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QuickBooks Pro 2006 [OLD VERSION]
List Price: $199.95

Our Price: $147.99

You Save: $51.96 (26%)


Product Description

QuickBooks Pro 2006 lets you manage the finances of your entire business, on a single screen. Manage accounting tasks, payroll and routine paperwork quickly and accurately. Boost efficiency with direct access to key tasks and information -- all from a simple and convenient user interface that makes total financial management as easy as clicking a mouse. Built-in tutorials and onscreen help, with FREE QuickBooks callback support for 30 days following registration

  • New Customer Center that puts all your important customer information in one simple screen.
  • New Vendor Center that shows all your vendors and what you owe them in one simple screen.
  • New Employee Center that shows all your employees and what you’re paying them in one simple screen.
  • New simplified Home page helps you get to your key activities in two clicks.
  • The leading choice of small businesses for fast and easy financial management.

Customer Reviews:

  • 2006 QuickBooks
    I was disappointed in my purchase. The Seller described the product as a complete set but it was missing the Start-up and Quick Reference Guide. I have tried to contact the Seller but did not receive a response. I have been very disappointed because I feel I was misled because the Start-up and Quick Reference Guide was missing. Other Sellers indicated they were missing the guide and advertised a lower price. I paid more for what was suppose to be a complete set....more info
  • Excellent tool for Small Business.
    I believe it is important to say that I am a QuickBooks ProAdvisor. As a technical consultant to small businesses, I began supporting QuickBooks several years ago after I saw how it benefited my clients.

    I began useing QuickBooks myself in 1999 for my business. This version is one of the best advances I have seen. The new home page shows the various work-flows in an easy to understand format, making it easy to get to the form I need with one click. I really like the new "Centers" for customers, vendors and employees. Most of the information I need when looking for history with a customer or vendor is available when I click on the customer or vendor name. With one more click I can easily see the original transaction. I used to have to go through several screens to get to the information I needed.

    QuickBooks reports provide the information I need to better manage my business. The budgeting feature really helps me see if I am on track or not.

    The key to having the information you need is to make sure you get it setup properly in the beginning. Spend some time reviewing the excellent on-line training and help before you setup your company files. If you don't like reading the instructions, another option would be to get the help of a local QuickBooks ProAdvisor for assistance.

    I highly recommend it. ...more info
  • Quickbooks Pro
    While not a true double-ledger accounting system, Quickbooks Pro does a commendable job in helping small-business owners manage their finances in an easy-to-understand way. Guided tours help set the stage, and navigating the sample company that comes with the product lets you see how the theory is applied in real-life situations. The only downside to the product is that the Wizard for setting up your initial Chart of Accounts doesn't allow for enough customization. (Unless I missed something (which is possible), you either accept the choices offered for your type of business or you don't. Granted, you can always modify it afterward, but that seems counter-intuitive).
    That being said, that is really my only complaint with the product. In all other areas, it offers a solid, dependable foundation upon which to build your business...more info
  • Very Good Product
    I purchased QuickBooks Pro 2006 after taking a QuickBooks class. I'm sure I was much better prepared to use it having done that. The Learning Center in the program is helpful but some knowledge of bookkeeping processes is needed to avoid much trial and error. I do not believe it is as easy to use as advertised, but I'm convinced it is an excellent program and will do what I need it to do....more info
  • Great user interface.
    I have switched to Quickbooks from another package and it is amazingly simple to use. The graphical representation of the involved processes is perfect. It does EVERYTHING you need to run small to mediumsize business....more info
    QuickBooks is an incredible product. If you have never used it before try having someone walk you through it....more info
  • Wonderful
    I am very happy with my purchase that I made. I did have the Quickbooks Basic and wanted to upgrade this year. Since they do not offer Basic any more I went with the Pro. I am glad I did. It is very simple and even better than what I had. ...more info
  • Slow !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Anyone who gives Quickbooks Pro 2006 a good review has not used a prior version of Quickbooks. The slowness of the 2006 version over previous versions is significant....more info
  • Very comprehensive, and Very Cumbersome
    I have used a lot of software, but I do not remember using much that is as difficult to use or learn than Quickbooks. I have learned it over time, but there seem to be several functions in it that could be done in fewer steps. I would not upgrade unless I absolutely had to. The program is usable, but I am not interested in investing a lot more money in it. It works for my small business, but I could still probably get by with Quicken, as I do not write checks on it. I do kind of wish I had stayed with Quicken. The most annoying thing about the program was that I was going credit card data downloads in Quicken, but when I changed to Quickbooks, it would not let me download data from my Quicken credit card, it wanted me to switch to a Quickbooks credit card, or ask permission of all my credit card providers. I appreciate the security, but since both programs are made by the same company, this just seemed like a scam....more info
  • Expected better
    I have been using Quickbooks for a while now and I must say I would not choose this product again. The only reason one might consider it is that third parties such as accountants seem to be familiar with it, making review easier.

