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Perfect Dark Zero Limited Collector's Edition
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Product Description

Joanna Dark returns in the Xbox 360-exclusive Perfect Dark Zero - the prequel to the worldwide hit, Perfect Dark. A secret war has begun between shadowy corporations bent on world domination. Joanna Dark and her father, Jack, are caught up in the fight for the planet's future. A routine bounty hunting mission rips open a global conspiracy that will change Joanna's destiny -- forever.

  • Engrossing single-player action, brought to life in startling high-definition
  • Unparalleled online play via Xbox Live - supporting more than 50 players online
  • Choose between story-driven single-player campaigns and various multiplayer options, including 4-player split screen and cooperative action for infinite replayability
  • Features many of the classic weapons and gadgets from the original game, as well as countless additions; New combat-enabled vehicles are also available

Customer Reviews:

  • How Many Years In The Making?
    I was walking through the mall one day and I saw an Xbox 360. I really haven't played Xbox that much; and haven't played the 360 at all. ( I'm a PS2 gamer/'Cube gamer. ) I picked my mission and was on my way. The first thing you notice OBVIOUSLY are the graphics. The graphics are fantastic, and very polished. Anyways here I go with my low-down!

    Graphics: 9/10. Although extremely great,polished,fresh,and colorful, the bullet holes don't do much, and the blood looks extremely fake.

    Sound: 8.5/10. It was loud in the mall, but I could hear some of what was going on. The voices are OKAY, the gun sounds are what you would expect from any above-average shooter... you know.

    Control: 7.5/10. I haven't really gotten used to the Xbox controller yet, but it wasn't TOO bad. I got used to the controls somewhat, but I didn't master them. They aren't bad, but aren't great either.

    Fun: 7.5/10. There is Co-Op, there is a nice story line, there are nice graphics and sound, but where exactly IS the fun? I mean, it's OKAY, but it's been in the works for quite a long time and I would have expected more. If you're a Perfect Dark fan, buy this. If you are a shooter fan, get Call of Duty 2 for the 360....more info
  • For the same time in my life I wish I had listened to the haters
    This game controls pretty bad. The responsiveness is not what we have been accustomed to in the past years while playing the Halos, Quakes, Call of Duties, Farcry, Battlefields, Half Lives, Rainbow Sixes etc, etc. etc. The point is any good game has responsive controls and this one doesn't. I advise you to rent it and see for yourself, this game will make you appreciate what we now take for granted in shooters: Responsive controls. I can see I was not a lucky coincidence to find this game already used at my local games store. There was a good reason for the previous owner to trade it in. I will trade it in today for Call of Duty....more info
  • Limited edition not all that special, but a fun game.
    I don't really see the point in getting this game in limited edition packaging, it's not like it's a major game like Halo or something of that level.

    The game:
    It's a fun game to play, the story line is decent and although I think it to be a bit short in length for the story it was a good game none the less.

    Online play:
    This is the games strong point. The online play is fun, the weapons are pretty cool. The fly by wire kind of missles are always a blast to come up on the other players and BAM they explode. Some people get a little too crazy with the sniping aspect of it but other than that it's still good to pop in and play from time to time....more info
  • This *IS* the Halo-esque launch title for the Xbox 360!
    Although I was worried about purchasing this game at launch (because of the bad reader reviews), I have found it an amazingly deep and complex title. I have finished this game in single player and multiplayer (online mode) and there are a few unique features you need to know about when considering this title:

    1. Varying gameplay based on difficulty: When you change the difficulty setting, you are given additional side-missions which you can achieve. One example is a boat that needs to be blown up to protect one of your operatives. This is a refreshing change to the rather boring alternative of just having guys who can withstand more headshots or are using faster moving computer AI. This also makes for a more immersive game, since you feel like a real secret agent, who's being trusted with more responsibility as your skills increase.

    2. Varying gameplay based in single vs. multiplayer: When I first started playing this with a friend, I was amazed to find that it is actually a different experience. Rather than just heading down the same road as the single player game, the characters actually split paths and have different objectives. For example, on one level, I was a sniper on a roof, providing cover fire for my partner while he was down below trying to complete objectives for the mission. The game actually takes longer to play co-op, and it brings a lot of extra enjoyment.

    3. Co-op over Xbox Live: If you have a friend with a 360 who lives far from you, you can play the game together cooperatively. This is a very nice feature for those of us who get tired of being verbally assaulted by teenagers and completely wiped out by the pros. It also allows for a more strategic gameplay, as you can try out different manuvers and see how they work against the AI.

    4. Excellent multiplayer support: The game supports all 4 Xbox 360 controllers. You can even go online with 4 players on a single 360 to really help in a team game. This is the only 360 title that I know of that makes this possible. It's great when you want to really show off the power of the 360.

