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Xbox 360 Live 3 Month Gold Card
List Price: $19.99

Our Price: $9.99

You Save: $10.00 (50%)


Product Description

With the Xbox 360 Live 3-Month Gold Card, you'll have access to the online service where the best in gaming entertainment and competition converge. With features like ntelligent matchmaking, leagues, ladders and tournaments, you'll have an incredible online gaming experience. Best of all, you can renew at your pace, without getting charges to your credit card.

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Customer Reviews:

  • Just a subscription
    Its a xbox live subscription, the amount of fun you have with it depends on what games you have and how you choose to use your membership....more info
  • 13 Month Card!
    I think that this is a great savings compared to what you would buy in the store! Thanks a lot!...more info
  • Amazon's price is the best value
    Amazon's price is the best I can find. This package of xbox live access is the most cost efficient package.
    1 month 7.99
    3 months 15.99
    13 months 38.99

    If you are looking to try xbox live short term, the one month package is the way to go, however, I would recommend this package to anyone who has internet and owns good multiplayer games like halo 3 or Call of Duty - the online experience enhances the replay value of a game greatly. The value at amazon is the best youll be able to find retail anywhere....more info
  • Do the math, just like you keep hearing
    A 1-Year Gold Xbox Live subscription costs $[...] with tax when you get it straight from Xbox Live.

    Ordering the card from Amazon costs $[...] and you get an extra month.

    Your decision on whether or not to get this should probably take less time than it did to read this bit of detail, especially, if your subscription is running out....more info
    Now this's a gpu!!! sure, it ain't a 9850gtx, but this card's a real performer. runs cool, an' overclocks nicely. (6800gt or better speeds).
    An' coupled with a 2.66/512/533 Northwood, Asus p4sd, an' 4x512mb mushkin enhanced performance ddr400, this card'll run circles around most OEM (hp, dell, compaq, Acer, etc.) machines. Get this, an' y'all'll be glad ya' did.
    (drop in a 3.2ghz northwood (3.2/512/800), an' it'll outperform the better oem machines.) This's a great GPU!!!
    (7600gt is better, but if y'all ain't got the $109+ t' spend fer a 7600gt, y'all cain't beat this fer a agp system.)...more info
  • Great Price on this item
    This X-box live 13 month membership was a really great price. I would recomend it to anyone looking for a great deal. ...more info
    This was a GREAT DEAL, with fast shipping. With this card you can play ONLINE with up to 32 players at once. ...more info
  • Good deal!
    The price of the XBox 360 Live Gold card on Amazon is great, and it's for 13 months too! I set it up easily and it works great!...more info
  • Back 2 basics
    I caught alot of flak on another blog site I subscribe to because I pointed out that the MS point card I had changed the way you access the code. First one I had you peeled back the paper strip. Now I see you scratch off the black to reveal the code. I belive a number of people here complained that scratching off the black has you removing the numbers and letters making them illedgible. Not so with the Xbox Gold Live card I just received from Amazon. The peel back the paper is in place. I won't go on how Microsoft screwed me out of a month when I got the RROD....more info
  • What's not to love?
    best price around for xbox live. cheaper then retail plus an extra month. i mean it; what's not to love?

    well one thing i guess. the packaging. any one who has purchased this before knows that it is alot of packaging and plus shipping materials. all for one little number.... not very green . oh well can't have it all i guess...more info
    I registered on the WEBSITE for [...] a month to give it a try with their agreement that you could cancel at anytime. After a couple weeks I realized it was not for me.

    BEWARE of the hoops XBOX live will make you jump through to cancel a subscription.

    Other automatic renewal subscriptions on the WEB allow you to simply click an icon to cancel- not so with XBOXL- they make it even very difficult for you to find a link telling you that you have to call a 800 number to cancel.

    I was on hold for 10 minutes listening to unpopular music and then the person I talked to transferred me after getting my user name and other info then I was on hold again and the next person started asking me for my personal information so I asked to speak to supervisor and three times she refused was very rude and contrite.

    I hung up the phone and went to my online banking with Wells Fargo and discovered that I had been charged 2.00 on my account for the "service".