    One thing that really burns me is what would be so difficult about having payroll built into the system without the monthly fees. Yes, the withholding laws may change, but my accountant can keep me aprised of any changes I need to make. The monthly fee structure for payroll is a first class ripoff....more info
  • Quickbooks 2006 Payroll - Poor Product - Bad Support
    It seems that QuickBooks 2006 Payroll has major bugs that can cause database corruption. When this occurs, you must first pay for Intuit's customer support (even though they acknowledge that it is their problem). You then spend much time trying to understand what the support person is saying as their English is very poor.
    The outcome is this:
    The support people will not escalate your problem, nor will they let you talk to a manager. They do not return phone calls or e-mails within the time frame that they tell you. Most times, they do not call you back at all. It takes them a minimum of 2 weeks before they will look at trying to repair your database (This was stated repeatedly by their support people - Ragu). If you need to run a payroll program for your company, DO NOT select this product as there is no support for you if you have a database problem. This translates into you not being able to pay your employees within the normal payroll period that they expect from your company.
    I only hope that this issue comes back to haunt them in the future when they are looking for new customers and receive no demand for their products from the public....more info
  • Love QB but 2006 has been nothing butheadaches
    My company has been using QuickBooks for at least 5 years and up until the 2006 release has only really had problems when we upgraded for about a day getting the file converted. We loved QB and it has worked well for us. Until 2006. This software has been one bug, glitch, or problem after another. Many of the customer/vendor search options are gone. But mostly there are so many bugs. Every time we sign in we are always told we have paychecks to send, EVERY TIME-even when we don't which is 90% of the time. Our friendly reminders (i.e. Don't forget your W-2s) never go away, even when we say it is done. We can not create an accountants copy from our computers anymore- now it is only from the server. There have been more problems but these are just what I have been dealing with this week. Qb is a great program but 2006 sucks!!!...more info
  • practical solution to small business accounts
    I find this product, easy to implement, train users, and monitor,manage any small business....more info
  • For an individual with a small business...
    ...this isn't a bad piece of software to have. The set up is a bit tedious, but all that information is necessary. If you were using an earlier version of Quicken or QuickBooks, it does allow you to transfer everything over almost seamlessly. For anything larger than a single shop/store or small business, or if wanting to network and have multiple users, it's a bit trickier. We tried to to this, but posting and such was a bit complicated, especially if someone was in one of the modules that was affected by the posting. It's a pain to run around asking, "Who's in the program?" For my home business, it is a great tool and makes life a lot easier....more info
  • Great Software Year after Year
    Easy to use, I am not an accountant or even a check book user,but this software setup is great and the support is even better. It's great something like this has been available and gets better each year from what I can see....more info
  • Good Accounting software
    This program did all I wanted it to do, however the In-product Help did not work at first and I had to call for support....more info
  • Our Accountant Makes Us Get It
    Ok, we could do just fine with the original Quickbooks 2000 we bought BUT our accountant can't. So every 3 years I have to buy a new copy and listen to the bookkeeper grumbling because it doesn't look the same. And why do I have to buy a new version? Because they provide the payroll information and even though we pay for the payroll service separate from the program they won't support the older version. Bah.

