TurboTax Deluxe 2005 with State Win/Mac [Old Version]
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Product Description

TurboTax Deluxe 2005 guides you with extra help you need, for claiming the most deductions. Find out how you can take advantage of over 350 possible deductions. It's completely up-to-date with the latest tax laws, to help you get every deduction and new tax break you deserve. Includes all the features of TurboTax Basic, plus ItsDeductible and a TurboTax State Download ItsDeductible helps you find deductions you never knew about before Includes free download for state

  • Double-checks for your return for errors and even flags potential audit risks.
  • Now includes ItsDeductible software to help you accurately value donated items (for a bigger deduction!).
  • Package includes ability to do US federal and ONE state return with additional states available for purchase through Intuit.

Customer Reviews:

  • 10 + year user
    I have used Turbo Tax for as long as I can remember. I have always purchased their business and their personal tax products. Generally I had been satisfied. However this year after spending much time over many months working on a complicated return, Turbo tax dumped all the data including that which was saved many times over several months. It corrupted all but 2kb of data and can't even open that. Of course you can't get a person via telephone or email.

    I would give them o stars if that was an option. So long Intuit....more info
  • Everything you will need
    This product did an excellent job of figuring our taxes. This is the first time we've tried something like this and found it very easy to follow and complete. You can go back and change things or review them, it gives you a way to e-file, you can print out all the copies that you may need. I was surprised how easy it was to use. However it took us a long time because we read all the items very carefully and double checked everything but it saved us a lot of money from what we used to pay our tax preparer. I was very happy with it....more info
  • Great Product, but....
    The product is great... the pricing approach by TurboTax people this year is not... but Amazon provided the best price/discount plus no tax that made buying it $5 cheaper than at Staples or Office Depot....more info
  • Updates
    It was very difficult to get my updates. The message I would get said that my computer was not connected, yet I am on DSL. I received page after page of directions to change settings on my computer in order to download updates and none of them worked. It was very frustrating. Eventually, though, a change must have been made by Turbotax and I was able to update, but it was quite late in the season. I have used Turbotax many years and I always have trouble with it, however, I continue to use it because I don't have confidence that anything else is better at this time. Forget about calling their operators, that is a real bust....more info
  • turbo tax 2005
    I have used turbo tax for several years. It is still a quality dependable product....more info
  • Turbo Tax 2005
    I have used this product for several years & I love the ease in which it allows me to do my families taxes....more info
  • don't bother. use online version
    if you have used the online version in the past, stick with it. buying it on disk does not allow you to import data from previous returns if done on line and you can not upload to myturbotax. almost as if two separate companies! plus the User interface on this software stinks bigtime. very hard to navigate back and forth. online version is actually better (though i didn't try it this year). does intuit actually employ programmers or watch real users? they spend far too much money on useless features like videos and not enough on simple ui issues....more info
  • Must have Internet Connection
    I bought TurboTax hoping that all forms, included my state, were included on the CD. I wanted to use the program on my compuer not connected to the internet. The small print on the box was not clear if a connection to the internet was required. Alas, once I uploaded the CD I discovered a few of the Federal forms and all of my state forms needed to be downloaded. There is a toll free number you can call to ask for a supplemental CD to be mailed to you. However, when I called I was told, through a recording, to leave my name and address. I was told to expect a supplemental CD in 10-14 days. I doubted I would get it and I was right. Finally, I was forced to load TurboTax on my wife's computer, so I could download the updates.
    The software did run well, once loaded, and all of the forms printed out nicely. ...more info
  • TurboTax on Multiple Computers
    Always loved TurboTax until a few years ago when they decided to play the M$ Windows game and only let you put the software on one computer. Well they got smart this year (TAX YEAR 2005) and will now allow you to put it on multiple computers. Regardless that their motivation was a fiscal loss I like their decision. This software is always on target for the latest Federal and State rules and is very easy to use. ...more info
  • Electronic Filing pulled from under our feet
    The program worked well this year with one actual glitch but generally robust. Quite a few of the selection choices in screens where options are given toward the bottom of the pages are half printed graphics and you have to guess what they say or choose wrong and guess again. I don't mean bubble items like "next", but bigger choices, like: Complete turbo-tax and file.

    The most utterly disturbing change is no credits for e-filing.
    To be charged over $30 for state and fed filing is corporate rape of every american household.

