Fake Security Camera w/ Motion Detection Sensor & Activation Light - No Wiring Necessary
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Deters robbery and shoplifting without the high cost of a real surveillance camera. Features a built in motion detector. It will remain still until someone passes by, then the 'camera' will move back and forth and a red light will flash. For indoor or outdoor use. If used outdoors, place in a safe area sheltered from extreme weather, heat, or moisture. Operates on three "AA" batteries.

  • Built-in motion detection sensor. Indoor / outdoor use.
  • Motorized pan movement
  • Activation light
  • Battery operated with on/off switch - Easy installation. No wiring needed.
  • Angle can be changed easily, up to 12 stages. Realistic appearance.
Customer Reviews:
  • Not too happy
    I know its fake...but it looks realllly fake...I'm afraid that mounting it anywhere would only encourage thieves to pillage with reckless abandon....more info
  • Not appropriate for an Office
    I bought 6 of these cameras for our various offices and they are very noisy. They move alot, but due to the noise they make one would not be able to use them in an office environment. When they move back and forth they don't really focus at the person who activated the motion sensor, so that appeared to be very unrealistic. Their appearance from a distance might fool some, but they look very much like a toy....more info
  • Great as a complementarily security measure
    This "camera" works as advertised. Although totally made of plastic, it really looks realistic enough (the "lens" is black and reflects some ambient light, like the glass of most cameras out there).

    When it detects moviment nearby, it moves in both directions (that is, it pans back and forth) a couple of times, as the red LED light blinks. It uses three "AA" batteries that can last for several months (assuming it is activated around 4 times a day).

    The only reason I gave it 4 stars is that it doesn't react to movement everytime. Most times it works, but sometimes it just doesn't (as if it had an automatic on/off timer). But this is not a big issue because even without moving and blinking, it is still there and do intimidate intruders and thieves sucessfully.

    Recomended....more info