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Star Wars Battlefront II (Mini Box)
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Star Wars Battlefront II takes you further into the battles that raged a long time ago in a galaxy far away. The compelling storyline spans more than 12 new locations, many from Episode III -- including volcanic Mustafar and the space battle above Coruscant. It also has the Death Star interior, classic space battles and the fight aboard the Tantive IV, Princess Leia's blockade runner seen at the beginning of Star Wars: Episode IV. All-new classic movie moments bring the adventure to life, while a revamped single-player & multiplayer experience includes smarter AI enemies and allies, with emphasis on story told through open-ended mission-based objectives. There's even new space battles allow you to dogfight in X-wings, TIE fighters, Jedi starfighters and several other starcraft.

Star Wars Battlefront II takes the best-selling Star Wars video game of all time one Imperial-walker step forward with all-new space combat, playable Jedi, and never-before-seen environments straight out of the Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Sith movie. Fans of the original Star Wars Battlefront will also enjoy an all-new single-player experience that takes players through an epic, story-based saga where every action the player takes impacts the battlefront and, ultimately, the fate of the Star Wars galaxy.

Battlefront II improves upon the original game's single-player experience with open-ended, mission-based objectives inspired from all six Star Wars films. The compelling storyline spans more than 16 new locations, many from the Episode III movie, including volcanic Mustafar and the space battle above Coruscant. All-new classic movie moments complete the Battlefront II experience, as players battle within the interior of the Death Star and visit Princess Leia's blockade runner, the Tantive IV, as seen at the beginning of Episode IV A New Hope.

In addition, at certain key moments within the battles, players can earn the opportunity to wield a lightsaber and use the Force as a Jedi. For the first time ever, Battlefront players can engage in space combat and, during the same battle, board enemy ships to attack from within. Starting on foot inside a capital ship, players can enter the starcraft of their choice and travel into space to dogfight with the rival faction. From there, they can dock within the enemy's capital ship, overtake the ship's command posts, man its turrets to disable its shields and destroy it from within! Or, they can simply stay inside their own capital ship and defend it from attacks and enemy fire. The choice is theirs.

Star Wars Battlefront II Star Wars Battlefront II Star Wars Battlefront II Star Wars Battlefront II

  • Online multiplayer action for up to 64 on Windows (plus AI units).
  • Revamped single-player experience includes smarter AI enemies and allies, plus a greater emphasis on story told through open-ended mission-based objectives.
  • New space battles allow you to dogfight in X-wings, TIE fighters, Jedi starfighters and several other starcraft, or fight it out on foot aboard an enemy capital ship.
  • Special opportunities throughout the game for players to wield a lightsaber and use their favorite Force powers as a Jedi.
  • More than 16 new battlefronts on land and in space, including many from Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Sith such as Utapau, Mustafar and the space battle above Coruscant.

Customer Reviews:

  • Much better than Battlefront I
    This game is much better than its predecessor. Very few multiplier connection issues, kick ass game play (just like Tie vs X wing in some cases). I really like the hero aspect. Yoda on Degaba is riduculous. He's so short, all you see is a green light saber flying at your head in the tall grass. Force choke for Vader is pretty sweet. Haven't really found a big weakness in the game. It's just plain fun!...more info
  • Better than the first Battlefront, but still lacking
    Overall this is a fun game. The graphics and controls are a little better than the original Battlefront, as is the single player storyline. My favorite enhancement over the original playable Jedi characters. My only complaint is a couple of the levels are so insanely difficult I had to use a trainer to beat them. (Google for "Battlefront II trainer" if you don't know what a trainer is)....more info
  • A repeat of the first, with bonus features. A really big expansion pack
    Just a year after the first Battlefront, another comes out. This game is massive on disk space, but it bears sharp resemblences to the original you'd find in a good expansion pack (like Yuri's Revenge to Red Alert 2).

    There's plenty of fun features to play in this game, but not much you'd have already in the first one. The graphics are relatively unchanged, and the gameplay is almost exactly the same as the original save for a changed User Interface and other random nitpicks.

    The Goods:
    - An buttload of new things like levels, unit choices, unit skins (for the Republic and Wookiees and such), etc. New music from Episode III and levels.

    - A campaign that actually has an interesting story, rather than randomly invading planets, the story tells a tale of the 501st Legion from their days in the waning days of the Clone Wars, to Order 66, to the rise of the Empire and their missions between episodes III and IV, a neat transition between movies, and between a regiment of all-clones to including some humans Stormtroopers

    - Some of the missions have gotten creative in mixing and matching different sides against each other. For example, you have the Empire and its Stormtroopers fighting against a battalion of Clone War Droids re-activated by an Anti-Imperial person, Clones against Naboo guards, Clones against Rebels, etc.

