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Highgear Axis Model 20037 Watch with Altimeter, Barometer, Digital Compass, Chronograph Mode, Temperature, Graphite Black.
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Product Description

Highgear Axis Altimeter. Keeps track of direction, altitude, and time... ...heck, it also gives you a full-featured weather report! Everything you need to stay in tune with your surroundings is displayed right on your wrist with the Highgear Axis! Take a look: Altimeter function: Digital altimeter with working range of -2,305 ft. to 30,045 ft.; Stores 15 altimeter data readings with altitude, time and date; Current, accumulated and max altitude in feet or meters; Graphic altitude trend display; 1 ft. altitude resolution; Compass: 1 degree resolution with 16 cardinal points; Adjustable declination; Barometer function: 1 mbar resolution... working range: 300bbar to 1100 mbar; Weather forecast; 24 hour graphic pressure trend display; Thermometer: User option for fahrenheit or celsius; Working range from 14 degreesF to 140 degrees F; Chrono: Resolution 1 / 100 second (24 hour max time range); Max 50 laps / 20 runs; Even more cool features: EL backlight system; Mineral glass lens; Water resistance up to 100 ft.; Consumer replaceable battery.; Order Now! Highgear Axis Altiware Altimeter

Compact and full of advance functions, Highgear's Axis watch is not just an ordinary watch. This indispensable tool features an altimeter, barometer, digital compass, and temperature reading.


  • Digital altimeter
  • Working range -2,305ft to 30,045ft (-702m to 9,158m)
  • Current, Accumulated and Maximum altitude in ft or m
  • Altitude resolution 3ft (1m)
  • Graphic altitude trend display
  • Stores 20 altimeter data readings with altitude, time, and date


  • Digital barometer
  • Sea level pressure and absolute pressure displayed in mbar
  • Resolution 1mbar with working range 300mbar to 1100mbar
  • Bar chart for barometric trend for the past 24 hours
  • Barometer/Temp display
  • Weather forecast


  • Digital compass
  • Displays bearing in degrees and cardinal points
  • Resolution 1 with 16 cardinal points
  • Adjustable declination
  • User option for single or continuous reading


  • Digital thermometer
  • Resolution 0.1 in F and C
  • Working range 14F to 122F (-10C to +50C )


  • Resolution 1/100 second with maximum time range 24hr 00min 00sec
  • Maximum 50 laps/20 runs
  • Times for each lap and split, with best and average laps time


  • Time/Day/Date/Month with Dual Time Zone
  • 12 or 24 hour format
  • Time/Temp display
  • Dual daily alarm
  • Hourly chime
  • EL backlight system
  • Water resistant 30m
  • 2.0oz (56.7 g)
  • Consumer serviceable battery (1 CR2032)

About Highgear
Highgear was born in the Appalachian Mountains in 1999, when outdoor enthusiast Mike Hosey had a vision to create his own unique line of compact and affordable outdoor navigational tools. Aiming to enhance customer's experience of the natural world, Highgear evolved significantly in 2001. Watches, hand-held navigational devices, and pedometers were added to the product base, while infusing the entire line with top-notch design. The people at Highgear are passionate about the outdoors and spend their time skiing Sugar Mountain, biking Bent Creek, hiking Pisgah National Forest, and paddling the French Broad River. All products are field tested and measured for durability, accuracy, and reliability. Then, hours are spent brainstorming on how to make improvements on intuitiveness, design, and function. The result is a line of high-performance tools that makes outdoor adventure easier and more fun.

  • Functions include altimeter, digital compass, temperature, and weather forecasting
  • Altimeter has working range of -2,305ft to 30,045ft (-702m to 9,158m)
  • Digital compass displays bearing in degrees and cardinal points
  • Digital thermometer has a working range of 14F to 122F (-10C to +50C )
  • One-year warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • A waste of Money
    Don't waste your money with this watch- in less than 2 months the altimeter, thermometer and barometer all stopped working- It is a nice looking watch and that's about it! ...more info
  • Highgear watch review
    Nice watch with easy to read numbers however having problems with the Altimeter and Compass. You have to go through a lot of steps to calibrate and you must calibrate these every day. Temperature is not accuate as it does not compensate for body temp. ...more info
  • cool, but klunky...
    I purchased this watch for my husband's birthday--since it was an REI Expert Pick and he is an REI fan...
    The watch has cool features and all, but its really thick. It's having a Dell XPS on your wrist.
    He works with computers, but has to take it off because it gets caught on everything.
    He's also a triathlete, boy, did I get him the wrong one....more info
  • Highgear bands suck
    Why do watch manufacturers keep putting these cheap, uncomfortable rubber bands on their otherwise good watches? The Highgear (unlike the Suunto) band is almost impossible to remove, and if you DO remove it, you'll find that it's impossible to even slip one of those The Bands under the pins, and then you'll find that it's also impossible to put the rubber watch band back on once you've failed to upgrade it. At least the Suunto manufacturer offers a little kit that makes it VERY easy to put a really nice velcro band on their watches. Once I wear out or break my brand-new Highgear, I'll be going back to the Suunto....more info
  • Works Great and Not Too Big
    All sensors seem to function without an issue. Calibrated the baro to local adjusted pressure and it stays on track. Highgear has a very informative website. The battery is easily replaceable. Have only taken showers with it but I don't plan to dunk it in deep water.

