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Mobile Edge Milano Handbag Small Black
List Price: $99.99

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Product Description

The Mobile Edge mission is to create truly cutting-edge carrying cases that will enhance your mobile lifestyle and positively reflect your personal sense of style.PRODUCT FEATURES:Dedicated SafetyCell Computer Protection Compartment;Removable Accessories/Cosmetics Wristlet;Exclusive Wireless Security Pocket;Padded Cell Phone Pocket;Zippered Interior Pocket;Holds computers with screens up to 15.4".For a complete compatibility list please refer to the original manufacturer's web site.

  • Dedicated SafetyCell computer protection compartment
  • Removable accessories/cosmetics wristlet
  • Exclusive wireless security pocket
  • Padded cell phone pocket and zippered interior pocket
  • Holds computers with screens up to 15.4 inches

Customer Reviews:

  • Review w/ RGB and CMYK color from Pro Photographer/Designer
    Absolutely beautiful bag. I get SO many compliments from students and friends when I use my Milano bag. It looks professional, stylish and sleek. I am able to carry my laptop along with a couple of folders and few textbooks along with my little knickknacks (cell phone, Ipod, pens, pencils...). Has lots of little pockets on inside. My ONLY complaint is that the bag doesn't open really wide, but really doesn't bother me. The bag looks well made and sturdy and doesn't look like a department store knock-off. Friends assume I paid good money for my bag and are very shocked when I tell them my actual purchase price.
    I was worried about the color when I read a few reviews stating it was an "ugly" blue. Totally untrue. It is a very beautiful blue w/a sheen of metallic. I am a professional photographer and designer, so I will go ahead and use some computer jargon for the shade of blue. (But, obviously, it is possible not every bag is exactly the same color.)
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  • Best product available after extensive research!!
    I travel extensively as a business professional, however, I am also extremely fashion-conscious. I did extensive research on a laptop bag prior to my purchase. My main criteria for my laptop bag included: (1) A protective case for my laptop that could be removed easily from the bag at airport security without the contents of the bag collapsing into the interior. (2) An attractive bag that appeared to be a larger handbag versus a laptop case. (3) A bag that could contain a few files and personal items in an organized manner. After reviewing many bags online and in stores, I decided on this bag. I feel that I have made the best decision as this bag meets every one of my requirements and exceeds my expectations. I was afraid that the faux-crocodile exterior would appear cheap, however, it is finished well and does not appear inexpensive. I love the metal spikes at the bottom of the bag that protect the bag when it is set down. The bag is large enough to fit my 15.1" laptop, but does not appear cumbersome to carry. The handles are long enough to carry over the shoulder (even over a bulky jacket) but short enough to carry in my hand as a petite woman (I'm 5'2"). I could not think of any negative aspects of the bag except for the fact that there are no exterior pockets (even a small one for a cell phone or passport). I think this decision only adds to the exterior quality of the bag. I would highly recommend this bag to anyone whose criteria is comparable to mine!!...more info
  • Excellent Bag, 4.5 stars.
    I bought this bag for my laptop about 5 months ago when I needed something less bulky than I had. Its got loads of room for screens up to 15", as well as space for essentials like your power cord, pens, mobile phone, cosmetics, hardcopy files, etc. I'm always on the go and my bag has taken some damage as a result. A few scratches but they're barely noticeable, and harsh weather and my computer remains safe.

