Xbox 360 Live 12 Month Gold Card plus 1 Month Bonus
List Price: $49.99

Our Price: $36.99

You Save: $13.00 (26%)


Product Description

With this Xbox 360 Live Gold Card you'll get a year's access to Xbox Live - the place where gaming, entertainment, and competition converge. With features like intelligent matchmaking, leagues, ladders and tournaments, you'll have an incredible online gaming experience. Best of all, you can renew at your pace, without charges to your credit card.

  • Buy 12 months and receive an extra month free
  • Sign up with or without a credit card
  • Gold lets you experience all Live content the day that it is put up
  • Use Live Gold to play all of your multiplayer enabled games online
  • Voice and video chat enabled

Customer Reviews:

  • Surprised? Not exactly
    Amazon's review system considers this a 'game', so when ranking how fun this 'game' is, I kinda felt like 4 stars was the magic number.

    This membership card does exactly what it says. It's a 12+1 month... that's 13 months if you've lost count already. This card grants access to all the Xbox Live Gold content, which includes downloadable videos, demos, games, online multiplayer access, etc.

    Besides the numerous great games on Xbox 360, Xbox Live is really what makes the Xbox stand above the competition, so you might as well get it and enjoy your investment to the fullest.

    If you've never used Xbox Live, it does indeed need an internet connection to send and receive data across the internet. If you are signing up for the service, you'll probably end up creating an online account and email or using one that you already have....more info
  • Good buy!
    Xbox 360 without Live is like skiing on a concrete hill. Sure, it's doable, but you're missing out on all the fun.

    Got a great price on a 13 month card. Constant free "exclusive" demos, discounts, community game days/tournaments/prize giveaways, game days with developers/celebrities, netflix movies streaming straight to your XBox, multiplayer, leaderboards, added achievements, downloadable content, and micro games for sale cheap.

    Games now are being developed with Live 100% in mind, you'd be crazy to cripple you enjoyment of your system for less then $4 a month....more info
  • Xbox live 12 month
    This is by far the cheapest and easiest was to buy live. first off if you don't have live you are seriously missing out, and second if you buy a subscription from any where else you are a fool. the price per month of live with this is just under three dollars compared to 8 dollars a month if you buy a monthly renewal subscription from microsoft. it seems like a no brainer but i'll let you be the judge....more info
  • self explanatory
    its the most time for the best price, enough said

    its not a game by the way its a subscription card...more info
  • A Must Have
    If you're playing some of the best Xbox 360 games, it most likely has multiplayer, which means it can be played online. You need to be a gold member if you want to play online, and so you pretty much need this if you want to fully enjoy your game....more info
  • Review of a card? CrAzY!
    So, it's 12+1 months of XBox Live. You play online? You need this. Good price, but less than a day after I bought it from Amazon I found it for $10 less. Too bad. Hadn't even shipped but Amazon wouldn't let me cancel it, even though I had ordered it on Sunday 5am and tried to cancel it on Sunday at 7pm.

    Still, this a product review not a store review.

    The product is great. Worked great. Love the extra month included. Much MUCH cheaper than paying monthy through XBL, and a better deal than buying a whole year on XBL as well. ...more info
  • XBOX LIVE is worth it if you own an Xbox
    This was a good price with free shipping. It gives you 13 months of xbox live gold membership which is a wise thing to have if you own an xbox....more info
  • Online gaming at its best
    Xbox Live Gold is one of the greatest things to ever grace the online gaming scene. You won't find a better deal then 12+1 months for less than $40. That's close to $3 a month for unlimited online gaming and access to demos and Xbox Live Gold content/features before anyone with Silver access. Another reason I bought this is to get access to my Netflix Instant Play movie collection, which with the Xbox are played straight to your console onto your television for a flawless and a more natural viewing experience than it would ever be on your PC....more info
  • What's to say...great price for Xbox Live!!
    not much to say here. This is where they should set the price point. A great value. I try to watch these all the time and buy them when available.

    Thanks Amazon!...more info
  • xbox live membership
    Thanks to amazon for this great deal and specially for the serious business relationship they offered feel secured when dealing with amazon I can testify by saying that my card got lost in the mail and I just called them and with no hassles they sent me a new one wow I was shocked !! thanks a lot !!!!