    The IRS wants e-filing to be free, but Intuit forces their hand and demands that the IRS has to let the "free market" prevail.
    When it comes to paying taxes, the IRS should be allowed to accept e-filing for no charge. This is just a case of the middleman insisting on his cut.
    So, if you are not too lazy, print and pay postage and save the bucks....more info
  • E-file Fee - beware
    I know this was already mentioned, but there is an e-file fee of $29.95. I was going to go ahead and do this anyway even though I vowed not to buy it again because e-filing is the reason I bought it and now they are charging for it. So I continued on. It isn't only $29.95 they would charge, there was an aditional $29.90. Almost $60 extra just to file electronicaly. So, regardless, the only benefit this program seemed to offer was down the drain....more info
  • Great tax preparation package
    I have used Turbo Tax Deluxe at for many years and find it to be very easy to use. It covers many items,such as K-1 for partnerships,etc.and automatically sets proper Standard deductions for married Seniors.

    I wrote taxes for HR Block at one time, and found "Turbo Tax" to give tax returns equal to those reports.
    ...more info
  • Don't Bother unless your taxes are dirt-simple!
    I used TurboTax last year and liked it. This year however I needed to see how the taxes worked out in alternative scenarios, e.g. filing jointly vs. filing separately vs. head of household. The program has no provision for doing this! You have to start a new return and enter everything from scratch, plus it messed up on some simple deductions. And to get help by phone you incur a charge. Bah. Not worth the money....more info
  • Turbo Tax Deluxe 2005 with State
    I'm very pleased with this product. Have been using Turbo Tax for several years. I like the fact that it pulls last year's data to plug into this year's--less work. TT walks me right through my taxes every year. I think its great and with the constant improvements, it just keeps getting better.
    ...more info
  • Turbotax 2005 Review
    I started in business for myself in 2005 and was easily able to enter all of my business deductions on Schedule C and file for both a federal and state income tax refund. My state refund was direct deposited within three days and my federal should be arriving any day. It was easy, fast and economical - plus the software itself is a tax deduction!...more info
  • Used for years and it just getws better
    I have used this product for years. All the way back to Mac In Tax. It just keeps getting beter!...more info
  • Turbotax 2005 Regression
    I have used TurboTax for at least 5 years, and been quite pleased with its ease of use and end result. Not the case with this year. The interview was not as clear or concise. There was little or not access to in-depth questions or concerns. Whatever changes were made were not user-friendly and will not invite me back next year....more info
  • TurboTax is the best ever.
    I really like this year's version of TurboTax. The grouping for Income , Deductions and the rest made it very easy to complete what normally is a drag to do....more info
  • Adequate, but not recommended
    I have used Intuit products since 1992, and was quite satisfied until 4 years ago when Intuit began installing hidden software on users' computers in an attempt to "stop piracy", which caused numerous problems for us honest users who paid for the program.
    Secondly and even more significantly, I began noticing an apparent shift in Intuit's philosophy toward it's customers: cut back on customer support, and attempt to exploit them at every possible opportunity in order to make more money.
    In short, Intuit disrespects their customers.
    As a loyal paying customer, I will not be disrespected or taken for granted. Their level of service and support has declined. Their products constantly pimp you to spend more money on Intuit as you try to use their programs.
    That is why I have sworn off Intuit products when there is an alternative. Why reward someone who treats you badly?!...more info
  • TurboTax Offer
    Free e-mail filing was advertised. Could not submit with out a $70 cost. Refused this service and mailed thru post office. Very disappointed. Also, unable to get the free Quicken software offer on line and by mail requires a receipt of purchase of turbotax, which I do not have. I didn't initially retain receipt because I thought everything was online.
    ...more info
  • great reliable product
    only hiccup this year was late forms and not the best accuracy in notifying me when they were ready. But, if you're not a spaz about doing your taxes immediately, no harm done. ...more info
  • turbo tax software
    Turbo Tax Deluxe is an excellent product but they should make it easier for you to back up without having to go thorugh the whole category to get to one item.
    Also they should make it easier to make adjustments to your state return. It's very annoying to find and adjust the State Return once you have gone back into your Federal Return.
    I think it is a very good product BUT they should make it much easier to navigate to other areas ESPECIALLY for the STATE RETURN....more info
  • Turbo Tax Deluxe 2005
    I have always done my taxes on my own for about 8 years now. This year I decided I might need some assistance since I just purchased my first home. I purchased the deluxe addition because it came with an extra deduction feature and I was hoping I would have extra deductions this year with closing costs, mortgage interest, etc. It is designed to walk you through a multitude of deductions to see if you qualify for any. The catch is you have to have an idea of what you can and cannot deduct to use the feature. It will ask you questions like, "Do you qualify for..." Well I don't know that is why I bought you! I was also disappointed when I got to the end and learned I had to pay to submit my taxes electronically. Ummm, I paid for the software, now I have to pay more money to submit?? So I printed my taxes and mailed them in and it took about 2-3 weeks to get my refunds. Even though I was a little disappointed with the turbo tax it does have some nice features. It keeps all your information so next year if I purchase the 2006 version it will automatically transfer my 2005 information and personal information (unless something changes like I move or change jobs). The other positive thing about turbo tax is that you can use it for multiple people in your household. You don't have to purchase individual software for each family member.

