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X-Max Caltrac Calorie Counter
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Product Description

Starting a new fitness program? Make the most out of your workout with X-max Fitness Tracking Systems. SAVE BIG! Everybody makes New Year's resolutions. But you can make yours stick for the duration with these handy fitness tools. The phrase "Work smarter, not harder" certainly applies to exercise, and each of these tools will make sure you are exercising smart on the way to a better you. Counts the number of calories you burn for nearly any activity. Simply enter your age, sex, height and weight. Wherever you go wearing the CalTrac, it will tell you how many calories you are burning with each movement of your body. Tough plastic case; Easy 5-button control; LCD readout; Can be programmed for special exercises such as cycling, stair climbing, elliptical machines and weight training. Order Today! AVAILABLE SEPARATELY: X-max Pulse Watch; X-max CarbTrac - word search in our Store for 'X-max'. X-max CalTrac

  • Caltrac counts the number of calories you burn for virtually any activity
  • Simply enter age, sex, height and weight
  • Unit has special entries for cycling, stair climbing, elliptical machines and weight training
  • Features tough plastic case, LCD readout, and easy five-button controls
  • Includes instructional DVD and a tape measure to track fat loss

Customer Reviews:

  • I've lost 3 pounds :)
    I purchased the Caltrac to help maintain my weight. I want to eat as much as I can to stay the same weight. The Caltrac works well for me. It seems to be pretty accurate in calculating the calories you burn daily. I lost weight by staying under that number. But even if it isn't accurate, I think it is a good incentive to lose weight. When I am wearing it, I am always more conscious of what I am eating, and I tend to eat less. It is easy to use, and I like the product. I just wish it was a tiny bit smaller. It shows under certain clothes I wear. But overall, I like it, and would buy it again....more info
  • Doesn't Work
    I was so disappointed. This device counts calories while laying on a table! Totally doesn't work don't waste your time....more info
  • Great Tool for Exercise/Weight Loss
    I saw Caltrac mentioned in "Shape" magazine and decided to buy it. I'm very happy with the product. It's about the size of a pager and is easy to use. Enter some personal data (age, weight, etc.) and it will track the calories you burn all day long -- whether you're working out or sitting at your desk. Best of all, it has special modes to track calories burned during weightlifting and other forms of exercise.

    At its simplest, this product will make you more aware of how many calories you burn and hopefully inspire you to move more. Take it a step further and you can input the calories you consume to see if you wind up eating more than you burn.

    In the past month, I've lost 10 pounds using this methodology. Of course, I still have to exercise and monitor what I eat. But I love that I now have specific data to inspire me to do so!

    The only suggestion I would make to the manufacturers is that they make it in black . . . the turquoise color is not exactly subtle!...more info
  • Really disappointed with this
    It doesn't track consistently. And when I tried to contact the company, there was no customer support....more info
  • The Personal Trainer Without the Gym
    The Body Flex X Max Caltrac is my favorate tool in my own weight maintainance program. The Caltrac is my very own personal trainer that allows me to keep myself on track with howmuch I consume each day. If used properly the Caltrac can help me effectivly loose, maintain or gain weight. By keeping track of how much I eat and how much I move every day the Caltrac helps me ajust to any and every change in my daily life that can cause unwanted weight fluctuation. I have never made a better investment for my personal health. ...more info
  • Helpful
    I have found it helpful to see just how many calories are being burned. I am now trying calorie counting....more info
  • Caltrac Gets Results for Fitness Trainers
    I first came across the Caltrac as part of my Fitness By Phone training course. I was not a mad keen calorie counter, but the ability to measure calories burned through structured exercise was a great feature.
    However, what got me in is the way you can track incidental movement.
    You look at the Caltrac during the day every now and again, and remembering that 3500 calories burned equals a pound of fat gone, I could see if I was moving around enough during my average day.
    I was most shocked at the lack of energy burned whilst siting at my computer all the time.

    As an experiment I tried counting the calories I ate during the day, trying to get an overall burn of 500 calories a day more than I ate. It is amazing how every little bite adds up and foils the best laid plans of mice and men. You could get very anal about it I am sure, but just raising my level of awareness about what I ate made the purchase worthwhile.

    The only negative is it is easy to lose if you ride a motorbike and should come with batteries (you have to get your own) and a lanyard of some kind as standard.

    Still, I think the Caltrac is a very useful feedback device, and will suit anyone who is interested in getting healthier, losing a bit of weight or wanting to get fitter. All my clients get one and report good results.

    Rick Rakauskas
    Certified Fitness By Phone health coach info
  • Love it!
    I'm in the process of using my three, now. I love the ease of use, and it's been a great motivator! I normally hit the floor running each day, and it's cool to see how many calories I burn just from normal daily activities, but even better to see the Net Calories after each meal entry. I used it today while gardening and was amazed at the calorie burn I achieved in that short time! Wearing it at home and at work keeps my motivation turned up just seeing those numbers add up!...more info
  • Easy-to-Use & Works Great
    The Caltrac is very easy to set up and use. Rather than have to carry around a notebook for keeping track of my calories, I just enter them right away before I eat each meal/snack. It makes it so much easier to make sure you end up in the correct range for your calorie deficit (if you're trying to lose weight) - it does the math for you. Just make sure your number is in the recommended range for your goal (more info in the included booklet). ...more info
    I bought this in Sept 2008 and I have tracked my food, excersize and calorie intake and calories used since then. The Caltrac has been such a motivation to move for me. I now am in control of what I am burning and I love it. It was always a guessing game before. I have lost 15 lbs. so far and I am so thrilled! I recommend this product to everyone, I always wear it! If you are serious about getting healthy this is a MUST have. FORGET about PEDOMETERS they DON'T work (not accurate)! I also recommend "Scale Down" By Danna Demetre. That book will tell you everything you need to know about eating right, staying active and changing your thinking. I heard of this Calrtrac from her seminar I attended. She too wears this!...more info
  • Caltrac
    I am impressed with how the product performs just as it says. It has helped me keep track of all the calories I burn and when I need to burn more. I just wish it was in black. ...more info
  • Caltrac in Review
    Just want to say I use the Caltrac everyday I wish that it also counted my steps for the day....more info