    All of this rolls up into a really nice title for the Xbox 360. And, now that I've played it all the way through, I would certainly recommend it for anyone who wants to get a lot of gameplay out of a FPS (First Person Shooter) game with Next-Gen graphics!...more info
  • OMFG
    OMFG, awsomeness, f the single player. lol if u buy a game purely for the single player, when its meant as an online game(cough*halo2*cough), then go dig a hole in the middle of some god-forsaken country like osama and saddam, and please never call yourself a gamer...ever.infact it'd be best if u just never even thought about games again. ONLINE BABY, thats where the money is at. yes i agree the single player was lacking but who cares, honestly, thats not where the replayability is, so F that ppl. just buy it and have fun, stop hatin on a good game....more info
  • Perfect Dark is Perfect!
    Of the two games I purchased with my XBOX 360, this is the one I've played the most. It's addicting and fun. I would recommend it as the one to get with the 360 if you like this type of game....more info
  • This Game Sucks
    Graphics - 2 out of 5
    Fun 1 out of 5
    Game = Boring

    I bought this game because i had heard the hype about it, that it was supposed to be all next gen and the new halo, but it was definatly not, do not but this game, get call of duty instead......more info
  • Good game
    A good shooter. The thing I wanted to bring attention to was the game's music. The soundtrack is great. Every single track is wonderfully melodic and rhythmic. Thank goodness for game music; I wouldn't have any music to listen to if it weren't for game music. The music in PDZ has a somewhat James Bond 007 sound from the 60's kind of style. It's actually not my favorite kind of music, but in PDZ it's great. So, thank you so much to Rare for the excellent music in PDZ. ...more info
  • Halo + 007 = PDZ
    Perfect Dark Zero is a great game. I want to start off with that. To keep it simple the game is a mixture of Halo gunplay with 007 espionage and stealth tactics mixed for a pretty enjoyable game. Here are my personal Pros & Cons


    + Fun single player mode with shorter & more replayable levels
    + Co-op fun
    + Optional bots in multiplayer (for those without live)
    + Lot of cool weapons (w/ cool secondary features)
    + Interesting "slot" system for holding weapons
    + Mediocre story line


    - Very unrealistic (killing an enemy at point blank can take up to 4 shotgun shots)
    - Pistols pretty much pathetic ('cept Revolver)
    - Last boss (No spoiler, but when you play it, just think "WHAT?!")
    - Only 13 levels
    - Online play can seem a little too chaotic

    Overall, the game is a lot of fun, but not very original. I know that everyone says it but it's true. If you want the best shooter for the 360, go with Call of Duty 2. It is a much more realistic game. If you want an unrealistic, but fun sci fi action game, this is for you. BTW, the graphics are great!...more info
  • NOT Perfect, not anywhere close...
    Let me start off by saying, if your looking for a game that is visually amazing and not much else then Perfect Dark: Zero (PDZ) is a good addition to your collection. The original Perfect Dark was a giant leap forward for fans of First Person Shooters (FPS). Its ingenuity in weapon designs, fully customizable multiplayer, addictive single player, and amazing stat tracking almost made it a mandatory buy.

    Sadly, PDZ for the 360 is just a shadow of its predecessor in every aspect except the obvious next-gen visuals.

    STORY: To be blunt, the only story in PDZ is, well nevermind. The plot here is minimal at best, if your looking for a good story driven FPS game play Half Life 2 or FEAR. Story line is like the laces on a football, you dont really need it to throw, but it sure helps. 3/10

    VISUALS: Hands down, this is the best looking CONSOLE shooter I've seen besides Call of Duty 2. Unfortunately, this is the only bullet in the gun for this game. Graphically this is what I invisioned for next-gen video games. It can only get better from here. 9/10

    GAMEPLAY: This is the egg in the omelet for me. Disappointment is the only word that comes to mind with this title. Topping off my list of complaints would be the atrocious aiming, and the unbelievable amount of bullets an enemy takes to kill. This is true for multi and single player modes, and its unadjustable. Sensitivity settings for the aiming problems do not help at all. If you like games where its all about hitting enemies in the head then the single player gameplay shouldn't bug you, good luck.
    Lastly, there is no I in A.I. Your enemies have two modes, either charge or stand still, shooting with relentless accuracy. Rarely do they take cover, but they never need to, they can shoot an eyelash of your cheek and can take more hits than an Abrams tank. The only saving grace for this game is the co-op, I had more fun with this than with anything else. I could go on, but I'll save you the headache for when you play it. 2/10

    OVERALL: I can say that I did have fun with PDZ for a few hours. And you can bet that I gave this game the benefit of the doubt, because I am a very bias Xbox player and loved the original PD. But with everything thats wrong with the gameplay it just doesnt earn my 60 dollars it took. It seems a little unfinished. If you want my honest opinion, buy Call of Duty 2 or wait for Ghost Recon Warfighter or Gears of War. Rare has done better, too bad it was 10 years ago. OVERALL 5/10