    Wells Fargo put a stop payment on the future billing but I have to acknowledge that the service fee that they charged was probably somewhere in the fine print.

    If I had stayed on the phone with these folks I have no doubt they would have tried to make me give up with product offers and 'beating' the bush.

    XBOXLIVE is a scam in my opinion- they say you can cancel at anytime- yeah, if you can outlast the BS their Indian accent sub-contractors put you through.

    ...more info
  • 13 month
    well is better buy the 12 + 1 month for free then just the 12 only...more info
  • Xbox Live Gold subscription
    Great price for this item, alot cheaper than stores. And you get an extra month. Would definately buy this again through Amazon....more info
  • Always a value
    Xbox Live offers a ton of content and online gaming for a very low price. It has it's flaws like any online gaming service, but for the money it cannot be beat....more info
  • Great service, wait for the prepaid card to cgo on sale
    This card is always cheaper than paying per month directly with Microsoft, and can be substantially cheaper if you get it on sale. Amazon sold it for just under $30 a few weeks ago, with free shipping.

    Xbox Live is a well developed service that's reliable, has many features, and is well worth the price.

    Note that Xbox Live silver is free- the big selling point of Gold is online multilayer gaming, there are some other features. But online gaming is a major component of many 360 games, so a gold subscription is worth the price....more info
  • worth the money
    gets you access to netflix's instant-at-home movies and tv shows (including up to date episodes of Heroes w/o commercials). early access to new game demos and expanded dlc. i haven't used silver membership, but i am totally in love with my gold membership. 3 stars for "fun" because "fun" isn't a factor....more info
  • Best Deal is found online
    The XBox 360 card is exactly what I needed. My better half got a 360 as a present (from me) and when the trial ended - we needed a bonus card. As other reviewers have stated this is the least expensive option if you want to get a subscription.

    I'd actually recc. you buy this the same time as the 360 so you don't have any downtime in waiting for the card to arrive. Amazon shipped fast - it was just my delay in placing the order....more info
  • self explanatory
    its the most time for the best price, enough said

    its not a game by the way its a subscription card...more info
  • Xbox Live
    I from now on will buy from amazon if this price stays the same I bought two of these cards and it cost less a whole 2 years would cost it's easy and best of all it's cheaper then microsoft....more info
  • Needed to Play with Your Xbox360 Online
    If you want to play with your Xbox360 online, you need to upgrade your free silver Xbox Live account to a gold account. One way to do it is to enter your credit card information into your Xbox, but that has caused some people problems. I've always bought physical cards, because it provides a level of security and allows me to keep my decision to renew up to me.

    All in all, I'm happy with my decision to go online with my 360....more info
  • What's to say
    It was for sale at a good price and it worked like a champ. Now I can stream Netflix, which, BTW is a really great service....more info
    This is a very good product. Xbox Live is a very good service and I love playing it. But sometimes it can get to be a hassle. So i go to www.XBOXLIVEGOLDCARDFREE.TK and fill out a couple of surveys and get this for free. ...more info
  • Fantastic.
    Got this for $29 back in January when it was on sale. Very cheap, and does what it does for a little more than half the cost. They should have sales more often, since stores usually follow the same route. (i.e Bestbuy did the same thing)

    I would definitely still recommend the current price, since that's still cheaper than most stores and from Microsoft. But if you are usually patient, then you can nab deals from here or elsewhere....more info
  • Why does Amazon call this a game?
    It was less than thirty, how can you beat that. Don't know what the other psychos on the website are saying about MS not deleting Credit card info, I had no issue removing my electronically, and then it went away. Guess I am not as paranoid, but this was a great deal.
    ...more info
  • A must have for any xbox 360 owner
    Xbox live is the best online service to date of any of the major systems. (Sorry playstation, I love you but you still have a few kinks to work out.) The service is well worth the $40 annual price-tag you can find on the internet ($50 retail I think) Playing your games online against other people adds such an incredible new dimension to your games and gaming experience, especially with games like the Call of Duty series and Halo. Don't miss out! ...more info
    THANK YOU VERY MUCH...more info
  • Best Value Around
    Can't find this value at walmart! I don't know where you can get 13 months for less than $39. This is well worth it!...more info