    The only positive thing I have to say about this program is that it is better than Peachtree....more info
  • Quick and EZ install and transfer.
    I bought this for my dad as an upgrade, since he used the old version of Quickbooks (2002) and his tax guy bailed on him and never returned to upgrade. So, my father had 2 computers, one that was a dinosaur (6 years old!)and one that he just bought 2 years ago (top of the line at the time). He never got around to installing a version of quickbooks to his new pc so he always used his old one. I got fed up with him and his poor excuse for a number-crunching machine and bought this product for him. I backed up his old quickbooks company file to a few floppy disks, installed the 2006 version on his new computer, and the update was a snap. All I had to do was go through a few menus on 2006 and it asked for the floppies. I threw them in one by one, and it not only transferred ALL of his company information and ALL of his thousands of customer invoices and estimates to the new computer, it also updated to files to 2006 all in one "swing of the bat". E Z install, E Z company data transfer, all of this was installed and transferred within an hour (would have went faster if his old PC didn't take 10 minutes to boot up)! And to think, that was my first time dealing with Quickbooks. Not to meantion, I found it easier to navigate through the menus in comparing to 2002. A significant improvement over 2002, undoubtedly....more info
  • Avoid this product
    I could not get past the buggy registration process so I can't use the product. Why is registration required when you pay full price for a retail version, who gave Intuit the right to require registration after collecting payment. I wish I had googled this before buying. I'm not the only one with this problem. License issues apparently repeat with every new release every year....more info
  • Don't buy used
    I made a mistake in not reading the reviews before buying this product. But don't ever buy used Intuit software. You can't use it at all....more info
  • A Minor Upgrade
    Sadly Quickbooks 2006 is only a minor upgrade from Quickbooks 2003. Users should also be aware that they will be forced to upgrade this software. at considerable expense, every 3 years. Also payroll services are not included and cost $150.00 more PER year. See "QuickBooks Standard Payroll Subscription" on Amazon.

    The upgrade from Quickbooks Pro 2003 went very smoothly. Unfortunately the software, with no notification to the user, adds a second user to the XP operating system, necessitating logging on as a particular user when your computer boots.

    We've found no real benefits from this "upgrade". The software boots much slower thanks to the DOUBLING of the company file. New users may find the redesigned home page useful and despite a great deal of verbage - that is about all that is new here.

    New users should take advantage of the 30 days of free support - after that Quicken's dubious support is very high priced.

    Quicken's business model is important to understand. They do not tweak their software, from year to year, for increased useability. The only changes that Quicken seems to devote their programming talent toward are new features, some well implemented and some poorly implemented - I don't think it matters to them - anything that will suggest a reason to purchase or upgrade the software. How easy the software could function on a day to day basis seems to be never given a thought.

    Secondly Quicken expects your purchase of this software to be the first of many purchases from them. New business owners often will need expert help to set it up. Quicken, will of course, provide you with the name of a certified Quickbooks consultant, who for a fee, will set up the software. The software now comes with an on screen tutorial that may help some new users but it seemed less than complete.

    New business owners should test all competing software to see what works best for them. Quickbooks is not bad software but it doesn't seem to evolve in a manner that is really sensitive to user's needs.

    New users should also be aware that Quickbooks update feature routinely downloads very sizeable files that seem to do little if anything. A high speed internet connection is strongly suggested.

    Since Amazon deletes reviews which discuss "price" I'll be far less inclined to publish any more reviews at Amazon in the future. Amazon just deleted one of my top rated reviews (100% positively rated and, by a very wide margain, the most popular review of a particular product) because I mentioned price and Amazon's past discounts.

    ...more info
  • doesn't work
    This o6 quickbooks asked me to register, it needed the phone number and postcode of the prior owner. I didn't have that so I called in to be informed by Intuit that Amazon is not supposed to sell used copies of quickbooks, and they have an agreement to this effect. My quickbooks is inoperable. $70 down the tubes. boo!!!...more info
  • Intuitive new interface, Customer & Vendor Centers, SQL server make this a killer app
    This is a business owner's dream come true - it gives control of cash flow and breaks free of the dependency on bookkeepers. I use the estimate function to generate all my contracts and email them as a pdf. From these estimates, I do partial or full invoicing with a single click. Online banking enables me to check my accounts, and QuickBooks auto-reconciles for me - it's as easy as email.
    The Customer Center enables me to see the transaction history as well as generate transactions from right there. Ditto for vendors.
    The SQL database is a great improvement - the audit trails can remain on without impairing performance.

