 24 x 2.1 mm (1/2 the size of major competitors)
  • Major OS Compatibility: Windows Mobile 2003/Pocket PC 2003 2nd edition only, Windows CE v4.X, Windows Mobile 5.0 & 3.0.
  • Hardware Compatibility: iMate (iJoy), iPAQ, Dell etc...
  • Interface: SD I/O Ver.1.0 (Support Ver.1.1 or later), IEEE802.11b / Wi-Fi compliance
  • Surf Wifi Hotspots: Coffee shops, airports, hotels and etc.

Customer Reviews:

  • SD Network Card
    The product arrived quickly and was easy to install and configure. I have a TREO phone which requires an SD card for network interface. The CAB installed quickly and easily and worked the first try. I can now connect my TREO to hot spots as well as my home network with no difficulty.

    Excellent product and great value

    ...more info
  • Flaky Performance
    Software is flaky. You pop the card in, and sometimes the software comes up and sometimes it doesn't. And, if you remove it, forget about putting it back in and getting it to work without restarting your phone by removing the battery......more info
  • Love it!!!
    I ordered this product for my HP Compaq iPAQ, and it works great. My PDA is now wireless. Great necessity when you need to go online at home, or within wireless range outdoors. Absolutely love it!! :-)...more info
  • at first..
    At first I was a little frustrated with it, because a my wireless router has a password , and even though I was entering it correctly on the PDA, the Spectec wouldn't connect.

    If you have this problem, try matching the security settings on the PDA to the settings on the wireless router? This worked for me, eventually. Don't seem to have this problem for free WiFi areas....more info
  • Wireless internet connectio
    It is always interesting to be able to take part in such innovative technology. I have always wanted to find the shortest and quickest route to everything. It allows me to accomplish more things in life when the convenience is affordable and enjoyable....more info
    Easy to install & allowed me to surf the Internet with my PDA. I have a Garmin GPS iQUE M5. No problems encountered....more info
  • Product was faulty... still got charged a restocking fee
    BuyGPSNow sent me the SD wifi card which made my IPAQ 6515hw start rebooting every minute when I installed it. It had never done this in the past and it would stop the moment I take the card out. I returned the card on time and they still charged me 15% restocking fee because they claimed they did not see anything wrong with the card. This card cost me almost $40 and they credited me only $30... basically I lost $10 doing business with them. Save your money and don't buy from them... try from other resellers....more info
    I paid over $100 for a San Disk SD card for my iPaq 2200, and it NEVER worked right. This card was $35, and worked great from first plug-in. Faster, too. ...more info
    I bought the wireless card and it worked for a week, now its no good...more info
  • SPECTEC SDIO Wireless LAN Networking Card WLAN 802.11b, Internet Connection for PDAs, Notebooks and PCs
    i have a mio a701 with win mobile5, works like a charm, easily installed, picks up the signal pretty well. of course, given the size of the internal antenna it's not as powerful as a laptop wifi card but hey it's to be expected. overall it's a good working card, the only negative part about it i found was - it sticks out a bit but then again all of them do and this one does the least ...more info
  • sd wifi card
    works ok, but it makes the pocket pc to have trouble witn sincronization with pc...more info
  • Great card for PDAs
    I recently purchased this card and was a little concerned as my PDA was not on the list of compatible devices. (Viewsonic V36) I had read some reviews on other sites that basically gave me the impression that it either worked or didn't. Fortunately for me I just plugged it in the slot, installed the driver via Active Sync and was ready to go.

    I have had no problems over the first week of use. I am running PPC 2003 and everything works perfectly. The only thing that I wish they included were some programs for using it. But there are plenty of apps available on the net.

    Signal strength has been good everywhere that I have used it although I haven't really had a chance to check to see what the range is. Most reviewers have stated 70 feet which seems pretty fair to me. In my home I have two walls between my front room and the access point and transmission was always in the 70-80% range at about 30 feet. Up at the office I have picked up an access point on the floor above me. So I can't fault performance in that area.

    Battery usage is fair, I can get about 1 1/2 hours with constant use on a full charge. That is compared to about 2 1/2 without it. But when I am using the card I tend to run a few more apps at the same time so that may account for the reduction in battery life.

    Overall an excellent product. I does not ship for the US but is shipped from Taiwan. Again, not a problem. I had mine within two weeks and that includes a holiday. If you are looking for a wireless card for your pda this will definitely fill the bill. Make sure that you do meet all of the OS requirements and that your slot is SDIO not just SD....more info