Thanks For The Memory...The Great American Songbook IV
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Accuse Rod Stewart of what you like--through the years he's been called a philanderer, a has-been, a pageant-ish progenitor of puff rock--but as he has consistently proved with his Great American Songbook series, the concept of dignity is not lost on him. There is a time, after all, for leaping across stages in leopard-print spandex while shamelessly parading an unparalleled gift for scratchy-voiced seduction, and he is past it. Past his prime is another thing. On this fourth installation of the Clive Davis-produced series, Stewart again makes excellent use of his rolodex: Diana Ross, whose affection for this material comes through as convincingly as her spike-haired partner's, cuddles up for opener "I've Got a Crush On You," Chaka Khan packs her bags but not her mighty vocals for "You Send Me," and Sir Elton shelves the recent balladeer's instincts for a rip-roaring run through "Makin' Whoopee." A handful of marquee instrumentalists also returned Rod's calls-- Dave Koz blows sax on "Nevertheless," and trumpeters Chris Botti and Roy Hargrove turn up the heat on "I Wish You Love" and "My One and Only Love" respectively. As on earlier discs, though, it's when Rod rules the spotlight alone that he can be most compelling: Cue up "My Funny Valentine" in the right frame of mind and you may never need to hear it sung by another. Retiring the satin shirts in favor of this material was the smartest move Stewart ever made. --Tammy La Gorce

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The Great American Songbook

Japanese pressing features the tracks 'My Funny Valentine', 'Nevertheless', 'Let's Fall In Love', 'Taking A Chance On Me', the title track and more plus an exclusive bonus track. J-Records. 2005.

The Fourth of the Throaty Voiced Singer's Salute to Great American Song features Duets with Diana Ross, Chaka Khan, Old Pal Elton John, George Benson and More. Includes the Exclusive Bonus Track "Cheek to Cheek".

Customer Reviews:

  • Delightful
    I love the standards and am delighted when rockers of my generation also love them. I have the whole series of Stewart's standards albums and they are great. The perfect music for a stressful ride home from work. ...more info
  • Please no more.
    Enough is enough. You can fool some of the people all of the time and all of the people some of the time. Apparently you can fool all of the people that buy the Rod Stewart songbook series all of the time. When does it stop? Rod, you used to be so great. You rocked. What happened? I know we all get old but we don't have to get stupid. I thought you quit drinking? Oh well you can laugh all the way to the bank, after all George W. Bush was re-elected so I guess I can't blame you for making a buck off the same schmucks, but you won't find any of your latest in my collection. I still listen to the Faces, where did you go? ...more info
  • BAD album
    Bad album..or if you don'y may will regret..he suck! i think michael Buble is terms of both looks and vocals.....more info
  • Calling this an "atrocity" is being kind
    Stewart's renditions of these timeless classics are simply wretched. I can't imagine what made him think he could compare to Louis Armstrong, Johnny Hartman, or any of the other musicians whose legacies he desecrates. Listening to Rod Stewart sing these songs is like setting fire to a Van Gogh. If you like this music, please seek out the originals on which these arrangements are based. If people keep buying this garbage, he's likely to create more of it, and who knows what classic tunes he'll destroy next....more info
  • Rod Stewart Swings
    It Had to Be You: The Great American Songbook

    A few years ago my sister gave me "As Time Goes By" part of the Great American Songbook by Rod Stewart. I never unwrapped and played it until recently. I found out Rod Stewart really swings on this DVD and on all of his Great American Songbook DVD's that I purchased because I liked the music so much. Rod is no Sinatra, Tony Bennett, or Dean Martin, but he is backed by the big band sound and is teamed on some of the songs by other well-known artists, just like Sinatra's "Duets" and Tony Bennett's "Duets". Great music, lots of nostalgia with the wonderful music of yesterday. I'm sure some people prefer the Rod Stewart music that he has done in the past, but for me, I would never buy Rod Stewart's music of the past, just the sound he presents on the Great American Songbook DVD's. All are good so if you like this one, you will like them all. ...more info
  • thank you rod stewart!
    i hope rod s. is as happy as we are after 56years of marrage!
    this cd says everything about our merrage! THE UPS AND DOWNS and THANKS FOR THE
    ...more info
  • What's become of the Great American Songbook?

    This is a collection of the cream of the cream of the Great American Songbook by a rock'n'roll singer who contributes nothing at all to American culture. This rate #1 is to express my deep deception about the successful album series.

    Over exposed material which has been treated so many different ways by so many different vocalists with artistry should be treated respectfully.

