Logitech Quickcam for Notebooks Pro
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Product Description

The Logitech QuickCam for Notebooks Pro includes a crush-resistant carrying case, headset, flat panel clip (for monitors 6 mm to 16 mm in width), and a software CD.

  • True 1.3 megapixel sensor
  • RightLight Technology provides natural and realistic images in virtually any lighting condition
  • Logitech Video Effects with animated 3D avatars
  • RightSound Technology allows more natural conversations with the built-in microphone or included headset
  • Ultra-wide field of view

Customer Reviews:

  • Logitech webcam
    I love my new webcam. It was exactly what I was looking for. It's very tiny and comes with a travel pouch. This is the perfect webcam for someone on the go....more info
  • wonderful picture and viewing
    I love this Notebook webcam and use sign language to chat with my friends and make videorelay calls. The picture is very clear!...more info
  • Very Good Cam
    After reading some other poor reviews I was very doubtful about buying this web cam. I still bought it though as it was affordable. I am gald I did. This is the clearest i've ever seen and I've received compliments from users on both ends of the chat window. I'm not too impressed with the software though. Up to now I can't get my face to fully calibrate into one of the effects images. It works well without installing the software and, for the record, it works although the software CD "warns" you not to plug in the Cam before installing the software. ...more info
    LOTS OF FUN!! ...more info
  • Super easy installation
    All I had to do was put in the software CD and plug in the web cam. Everything started working immediately with the Skype account we were already using. Could not have been easier. Highy recommend....more info
  • smaller than i expected
    the laptop camera is very small, which was a pleasant surprise. it is much smaller than it looks in the picture. the resolution is pretty good, although in low light the color leaves something to be desired. overall i am satisfied with my purchase and the camera is more than fine for the basic video conferencing that i use it for....more info
  • Excellent quality

    This is the best webcam i've seen so far..pretty compact and stylish... and the quality is amazing! A definitely value for money!...more info
  • Excellent Webcam!
    Perfect Size, Excellent Picture & Sound Quality, Fits well on Dell D600. Kind of pricey, but worth it....more info
  • nice image, not sure if worth the price
    it's my first webcam, at first i had trouble setting it on my gateway notebook, but now it mounts just fine. the camera works nicely with msn, though i had to play around to get the audio to work. The image quality seems higher than the logitech fusion. The little thing does heat up pretty fast. It worries me, i guess i will just unplug it when not in use....more info
  • great cam
    This is my first webcam so I can't compare it to previous models as other reviewers did below. I've had no problems with the web cam using MSN messenger. The sound and picture quality is great. If I move around quickly, the picture will blur but I think that's pretty standard given the level of this cam. The clip on works nicely and fits onto my laptop securely. The camera does get hot but as far as I can tell it has no effect on the camera's performance. I've heard you need a USB 2 port in order to make the camera work properly which MAY explain some of the problems other reviewers found. Overall, I recommend the cam. After rebate, the cam was just over $50. For that price, the web cam has performed extremely well. ...more info
  • Good compact cam for people on the go
    The main thing that people need to know when looking at this product is that it is designed for laptops. It has a very sleek and compact design with a nice carrying case to go with it. The microphone/headset is also a very attractive piece. But asthetics aside, here are a few key points regarding this this product:

    - Compact and easy to take anywhere your laptop goes
    - Good video quality (as tested with MSN Messenger). I compared this to other webcams which tauted a true 1.3 megapixel image. The lighting adjustments that are available and the face-tracking are also a helpful addition. I cannot seem to get the frame rate all the way up to 30 fps, but that may be due to my computer and my connection.
    - Easy installation. It is very easy to set up.

    - I think webcams in general are stil a little complex for users who are not technologically savy. I tried have a couple older relatives install it on their own. No go. But this would be true of any webcam.
    - The USB cord which comes out of the camera is short. I have a small laptop... but for users with mega-media-laptops, depending on the USB port location, the cord will probably be just long enough, without much extra give.
    - The carrying case does not fit the camera and headset neatly. (Or at least I can't figure it out).

    Additional notes on the software: The video effects are nice, but it doesn't seem to do well with my face. It actually does better with my wife's face. It essentially tracks your facial structures and moves and changes the 3D animated image to match it. It is a really nice touch. But it may be more or less effective depending on your facial features.

    About the hardware: The headset itself is average. I like that it is very compact. The ear piece fits nicely on my ear. But it's not the best quality microphone for use with programs such as Skype.

    Summary: All in all, I am pleased with the product - mainly because I had reasonable expectations on what a notebook webcame would be. I recommend this product for those who, like me, need to use it on the go....more info
  • Not so good
    I would not rate this piece "good".Still lot of distortions...
    So guys go for something else...

    ...more info
  • logitech pro web cam
    small, easy to install and works great. I just downloaded software from the Logitech site, pluged in web cam and hooked up to Yahoo. Next thing I knew I was live on screen. Contacted my daughter online she downloaded the Yahoo software and said I had a sunburn. She is in Canada and I am in Florida.
    Unit gets a little warm but it seems to be okay. Nicest thing is the unit follows your movement around so you are always in the field of view. To me it is worth the money.
    ...more info
  • Excellent Product. Best Web Cam for Notebooks
    I got this product through Amazon, Installation was very easy, and the image quality was just amazing, with its 1.3 meg camera resolution the quality of video is just out standing. I would recommend this product to all the notebook owners....more info
  • Just what I expected
    Everything about this little camera I expected. It worked fine right out of the box and the software loaded without any problems. The image is good and the Logitech software fun to use. I do agree that the camera for some unknown reason does run hot. It doesn't seem to affect the performance, but it seems to heat up more than you would expect....more info
  • Great camera
    This camera is great. I never have any problems with it and it has a really good quality on Skype. The camera gets a little hot when it's hooked up....more info
  • Great Webcam
    Great webcam! The mail in rebates are EXTREMELY slow, though! Worth every penny. Use it on my Lenovo T60 and experience no problems with getting the camera on and off or getting it to stay in place, as other some reviewers..if you have one good hand with fingers attached that are still functional, you can attach the camera to the screen and it will stay, no problem!...more info
  • Perfect
    This is small, works great, came amazingly fast and does everything I want it to do! I am a college student and consequencially I am frugal. This product was half the price of what I saw it going for in local stores, thank goodness for Amazon.com!
    I recommend this product for anyone who wants great quality, something mobile and who does not want to spend too much money....more info
  • Very good camera
    I was surprised when I opened my camera to see that it also had a microphone and and earpiece. So I got more for my money. It fits perfect on my notebook and it's very easy to install. It's a bit pricey but I have to say that it's woth the money....more info
  • Tiny, perfect for laptop use
    I love this webcam, for its wonderful tiny size and for how well it works.
    The microphone works well, and the camera too. I use it with Skype, and my family contacts on Skype say that the picture is very clear, and the audio as well. Easy to pack, and even comes with a hard, protective zippered case....more info