    - Air combat which was restrictive due to small level sizes is still a problem in ground levels, but there are new space battles, in which you have a greater amount of space to fly, boost, and attack enemy capital ships, even enter enemy ships on foot and attack their command center! Ship movements have been increased with barrel rolls, boosters, and sharper turning

    - You can play as Jedi, and they are not grossly overpowered, so they are powerful, but can be killed if you're careless (unlike in the first game)

    The Neutral:
    - Levels from the first game are re-used in this one

    - Planetary bonuses can now be purchased via a point system which can be used once and then re-purchased during Galactic Campaigns

    The Bad:
    - Lots of bugs make this difficult to cope with. Recommend getting all the patches and saving often. I've had experiences in which the game has crashed while I was flying my spacecraft in space.

    - Galactic campaigns have been changed so as to have only one level per planet rather than two, effectively cutting the number of levels by a certain number (half of the original planets, plus new planets)

    - Jedi/Sith have apparently become bloodthirsty beasts---their health slowly drains away unless you are constantly killing enemies. It drains much quicker than your killing arm can handle, so killing enemies is only a temporary boost in life. Otherwise being a Jedi is a five to ten minute experience at best

    - The differences between this and Battlefront are minimal at best. This essentially amounts to a great expansion pack rather than a sequel, and the disk space it requires is outrageous.

    - Game is too big and needy on system resources (compared to the first) to be casually played whenever in window mode (ps, to play game in windowed mode, create shortcut, and add command "/win")

    - While naturally tough in the beginning, the campaign begins to get gradually more difficult no matter what difficulty settings you set, to the point of near insanity, demanding you perform countless tasks with a force of less than 100 infantry, while the enemies have an unlimited supply of reinforcements. Situations like these, as well as a highly powered enemy turns what were (as displayed in the movie) squash bouts in which the Imperials mowed down the Rebels in the siege of the Tantive IV, or the Battle of Hoth into bloodbaths which see you barely surviving by the skin of your teeth, while the Rebels continuously restock their men without end. It is perhaps the biggest downside of the campaigns, that the enemy always has an infinite supply of reinforcements, while you are given at best 50, and at worst 20, with occasional increments of 10 or 20 or at best 40 with each successful objective completion.

    All in all, it is a great improvement on the first game, much like an expansion pack, but it does not change much, and has its own load of bugs to be dealt with that the first game did not suffer as much from. If you can get this cheaper than [...] dollars, you'd probably enjoy it, but I wouldn't spend too much on it...more info
  • excellant
    My husband and son spent a good deal of time playing this game Christmas day....more info
  • Battlefront Deuce
    I just got this game, and so far i really like it---and it loads very quickly on my PC. GFX look great and the controls are intuitive out of the box for the most part. It plays well and seems to have no glitches other than a slight incompatibility with my widescreen monitor, but it only causes a quick flash of an incompatibility screen that dissapears after a couple second severy time you go into a 3d mode (ie load a map).

    Also, if you find yourself in need of a nice gaming PC, contact me through amazon! I build the best...more info
  • Comparison of the two
    Battlefront 2 is far superior to the first one. The whole part about being able to play a jedi is nice, but it's the fact that you can upgrade your equipment, and, past a certain point, keep that up graded equipment for the whole time. I haven't been able to unlock the whole of them, but what I have, are definately nice!...more info
  • A good Star Wars experience, even in single-player
    This is a very ambitious game that tries to include nearly everything in the Star Wars universe--from Jedis and high-tech weapons to space battles and land invasions--in a single package. For the most part, it pulls this off credibly.

    Gameplay: This game is primarily a first-person shooter, although it includes some simple flight simulation and strategic gameplay. The single-player campaign focuses on Darth Vader's unit, the 501st squad of Clone troopers seen in the most recent Star Wars movies. Over the course of about 16 missions, you'll go from classic location to location, fighting against rebels, Wookies, droid armies, Jedi, and others as you tighten the emperor's grasp upon the galaxy. There are a couple truly great missions. For example, the best mission of the campaign was a reenactment of the capture and invasion of Princess Leia's ship, as seen at the beginnning of Episode IV. It's an intense, nearly perfect rendition of the movie scene, with Vader and his army of stormtroopers entering the captured ship through a hole blasted in its hull and battling it out with rebels. Overall, the campaign is well put together and should last 15-20 hours. My major complaint is that the missions vary wildly in difficulty, from those which should be easily finished by casual gamers to others that will require as many as 10-20 attempts to complete for even a serious gamer. Needless to say, your frustration level will likely get high after trying to conquer Hoth (the last and toughest mission) after the tenth failed attempt.