    I am not a dictator but I would vote for a Law that would impose respect for some art expressions which represents the treasure of American culture.

    More than that, the series success reflects lack of understanding of the music context by people who should search for entertainment in a more valid and truer way.

    That's the deal: there is truth missing, there is a sensation of a money-make production. Mellow arrangements, neglectable performances, lacking creativeness. To be completely forgotten some years ahead.

    ...more info
  • My least favorite of the four, but still a decent album
    I loved the first three volumes, and this one wasn't quite as good, in my opinion. Maybe Rod is getting burned out, this one just didn't seem as "soulful" to me. On the other hand, I haven't listened to this one as much, so perhaps they'll grown on me as I hear them more. Although most of Rod's surprising duet choices have worked for me, I didn't really care for the Makin' Whoopee duet with Elton John. Their voices sound excellent together, but the song choice seemed weird. Again~that's just me. Enjoyable CD, but not "rush out and buy" quality. ...more info
    Growing up with Classical Rock and having enjoyed rock music by Rod Stewart, I didn't think I'd like this CD. One evening I was having dinner at a friend's home and they had this one playing. It was beautiful. Being a little older now (in my early 40's), I enjoy more mellow music than the head banging variety that is heard now. This CD of Rod's was nostalgic, romantic and extremely easy to listen to. ...more info
    Now I have all of Rod Stewart's "Songbook" CDs. It is trully a mood elevator. I have no way time for 75 to 300 words. Sorry jc...more info
  • No way he..
    not a good album..filled with songs that sounds similar track after track.....more info
  • Not So Mod Rod
    There are singers out there that you just happen to like. They can dabble in this genre then that, and--being who they are--you follow along cheerfully and cut them all the slack they could possibly need. You may not nearly be so generous towards artists you're NOT a fan of, but your fave raves are like your kids. They can do no wrong.

    Well, in Rod Stewart's case, that's not entirely true. I've been following his career since he debuted with the Jeff Beck group in the late '60s. His raspy voice was probably a love it/hate it kind of thing even then, and I was basically in the former camp. As far as holding his own against a stellar guitarist, I thought he did even better than Robert Plant (who emerged just about the same time). The solo projects were just as distinctive, and the simultaneous Faces releases didn't do any damage to his emerging reputation either. But there WERE those disco years. The late '70s output served as proof for me that I really couldn't listen to Rod the Mod sing ANY old genre. I really wouldn't care to hear him sing the phone book--or disco either, for that matter.

    But if the phone book is out, well, who can complain about the "American Songbook? Well, apparently a lot of people could and did, but I wasn't among them. Yes, four albums worth looked like he was milking a formula, but the thing is all those great old tunes were designed for distinctive singers--and Rod Stewart is certainly that. So milk away, I say. For the most part, it works. The world probably doesn't need another version of "Makin' Whoopee" (even with Sir Elton John on board to share the vocal honors--and, say?, is there some kinda subtext there?), but they seem to be having a good time, and it's solid enough to make you forget the umpteen other versions of same for a few minutes. And sneakin' in Sam Cooke's "You Send Me" (ably co-sung by Chaka Khan) is a good reminder that for those of us of a certain age, "The Great American Songbook" has a somewhat more expansive definition that it might have for preceding generations. And his "Thanks For the Memories" is at least as good aa Bob Hope's. So,yeah, it's formula, but it's a very workable one. Plus allows for some variation. I'm never going to play all of his GASB CDs back to back, but they have their place.

    Like his producer, Steve Tyrell, does on his on solo records, Stewart brings a little grit to these old sawhorses. It's a nice touch. A smart career move, as others have suggested? Of course, although his most recent release suggests, Rod's not completely done rockin' yet. Bottom line for me: if it ain't disco OR the phone book, I'll check it out.

    ...more info
  • Can't handle the saturation
    Being a fan of the great vocalists of the bygone era,(Sinatra, Holiday,Blossom Dearie,Ella), it rustles my feathers to hear this rooster selling these cheapened versions like hotcakes.
    I guess the boomers are doing what they did for Linda Ronstadt in the 80s'.
    Personally the instrument is weak,and the fact that I hear these cuts in elevators and while shopping,makes me glad I have a great collection of these songs by superior and more soulful artists. This will be garage sale material in a heart beat.
    Let's hear new standards cds from artists that have something to add to these lovely american songs....more info
  • Great CD
    Rod Stewart has outdone himself with this one.
    I love all of his music, but this shows the pure
    talent. ...more info
  • thought I reviewed this already...maybe not
    Love Rod Stewart and love this series of CD's and have all of them which may be the reason I thought I might have already reviewed it.