    All in all turbo tax is a good program but the deluxe software with step-by-step guidance to find extra deductions is not worth it in my opinion.
    ...more info
  • Excellent Program
    Wouldn't use any other program. E-filed both Fed & State with direct deposit. Both refunds in my account within 10 days of filing. And the total e-file fees are $14.95 for Federal and $14.95 for State. There is no additional fee for e-filing....more info
  • Turbo Tax Deluxe 2005
    Turbo Tax Deluxe 2005 is a full featured, rock solid tax preparation software that worked flawlessly for me -- as it has in the past. I have been using Turbo Tax for about 10 years now. One improvement to this year's version is the simplification of the rebate process. It used to be unnecessarily complicated....more info
  • I used the online version....
    Rather than buy or download, I used the online version. I also did my tax return long-hand (i.e., I did all calculations myself and used the appropriate IRS forms). Both methods showed me getting a return, and the amount was exactly the same using both methods. So, the bottom line is that Turbo Tax appears to be accurate, but I'm not 100% convinced it's any faster. It did catch one error I had made when I entered the wrong year for my son's birth. Had I filed using long-hand, and not caught the error, I'm sure the good old boys in the IRS would have sent it back to me to fix, and my return would have been prolonged. ...more info
  • Don't Need to Pay a Turbo Tax!
    I've been a Turbo Tax user for many years. I thought the earlier versions of this product were great. They had video clips in the CD ROM that would explain some aspect of the Tax Law, or a description of certain allowable deductions.
    This year, the product was very sterile, with no videos. The program did not do a very good job of walking through the tax form, but rather relied on my previous tax return information. I had to guess what the program was asking me for, and if I entered the wrong data, I would find out 2-3 questions later, and have to back up and re-enter the data that was really being requested.
    While I have a tax refund due (rather sizeable), the program said that I would need to pay an estimation tax for 2006!!!
    I hope the IRS and the state of California do not audit me, since I am not sure that the program submitted my data properly....more info
  • Very good tax software, although it is not free anymore.
    good experience. I like their products....more info
  • I loved it!
    I am horrible when it comes to numbers, which is why I always went to H&R block to have my taxes done. The fee for H&R block was always going up, but my finances remained the same. Turbo Tax was so easy! They walk you through the entire thing. It offers you such a wealth of information, things that I knew nothing about. I was amazed at how easy it was to do. I will definetly be using it every year....more info
  • What a scam, shame on Intuit
    I purchased this tax software under the false presumption that e-filing would be included in the price, just like IT USED TO BE! The actual data entry process was "ok", a bit buggy as I had some K-1 income which TurboTax handles quite poorly. Of course that works fine if you buy the more expensive software, but if they claim it works, yeah, it does, barely.

    But then the ultimate blow... after all of the effort that took me weeks to prepare, it was time to file the return. What's this? I have to pay another $30 to e-file? And here I thought the IRS was ENCOURAGING people to e-file! Hey, I am in California where one MUST earn more than $50 to make a decent living, so who qualifies for the so-called " e-file for FREE " here? They gotchya!

    So it looks like I will have to send my tax return in by good old US mail, I'll wait the 3 or 4 weeks for the refund. Thanks for nothing, TurboTax....more info
  • Easy to Use
    I found turbo tax very easy to use and I actually got more than last year with H & R Block. Good purchase!...more info
  • TurboTax got sneaky this year. Customer "service" sucks.
    I ordered TurboTax Federal and unlike last year this comes WITHOUT state. When I attempted to load state the product prompted for an ADDITIONAL $34.95. So I contacted them by e-mail (twice), on-line help (twice), and phone (twice). Guess what? Three of the six inquiries were something like "well the states are not available yet but they'll be free", two were "look at our website for descriptions of the product" which I'd BEEN using for years, and the last was it was all a mixup and it was "not free." So fortunately Amazon was VERY, VERY UNDERSTANDING and did what TurboTax refused to do and took it back. I switched to TaxCut. When I called them they provided REAL CUSTOMER SUPPORT! Go TaxCut!...more info
  • First time user
    Overall this program is very good after getting used to using it. It took somewhat longer than expected. I am used to doing my somewhat uncomplicated return by hand, but due to my first year of retirement in 2005, it allowed me to experiment with itemizing vs standard deduction. It also helped to estimate if I will owe taxes for 2006 based on my new retirement fixed income.
    This could easily replace a tax preparer, as it covers every possible tax situation, based on your answers, as you work through it.
    Does not alert you to the fact the there is an extra charge to e-file, until you get to that point in the program....more info
  • Excellent Program for taxes
    After years of paying CPA's and their assistants to do my taxes--I decided to refile after discovering thru a TURBOTAX program that I actually could get more back on my taxes.