    The game has three gameplay modes. First, there are space battles. Generally, these are well done. The ships are detailed and scaled well, and you get an opportunity to fly many different kinds of craft. You can even land inside of an enemy capital ship, destroy vital systems, shoot it out with enemy soldier, and even fly off in an enemy ship. The flight simulation feels a lot like the old X-wing and TIE fighter games, but with vastly improved graphics. The second part of the game--and the major focus--is the land battles. These involve fighting to control certain points of the map, which produce reinforcements for your army. As long as you have reinforcements, you respawn after dying and can choose from among several classes to return as (e.g., trooper, engineer, scout, etc). If you hold certain captured points, you'll be able to respawn as a hero character like Vader or Boba Fett. These characters are powerful, but not unstoppable, and they are usually appropriate to their environment. Playing as a Jedi is enjoyable, but does not have the same depth of control and tactics as Jedi Outcast or Jedi Academy. Still, the entrance of a hero onto the scene definitely gets noticed.

    The third element of gameplay is a Risk-like game called Galactic Conquest mode that allows you to fight a computer enemy on a map of 15 planets. The object is to conquer all the planets (classic Star Wars places like Hoth, Kamino, Tattooine, etc.) and destroy the enemy fleets. It's a decent diversion for a while and should give the game some replay value. Additionally, there are various skirmish and quick-play modes. One of the draws for this game is the multiplayer capacity, which is probably quite fun though I haven't played it (I'm strictly a solo gamer).

    The game is well polished, and I experienced no bugs in the campaign except that I never managed to get the imperial officer's chaingun to work. The instruction book is thin but provides the necessary basics, and there is a decent in-game tutorial. Unfortunately, the game does not allow any saves within missions, which will be a bit annoying during a few of the tougher campaign missions. However, the interface is clean and understandable and all of the controls can be customized for a keyboard, mouse, and/or gamepad.

    Finally, I feared that the AI in this game was going to be bad, based on things I've read. However, it's quite acceptable in most circumstances. Enemy computer opponents will hide behind cover, try to outflank you, dodge and roll, snipe at you, and so forth. Computer allies usually hold their own when the odds are even, but the game really wants the player to be the star here, thus you'll be doing much of the killing, capturing of points, and saving the day. So, the AI is not bad per se, it's just geared toward making the player the center of attention.

    Graphics: The game looks very good. Character models, ships, terrain, and special effects are all convincing. The game has a number of cutscenes from the movies. Also, on a mid-range PC (3ghz Pentium, 1GB of RAM, Geforce 6600GT), I experienced no lag or studder in framerates, even with a lot happening on screen.

    Sound: Everything was fine in this department. The grand Star Wars score played in the background at appropriate times, and all of the weapons, ships, voices, and so forth sounded as they should.

    Overall, I recommend this game to anyone into the Star Wars franchise or interested in first-person shooters. If you only play the single-player component of games (like me), I would suggest waiting until the price of the game drops to about $30. This game really does beg for an expansion which could add another campaign, some more planets to add to the Galactic Campaign mode, more ships, weapons, etc. If you like playing multiplayer, then the current price ($40-$50) is a bit more justified. ...more info
  • A game I cant help but play too much
    I originally bought bf2 for the ps2. Had the original for computer. BF2 was great then I got a copy for pc because my son wanted to play too by himself. The computer version is even better. Crisper images and better gameplay. The online play is really addictive and fun. But be careful. It is open to playing with less than pleasant and sometimes very bitter and angry people. Give it a try though you'll enjoy it even if not a star wars fan.

    You need two individual copies if you wish two people to play online in same server room. Also its great because it only has to verify you have the cd/dvd at startup and then after you don't need to have disc in drive.

    A great shooter which allows for variable gameplay and strategy....more info
  • The Greatest Star Wars game EVER!!!
    This game is awesome! tou get to play on planets from all star wars episodes Including episode 3! there are tons of vehicles and planets ranging from the endor scout speeder to the incredible AT-AT! In instant action you can play on any planet or above any planet in a space battle! and if you do mos eisly asault you can play as any of the heros except there normal soldier units!
    this truly is the greatest game I have ever played....more info
  • Best Star Wars Game Ever
    Wow...That's all I have to say. This game is magnificant and tops all other star wars games. You have the ability of playing from 20 something levels and choosing or playing as a variety of characters. The graphics are intense and the gameplay is great. For any great Star Wars fanatics interested in choosing a top-quality game, go with this one...cause you won't be disappointed....more info
  • Full of Bugs
    This game was full of bugs at release, and a patch is yet to be released to address these issues. I would strongly recommend you not purchase this game for PC until a patch is released; I made the mistake of dropping $50 bucks on a this game, installed it on my new custom, high-end PC, only to have the game crash within 2 minutes of playing every time.

    LucasArts knows about the problems with this game, and they are undoubtedly working on a patch, but for the thousands of people who bought and can't play the game, it's too little, too late.

    Buy this game if you want to take the risk of it not running, but you've been warned....more info
  • Great game purchase made easier @ Amazon
    Again, a case of not finding this game in stores, while easily finding it on Amazon!! I love this game, I have it on Xbox as well. I like it much better on PC, mainly because of the XL mode and the huge amounts of AI you are able to play against. I haven't yet tried it online, but I'm sure that it would be even better!!!...more info