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Xbox 360 Play & Charge Kit
List Price: $19.99

Our Price: $11.95

You Save: $8.04 (40%)


Product Description

With the Xbox 360 Play and Charge Kit, you ensure that the XBox gaming will last you much longer. This special kit will keep your wireless controller's batteries from running down while you play. Includes rechargeable battery pack and charging cable.

  • Recharge while you play Don't miss a thing! Recharge while you play or when your Xbox 360 is in standby mode.
  • Know your battery levelYou'll always know your battery levethe battery fuel gauge is shown on the Xbox 360 dashboard.
  • 25 hours of gameplay per chargeGo at it all night long. The rechargeable battery pack provides over 25 hours of gameplay per charge.
  • Battery pack needs to be left plugged in to the unit and not used for 5 to 6 hours when the Play & Charge Kit is used for the first time.
  • The Battery Pack will continue to build up the lifespan the more the pack is charged.

Customer Reviews:

  • Happy with the Play and Charge kit!
    The Play and Charge kits kick the crap out of using batteries. If you don't have these buy two now! Unfortunately, the 360 only has 2 USB Ports so buying more than 2 is useless. Enjoy though!...more info
  • Came on time and its what i needed
    Came on time and its what i needed...more info
  • Pretty good, tend to wear out....
    I (my family) has bought 2 of these, they both worked great, way better than the charging station thing because instead of taking your battery out, putting it in the charging base, taking a battery off the base, putting it in your controller, then finally waiting for your controller to "boot up" or turn on, with this you just see the lights on your controller cycle (green lights around dashboard button spin) plug the cord into your controller ( I keep at least one cord plugged in at all times in the back) and literally "play and charge". That was a monster of a run-on sentence....but one problem, after a few/8 months or so one crapped out, wasn't making a good connection anymore, kept disconnecting internally when still hooked up to the controller ( it still worked if you didnt move around much). Not much later second one had the same problem....they work fine for charging overnight/while not playing once you get a good connection , but while playing the charge light goes out repeatedly so you have to mess around with it 'til it comes back on. Overall it's a good product, not too expensive, good lifetime, would be better if lasted longer. ...more info
  • Xbox 360 Play & Charge Kit
    You need this if you have a wireless controller.
    But Don't they come with?...more info
  • Not exactly as advertised, but still a good purchase
    First of all, despite what it says on the packaging, you will NOT get 25 hours of play on one charge; more like 5 or 6. Second, the charge indicator is inaccurate and inconsistent: sometimes it'll say it's full when it's actually almost dry, and other times it'll say it's running low when the charge is actually okay.

    Not that it's too big of a problem, because when the controller is actually running low on charge, the lights around the Xbox Guide Button will begin flashing. As you're playing, you'll notice the flashing lights out of your peripheral vision. That's when you pause your game, look down at your controller, and see it's crying for more power. You simply plug the cord into either USB port on the 360 and you're set! The light on the charger will be red as long as the controller is still charging, and when it turns green you know it's full.

    Overall, I'm very happy with my charger and it's already paid for itself in all the money I've saved in not having to continuously buy more batteries. If you have a cordless controller, this product is pretty much a must-have....more info
  • Decide whether or not this is worth it to you
    Basically, while the Li-ion batteries don't last nearly as long as the AA's, they do have the advantage of being almost infinitely rechargeable. If you're hardcore, this is a necessity, otherwise, you might just be better off with AA's... a single pair will easily last for weeks, especially without rumble enabled....more info
  • Doesn't charge with my PC.
    The next two paragraphs are optional. Skip to the last line for my product review.

    This is not really a review, more like a warning. I cannot fault Microsoft because nowhere in the product description does it say that you can charge your battery using a PC (or any other USB power source). However, the almighty Internet informed me that this was so. Let it be known: some people on the Internet do not know what they are talking (possibly). It is entirely possible that you may receive a Play and Charge Kit that recharges perfectly well with your PC. I believe those that say it works with their PC. I cannot fault Microsoft for my buyer's remorse, but I can fault Microsoft for having "wacky" hardware. You really never know how it is going to go with them.

    I bought this product because I wanted to baby my 360, charging my battery exclusively with my computer. I cannot do that now, hence my sour demeanor. Yes, you can turn the 360 "off" (the fan still runs) while charging. It has been my experience that electronics that are "off" no longer produce sound. With all the hardware failure that plagues the system, I would rather not keep my system in this pseudo-off state for six hours every time I wish to charge my battery.

    It charges the battery. 5 stars!...more info
  • This actually kills the batteries!
    When I first got my 360 in 2006, I picked up 2 of these, and used them often. When I had the controllers plugged into the system with them, I noticed something.

    A lot of times, after I turned off my console, the fans on the console would keep running if I had one of the play and charge kits plugged in. I thought it was just continuing to charge the controller. Little did I know, it was actually draining them.