    I don't regret making the purchase, its definitely worth the money, however I'd use the fabric sheath that comes inside. I noticed after a few weeks of heavy use my white MacBook had very faint black lines on it from the lining of the bag's computer pocket. These can be removed with a product like iKlear though....more info
  • Love this bag!
    I LOVE this bag! It has great compartments and I feel that it protects my MacBook Pro 15" very well. The color is very nice - it has a little metallic sheen to it. The only limitation is that with structured bags such as this one, there is not much room to fit extra items that aren't flat (i.e. a change of clothes), so I find that if I want to bring a few extra items to work with me, I need to carry an additional bag....more info
  • New Owner
    This bag is absolutely perfect! I bought it for my 15.4" Toshiba, worried it might not fit. The computer just BARELY fits, which is good, because I'd hate to carry a bag any bigger. It's got many pockets for pens, cell phone, makeup, etc. I love the sueded red lining. I showed it to friends and colleauges the day it arrived, and everyone raved. It's seriously the best deal(bought it here for $55) I was able to find after several days (hours on end) searching the net for the perfect fashionable laptop bag!...more info
  • Stylish performer
    Super stylish bag. Sharp red lining and lots of internal compartments which keeps everything neat and organized. As mentioned by others, a downside is holding capacity of the bag. Extremely tight fit when adding a daytimer and some basic accessories (blackberry, writing instruments, etc.)plus a laptop. Overall, good buy for the price....more info
  • nice bag, practical stylish
    I bought this bag so I could travel with my laptop. It's both stylish and practical. Fits my 14inch laptop nicely and looks nice. Also, as others have said, fits files and a book, plus phone, ipod and other stuff....more info
  • More than I wanted
    ... in a good way. My 15.4" laptop fits perfectly and there's still room to carry my battery, power adapter, small electronics, personal items and a magazine or two. The load is not too heavy for me, and the straps are quite comfortable over the shoulder. Nonetheless, it is not meant to be a substitute for a bookbag so don't abuse it with heavy items. I love the color: It's not screaming bright blue; it's more like traditional denim blue. The small version is by no means small. My only complaints are that it doesn't stand up on its own if you load it unevenly, and ironically it almost borders on being too big since I am petite. But overall, I'm happy with the bag....more info
  • Perfect computer bag
    This bag is exactly what I was looking for: stylish, sleek, perfect size and padding for my laptop, and enough room/compartments for a spiral notebook, extra cables and a mouse. I would recommend this bag to anyone looking to replace a bulky nylon computer bag....more info
  • Ladies Laptop/handbag
    I searched far and wide before I finally placed an order for the Milano. I really like this bag - specially since it has everything a laptop bag must have for a Woman. with all the manly looking boring laptop bags around us girls don't get a variety to choose from. But it's nice to actually find designers who think of style as well as practicality. The only reason I gave it a 4 * rating is cos I'm not too keen on the fux croc look. I was hoping it wouldn't be very prominent but not so! it's VERY prominent! and will take some getting use to if like me, you prefer a polished looking bag (and those are impossible to find with the Milano's features!) It fits my 14 inch HP really well and have loads of space for my other stuff! all in all - I would have to say good buy! oh and I bought the smaller version - there are two....more info
  • I love this bag!
    Ok, so bear in mind I have only been using it for a week (I will update if necessary later on). I have been searching for a bag or backpack to use for school - I always take my laptop, power brick, a couple books, notebook, day planner, umbrella, plus the usual wallet, cell phone, pens, and girl products. Needless to say, I need a lot of space, but not a huge bag that is a pain to carry around. This bag does the trick! I can fit all of the above in there (easily! just need to be creative with how you arrange it), and it doesn't get too heavy. Everything is easily accessible too. I would remind people to switch shoulders each time you pick it up, so as not to cause any future problems. I do wish there was room for a water bottle (but I don't know how they would fit that in, and it isn't hard to carry around by hand), and maybe a zipper on the outside, but those are minor complaints.

    All in all, a great purchase for a student or a professional!...more info
  • Gorgeous Bag!
    This bag is wonderful. It looks to be of superb quality. I have not used the bag outside my home yet but I am using as a storage bag for my laptop. So far I have not had any problems with the bag. It looks and feels sturdy and it has an elegant design. I love the inside of the bag with its velvety feel and red interior. ...more info
  • Weird Color
    I wish the description was a better representation of the color! It's an odd metallic medium blue. It has a silver sheen to it that I just wasn't expecting. Honestly, it's hideous. the bag itself seems nice enough, with a good strap shape and big laptop compartment for the bag's size. The little cosmetics bag it comes with looks very very cheap, like it might tear if I look at it funny....more info
  • Everything fits perfect!
    This bag is perfect for what I needed it for. I just purchased an HP laptop and I wanted a "cute" bag that I could take to work and school. I searched high and low for fashionable bag at local electronics stores but they were bulky and they didn't look feminine enough for me. This bag is everything that I need it to be. It small, fashionable, and it fits my laptop and all of it accessories....more info
  • Great but not for everyday use.
    The product is absolutely beautiful. The material is even prettier than in the photo and the color more vibrant. There are plenty of cute pockets and organization stuff inside the bag. There is a middle section for the laptop. I have a 15.4" HP and it fits it perfectly. I also carry around a few magazine and a couple of small books. My only problem with it is that the bag can get heavy and isn't practical for every day wear-and-tear use. No regrets though. It was exactly what I was looking for: a bag for trips to the coffee shop or for quick business trips. ...more info
  • Wonderful and stylish
    I think this bag is great! Not only is it practical but also beautifully stylish. The red interior pops and adds a bit of sass. My laptop fits in nicely and there is also plenty of room for neccessary extras (battery charger, documents, etc). The quality of this Milano is excellent, made sturdy and built to last. You will not only enjoy your purchase but be the envy of your friends....more info
  • Best Ba(n)g for the Buck
    I purchased this to carry a laptop and other assorted paperwork. The compartment for the computer is snug, but that's a benefit--no bouncing around. The styling is classic and the various storage pockets a real plus. You won't find a better bag for the money. Good looks, practical, suits this busy real estate agent to a "T". Highly recommend!...more info