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I Spy Treasure Hunt
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Product Description

Topics Entertainment I Spy Treasure Hunt. Windows/Mac. EAN 9780439820691; ISBN 0439820693

  • Brain Building Games for Kids. Skills include critical thinking, mapping, vocabulary, rhyming, logic and reasoning, cause and effect, following directions, visual memory and discrimination, and problem solving
  • Improve your kids' reading and observation skills while keeping them entertained!
  • Visual discrimination skills are also developed as they explore gorgeous backdrops, from the beautiful Waterfalls to the creepy Skull Rock Improve your kids' reading and observation skills while keeping them entertained!
  • They'll build reading & vocabulary skills while solving riddles that provide the clues
  • Ages 5-8

Customer Reviews:

  • great for kids and adults !
    i originally bought this for my 6 year old-he is not able to read all the words yet-but that is helped by the voice over. he has been able to find probably 90 % of the items without my help-what a great mind-builder for kids ! now he has my 4 year old on the computer with him looking for objects-great educational tool-it really expands their vocabulary --and it's addicting for the parents,too !...more info
  • Almost as fun as...
    ...I Spy Spooky Mansion. I Spy Spooky Mansion is more fun for my kids. This CD does have great graphics and is a good educational tool....more info
  • i spy treasure hunt
    this is a fine choice for a child to play on the computer by themselves. but this is a GREAT CHOICE for a family to enjoy together. sometimes i will spot an item right away so to keep the challenge going i will play the game of HOT and COLD with my grandsons as they navigate the cursor to the object we are searching for. they loaded this adventure with a lot of imagination that will keep any pirate young or old interested. ...more info
  • Good gift for 6 year old
    We purchased this software for our son's 6th birthday. This is his favorite computer game at our local library and (due to time constraints) he is never able to finish collecting the pieces of the treasure map. Definitely a good purchase for those parents who want to guide your child's computer activities and for those children who love a challenge- some hidden items were difficult/tricky for me to find. : )

    ...more info
  • A well-written, engaging program
    My seven year old was a big fan of the I Spy books, but I wasn't sure how well they'd translate to the computer screen. We have been very pleasantly surprised by them. The image quality is much better than her other Reader Rabbit/Disney titles, and the games are SO much more exciting. This one keeps her occupied for hours. She doesn't need a lot of adult help figuring out the instructions, but we've had fun helping her search for the various items she needs to complete the game. I'd rate this one as "challenging for kids, but fun for the grown-ups, too."...more info