    ...more info
  • Horrible just plain sucks....
    This game plainly sucks...the graphics are not that good and the gameplay is just stupid...I don't understand what all the hype is about and honestly you can find much better games in other titles...horrible...just plain horrible....more info
  • Game suprised me a lot
    This game suprised me a lot, in good and bad ways. I thought game play would be um...average. Well the gameplay in my opinion makes this game. Play CO-OP with a friend online or split screen(my fav. part of this game) play tons of different types of games on x box live. You can even bring a guest online!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you and a friend want to play multiplayer and you dont have x box live but dont want to go head to head...NO PROBLEM just add bots and set their difficulty levels. The controls are very good and there is just so much little stuff that made this game awesome. You can dual wield guns, blow holes through walls with demo kits and unlock/lock doors. There are a lot of differents guns ranging from pistols, sub machine guns to rocket launchers and automatic machine guns. Each gun has a secondary function such as a grenade launcher plus many other unique things. Graphics arent as good as I thought they would be but are still "Next Gen" and sharp. The story line is decent but confusing at time. Overall This game is an awesome launch title game....more info
  • What Would Elvis Do?
    The original Perfect Dark was so darn good that when I saw this for a measly twenty bucks I couldn't pass it up. I spent a good year on the original--it was an all-purpose shooter. Even if you were alone, the multiplayer bots kept things fresh, and there were a million and one options to tinker around with.

    That game stored not only your custom-tailored character but also your lifetime stats down to the mileage you've run and every round fired. This made it the cartridge of choice whenever I invited people over and we wanted something to play. There was fierce competition in my apartment for several months as people vied for dominance in one stat group or another. If you weren't a marksman, maybe you would only use mines and thus lay claim to the title of most explosive kills and so on. I tell you all this so you'll understand that not a little bit of nostalgia factored into my overall rating. If I hadn't played the original this one would probably get three stars. As it was, I enjoyed it more than a newcomer might.

    So I was very pleased to see that bots were being included in this installment as well. I don't know why other games don't mimic Perfect Dark's multiplayer system. All I know is that between the original and Dark Zero, I kept wishing for a game that played just as well with multiplayer just as customizable, and never got it until now.

    There are a number of standard rulesets like killcount and capture the flag but there are also scenarios that can be fought through against other live players.

    The best, though, is when you have a friend over and want to play. Then you can have a real versus match--none of that one-on-one crap that gets old very fast. Want to play 5v5? Just add eight bots. Instant opponents, or teammates. You can adjust their skill levels anywhere from completely pathetic to death incarnate. And if you're better than your friend, you can add a couple extra bots to his team.

    Missing, though, are a lot of those options I mentioned before. You can't customize your character in this one (forgivable), you can't tailor the bots' personalities or appearances (also forgivable), and you can't view your lifetime stats anymore (blasphemy! burn the witch!). That left Dark Zero feeling more cramped than the original. I still can't figure out why they removed all that content. Ah, well. The deathmatch arena in Perfect Dark Zero is still the most fun multiplayer--even just against bots--I've experienced in a while.

    As far as the single player campaign goes, it's ruthlessly average. Not bad at all--not even implying that. Everything's rock-solid, action-wise. I just mean the story and the levels are so-so. Nothing standout here. Nothing unsatisfactory, either. You'll get your share of challenges. Some of the stretches you have to navigate in this game will keep you on your toes. I must have tried the bridge assault level ten or twelve times before I made it.

    There were a couple of noticeable flaws in the otherwise smooth veneer of this experience, though. One was the physics of a downed bad guy. It's really common in this game for a dead body to start "dancing" on the ground, or even take off and hover in midair for a while. You'll waste a lot of bullets shooting at dead bodies you think are attacking you. Another is the shadows. I haven't seen shadows that pixelated since SNES. Still, these are pretty minor. You won't have a problem overlooking them in favor of the action.

    I really liked the music in this game. It seemed to fit perfectly and it did a good job of getting me into whatever was happening onscreen. No thick atmosphere here, but that's a good thing. You're promised an adrenaline rush or ten, and it delivers. Consequently the themes in Dark Zero are much more energetic than in the original. The opening video and song reminded me strongly of Bond credits. Slick.

    All in all, I truly liked it. There were flaws, but it was a well-executed game. When you factor in the price you can't go wrong. It's a solid shooter and the adaptable deathmatch will keep you playing for a while.

