Xbox 360 VGA HD AV Cable
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Maximize gameplay with mind-blowing high-definition brilliance for VGA displays

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  • Cable is great, plus the bonuses
    I was pleasantly surprised to find that along with the VGA cable they included and RCA-to-headphone adapter so you don't have to go buy one. They also included a VGA male/male adapter so you can attach multiple VGA cords together if the one they give you isn't long enough.

    Can't go wrong purchasing the real deal from Xbox. Yeah, sometimes it's a little more expensive, but you get what you pay for....more info
  • buy it
    I actually bought the one from target and it seems better made then this one for sale. Anyways the only reason you would want to buy this is if you dont have a HDTV, or if you plan on making a media center like me. I have my computer and 360 together to make my media center in my office....more info
  • What next Gen should look like
    Anywho, I got a plasma TV the other day and decided to use the VGA option for my 360 as I didn't feel like going broke trying to get HDMI cables.

    40 bucks later, I can say that i am very impressed with the end result.

    I didn't know that your xbox acts like it's attached to a PC monitor, but it was nice being able to go in and change the resolution much like you would if you were at a monitor.

    There are other little tweaks and enhancements that you can make in the steeings to really get a great picture.

    ABout 10 mins later, I was trying a few games out like CoD 5 and yeah...I know Assassin's Creed was a mixed back for some people and no matter how much some of you hated that game, it really had some breathtaking visuals.

    I heard some people complain about 'whiteout' and 'backwash on the video but I didn't see any of that. If anything, the video is much more crisp and the colors are more pronounced.

    I think I will run thru my entire library when I get home to see some of the improvements that came thru getting a higher resulition cable.

    Also, and yes, some of you will laugh, I still have my HD DVD player and I popped in Harry Potter last night and was stunned.

    I will pop in 300, Beowulf and 300 just to see what kind of great visuals I can get.

    Again, hands down, the BEST 40 bucks I spent in a while!...more info
  • Cable good
    Xbox looks so much better on my HP 22" monitor with this cable than it did with component hookup to my Samsung DLP. Well worth the $15 IMO....more info
  • It's a cable
    Quick and to the point. This great product allows you to connect your Xbox 360 easily to just about any monitor. Slides right in the back and locks in with small tightening screws. Gets the job done....more info
  • Looks Great
    I don't know why Amazon lists this as a "game". Anyway, this official Microsoft Adapter works perfectly. Games looks very sharp and rich on my LCD monitor....more info
  • Don't Go Cheap
    I originally picked up the Intec cable. It displayed ghosting though, at least three ghosts trailing to the right that I could see. The Microsoft cable is much better. It's not perfect, but you have to try very hard to see a very faint, single artifact around bright text.

    All cables are not the same. The VGA cabling I purchased to my ceiling mounted projector had no ghosting and that run was 20 feet. I've seen ghosting in other cables, on that same projector, in cables as short as 3 feet.

    Moral of the story is, "Don't go cheap" when dealing with video....more info
  • good stuff
    this was a good buy and i could hook up my big monitor that wasnt being used to my xbox 360 no problem. good stuff...more info
  • Great for small-scale gaming
    I'm a college student, and I used this cable to hook up my XBox360 to my flatscreen LCD monitor. The VGA output is a huge step up from regular component cables. Lines are crisper and some smaller text is more readable. Playing games like Burnout Revenge where you need to identify small things move real fast and can kill you, the VGA output is a godsend, keeping the image crisp and clean.

    I've seen some negative reviews about the HD output of the VGA cable, but I wouldn't know. It works like a charm for my little setup....more info

    ZOMGZ...more info
  • For anyone with a LCD Monitor
    I highly recommend this for anyone using a LCD Monitor as a screen. This is mainly intended for those seeking fast screen response times from their monitor, as the image undergoes little post-cable processing with the VGA hookup and if you set the resolution to the native display of your monitor, the picture will look great. If you're only interested in picture quality, and don't even know what screen lag is, then use HDMI or Component. ...more info
  • Vga Is OK.
    I have an xbox360 w/o hdmi and a sony bravia full HD T.V.(1920 x 1080) resolution and wanted 1080p output the same as my 40gb PS3 so I tried this cord,even though its a analog signal it works great,looks just as good as my PS3 blu-ray movies.My television, sony kdl40v2500 can be fine tuned through its settings which is needed to get the picture perfect, without it you will get washout,so make sure you can fine tune on your tv cause without it your just wasting your money. P.S. I wish microsoft would stop nickel and diming us to death....more info
  • Does what it says, but I got a weird fuzz.
    Not sure if the problem is my TV, my Xbox 360 or both. But I bought this cable because I wanted to upres my DVDs, and indeed it does work for that purpose. However, the quality of the picture, although slightly sharper than the composite cable, got weird and fuzzy. Might have something to do with refresh rate, I don't know.