    In less than 6 months... neither of the batteries I got with the play and charge kits held a charge at all. These are bad news and a waste of money. The Xbox 360 Quick Charge Kit is a much better investment. I have been using this since then and have had no problems with it at all. Not to mention it charges the batteries much more quickly.

    It's a little more expensive, but well worth it....more info
  • Reliable yet slightly disillusioned
    This product works GREAT! It recharges and lets me play without giving me lag or trouble. The only negative hit on it is that I bought it with the understanding that when I plug it in, I can turn my controller from wireless to wired. Using this thought, I thought maybe I might be able to use my wireless remote to play my games on my computer too. Unfortunately, when I plugged it in, it did not work. The wire is only used to charge the remote. I still have to get the wireless adapter to be able to use it on my computer. I thought that just by plugging it in, I could use it like a regular remote control. Oh well. At least it recharges when it's attached to my computer....more info
    one thing that took me a while to find out, it does include a battery...more info
  • Charge time is too slow
    Since this charger charges via usb the charge time is a little slow, you can conect the cable to a computer or charge it y while you play...
    I didnt give it five stars or four because i never seen completly charge, never seend the light of the cable turn green or turned off...
    The battery can lats like a week charged playing two hours daily, if it was me i would pay alittle more and go for the XBOX 360 QUICK CHARGE KIT that can cahrge teo batteries at once...

    also agood thing of the play and charge kit it comes with a batterie...more info
  • Saved me money
    I think I must have waisted about twenty dollars on batterys. This thing has saved me so much money its not even funny. The cool thing about it is that even if your not a hardcore gamer and just play maybe 3 or 4 hours a week it stays charged. I think I charged it maybe once in 3 months. Now that schools over I might acutally put this thing to the test....more info
  • It's cheaper than the Battery Alone
    I have purchased two play and charge kits. The first I bought along with my Xbox 360 Pro. Later I decided to go with the Quick Charge kit. When my nephew got his Xbox 360, I gave him a battery and the USB charge cable for his wireless controller, so that left me short a battery. It was actually cheaper to buy a play and charge kit than just a battery alone. So if your just looking for a rechargeable battery, buy this instead, save a few bucks, and get the charge cable for free! The play and charge kit works pretty well, it takes awhile to recharge a battery. If you play a lot (like me) and have the money, go with the Quick Charge kit. That way you'll always have a battery hot and ready to go when the gaming jones hits....more info
  • Weak battery, use USBCell instead
    My XBox rechargeable packs always seemed to run out of charge in a few hours when playing. Also, within 6 months to a year they would hold no charge at all, making them useless. The charging cord was a pain, too.

    I found USBCell rechargeable AA batteries that fit in the XBox controller AA battery pack. 2 USB AA batteries are cheaper than the Play and charge kit; you can play for days rather than hours before they run out of charge, and they don't wear out in 6 months. They charge in a few hours in any USB port. I would recommend the USBCells instead....more info
  • Works like it should
    Does what it says it does. Could be a bit longer, but I play pretty close to my 19" monitor so it's not a problem for me. It will charge while the console is off too....more info
  • Simply unimpressed with charge time...
    It works, it just takes way too long. I'm buying the quick charge kit....more info
  • Very nice device
    The idea is nice. So is the price. And the free shipping.

    However, the design of the product overall isn't great. Generally, even when the controller is fully charged, you never unplug it, you just ignore it....more info
  • So useful
    So much easier than changing batteries every few days! I don't game a whole lot [yet] but the charge and play kits are just super convenient. They're not expensive and will save you a ton on batteries. A+...more info
  • No more batteries!
    Great product, works fine. You already know what it is and how it works, so just buy it if you want it....more info
  • Very Useful...
    I definitely recommend this accessory, it replaces the need for batteries and works flawlessly....more info
  • great charging tool.
    This is a must have with your 360 and a controller.

    You can plug it in via USB to your Xbox 360 and charge the included battery pack while you play your game.

    You can also remove your battery pack, and plug the cable directly to your 360 for wired gaming (so your controller won't shut off while you are in the middle of that hired driver Forza race.

    This charges via any USB port on your 360, your computer, your cable box, or your dog (if he has included USB hub).

    I recommend buying one of these, then buying the Quick Charge Kit. Then you'll have 2 battery packs, the quick charge dock, and a USB charge cable.