    I began refiling as far back as I could get away with. This is one of the five years I refiled....and I cannot say enough about this tax program.

    Each year you can clearly see the advances is it..what questions are asked and how the program keeps you rolling along.

    Ths package arrived on time and in perfect condition....and I will NEVER go back to the CPA's or their henchmen again !!

    File your own--and keep the money in your pocket instead !!...more info
  • Works Great, easy to use
    This years version of Turbo Tax is even better, it is much easier to move around with in and to go back to correct or change things, or to skip portions....more info
  • A Disappointed Mac User
    This was my first year using Turbotax, and it's also my last!

    Since 1992 I was a faithful user of HR Block's Taxcut for Mac. In spite of it costing more than the Windows version, I used it every year except for 1995 when various problems related to my AOL dial-up service prevented me from using it. Since TurboTax is the only option out there for people who use a Mac, you'd think I'd be continuing to use them for now on, - but you'd be wrong!

    I purchased my copy of TurboTax Deluxe from Amazon.com to save $5. Since TaxCut made certain that no information from it's software could ever be imported by other software, I filled in my personal data as I began. I was a little disappointed that TurboTax doesn't allow you to skip the "step-by-step" method, and just fill in the actual forms the way TaxCut did as an option. While the downloads were an annoyance (6 or 7 separate files each time), for the most part the software was OK. Picking up from where you leave off wasn't always possible, but 5 or 6 clicks would get you back to the right spot.

    My first major annoyance came with the state software. After filling in some data, and seeing the overall results, I wanted to look at the forms to see what they were doing with my data. I also needed to see where they had placed data that was imported from the federal information I'd entered. Well, there's no way to see your data on state forms until you're finished and print them out (or preview as .pdf files from the print dialogue). When you do that the software somehow magically creates the state forms for printing, but the state forms don't seem to exist anywhere else except in that print spool! I found this extremely annoying, and a real time waster.

    The final blow, however, was when I got to filing. The advertising is an unnecessary annoyance. Since I don't owe any state taxes, I just usually print those forms out and mail them in --- it doesn't make any sense to me to pay for filing something when I don't owe anything and I'm not going to benefit from that "faster" refund. Then I came to the crusher. TurboTax wanted $30 for e-filing my Federal forms!! TaxCut charged $14.95 and $15.95, but then they always rebated the cost. I was told that Intuit used to do that, but obviously they decided to make some additional money this year. Earlier in the day that I filed the saw the head of the IRS on CNBC being interviewed. He said that e-filing makes their job so much simpler. Well, if it helps them that much, they should devise a way for computer users who buy software to file returns directly to the IRS without Intuit, H R Block and the others as middlemen. And they should let us file for free if it makes their work so much easier.

    While I have had my doubts about the services that allow you to fill out online forms, and then do your filing for you, I haven't heard of any security problems with them, so that's the direction I'm planning to take next year. As far as I'm concerned, TurboTax blew it by being unfair with their e-filing fees....more info
  • Excellent product
    The product worked well for me, I will use it next year. Easy to install and easy to understand....more info
  • Turbo Tax---DON'T DO IT!!
    After wrestling with updates for the better part of two days, I finally started my taxes. When listing quarterly payments along with other deductions, the software kept doubling the total amount!?? Tech support turned out to be a joke.
    A frustrating and incredibly maddening process.
    Soon as I blast this fiasco off of my hard drive, I'm making an appointment with my CPA...
    Be warned....more info
  • Cost extra to milk the cow you bought
    Fine product right up to the point where it's time to file your taxes. Then you get hit with another backend bill to file on-line. The price was only a little less the cost of the product. If it was advertised I missed it. I realy did not like the surprise....more info
  • Turbo Tax Deluxe 2005
    This was the first year we used Turbo Tax after years of preparing our tax returns ourselves. What a great gift this was! Easy to install, easy to use and quick and accurate preparation. This is a great program and well worth the investment for anyone....more info