    ...more info
  • Excellent
    Great outdoors watch. All of their earlier problems seem corrected. Fantastic look and feel. ...more info
  • Highgear Axis model 20037 watch review
    This is a decent product. The temperature, compass, and barometric pressure readings are very accurate (Keep in mind the temperature reading is about 10 degrees F higher than ambient temp when the watch is worn). The watch does not provide an accurate measure of altitude below 1000ft but that is not surprising since it relies on changes in atmospheric pressure to give the reading. All the features work well and the watch is attractive. It's very light and easy to wear. My only complaint is its thickness and one of the reasons I don't wear it all the time. It is roughly 1cm thick and it is much thicker than I am accustomed to wearing. I guess they need the room to put in all the technology associated with the features. Thinner would be more attractive though. ...more info
  • Not so good
    I have unfortunately gone through a few of these watches. Problems with my watch have been the following:
    1. Backlight burns out frequently
    2. Poor quality on the wrist band
    3. Can't remove battery on your own, you have to send it back to the manufacturer or spend obscene amounts of money to have a watch maker do it (this feature has been remedied on newer models.

    The concept of this watch is great, but the quality is quite poor....more info
  • How to replace battery on older Axis
    Battery replacement on the older models appears to be near impossible, but here's how I figured out how to do it. It's tricky and you run the risk of damaging the unit. To replace battery:
    0. Don't buy watch and stop reading, but if you already have one and the battery is toast:
    1. Remove tiny screws on back of watch.
    2. Carefully pry metal backplate up with a thin knife near where the band connects (the gasket is farther from the edge at this point), just enough to slip a small, sturdier screwdriver under plate. Careful not to insert the knife too far or you'll nick the gasket inside, or jam it into the electronics. You'll likely nick the outer edge of the watch which will give it more character and charisma.
    3. Twist the screwdriver just enough to lift the backplate a few mm up.
    4. Grab the plate with a small pair of needlenose pliers and pull up and away from the case.
    5. Remove even tinier screw that holds the flimsy metal cover over the battery.
    6. Invert and tap the cover and battery out.
    7. Replace dead battery with new CR2032.
    8. Re-assemble, and note "Smart Outdoor Products" logo on the backplate. Marvel at this little oxymoronic point, and buy a different brand that is actually designed well when this watch finally dies (or when you jab the brain trying to pop off the back cover)....more info
  • Nice and useful watch
    A beautiful watch with a big screen. It has many functions that a camper will need. I only have two complaints. 1. it cannot show the month. It's pretty inconvenient for me. 2, The manual said that the battery of the watch can only run about 1 year. Is that too short?...more info
  • Functional but not very water resistant
    I bought this watch for my son. He loves all the gadgets. However
    after a week of camping in the rain the watch has condensation on the
    inside. It's supposed to be water resistant to 30m so this seems to
    be a defect.

    All other functions seem to work as advertised. We still need to hike
    up a mountain to test the altimeter....more info
  • good but not great
    the time and date is easy to read and checking time in the dark with the glow numbers is neat. I haven't figured out how to use the barometer, altimeter or digital compass. maybe i didn't following the directions correctly when i first got the watch. it doesn't seem to be very accurate. Having a watch with all these features sounds really cool. if you don't have to use the features and your getting it to just say that you have a watch with all theses features then go for it. If you do need to use the features then i suggest on passing up on this one for a more accurate watch....more info
  • Highgear AXIS watch
    I'm a Light DayHiker, that chooses to hike trails to waterfalls and
    peaks/summits with a view. The feature I like best about this watch is
    the ALTIMETER, current altitude, total accumulation, and max, and
    uses bar-graph to 'chart' the accent/decent. The watch also has many
    other features like : 2-timezones, 12/24-hr format, MM/DD/YY format,
    temperature F/C, chronograph, alarm, barometer, digital compass.
    The instruction manual is easy to use(but very small print) and available on
    HighGear webpage in PDF format (larger print to read) and enclosed mini-dvd with instructions.
    ONLY reason I didnt give it 5-stars is, there are 5 diff buttons (S)
    for setting, and they "dont lock", so if bump any of the buttons
    (yes need to hold a few secs) the settings can change. (has happened
    a few times as I wear it on the inside of my wrist). I know almost
    every watch out there uses the "hold-to-set" feature, but there should
    also be a feature like on my cell phone (lock keypad) where it's a
    combination of pressing 2-buttons to unlock, then use the "hold-to-set". ...more info
  • Highgear Axis Model 20037 Watch with Altimeter, Ba...
    Bikesomewhere organized this within days to Australia. Wish I could buy everything through them. Would be so much easier. Watch is so, so...more info
  • Ok, but not great
    I got this watch primarily for hiking and exercise activities. First the pros: the watch looks nice. The styling is better than that of, say, Timex, and the face is easy to read. But there are more cons than pros, unfortunately. The band looks flimsy. I'm not sure it will hold out under my use. The stopwatch (which I use a lot) is awkward to use -- the lap button is on the side (should have been the face button, because it's easier to get at), and the reset button is shared with the backlight, which makes unnecessary use of the battery power (why didn't they share that function with the stop button?). The temperature reads somewhere between ambient and body temperature. The barometer and altimeter require such frequent calibration that I'll probably never use them. Still making up my mind whether to keep it, or to send it back....more info