    I compliment Intuit on taking a market leading product, and making it even better. The sub-$200 price point makes this a no brainer. ...more info
  • Bloatware that gets worse with each new release
    For various reasons, I switched (I refuse to call it an upgrade) from Quickbooks Pro 2002 to Quickbooks Pro 2006. I immediately noticed that the program loaded more slowly, and that my company file size went from around 23 megabytes to almost 37. This reminded me that it had been a long time since I'd condensed data, a handy process that replaces numerous entries with single journal entries. Once this was done, I figured, I'd start removing customer files which we no longer need, since our company's fulfillment is now handled by an outside source (some companies grow by getting smarter, not just bigger.)

    After being told by the program that my data had been condensed, I noticed that, in fact, no data had been changed, and the file had actually grown slightly larger.

    Intuit's "tech support" in India twice emailed me instructions for condensing data. In each case I noted that the instructions did not match the menus in the 2006 version (this was in August 2006, by the way; it's now October 2006 and they're pushing the 2007 version, so I have every reason to think the 2006 version had been "supported" for a while), and finally I got, apparently, a next-level techie who revealed to me that it is no longer possible in Quickbooks 2006 to remove old transactions or customers linked to them. Period.

    So, at the end of our fiscal year, I dumped Quickbooks 2006 and started our company's books from scratch - fortunately I was able to import lists and general ledger categories.

    Out of curiosity, after creating a 'blank' company in Quickbooks 2002, I did the same in Quickbooks 2006. The first file used under 700k of disk space; with the newer version it used almost 7,000...yes, ten times bigger.

    (What's the engineering term for the opposite of 'elegant?')

    I thought I'd sell Quickbooks 2006 (by now registered) on eBay, so called Intuit and was assured that I could transfer ownership, paying a $25 fee. A week later - as the eBay auction ended - Intuit told me flat out that no no no no no, there's no way to transfer ownership unless you sell your business. So someone at Intuit lied to me.

    Quickbooks 2006 takes up 811 megabytes of disk space, well over twice the next largest program on my computer, and well over three times Open Office, the open-source (and recommended) replacement for Microsoft Office. By itself, Quickbooks keeps my business from being portable on a thumb drive.

    - Quickbooks 2006 takes much longer to load than the previous version I used (2002; which is slower than 2000);
    - company file size is significantly larger;
    - four files, instead of one, now need to be backed up;
    - no way to decrease file size by removing useless data.

    One thing that hasn't changed: Quickbooks doesn't support more than one currency, so if you decide to open an Everbank account to hedge against the doomed dollar, just kinda guess what your account is worth, m'k?

    What makes this observation more pathetic is the fact that Quicken, the company's $25 program, supports multiple currencies - but they can't work that into the bloated $200 Quickbooks.

    Oh, and they give you exactly 30 days of free technical support (I've suggested its value already) after you register. Woohoo.

    Bad company, bad product....more info
  • QuickBooks Pro 2006
    I have used QuickBooks for 7 years now and it's like they just keep getting better and better! This product is so user-friendly! I would recommend this (and have just recently) to anyone needing a good financial software program for a small business....more info
  • Quickbooks Pro 2006
    Bought this in order to upgrade older version to latest version. It was a transition version. Really didn't use it for it's use, it was just a bridge....more info
  • Bad, Bad, software!
    This is the third version I have paid full price for, yet it still is just a bad product. (I just don't seem to learn.) I believe they give accountants a kickback because they are the ones telling me to use it, they say "Oh, it`s so much better than that version". So far this has been the longest time I have stuck with it, as I have been using it for about a month now. I had to pay my accountant $200 just to set it up for me. Nothing makes sense with this software. The accountant said, "QuickBooks is so intuitive." Not for me, it's all messed up. QuickBooks has no customer service, they over charged me for the payroll portion by $30, yet they have no link to send them e-mail from their site, and you can`t talk to a live person in any reasonable amount of time. They have no guarantee, you might as well flush your money down the toilet, because once you buy this poorly designed, hard to use software, they won't stand behind it. Not only that but if you want help with this useless piece of trash, you will have to pay them or someone else extra money just to get any help with it. I'm now looking for a different accountant that will not require me to use this frustrating piece of trash, so once again I can flush it.