    My bad!...more info
  • Thanks for retiring...
    "Mother, you won't recognize me now... don't be embarrassed by your ugly worn-out son."
    - R. Stewart, "Bad 'N' Ruin", 1971.
    ...more info
  • There are much better songbooks... Try Ella or Billie!!
    I think Rod Stewart is causing Billie Holiday to turn in her grave...Ella Fitzgerald, Sarah Vaughn or how about Mark Murphy...all great vocal stylists. If you start here you may get the wrong idea that this what these songs are supposed to sound like...NO!!!
    Go buy Billie Holiday with Lester Young......more info
  • Little Rod Rooster....Is That Singing?
    Has America gone completely mad? A previous reviewer states: "Rod has outdone himself on this one." Huh? Did she really mean that as a compliment? I've come to the conclusion that nobody under sixty years of age in this screwed-up contemporary society, in which mediocrity reigns, has any idea what a great pop vocalist sounds like. The songs included on this travesty of a cd are standards, classics of jazz-pop. Listening to Stewart mangle them with his phlegm-saturated gargling must have Mildred Bailey, Ella Fitzgerald, Mel Torme, Bobby Darin, Frank Sinatra, etc., turning over in their graves. Stick with the few remaining major leaguers like Tony Bennett and Vic Damone---even in their eighties they sound lightyears better than this sandpaper-voiced human vegetable. Or check out the newer generation of pop-jazz crooners like Michael Buble, Harry Connick, and Peter Cincotti. They are infinitely better singers than this guy. My God! I can't believe that some people truly think this guy has talent! What's next---- Joe Cocker sings Caruso? ...more info
  • Unbelievable
    First off to avoid any conflict of interest claims I admit that I an a huge Rod Stewart fan. That being said, I just wasn't interested in hearing him do the old American classics(which I also love). I just didn't see how he could do them justice, that is, until I saw his DVD "Live from Royal Albert Hall" in which he did several of the songs from his first "Great American Songbook". I was just blown away. These songs were now his. I went to the computer to order one of the CDs but my wife talked me into getting all four and I am surely not sorry. I believe that there are very few CDs available with no weak tracks(there are some) but here are four that just don't have a weak track(IMHO). He has made all of these great songs his. My all time favorite song is "Stardust" by Hoagy Carmichael. I had never heard a version that I thought could top his, until now. If you love the old standards you should really give these 4 CDs a listen. They'll melt your heart!!!!

    ...more info
  • Thanks For The Memory...The Great America Songbook IV
    He has gone to the well once too often. Lacks the enthusiasm of the first CD's. song selection mediocre....more info
  • Still Great
    I never particularly liked Rod Stewart. I had nothing against him but I was not a fan. That changed one day in Quebec when I heard a sample from the first album in this series. Since then I have become a fan when he is singing these old songs.

    Like on the previous albums, he has guest artists from the modern, rock oriented world who sing with him and all do a fine job of re-interpreting these classics of a completely different style. The same is true of Stewart himself. He does not have what I would have thought of as a "great voice" but he does have mastery of it. He makes it great with his interpretation. He's not just an aging rocker; he is a competent artist and musician.
    ...more info
  • An Insult
    There was a time that an artist selling a 1.000 record could claim to be a bigger seller than Rod Steward. It should have stayed this way. Instead Rod chose to come back with his interpretation of the American Songbook.

    It has been an insult to both the songbook and the legendary artists who've contributed to it over time. It is hard to imagine that those who've been enamored by the likes of Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald, Chet Baker, and Louis Armstrong or even Tony Bennet could find any beauty in these records.