    I returned the cable and am happy with my composite. I now use a HDMI DVD player to upres. They cost $50 on Amazon....more info
  • Great Video Quality, broke easily
    If your like me and you have a crappy SDTV, I know you want to play your xbox 360 on a better looking screen. I originally bought this for my monitor because I have a pretty good monitor with high resolution.

    Let me tell you: this was a giant improvement from my SDTV (until the cable broke). I could actually play games in practically HD on my 20 inch flat screen dell. Games like Dead Rising were crisp, sharp and beautiful (I could actually read the words in the game better on my monitor then my friends 60'' inch hdtv). I really loved this cable.....

    Unfortunately the cable broke when I only used it for 2 days = (
    ---It was mostly my fault, but I am surprised at how easily it broke considering it cost about $40.00, isn't this "Next Gen" technology expose to make stronger more reliable products too?

    It all started because I only have one VGA port on my computer monitor. Well in order to switch between xbox 360 and my computer I had to keep moving my monitor around and jam the cable in(it was a really frustrating task). Well since I did it so much, I started getting trouble when trying to plug in the VGA cable. I would have to push and shove it to get it in (with a considerable amount of force).

    Well in time the gold rods in the video part of the cable became twisted and could not go into my monitor. thus ending the cable's life

    I had trouble switching between my computer and my xbox 360. The xbox 360 VGA Cable broke because of that, the gold rods in the video part of the cable broke off and got out of place....

    I am trying to get a replacement one as i type....(all though it wouldn't matter because I just have the ring of death right now rendering any cable useless)
    also can any show me a VGA switchbox that won't degrade video quality?

    overall great cable, but be gentle and handle with care...more info
  • VGA HD AV Cable (poorman's HD)
    I bought this after reading some of the other reviews. I hooked up a 10 year old 17" CRT monitor to the X BOX 360 with COD4 and tried it. The difference was noticably better as compared to a regular TV. I then tried it on a 21" flat screen computer monitor and it looked great. The cable comes with an adapter to hook the sound into a stereo or just computer speakers. The sound through a stereo was good. If you don't have a HDTV then this is a good substiute until you can get one. ...more info
  • Amazing Difference
    I was completely impressed with the difference that this cable made. The image quality was really sharp and it looks much more vivid. The other advantage is that I can now use my wide screen computer monitor to play games when others want to watch TV. ...more info
  • Great for non-HDMI xbox owners, or PC monitor owners.
    Like many people have commented, if you use a HD LCD TV with HDMI support, and have a 360 with the HDMI output, you don't need this.

    I got a Samsung LN46A650 HD LCD tv on boxing day and had the composite cables with my 360 (non-HDMI capable). The picture was awesome for games, but I also have the HD DVD player and wanted 1080p as well as DVD upscaling (which composite won't do), so I got this cable from Future Shop.

    The cable's box is misleading though, as it says it only supports up to 720p, which is not true anymore. This will give you non-HDMI people 1080p and also upconvert your DVD's.

    There are no ghosting issues or colour washouts anymore as Microsoft has added some resolution settings to the Xbox to correct this....more info
  • Great if you want to run your Xbox off your computer monitor/speakers
    This thing works very nicely. It allows you to play your Xbox off your computer monitor. It also allows you to run sound through your PC speakers. To do this, you must attach the provided adapter to the cables, and then plug it into the back of your PC. You will then be able to run sound from your Xbox and PC. The only time this may create a problem is if you're running both machines at once, as you will hear sound from both the PC and Xbox piping through the speakers.

    Oh, and as others have commented - the picture quality off the monitor with this adapter is excellent....more info
  • Awesome!
    I purchased these cables to compliment my new Xbox 360 Arcade bundle. It came with only the standard definition cables. I used the VGA cable to connect to both an HD TV and a PC Monitor. The picture looks great!...more info
  • Amazing!
    okay, I ordered this cable to play this game on my 22 inch monitor. I have to say the graphics are almost as good as 1080p. Playing on a computer monitor is healthier for my eyes and makes it easier to play games. I suggest that everyone tries out this setup. I promise it will be love at first sight....more info
  • Looks great, go only with XBOX 360 Cable
    I used Microsoft's VGA cable with the XBOX 360, and it looks great on my LG 22" Widescreen LCD Monitor.

    Be sure to use the Resolution section of the XBOX 360 Console viewer to maximize what resolution is available for your monitor. Its under system properties of the XBOX 360. Be sure to try all the resolutions, to see which one looks and feels the best. Be aware that I have to use two different resolutions. A higher one for the XBOX 360 Games, and a lower one for the standard DVD player.