    Also Amazon offered a $25 credit to the account if I used their card, I still haven't recieved the credit. Just bad, all the way around....more info
  • Once hooked, Intuit will SUCK YOUR MONEY
    here are problems of quickbooks

    1. virtually no support from Intuit (phone=>$/min & online=user supported)

    2. Sunset policy (requires buying new one every 3 years for ADD-ON like PAYROLL NO UPGRADE IS AVAILABLE)

    3. PAYROLL is an ADD-ON (199usd/year federal ONLY; 299usd/year for federal & state)

    4. Tons of nagging ADs like credit card processing; direct deposit, printable checks, payroll service, or online backup

    5. Bloated & slow (even installs suspicious update agent + .NET is required) requires considerable memory & very slow on old pc; connecting to the net without permission

    so if you start to use quickbooks pro + payroll add-on service for both state & federal taxes, it will cost you 1100usd for every 3 years...that is if Intuit won't raise the price.

    now, i am using MS small business accounting which i bought for 40usd after rebate + i got free one year payroll service (promotion); payroll service is 170usd/year which is cheaper than quickbooks.

    small business accounting can be integrated with MS office products, but it is even slower than quickbooks. if you can program using .NET, you can use MS visual studio express (Freely availble) to make your own extension like payroll.

    ...more info
  • Quickbooks Pro 2006
    This is the best off-the-shelf accounting software that I have ever used. It is user-friendly, intuitive (excuse the pun), and powerful. The reports are designed in such a way that it is very easy to get nearly any information you want. I highly recommend this product to anyone needing an accounting system....more info
  • QB 2006, the best QuickBooks ever
    QuickBooks 2006 is a great product. I work with QuickBooks users full time as my job (as an independent, I don't work for Intuit). I wouldn't recommend anything else for small business. As with any software, a new user may want to think about getting a little help with setup and training. In my experience, there is usually much more to the product than users realize. A lot more capabilities than they are aware of. Again, great product!
    ...more info
  • quickbooks pro
    This software is perfect for what I needed. It allows my to keep my books without relying on an Accountant....more info
  • Office product
    Easy to use version with nice updates. If you've gotta work, QB Pro will do the job....more info
  • Quickbooks Pro 2006 for Windows
    A superb piece of software for small business users that only gets better with each new version. They actually listen to customer suggestions and implement them into new versions! What a concept! I would be lost without this software in performing day-to-day operations. As far as I am concerned - it is the industry standard and should be an integral part of any small business (and yes, I have tried other small business software packages). There is no comparison. I am in the auto service and repair business - and we refer to Quickbooks as the "Toyota of small business software". That pretty much says it all....more info
  • Get MS Money for Small Business
    I have been using MS Money for Small business since I started a one person psychology practice after having been an owner of a large group practice where we used Quickbooks. I never liked QB. I thought it was too complicated to get started and now if I want to use the online banking, I have to pay $15 a month to my bank and an extra $200 for a one person payroll. I found MS Money for Small Business very easy to set up, no charge for online banking with my bank, and one year free payroll that costs $10 a month after one year. Seems to me that using MS Money for SB is a non brainer and using QB is an expensive and complicate proposition. ...more info
  • Best QB update yet
    Kudos to whomever worked on this update to QuickBooks Pro 2006. It is much easier to view information at a glance and one click now brings you to the information screen you need. Much easier to use than in the past....more info
  • Extorsion rules Privacy denied,
    I paid nearly [...] for software I can't use. Oh, if I want corporate greed to extort my personal information from me, then I can use what I already paid for. My information is my business and for a corporation to deny my use of a product I already paid for because I don't want them to have my information is a crime and in the real world is called extortion. This collection of information by big brother must stop. I can't rate their product because I can't use it anymore. I strongly suggest you stay away from any product from Intuit and I rate them as unacceptable and only put one star because, once again I was forced to by a corporation....more info