    With the first release I hoped it would stay at that. But Rod's audience caught on. Surprisingly the critics didn't kill him as well. Thinking I missed something before I forced myself to listen to this latest installment. Only to find that the thing is a horror, as it was with the previous releases in this series. His deliverance and timing are completely off and the arrangements are unimaginative. Rod Steward doesn't ad anything to the American Songbook, he tears it down. Rod should stick to the beautiful Soulful Rock he did in his heyday and leave well enough alone....more info
  • The Great American SongBook Series
    Many friends and I have purchased all the SongBook series. We love them. We are senior citizens and long for the nostalgia and the type of dancing Rods CD's are giving us. Notice other musicians are coping Rod's idea. However, Rod's versions and arrangements are the best. Especially for our aging ears. Having said that I have also tried, in vain, to get the message to Rod that 48 slow Fox Trots are enough. Give us some swing and Latin arrangements, PLEASE!...more info
  • Last one...thank goodness
    I am a longtime fan of Rod Stewart but the Songbook series is simply awful. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE these songs. It is just that they are available by Sinatra, Tony Bennett and other great singers. These albums would have been fine if done by Frank Sinatra Jr. who has a history with the great American songbook. It isn't just the latest "thing" or "phase" with Frank Jr. Rod Stewart should go back to being Rod Stewart. This cd is the worst in the series and should come with an extra raspy warning. Rod is simply wrong for ALL of these classic songs. Buy Sinatra and Bennett and hear perfection....more info
  • dont buy the hype
    This old man needs to get a life. He is stinky. I bet his teeth are made out of wood, but he's no george washington, although he probably went to school with him. And why all the ben-gay ? I bet he has a layer of crust on his toenails 3 inches thick. I bet you could find an entire uneaten grilled cheese sandwich under one of his wrinkly flaps. Get some BOTOX! STOP having BABIES! Youre a sicko! What kind of a skank would do this animated corpse? The songs on this CD are for old people like him. I can smell him thorough the microphone, it makes me want to barf. As for his hairy back, well , that is another story. So where did he ever get so much money? I bet he sold chihuahuas by the road for nickels. I bet he sleeps in a refrigerator box with pimento cheese stains. I bet he wears depends, since i could smell his excrement from over 200 yards away. I bet he doesnt even whipe. ROD. What a name. Well, you are what you eat, you know? But anyway. Why is your grandma so in love with this old hag? I bet its cause he has a barrel full of viagra, although its the generic kind. Flatulence is his calling card....more info
  • Please call Woody, he needs your help
    This CD should come with a warning label: not fit for mature / discreet listening audiences. Listening to this bloody dreadful CD could be hazardous to your ears.
    In case anyone hasn't noticed Rod has changed careers before our very eyes. He's retired from being a legendary artist to corporate sales rep( checkout the CD cover,it resembles an employee ID badge ). He's obviously opted to trade his artistic collateral to enhance the corporate bottom line.Elvis had Col. Parker and Rod has Col. Clive. My only hope is Woody and the lads can stage an intervention and get Rod into RnR artist recovery program. Someone has to successfully curb his dependency for recording every published song in America. Does Rod really want to join the ranks of Frank Sinatra jr. and company.Rumours abound on the east coast,that Rod's next project is recording all of Elvis Presley's soundtrack music 1963-69.There's also talk on the street that a box set, American Songbook vol.6-66,the Lost Recordings, are being scheduled for a 2007 holiday release.Finally,have you noticed on the web sites that various studio musicians are claiming they don't recall participating in this recording even though they're listed on the CD sleeve? ...more info
  • borrrrring
    no more please. This is another album, another piece of junk. Why do we even listen to this gunk. No way. I wont fall for it anymore. ...more info
  • Michael Bolton is much better.....
    He has never been very consistent.Never his voice has been above the average.
    He is a cunning fellow,and he has been lucky...but now we just can't stand him anymore.Would he just gives us a break ?
    Now that his star is fading dangerously,he has turned into a...standards crooner!! What a nonsense !
    No,please,that's really too much.
    Not inspired at all.I do NOT feel it.There are no feelings,emotions in it.This is just another sly cash-in-project with the clever supervision of the money-maker-producer Clive Davis...
    And Amazon calls that type of junk albums.....ESSENTIAL RECORDINGS ?!?! What a nonsense !
    The WORST albums (which just make a lot of money at the expenses of innocent,music-uncoscious,radio-bombarded house-wives and farmers... with ONE eye surprisingly at the best-sellers charts...) are "essential.... recordings"....( e.g. check out the latest CDs by Celine-Selline Dion, Mariah Carey, Bette Midler ,Barry Manilow ,Carly Simon ,Kenny G..They all are just in the same,same category!). This is very,very misleading....

    Buy instead Michael Buble', Jamie Cullum , Cassandra Wilson , Dee Bridgewater , Dianne Reeves , Regina Belle or Steve Tyrell..
    ...more info
  • Fetid
    I feel sorry for the workers at grocery food chains who are going to have to listen to this vile dreck, over and over again! I get a kick out of the people complaining about the one-star reviews this album gets. Instead of writing 4 paragraphs about how mean and abusive all this is, why not write 4 paragraphs about the good points of this recording. I can probably guess 'why not' :)
    ...more info
  • I'm amazed
    in a negative way..he let me realised there can actually be such a talentless chap to create a album..yucks! go away!...more info