    ...more info
  • did i just enter a black hole?
    ooooh, now i can have a life filled with putton pressing and go cross-eyed
    in the comfort of my own home, all while never knowing the warm company of a lithe, nubile female. and, with a tempting set of special attractions, such as a discounted price and an extra free month, who could possibly have the ball to say no?! THANK YOU, GODS OF THE SACRED VIRGINITY!!!...more info
  • Needed to Play with Your Xbox360 Online
    If you want to play with your Xbox360 online, you need to upgrade your free silver Xbox Live account to a gold account. One way to do it is to enter your credit card information into your Xbox, but that has caused some people problems. I've always bought physical cards, because it provides a level of security and allows me to keep my decision to renew up to me.

    All in all, I'm happy with my decision to go online with my 360....more info
  • Good Deal
    Finally a price drop for xbox live subscription cards. Would have been better if they offered this for free, like the other consoles but Xbox live rocks! Cheaper would be better, although very worth it.......more info
  • worth it
    more fun then u could imagine. logging on and partying up with people from all over the nation to dust n00bs couldnt b better then with live!! seriously recommended for ne1 who isnt on live yet...more info
  • I love to play live online
    It is really great to be online on xbox live I love playing games with other people all over the world...more info
  • great bargain
    its definitely cheaper than buying it straight from Microsoft, it arrived on time and had no problem reading the code....more info
  • Xbox 360 Live 12 Month Gold Card plus 1 Month Bonus and grandpa
    I purchased the Xbox 360 live 12 month Gold Card plus 1 month bonus for a gift for husband and son. The value was delightful, Our grandsons just love playing Halo 360 with thier Grandpa on Xbox live....more info
  • Good, even if you don't play online.
    I, personally, am not a big fan of online gaming. It has nothing to do with the games themselves, it's just not my cup of tea. I'm the kind of person who, if a game has sub-par single player game play but excellent online multi-player, it will be a rental for me at best. If it weren't for the Xbox Live marketplace, my console would not even be connected to my home network. So you can imagine that someone like myself would be the last person to get a Gold account.

    I have a Gold account, and I enjoy every minute of it.

    In the old days, before Microsoft spruced up the user-interface of their console with the NXE update, I would have avoided gold membership, but nowadays Gold status comes with considerable benefits even if you never play a game online once. Here are some of the highlights.

    -Download game demos and other content a week in advance of silver members.
    -Weekly discounts on Marketplace content and Gold-exclusive promotions.

    And my favorite.

    -Instant access to your Netflix "watch it now" queue. Watch Netflix on your TV.

    Microsoft has been doing really good for sweetening the Gold membership deal for those customers who aren't online gaming enthusiasts. This, plus the increasing popularity of single-player add-on content downloads makes me excited to be an Xbox Live member.

    Now where's my "Broken Steel"! :)...more info
    THANK YOU VERY MUCH...more info
  • 13 month
    well is better buy the 12 + 1 month for free then just the 12 only...more info
  • 13 Month Card!
    I think that this is a great savings compared to what you would buy in the store! Thanks a lot!...more info
  • Xbox live for $10 cheaper than retail.
    If you have an xbox 360 without xbox live, you aren't the brightest tool in the shed. And with amazon's price set $10 below the retail price, you're even dumber not to have it....more info
  • What can I say.....
    For anyone that has ever owned a Xbox or Xbox 360, I am sure we all have different opinions of Xbox Live. Some people love playing others online while some can do without it. I love coming home from a hard day at work and playing NCAA football with a group of my friends.

    Anyway, while many people hate the fact that they have to actually pay for Xbox Live while the Playstation Network is free.....regardless, what I paid for my 13 month membership to Xbox live here on is by far the best price I have ever seen. So for that I give this purchase a perfect 10. If you ever see a 12+1 month membership for less than [...] bucks....BUY IT!

    Thanks Amazon!...more info
  • good price, clunky service
    Great place to buy an Xbox Live Gold subscription. Pre-paid is especially nice as it avoids MS getting ahold of your credit card for automatic repeat billing. Unfortunately, Xbox Live is not the most amazing service in the world: Wii and PS3 are much more functional. Opponent matching is quite slow. You can't play against opponents on other platforms. Your achievements are permanently tied to your Gamertag and e-mail address. Your e-mail address cannot be changed without a support call. Entering information and navigation while shopping for purchases or games online is extremely difficult using the Xbox controller. Although Xbox Live has a great web page, they don't use it to solve this usability problem....more info
  • Online frivolity
    A must have when you want to reach out and whoop up on someone on the XBox....more info