    I found that my monitor can handle all the modes, however, the 420p looks perfect. The following is a link to the Monitor I have. I have a 22" Wide LCD Black Monitor.

    Here is a summary of its specs:

    LG LCD Model : L226WTQ-BF
    22" CLASS WIDESCREN LCD MONITOR (22.0" diagonal)

    1680 x 1050 resolution
    Wide at 16:10 aspect ratio

    The only thing I have to do is downgrade the resolution by one step to view DVDs without distortion. The resolution right below 420p using the XBOX 360 Browser.

    The best part is that ALL my XBOX 360 games handle the 420p resolution with awesome clarity. And when I say Awesome, I mean it. They look as good, (if not better) then almost any of my friends XBOX 360 Games using their HD TV hooked in by Microsoft's HDMI Component Cable hookup.

    I have talked to friends who have used similar solutions for their LCD Monitors to play XBOX 360 games, and the truth is, Microsoft's cable is a great guaranteed way to go.

    Like most reviewers, I too hope that Microsoft will put out a DVI version for its XBOX 360. However, for now, there are inexpensive couplers that can convert HDMI output (from the XBOX 360 HDMI Cable) to DVI input. Unfortunately, My XBOX 360 does not support HDMI, so I went for the VGA cable, and I am floooooooooored by the results :0)

    Xbox 360 VGA HD AV Cable
    Xbox 360 VGA HD AV Cable...more info
  • Works great
    This cable works GREAT with my Samsung LCD 46" TV. I bought the TV because it had a VGA port, and my XBox 360 is one without HDMI. I don't miss HDMI in the least, because this cable does everything I need it to. Highly recommended....more info
  • thank you microsoft
    microsoft quality and a great idea if U can't buy a HD TV! I just wished miscrosoft did the same with a dvi output...more info
  • 21" LCD vs. 52" DLP vs. 42" LCD TV
    I was so anxious to see the picture quality compared to my Samsung 52" 1080p DLP and Sony 42" LCD TV using HDMI connections. It took me a minute to install this cable and I must say the picture quality on the 21" LCD is no match for the Samsung and Sony. Picture quality on the Sony looked the best. Even though games don't look as good on the monitor, I will be leaving the xbox connected to it because it's more convenient for me. Maybe I'll get a PS3 to take advantage of the TV. ...more info
  • A very good cable
    Well i have to say this is the best thing i ever have since, the rgb connector but i used a 22 inches monitor and a 19 inch and it works great on both of them
    5/5 to me
    the only pro is that only is vga and not dvi-i stuff xD...more info
  • good cables
    I ordered these cables to use with my 21 inch LCD computer monitor and they worked really well. I received an Elite X-Box for Christmas so I gave my other X-Box 360 to my wife to use with the computer....more info
  • Xbox 360 Vga Cable
    Cable works great but the audio and video componants could have been extended from each other a little more. If your video source is far away from your audio source you may need to make some adjustments like i did....more info
  • Great for older plasmas
    I have an older 50" Pioneer plasma (1280x768, no HDMI). Video looks much sharper using this cable running 1:1 (dot by dot) mode at native resolution than the component cables running at 720p.

    Upscaled DVDs actually look very good now. Huge improvement. I expected some improvement, but this is much better than you might think. I have a new respect for DVDs.

    You may need to change the console setting (under display) to increase the dynamic range and make the colors pop. Also, since this is still an analog connection, make sure you "sync" (proper alignment, phase, etc.) your TV to the xbox after you hook it up. (Usually the TV will have an auto-sync button that does fine, although you could fine tune it later.)

    Highly recommended for anyone with a digital panel (DLP, LCD, plasma) that does not have HDMI (or if your Xbox360 is older so that it doesn't have the HDMI output)....more info
  • Excellent Cable
    The cable is very nice. I'm able to play my 360 on the old VGA monitor I had in storage perfectly.
    I'm very happy with the shipping. It arrived about a week after my order.
    Price wasn't that bad, either....more info
  • Wonderful!
    I used to play a lot of Oblivion on the X-Box 360 on a regular CRT television until I converted to a 60-inch plasma. Upon hooking up the original X-Box 360 cables, I noticed the image quality wasn't what it should've been. I found the standard cables that came with the X-Box 360 (core system, now discontinued) to really equate to a sack of rocks. I purchased this HD cable and I changed my video display settings on the dashboard to widescreen and adjusted my resolution. The images in Oblivion became intense and very crisp. All the details seemed sharper and the fonts displayed during conversation with characters became clear and very crisp. There were very minor details that I could finally make out that I wouldn't have seen before. The armor on the warriors showed so much more detail. If you have an X-Box 360 and you have an VGA input on your television, get this cable, hook it up, change your resolution on your X-Box 360 and enjoy the EXTREME change! I highly recommend this product!...more info