    ...more info
  • Perfect Dark Zero
    This game is amazing, ten stars. I can understand when people say it's not responsive enough but the truth is it can be made to. In the game menu just go to senseativity you can spin as fast as you like. And the speed may be slow but it's relistic. do you realy think in real life you can sprint while holding a rocket launcher. No I didn't think so. Thats why RARE did a great job, they made the game so that if you put away your weapon, You can sprint, or if you have a magnum you can run faster then someone with a rifle. This adds for great strategy like knowing when to pull out your weapon, or put it away and run. Anyway you look at it this is a great game....more info
  • A great game, but doesn't really live up to the original.
    If this was a stand alone game, I would just say, "Hey, this is a pretty cool game, but its got some problems". However, this isn't a stand alone game, this is a sequel to what many including myself consider to be one of the best shooters of all time. So this game is going to be held up to higher standards, and it is going to suffer for it.

    The graphics are very good for a launch game, and showcase the potential of the Xbox 360 well. Lighting is heavily used in this game, and seems to be what they focused on the most when developing the graphics for this game. As a result, everything shines like crazy, even the plants are shiny. They used a lot of color this time around, not unlike Halo's art style. It gives the game a refreshing look that is much appreciated. Some of the character models are very strange looking and disproportionate, which doesn't make any sense because other character models look perfectly normal.

    The soundtrack is pretty typical of Perfect Dark. It is essentially the same one as the original but remixed and expanded. Gun effects and explosions all sound fine, but aren't really anything special. The voice work is pretty cheesy, it even makes me wince with embarrassment sometimes.

    The game-play, while solid, isn't really improved in any way from the first game. In fact, sometimes it even feels a little worse. What I mean by this is that it doesn't control very tight, so it takes some getting used to, but once you've got the hang of things it's a perfectly fine shooter. The game features pretty the same weapon set as the first Perfect Dark. The storyline is your pretty average FPS campaign, nothing special. The plot itself is really stupid, and the ending is atrocious. The campaign does however, feature a couple really cool moments, even so, it only lasts about 6 hours. This brings me to multi-player. It's pretty interesting with some neat ideas and innovative game modes. This being said, they could have taken the multi-player a lot further and made it more competitive, increasing it's longevity. It's basically the same game as before but in HD.

    Rare really let me, along with a lot of other fans down with this one. It's still a very solid shooter with some nice ideas, but it really wasn't executed well. It makes me wonder what they did with all that development time. This game is still worth at least a rent, if for no other reason that to see how the the prequel to one of the best shooters ever turned out....more info
  • Horrible
    When I purchased this game I had high hopes for it. I was a big fan of its two predecessors (Perfect Dark and Golden Eye, both on the N64). I was expecting this game to be similar and as much as fun as both those were.

    I was very badly disappointed.

    The biggest problem with this game its controls. The default sensitivities for the game had me running around like a wild monkey. I've never had to adjust the sensitivities in any game before. Even though I adjusted the sensitivities for movement and looking, I couldn't change the sensitivities for the triggers. If you want to fire your gun, you need to pull the trigger ALL the way in. It is very easy to forget to do this, and you stand around pointing your gun but never actually shooting. This is especially bad with pistols where you need to pull the trigger rapidly to fire rapidly.

    In addition to the bad control setup, the new "features" hurt the game and should been excluded. One new feature is the ability to do a forward roll. Yes, very cool fun to watch and then it gets very annoying. I'm sorry, but I do not really enjoy playing a game in which my enemies are just somersaulting around.

    Another new feature is the "cover" ability. Basically get in just the exact right spot, hit the A button and your character will take cover. This will take you out of the typical 1st person view, and allow you to see your enemies without being seen. You then pop-out and shoot the enemies and can duck back to reload. Yes, I will admit it is a handy feature, and is great in single player. However, in multiplayer it gives a huge advantage to those who play the game regularly. I purchased this game primarily because I enjoy battling my friends in multiplayer, some of played more than others. The advantage of playing a lot was not that significant. In Perfect Dark Zero, those of us who knew where all of the places to "cover" were dominated everybody else. Personally, I enjoy games where everybody stands a relatively equal chance of winning.

    In addition to these main gripes, the guns do a pitiful amount of damage for the number of rounds they have. You cannot "aim" without zooming on guns with scopes. You cannot carry a horde of weapons. Yes, some people might see that as being realistic. I expected this to be a game where fun trumps realism. I expect games like Call of Duty 2 to have painful realism, not a multiplayer shooter you play with your friends, fun should come first.
    ...more info
  • Good, But Not Perfect Dark 64
    I was OK with the graphics (I expected photorealism, I guess), but the actual gameplay in single player mode seemed very repetitive--how many times do I have to kill this b****'s hologram and fight these stone samurais...for real?? I tried multiplayer next...and I was practically hooked! PD64 is my favorite game because of the customizable features in the Combat Simulator, and I was glad the 360 game retained MOST of that. I'm sure most FPS fans will like it, but the multiplayer is the redeeming value....more info