    ...more info
  • good....when it decides to work
    Basically you plug one end into your X-Box 360 system, and the larger part into your wireless controller. Once you turn your system on, this item is suppose to charge the battery pack of your controller for an endless amount of times.
    First and foremost this item defeats the purpose of having a wireless controller since it needs to be plugged into your system just like a normal remote.
    Secondly (and most frustratingly), the part that plugs into your controller is VERY fragile. If you plug & unplug it from the remote only a few times, the plug can actually begin to wear down and not charge properly and even go as far as to not charge at all. This has happened to me 3 times total. After the 3rd time I gave up on this product completely.
    Finally, this item is suppose to tell you how charged up your battery is on the X-Box 360 dashboard. Half the time it does not do that.
    Don't waste your money with this thing. Just go and buy yourself a recharger with rechargeable batteries such as the Sony Quick Battery Charger with 4 AA Ni-MH Rechargeable Batteries and you'll be good. Sure this product is cheap, but after a few times you will wish you had taken my advice....more info
  • Must have for Xbox 360 owners
    This is a great product because:

    1. You dont have to spend the extra money to get a quick charge kit.
    2. You still get to play while the batteries are charging.
    3. You'll never need to buy batteries for you wireless controller again.
    4. You dont have to deal with having a backup set of wireless batteries while another dead pack is charging.

    Overall, i would say that this is a must have for the Xbox 360 wireless controller and in the long run will def save you money. If you dont mind plugging your controller in for the little time that it takes to recharge the battery pack. Which by the way is only about an hour while playing your games at the same time....more info
  • Don't buy too many rechargeable batteries!
    Rather than get into the back and forth between the various reviewers on here, I wanted to add my quick note about something that was not clear at all to me when I was buying this from Amazon.

    This package *includes a rechargeable battery*! I ended up buying one too many rechargeable batteries from Amazon and had to return one because I didn't know this.

    Just keep that in mind when you're buying this.
    ...more info
  • Alternatives to Disposable Batteries.
    This product does what it says it does rather well, and this is a great option for those who don't mind having to turn their wireless controller into a wired controller every so often. However, I would humbly suggest an alternative to this product for those of you who want to always play wirelessly.

    Buy a pack of NiMH rechargeable batteries. They have a couple of advantages over the Play & Charge Kit.

    ALWAYS WIRELESS: No more having to connect your controller to your console whenever your controller runs out of juice.

    LONGER BATTERY LIFE: Please excuse the technical jargon ahead. Strictly speaking, Microsoft's first-party battery packs have a relatively low energy capacity of 1800mAh. You can buy rechargeable batteries with a capacity of 2500mAh, which will last up to 50% longer than the Play & Charge battery pack. There are also some 2700mAh batteries out there if you must have the maximum battery life possible. So in the end you get more play time, less charging time, and, ultimately, your batteries will serve you longer.

    CHEAPER PRICE: You can buy a pack of 4 rechargeable batteries (enough for 2 controllers) for the same price as one official Xbox 360 battery pack. You can also get 4 batteries plus a charger for a price comparable to that of a Play & Charge kit (I paid $20 for my charger and 4 batteries).

    The only real trade-off between using the Play & Charge kit and using rechargeable batteries is that instead of plugging the controller into the Xbox 360 you have to physically replace the batteries by hand. But that takes, what, 30 seconds to do? I'd rather do that than turn my wireless controller into a wired controller for the next couple of hours.

    HELPFUL TIP: I suggest you buy 4 rechargeable batteries for every one wireless controller you own, and keep the additional batteries charged. That way when your controller runs out of juice you will ALWAYS have a fresh pair of batteries ready to use, and your drained batteries can be put in the charger while you continue to enjoy your wireless gaming goodness....more info
  • Charge kit
    Works as advertised, the only thing I wanted it to have is the possibility to charge the battery with the console turned off. I don't know if this actually happens but at least the charging LED doesn't turn red when the Xbox is off....more info
  • Just NiMH batteries that you can't use for anything else.
    This works fine, and being able to plug up a wireless pad to the 360 in case you run out of batteries is convenient, but you can still buy a AA/AAA battery charger that comes with at least four AA batteries for about the same price. That's an extra set of batteries for when your controller dies, thus you don't have to plug it into the 360. There's also the obvious benifit of being able to use the batteries for whatever other controllers or devices you own....more info
  • You need it.
    Playing with batteries sucks. You need this with your 360. Don't buy one without it....more info
  • Works as expected
    I bought this as a means of avoiding having to buy batteries for my 360 wireless controller. The product comes with the charger and the battery pack for the controller. My 360 is setup in my home office so I have the charger [which is a USB connection] plugged into one of my computers. I don't actually ever plug it into the 360. I do all my charging this way and it works fine.

    I can't comment on how well the unit charges through the 360 because I do not use that. Nevertheless, this product charges the controller and allows you to continue play while it is charging. No problems encountered whatsoever.

    R.C....more info
  • no longer have to stop playing
    comes in handy when battery life is dead. plug in and still play while charger....more info
  • Play and Charge
    This is great idea. It comes with the charger and a rechargeable battery. Definitely beats buying batteries over and over. It will charge your controller while your system is off. In order to do so, you need to first have the system on, plug in the charger and then turn off the sytem, and it will charge using the "trickle effect"....more info